UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 15-16, 1958

Volume 8 - Pages 48-57

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                      November 15, 1958

The Board of Regents met in Room 205, Morrill Hall, University of
Nevada, on Saturday, November 15, 1958.  Present:  Regents Ander-
son, Bastian, Broadbent, Elwell, Grant, Hardy, Lombardi, Thomp-
son; Comptroller Hayden, President Armstrong.  Regent Sawyer was
unable to be present.  The newly elected Regents had been invited
by the Chairman to attend the meeting, and Weld Arnold, Newton
Crumley and William Tyson were present.  Mr. Humphrey of the
Nevada Taxpayers' Association and Mrs. Wohlfeil of the Legisla-
tive Counsel Bureau were present as observers.  Reporters Arm-
strong, Mount and Hall covered the meeting.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Grant at 9:15 A.M.

 1.  Minutes of Previous Meeting

     The minutes of the meeting of October 11, 1958 were approved
     upon motion of Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Dr. Anderson, and
     unanimous vote.

 2.  Comptroller's Claims

     Comptroller Hayden presented the following claims, and the
     President recommended approval:

         Regents Checks, numbers 89-69 to 89-89 inclusive for
         a total of $404,544.24 for October.

         State Claims, numbers 89-54 to 89-70 inclusive for
         a total of $239,066.50 for October.

     Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried
     unanimously that the claims be approved.

 3.  Gifts

     Gifts which had been received by the University were pre-
     sented for acceptance by the Board, as follows:


         From Dr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Orvis, Reno - $1000 to
         establish a discretionary fund for the Dean of the
         Orvis School of Nursing, and $20,000 as the 3rd pay-
         ment on the agreement to provide $100,000 for the
         Orvis School of Nursing.

         From the family of Dr. E. B. Todd, Eureka, Nevada -
         the entire personal library of Dr. Todd, as a gift
         from the family of Dr. Todd for the Orvis School of
         Nursing (approximate value $4000).

         From the Harwood Endowment for Education, New York -
         a grant of $1000 list-price of such books of various
         publishers as the Endowment chooses to send to the
         University of Nevada over the years to come.

         From Harold's Club, Reno - a chartered bus to transport
         members of the Art classes and Art faculty to the Bay
         Area to view outstanding Art exhibits now on display.

         From Miss Rae M. Boyles, Reno - several albums of 78
         r. p. m. records for the record libary of the Audio-
         Visual Communication Center of the University.

         From the Curtiss-Wright Corporation - $2083 as the
         November payment on Curtiss-Wright Research Project
         No. 1.

         From Dr. George Tunell, University of California, Los
         Angeles - reports of the Office of Naval Research:
         (1)  The Crystal Structures of the Gold-Silver Tel-
         lurides, and (2)  Geochemical and Petrographic Aspects
         of Mercury Ore Deposits, for the Mackay School of Mines

         From Mrs. Francis L. Bacon, Santa Barbara, California -
         valuable books and periodicals from the Estate of Dr.
         Francis L. Bacon, for the Nevada Southern Division

         From the Women's Auxiliary of the American Institute of
         Mining Engineers, Southern Nevada Section - check for
         $50 to be used for purchase of books for the Nevada
         Southern Library.


         From Zions First National Bank, Salt Lake City - $2250
         to be credited to the Josephine Beam Scholarship Fund.

         From Grand Lodge of Nevada, I. O. O. F. - $300 to cover
         the scholarships offered by the Grand Lodge of Nevada,
         I. O. O. F. for the current school year.

         From Mrs. Hilda Klute, Reno - $300 to cover the Klute
         Scholarship in Foreign Languages for the current school

         From the El Capitan Club, Hawthorne - $1000 to be
         credited to the El Capital Scholarship Fund.

         From the Estate of Alma M. Holshaw - $4500 to be
         credited to the Harry F. Holmshaw Scholarship Fund.

         From General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan -
         $1900 to be used as scholarships for General Motors
         sponsored students at the University of Nevada.

         From the Indian Education Division of the State Depart-
         ment of Education - $250 as a special scholarship for
         Donovan Garcia in the College of Engineering.

