UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 15-16, 1919

Volume OE - Page 234

                         Reno, Nevada
                      November 15, 1919

The Board of Regents met in the Office of the President of the
University on Saturday morning, November 15, 1919, at 11:30
o'clock.  There were present Regents Cheney, Pratt and North,
Vice President Lewers and Comptroller Gorman.  Absent:  Mrs.
Hood and Judge Curler.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cheney.

Comptroller Gorman presented the bill of the Reno Cash Store
for one carload of cement and stated that this company had re-
fused to allow the University the 5 cents per bbl. discount to
which the University, on the statement made by Mr. Gorman, seem-
ed clearly entitled.  Payment to the company was one day over
the specified 10 days; on the other hand, their bill was dated
October 14th, but not received at the University until the 26th,
the cement arrived in Reno on the 21st and was hauled on the
23rd.  Vice President Lewers was directed to advise the Reno
Cash Store that it was the sense of the Board that that firm is
taking a very unfair and unusual advantage of the University on
account of a technicality under the circumstances and is a mat-
ter the Board will have definitely in mind making future con-

Informal discussion was had regarding hardware for Education

Comptroller Gorman asked for authority to furnish the Labor
Commissioner with a copy of our October, 1919 payroll, which
was granted by vote as follows:

    Judge Cheney         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

Comptroller Gorman made a verbal report on the 90,000 Acre Grant
funds and, following an informal discussion, was authorized by
the Regents to look into the matter and report to the Regents
anything further that it might seem advisable to do regarding
the bonds of this grant.

Regent Pratt moved that List No. 13 of State Claims, Vouchers
181-188 inclusive, for a total of $12,041.74 and List No. 14,
Checks Nos. 96-102 inclusive, for a total of $5,081.66, be ap-
proved.  Vote:

    Judge Cheney         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye


                             A. E. Cheney

Carolyn M. Beckwith