UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 16-17, 1940

Volume 5 - Pages 300-302

                       REGENTS MEETING
                      November 16, 1940

The Board of Regents met at 10 o'clock Saturday, November 16,
1940, a full Board being present.  The meeting was called for the
purpose of opening the bids of the new Engineering building and
the bidders and their representatives were also present.

The first bid opened was that of Nielsen (N. J.) and Ebentraut
(E. O.), 82 Hollywood Avenue, San Jose, California and was for
$175,600, with a first alternative of $156,000.  A cashier's
check for $10,000 was attached to the bid.

The second bid opened was that of Mr. R. Peterson, 1116 Q Street,
Sacramento, and was for $169,447 with an alternative bid of
$148,698 - cashier's check for $8500 accompanied bid.

The third bid was that of Schuler and Mc Donald, 1719 Sixteenth
Street, Oakland, for $193,000 with alternate of $161,500 with
checks for $7500, $970, $500 and $750 accompanying the bid.

All bidders also had substitute bids covering 13 separate items,
one or all of which might be omitted.

The bidders withdrew that the Regents might have opportunity to
consider the bids and to analyze them with Mr. Russell Mills,
architect, and Mr. George Friedhoff, superintendent of building

The minutes of the September 25, 1950 meeting were, on motion of
Chairman Ross, approved by the following vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

The Secretary read an interesting letter she had received from
Arthur W. Gay, who earned his B. S. in E. E. with the Class of
1928, and who is now President and General Manager of the Tech-
nical Casting and Manufacturing Company of Akron, Ohio, as a
result of his having patented a new method of cooling air plane
engines, thereby greatly increasing the speed of the plane.  Two
U. S. Navy inspectors and an FBI agent as guard for Mr. Gay, are
on duty at this plant.  So important does the U. S. government
consider his method that the patent has been withdrawn from pub-
lic files of the Patent Office in Washington.

Deducting from each of the 3 bids submitted certain of the 13
specified omissions resulted in the following totals for the

    Nielsen and Ebentraut           $152,112
    M. R. Peterson                   151,310
    Schuler and Mc Donald            157,233

On motion of Mrs. Wardin, the matter of heat control, whether it
should be automatic or manual, was ordered left to the decision
of the architect, the Comptroller, Mr. Friedhoff and the Chair-
man of the Board.  Mr. Williams seconded the motion.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

The secretary read a letter from the President and Chairman of
the Executive Committee of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges
and Universities under date November 13 to President Hartman re-
questing that Director Creel's leave of absence might be extended
from January 20 to August 20, 1941.  Mr. Ross moved the request
be granted if President Hartman is willing it should be extended
to August 20, 1941.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye (Judge Brown withdrew)
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

The bid of M. R. Peterson for $151,310 was the lowest bid and
certain of the omitted items amounting to $7801 were ordered
restored, bringing his total to $159,111.  The restored items
were:  (1) plaster, $972; (5) lighting fixtures, $1300; (6)
doors, $797; (7) tile, $1136; (9) ducts, $3956.

Mrs. Wardin moved that the Chairman be authorized to sign the
contract with Mr. Peterson, Mr. Mills having reported that in-
quiry revealed Mr. Peterson was an entirely reliable contractor.

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Authority already having been granted, Comptroller Gorman asked
that the Chairman should sign a new deed which he had drawn for
the land sold to Mr. Robert Prescott.  This Mr. Ross did.

At the request of the Comptroller, Mrs. Wardin moved that in the
absence of the President, the Board authorize their Chairman to
sign WPA project State Serial Number 50035.  Vote:

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

Mrs. Wardin moved that authority be granted the Comptroller to
increase from $150 to $475 the cost of the storage house to be
built in the rear of Mackay Training Quarters.  Vote:

    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Mrs. Wardin          Aye

The Secretary read an appreciative letter from Mr. Layman to the
President in which he expressed his thanks for the continuation
of his pension and offered his services without additional pay
if need should develop for them under the emergency defense plans
of the government.

Chairman Ross said that he believed it would be desirable for the
Regents to meet as a Board of Control and that he and Mr. Gorman
would compile data with regard to the duties and policies of the
Board of Control for submission to the Regents for their con-
sideration at some future meeting.

Chairman Ross also suggested that perhaps their body should con-
sider the policy of the Regents as to whether there should be
appointed - perhaps some time between now and Commencement - an
Assistant to the President or a Vice President.

Mr. Williams thought that Dean Stewart, as ranking Dean, might
be the logical person, though Dean Thompson had been longer in
service, as had Dean Mack.  Mr. Gorman suggested that Dean Wood
of the College of Arts and Science represented the greater
number of students and would, therefore, be the more desirable
person for the Vice Presidency.

Adjourned with understanding that the next meeting would be held
January 30, unless it should be found desirable by the Chairman
to call an earlier meeting.

                             Silas E. Ross

C. M. Beckwith
by Geraldine Hardman