         From Dick Graves, Sparks - $4000 to be applied to the
         Dick Graves Scholarship Fund.

         From Fred Herz, Reno - $100 to cover the C. O. Herz
         Memorial Scholarship for the current school year.

         From the Nevada State Press Association - $250 to cover
         the Nevada State Press Association Scholarships for the
         current school year.

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Thompson, carried
     unanimously that the gifts be accepted and the Secretary
     write a note of thanks to the donors.

 4.  Personnel Recommendations

     President Armstrong presented the personnel recommenda-
     tions and recommended approval, as follows:


     Appointments for the Evening Division, Fall semester 1958,
     as follows:
     (In Reno unless otherwise indicated)

         B. Blain Bradford, Lecturer in Mathematics - $250 (Ely)
         Russell L. Chimente, Lecturer in Chemistry - $500 (Ely)
         Richard Dana, Lecturer in Psychology - $412.50
         William F. Day, Lecturer in Psychology - $412.50
         Samuel Jacobs, Lecturer in Psychology - $375 (Elko)
         Sara Kilian, Lecturer in Art - $300
         Carolyn Mathis, Lecturer in Education - $337.50
         Harold A. Mitchell, Lecturer in Business Administration
             - $225
         Burton Newbry, Lecturer in Education - $225
         Donald G. Potter, Lecturer in Education - $337.50
         Calvin Reed, Lecturer in Education - $375 (Lovelock)
         W. A. S. Smith, Lecturer in Psychology - $337.50
         Jackson Trippy, Lecturer in Education - $375 (Fallon)
         R. De Verl Willay, Lecturer in Education - $450 (Elko)
         Edward Yates, Lecturer in Art - $225


     Appointments for the Evening Division, Fall semester 1958,
     as follows:

         Lee Muir, Lecturer in Geography - $375 (Henderson)
         John R. Morgan, Lecturer in Education - $412.50
         Glenn M. Butterfield, Lecturer in English - $337.50
             (Las Vegas)


     Appointment as follows:

         Robert Ernst Moran as Graduate Assistant in Physics at
         a salary of $1500 for the academic year 1958-59 (new
         position under the Fleischmann Foundation Grant).


     Appointment as follows:

         Robert M. Wigglesworth as Metallurgical Research Associ-
         ate for the Turbo Dynamics Corporation Research Project,
         at a salary of $650 per month, effective October 9, 1958
         for the duration of the contract with Turbo Dynamics


     Appointment of Supervising Teachers for the Fall semester
     1958 as follows:

         Virginia S. Cottam, Northside Junior High School    $35
         Michael G. Horan, Sparks High School                 75
         R. E. Walker, Carson High School                     75


     Reappointment as follows:

         Charles E. Fleming as Associate Director of the Agri-
         cultural Experiment Station for the year July 1, 1959
         to June 30, 1960.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
     unanimously that the personnel recommendations be approved.

     Dr. Armstrong presented the following letter, received from
     the Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure:

                                            October 28, 1958

         The Honorable A. C. Grant
         Chairman, Board of Regents
         University of Nevada
         Reno, Nevada

         Dear Mr. Grant:

         This letter is sent in reply to questions raised by
         the Board of Regents in their meeting of September 6,
         1958, relative to the recommendation of the Committee
         on Academic Freedom and Tenure that the appeal of Mr.
         James Hunter be granted.  Our answers follow the order
         of the questions in the letter of September 22, 1958,
         prepared by Miss Terry on behalf of the Board, and
         addressed to the Committee.

         1.  Mr. Hunter must have possessed the necessary
             qualifications for professional status in the
             judgment of his past Supervisors in the College
             of Agriculture.  The factual evidence for this
             statement has accumulated in Mr. Hunter's personal
             file over several years in the form of satisfactory
             fitness and rating reports from various Supervisors
             while he served the University in a professional
             status.  There is also a letter of commendation
             from Dean Bertrand.

