UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 13-14, 1981


Pages 140-141



November 13, 1981

The Board of Regents met via a telephonic conference call on the

above date to consider a request by UNLV for authorization to

join the Pacific Coast Athletic Association.

Members present: Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

(Reno) Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

Mr. John Mc Bride

(Carson City) Mr. John Tom Ross

(Las Vegas) Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. June Whitley

Members absent: Mr. Robert A. Cashell

Others present: President Joseph Crowley, Reno

President Leonard Goodall, Las Vegas

President Clifford Murino, Reno

Vice Chancellor Mark Dawson, Reno

Secretary Bonnie Smotony, Reno

General Counsel Donald Klasic, Reno

UNLV Athletic Director Brad Rothermel,

Las Vegas

Vice Chairman Mc Bride called the meeting to order and President

Goodall reported that the Executive Council of the Pacific Coast

Athletic Association had met the morning of Friday, November 13,

and voted to authorize the Association Commissioners to enter in-

to an agreement with UNLV providing for membership in the con-

ference. Dr. Goodall therefore requested authorization from the

Board of Regents for UNLV to enter into this agreement, stating

that Dr. Rothermel and the Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

supports this request.

Mr. Buchanan moved that the Board approve President Goodall's

recommendation for UNLV's entrance into the Pacific Coast Ath-

letic Association. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong and carried

without dissent by roll call vote.

Mr. Mc Bride asked President Crowley to comment on the possibil-

ity of UNR applying for membership in the PCAA. Dr. Crowley

stated that at the time UNR entered the Big Sky Conference, con-

sideration was given to affiliation with the PCAA but UNR did not

believe it could meet the seating and attendance requirements of

that conference.

In response to a question from Mrs. Fong as to whether or not

UNLV will continue to play the larger schools it presently has

scheduled, Dr. Rothermel stated that UNLV has entered into nego-

tiations with the University of Hawaii for an 8-game schedule

beginning in 1985 and, in 1986, San Diego State will also be back

on the schedule.

The meeting adjourned at 3:17 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board