UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 16-17, 1888


Volume OB - Pages 66-67

                        Carson City

                    November 16th, 1888

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents, this day held,

there were present Regents Stevenson, and Regent John W. Dormer.

The following resolution was offered by Regent Dormer and adopted

on his motion:

     RESOLVED, that this Board does hereby apply to the Hon.

     W. C. Endicott, Secretary of War of the United States, for

     the loan of the following arms, accouterments, etc. to the

     State University of the State of Nevada, to be used thereat

     in impacting instruction in Military Tactics to the Cadets

     therein, to wit:

          100 Springfield rifles, cal. 45;

          100 Headless shell retractors;

          100 Screwdrivers;

          100 Wooden wiping rods;

           20 Tumbler punches;

            5 Spring vises;

            5 Ammunition chests;

          100 Bayonet scabbards, steel, (cadet)

          100 Cartridge boxes, (Mc Keever)

          100 Waist belts and plates;

     And that the required bond conditioned for the good care,

     safe keeping and return of all said Military property

     be executed on behalf of said University, with good and

     sufficient sureties, in the final sum of four thousand two

     hundred dollars ($4200) and forwarded with this application.

     RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Chairman and Clerk of this Board

     are hereby authorized and empowered, for and on behalf of

     said State University to execute the necessary bond of said

     State University, to be given to the United States, as

     condition precedent to the issuance to it of said Military


No further business appearing the Board, upon motion, ajourned.

                             C. C. Stevenson


John M. Dormer

Clerk Board of Regents