UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 16-17, 1920

Volume OE - Pages 269-270

                         Reno, Nevada
                      November 16, 1920

The Board of Regents met in the Office of the President of the
University of Nevada on Tuesday, November 16, 1920, at 11
o'clock.  All members of the Board, with the exception of Judge
Cheney, were present; also President Clark, Comptroller Gorman
and State Architect De Longchamps.

President Clark read Doctor Storey's letter acknowledging re-
quest of this University of Nevada for Government funds for work
in Hygiene for the year 1921.

President Clark read Comptroller Gorman's statement of condition
of funds for Teacher Training building, showing balance approxi-
mating $1800.  He suggested that with this amount chairs for the
auditorium be purchased and read the best offer submitted, which
was $6.60 per chair.  400 chairs are needed, but the President
thought that as many chairs as possible might be purchased now
and a wide aisle left at the rear of the auditorium so that the
additional 100 chairs could be placed later when funds were
available.  Mr. Pratt suggested that second-hand opera chairs
might be obtained at a Goldfield Theater.  If it seems possible
to make a satisfactory purchase in Goldfield, the President or
Controller will go to Goldfield to make the purchase.

Judge Curler made a motion to the effect that the President and
the Comptroller be authorized to look into the possibility sug-
gested by Mr. Pratt and to make the best purchase possible
either in Goldfield or San Francisco of second-hand chairs or
of new chairs if these are not available.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

Mrs. Hood made a motion that the $50 scholarship of J. H. Clemons
and the $100 scholarship of the Antelope Valley Land and Cattle
Company should be paid to the winners of these scholarships out
of the Regents' Contingent Fund, this fund to be reimbursed when
payment of these amounts is made by Mr. Clemons and by the
Antelope Valley Land and Cattle Company.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

Mr. Pratt moved that Check No. 229 in favor of the Revolving
Fund for a net sum of $6598.53 be approved and signed.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

Judge Curler moved that the bid of the Nevada Machinery and
Electric Company for 76 fixtures and electric lamps and the in-
stallation of same in the Education building for the sum of
$532.75 be allowed and the contract awarded, same to be in ac-
cordance with bid of this Company, as submitted by its Manager,
J. C. Broili, as to type and size of fixtures.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

President Clark submitted the proposal of the Western Pacific
Railroad Company re. laying of spur track to the University
Campus for the net sum of $3654 and suggested that the next
step in this matter was the securing of a right of way from the
Evans Estate Company.

Regent Pratt moved that the President and the Property Committee
of the Board investigate the right of way across the Evans land
and make report to the Board at its next meeting.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

President Clark read a letter written to Mayor Stewart after
the September 30th meeting of the Executive Committee in which
the Committee had stated that at the next regular meeting of the
Board, the Regents would take definite action on the question
of paving streets adjacent to University property and on chang-
ing the name of Center Street to University Avenue.

Regent Pratt moved that President Clark be authorized to write
Mayor Stewart in effect that the Board of Regents think it
desirable to have the streets adjacent to the University (Vir-
ginia for two blocks north of Ninth, and Ninth from Virginia
to Center) paved, and that to this end they would gladly lend
their aid and support to an application by the City of Reno to
the Legislature in such amount as would cover the share of the
expense for paving of such streets accessible to University
frontage.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

Mrs. Hood moved that Doctor Clark be authorized to write a let-
ter to the Mayor and the City Council requesting that the name
"Center Street" be changed to "University Avenue".  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

At the suggestion of President Clark, it was moved that Judge
Curler be authorized to draw a brief amendment to the Act creat-
ing the State Board of Education, substituting in the personnel
clause the "Dean of the School of Education of the University of
Nevada" for the "President of the State University" and to see
that this amendment is presented to the Legislature.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

The Acting Chairman of the Board suggested that Judge Curler
should take up with Grant Miller the matter of his claim against
the Board with a view to the adjustment of the same.

State Architect De Longchamps withdrew and President Clark made
brief report on his recent visit in New York City. At the close
of the report the Regents voiced their willingness to grant the
President freedom of action in case it should be necessary for
him to return to New York City any time between now and the 15th
of January.

State Architect De Longchamps was recalled and stated that the
Education building is ready for acceptance so far as the general
and the heating contracts are concerned.  The meeting recessed
to inspect the new building.  At the close of the inspection, a
meeting was called for 10 o'clock Thursday, November 18th, at
which time it is hoped the building may be accepted.


                             Miles E. North
                             Acting Chairman

Carolyn M. Beckwith