UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

November 9-10, 1947 

Volume 6 - Pages 41-42

                       REGENTS MEETING
                      November 9, 1947

The special meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order
by the Chairman at 10 A.M. in the President's office for the
purpose of meeting with the State Planning Board in regard to the
University Heating Plant.  Present:  Chairman Ross, Mr. Cahlan,
Mr. Hilliard and Vice President and Comptroller Gorman.  Mr.
Sheerin wrote that something came up at the last moment which
prevented his coming.  Mrs. Henningsen was out of the State and
unable to come.  President Moseley was on his way to Washington,
D. C. to attend the meeting of the Land Grant College Association
beginning November 10th.  Present also were:  Dr. Blodgett of the
Civil Engineering Department; Mr. Holcomb, Mr. Mac Kenzie, Mr.
Caton, Mr. Young and Mr. Jefferson of the State Planning Board;
Mr. Lockhard and Mr. Keller of the firm of Blanchard, Maher and
Lockhard; Mr. Kuenzli representing the contracting firm of
Ebentraut and Summers.

The following memorandum and resolution were drafted and made a
part of the minutes of this meeting; and the Secretary was in-
structed to have copies made for the State Planning Board, along
with copies of Dr. Gorman's and Dr. Blodgett's questions and
observations concerning the plans for the Heating Plan as pre-
pared by Blanchard, Maher and Lockhard:

    WHEREAS, at the request of the State Planning Board of the
    State of Nevada, the Chairman of the Board of Regents of
    the University of Nevada called a meeting of the Board of
    Regents to meet with the State Planning Board at 10 A.M.,
    November 9, 1947 and all members of the Board of Regents
    were notified of the meeting, those attending being Chairman
    Ross, Mr. Cahlan and Mr. Hilliard.

    There was considerable discussion led by Mr. Holcomb, State
    Highway Engineer and Chairman of the State Planning Board,
    and by Mr. Caton, Chairman of the special committee consist-
    ing of himself, Mr. Young and Mr. Jefferson, of the State
    Planning Board.  Mr. Keller, Engineer of the firm of
    Blanchard, Maher and Lockhard and Mr. Kuenzli of the con-
    tracting firm of Ebentraut and Summers, who had submitted
    the lowest bid, took part in the discussion.  The 3 members
    of the Board of Regents present took general part in the
    meeting and were assisted by Vice President Gorman of the
    University and by Dr. Blodgett of the University's Civil
    Engineering Department.  The Regents present then met
    privately and the following resolution was unanimously

        WHEREAS, the balance available in the appropriation
        for the University Heating Plant is approximately
        $318,000, and

        WHEREAS, the State Planning Board, through their
        engineers, made certain alterations,

        THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Regents agree to
        accept plan B with alterations as suggested by the
        Planning Board, said resulting plan to be here desig-
        nated as plan C, providing the questions raised by our
        Comptroller and finance adviser, Dr. Gorman, and our
        engineer, Dr. Blodgett, are satisfactorily answered,

        FURTHER, provided that the Attorney General is of the
        opinion that the resulting plant will be modern, ef-
        ficient and adequate.

The meeting adjourned at 1 P.M.