         2.  Mr. Hunter commended his services on a professional
             status and continued satisfactorily at this level
             for several years.  His being offered a technical
             contract in 1957 was nearly a unilateral action by
             the Department of Animal Husbandry.  Restoration
             of professional status to Mr. Hunter will make him
             eligible for tenure consideration at an early date.
             Whether or not he is granted tenure or is promoted
             are not questions before the Committee at this
             time.  Judgment along these lines should follow
             procedures established in March 1958.  It may be
             noted that these procedures carry no guarantee of
             promotion.  "It is recognized that any of the
             academic ranks may be an appropriate terminal
             rank."  (Faculty Bulletin #684, P 4.)

         3.  The Committee believes Mr. Hunter does possess the
             necessary qualifications for professional status
             in a rank equivalent to Instructor.

         The Committee feels that Mr. Hunter was discriminated
         against by his Supervisors in the College of Agricul-
         ture.  We find no basis on which to demote him to a
         technical level other than the fact he is currently
         assigned duties that could be handled by a non-profes-
         sional employee.  It is clear in this case that Mr.
         Hunter's position was reclassified from a professional
         to a technical level, but that Mr. Hunter as an indi-
         vidual was never formally reclassified from the level
         of a professional to that of a technician.  Rather, he
         was placed in the new job at the lower level.  The
         Department of Animal Husbandry may presumably use a
         professional man at a technician's level, but to remove
         him from a professional status of several years' stand-
         ing with insufficient cause is not only fundamentally
         unfair to the individual concerned, but threatens as
         well the status of every professional employee in the
         University.  This precedent could result in a morale
         loss which the University cannot afford.

         The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Committee, since
         receiving your communication, have talked with Mr.
         Hunter on an informal and unofficial basis.  It is
         evident that Mr. Hunter's personal concern in bringing
         the appeal is (1) to be dealt with justly, and (2) to
         obtain security.  He states he has not aspiration for
         the higher professional ranks, for which he realizes
         he is not qualified.  Rather, his ambition is to receive
         tenure in one form or another in order that he may con-
         tinue his loyal service to the University and be assured
         of employment in work that he personally enjoys.

         The University now uses 4 classifications for positions
         carrying professional status, with 4 ranks in each
         classification.  If Mr. Hunter is retained on a profes-
         sional status, as recommended by the Committee, his
         education and present duties appear to qualify him for
         rank 1.

                             Respectfully yours,

                         /s/ R. E. Worley, Chairman
                             Faculty Committee on Academic
                             Freedom and Tenure

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
     unanimously that the report and recommendation be accepted,
     and that Mr. Hunter be given professional status with rank
     equivalent to Instructor.

 5.  Nevada Art Gallery

     Dr. Armstrong read a letter from Dr. J. E. Church, President
     of the Nevada Art Gallery, as follows:

                                            Nevada Art Gallery
                                            Reno, Nevada
                                            October 10, 1958

         President Charles J. Armstrong and
         Regents of the University of Nevada

         Many years ago the Trustees of the Nevada Art Gallery
         and the Regents of the University formed a cooperative
         plan to establish an Art Gallery in the park on Uni-
         versity Terrace between West and Nevada Streets.

         The Trustees of the Gallery had obtained the land by
         gift subject to the construction of a Gallery on the
         area or return of the land if a Gallery was not con-
         structed within a reasonable time.  The Legislature
         accepted the land on these terms.

         Since that time the attitude of the Regents has changed.
         A Fine Arts Gallery has been authorized by the Legisla-
         ture on the central Campus and active planning has
         begun.  Thus the original agreement has reached its
         end.  The Trustees and members of the Nevada Art Gallery
         at its Quarterly Meeting, October 6, therefore requested
         that the University initiate the return of the property
         to the Nevada Art Gallery, which already for some years
         has given the land moderate care.

         Whatever the early vicissitudes of Art instruction on
         the Campus and in Nevada may have been, the rebuilt
         Nevada Art Gallery on Ralston Street and the Fine Arts
         building on the Nevada Campus of the University now
         assures steady progress.

                             J. E. Church, President
                             Nevada Art Gallery

     The President recommended compliance with the request of
     the Nevada Art Gallery.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
     unanimously that the Board of Regents favors the return
     of the property and will secure an opinion from the Attorney
     General as to whether or not the matter will require legis-
     lative action.

 6.  Citizens Advisory Committee for Student Affairs

     President Armstrong presented with his recommendation, list
     of proposed members for a Citizens Advisory Committee for
     Student Affairs, as submitted through Dr. Wood by the Dean
     of Student Affairs.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Mr. Thompson, carried
     unanimously that the Committee be approved, and that the
     President be authorized to extend invitations to the in-
     dividuals, as follows:

         William Beko
         Tonopah, Nevada
         (District Attorney, Nye County)

         Marvin A. Creech
         500 Mary Street
         Carson City, Nevada
         (State Supervisor of Guidance)

         A. Todd Davis
         35 1st Street
         Mc Gill, Nevada
         (Personnel, Kennecott Copper Corporation)

         Carl Dodge
         Fallon, Nevada
         (Lawyer, School Board member)

         Eugene T. Evans
         610 West Birch
         Elko, Nevada
         (Newspaper Editor)

         Emery Graunke
         Gardnerville, Nevada
         (Insurance Agent, Chairman Nevada Republican
          Central Committee)

         Mrs. Procter Hug, Sr.
         436 12th Street
         Sparks, Nevada
         (Nevada graduate, active in civic and University

         Walter Johnson
         410 Rancho Road
         Las Vegas, Nevada
         (formerly Superintendent of Las Vegas Schools)

         Mrs. Louis Peraido
         302 West 4th Street
         Winnemucca, Nevada
         (Nevada graduate, active in civic affairs)

         Edward C. Reed, Sr.
         915 Gordon Avenue
         Reno, Nevada
         (Retired staff member, Agricultural Department,
          Extension Division, University of Nevada)

         Mrs. Gene Segerbloom
         Boulder City, Nevada
         (graduate of University of Nevada, active in civic

         Mrs. Vern Stever
         Pioche, Nevada
         (Native Nevadan, daughter at University of Nevada)

 7.  Re-Evaluation Report, Northwest Association of Secondary and
     Higher Schools

     The report will be presented to the Commission on Higher
     Schools of the Northwest Association at its annual meeting
     on December 1, 1958.  The Commission is expected to make a
     recommendation to the Northwest Association and the recom-
     mendation will then be released to the Press.  The Univer-
     sity of Nevada will be able to make whatever use or dis-
     tribution of the complete report it desires.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
     unanimously that the report be given widespread distribu-

 8.  Food & Drugs Department

     Dr. Joe Moose came into the meeting to discuss administra-
     tive matters connected with his position as Acting Commis-
     sioner of Food & Drugs.

     a)  In regard to classification of personnel by the State
         Personnel Department, Dr. Moose reported that members
         of the State Personnel Department have interviewed the
         individuals, having studied the jobs and have assigned
         temporary classifications.  Dr. Moose favored State
         Personnel classification if the University is to retain
         control of the Food & Drug Department.

         Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Thompson, car-
         ried with Mr. Hardy voting "no" and all other Regents
         voting "aye", that it is the intent of the University
         to classify Food & Drugs personnel if they remain under
         the jurisdiction of the University.

     b)  Dr. Moose reported that he had designated the following
         persons to handle the work in the specified areas in
         his absence:  Carl Stroud in Weights & Measures, Stanley
         Johns in Petroleum Products Inspection, and Ed Randall
         in Food & Drugs and Dairy & Water Inspection.

     c)  Dr. Moose called attention to the notice received some-
         time ago that the present lease expires July 1, 1959,
         with no chance for renewal.  Mr. Randall has studied
         the situation and discussed the needs with the State
         Planning Board.  The proposal favored by Mr. Randall
         and recommended by Dr. Moose is a building which would
         be built to specification and which could be leased
         for a period of 5 years.  The matter was discussed and
         Dr. Moore was asked to get a letter from the Planning
         Board that they would not object to this type of lease

     d)  The Legislative Commission has invited Dr. Moose to
         meet with them on November 24 in regard to the Food &
         Drugs Department.  The Regents instructed Dr. Moose
         to meet with the Legislative Commission and to express
         the thinking of the Board of Regents as expressed in
         this meeting, and try to bring back to the Regents the
         thinking of the Legislative Commission.

     Mr. Grant thanked Dr. Moose for his report to the Board.

 9.  Building Program

     Mr. Rogers was present for this item of business.  Mr.
     Isbell and Mr. Bissell represented the State Planning Board;
     Dean Mobley and Professor Sheppard represented the faculty
     committees on the building projects.

     a)  Gas Distribution System - Mr. Rogers reported that he
         has been working with the Power Company and that they
         have been doing some testing and have replaced some
         130 feet of pipe plus section valves, so that the
         University can check more easily in the future.  A
         letter from Mr. Tracy of the Sierra Pacific Power
         Company has been received stating that the system is
         now reasonably tight and free of leakage, but asks
         that the Power Company not be requested to do further
         repair work on the University Campus.

     b)  State Planning Board - Mr. Isbell discussed methods of
         financing University buildings, and proposed possible
         change in the laws to permit borrowing from the Nevada
         Industrial Commission, or other State agency, rather
         than pledging student fees, as currently proposed.  The
         Regents discussed ways of cooperating more closely with
         the State Planning Board to expedite construction of
         building projects.  The Regents asked that the Planning
         Board let them know of ways in which they might assist
         in expediting the building program of the University.

         The following priority recommendations for the Univer-
         sity Capital Outlay Program were included in recommenda-
         tions for the Capital Outlay Program for the State of
         Nevada as adopted by the State Planning Board in meeting
         of November 10, 1958.

                    Priority for 1959-60

         For Direct Appropriation

          5.  Structural Corrections, School of Mines
              Building, Reno                         $   31,827
         11.  Rehabilitation-Extension of Utilities,
              Reno                                       59,000
         16.  Utility Distribution, Las Vegas            52,000
         22.  Land Acquisition, Reno                    150,000
         27.  Landscaping, Las Vegas                     12,000
         28.  Landscaping, Reno                          10,000

         For Construction from University Bonds

          1.  Life Science Addition to School of
              Agriculture, Reno                      $  665,000
          2.  Greenhouse, Reno                          130,000

         For Direct Appropriation for Design

          2.  Health and Physical Education Building,
              Las Vegas                              $   28,182
          4.  Science and Technology Building, Las
              Vegas                                      26,400
          6.  Central Heating Plant, Reno                18,612
          9.  Engineering Building, Reno                118,800
         10.  Social Science Classroom Building, Reno    67,584
         11.  Library Building, Reno                    106,088

         For Advance Planning through the Federal Housing and
         Home Finance Administration "Pre-Planning Program"

          5.  Nursing and Student Health Building,

                    Priority for 1960-61

         For Direct Appopriation

          2.  Health and Physical Education Building,
              Las Vegas                              $  496,818
          4.  Science and Technology Building, Las
              Vegas                                     473,600
          6.  Central Heating Plant, Reno               281,388

         For Construction from University Bonds

          1.  Engineering Building, Reno             $2,881,200
          2.  Social Science Classroom Building, Reno 1,212,416
          3.  Library Building, Reno                  2,572,912

         For Direct Appropriation for Design

          2.  Remodel Old Agricultural Building,
              Reno                                   $   24,420
          7.  Nursing and Student Health Building,
              Reno                                       11,316

         Mr. Bissell discussed these recommendations, and the
         President recommended approval.

         Motion by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr. Hardy, carried
         unanimously that, in accordance with Dr. Armstrong's
         recommendation, the Regents approve the University
         Capital Outlay Program for the next biennium, as recom-
         mended by the State Planning Board.

     c)  Ladino Dairy - Sale of the Ladino Dairy was discussed,
         and the Regents were in unanimous agreement that action
         to sell should proceed, as directed by the Regents in
         meeting of September 6, 1958.

         Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried
         unanimously that the University Administration be in-
         structed to advertise for bids for sale of the Ladino
         Dairy Farm.

     d)  Building Projects - Mr. Rogers reported that design of
         5 projects is now in the final stages of substantial
         completion and will be ready for signature shortly:

             1.  Flood Control plans have been checked and
                 returned to the Planning Board.
             2.  Married Housing
             3.  Dining Hall and
             4.  Men's Dormitory plans are being checked for
                 safety and code violations.  When these plans
                 have been corrected they will be submitted to
                 the Housing & Home Finance Agency for approval.
             5.  The Fine Arts building plans need very minor

         Dean Mobley and Professor Sheppard expressed approval,
         on behalf of the building committees, of the building

         Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Mr. Thompson, carried
         unanimously that either the Chairman or the Vice Chair-
         man of the Board be authorized to sign final plans for
         the 5 projects - flood control, married housing, dining
         hall, men's dormitory and Fine Arts building.

     e)  Capurro Property - Mr. Bissell reported that Mr. Capurro
         has been notified that upon receipt of an invoice cal-
         ling for payment of $43,205 the State Planning Board
         will issue a State warrant for that amount.

10.  Report to Legislature

     Dr. Anderson suggested that the Board of Regents instruct
     the Administration to prepare a report for submission to
     the Legislature on progress accomplished during the past 2
     years, especially as regards matters discussed in the Mc
     Henry Report and also including some of the features in
     the Accreditation Survey Committee Report, together with
     progress now under way and planned for the future.  It
     was also suggested that the Deans in the areas which
     were studied by committees of the Board of Regents in
     regard to the Mc Henry Report be asked to prepare reports
     on progress in carrying out the recommendations of the
     Regents committees.  Chairman Grant appointed Regents
     Hardy, Lombardi and Anderson to work with the Administra-
     tion in preparing such a report.

11.  Inauguration of Dr. Armstrong

     An inauguration for President Armstrong was discussed and
     there was unanimous agreement that such a ceremony should
     be arranged.

     Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Thompson, carried
     unanimously that the Administration be instructed to pre-
     pare and submit plans for a formal inauguration, including
     the appropriate date, invitations to other institutions,
     speaker, reception, if desired; and that a faculty commit-
     tee be asked to handle the arrangements.

12.  Citizens Advisory Committees

     Dr. Anderson asked for discussion on the various Citizens
     Advisory Committees and their operation.  He proposed that
     there be a set number of meetings per year, that it be made
     clear who is to call the meetings, method of selection of
     a Chairman and other officers, who should invite visitors,
     when and to whom committee reports are to be submitted.
     Chairman Grant asked the President to formulate his ideas
     and present them to the Board at the next meeting.

13.  Legal Advice

     Since the new Board of Regents will have no members who are
     attorneys, and since many legal problems arise in the meet-
     ings of the Board, it was agreed that the Attorney General's
     office be invited to be represented at each meeting of the
     Board of Regents.  The Chair instructed the President to
     issue the invitation.

14.  The Board went into Executive Session to consider the fol-
     lowing matter:

     Honorary Degree - The Board went into Executive Session to
     discuss the proposal of the President, with the unanimous
     approval of the Academic Deans, that the honorary degree,
     Doctor of Letters, be conferred upon Ellen Mackay Berlin
     in recognition of her literary achievements, especially
     her books concerning early history in Nevada, and that
     this degree be conferred upon her at a convocation to be
     held in connection with Mackay Day 1959, which is also the
     Silver Centennial of the State of Nevada, thus recognizing
     the longtime connection of her family with the history of

     Mr. Hardy asked for the privilege of making the motion in
     view of the fact that he was one of the first students in
     the School after it was named "The Mackay School of Mines"
     and because his son, Royce, graduated from the Mackay
     School of Mines.

     Motion by Mr. Hardy, seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried
     unanimously that the honorary degree, Doctor of Letters,
     be conferred upon Ellen Mackay Berlin, as recommended by
     President Armstrong.

The Board returned to open session and Chairman Grant welcomed
the new members to the Board.

The meeting adjourned at 12:35 noon.

The next meeting was set for January 10, 1959.

                             A. C. Grant

Alice Terry