UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 5-6, 1982


Pages 32-52



November 5, 1982

The Board of Regents met on the above date at the University of

Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Vice Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Acting Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairmen Curry (UNR), Jones

(UNLV), Heise (CCCC), Horton (NNCC), Lambert (TMCC), Dwyer

(WNCC), Hoffer (DRI), and Du Bois (Unit), and Student Associ-

ation Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 11:55 A.M.

Mr. Cashell announced the next two meetings of the Board, both to

be held in Reno, Friday, December 3, 1982, and January 7, 1983,

at which time there will be a ceremony for the swearing in of the

newly elected Regents. (Note: The January 7 meeting has been

moved to Las Vegas.)

Regent Del Papa suggested that the March meeting of the Board be

held on the WNCC Campus in conjunction with a recepiton for the


1. Approval of the Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda, containing the following

items, was recommended (Consent Agenda identified as Ref. A

and filed with permanent minutes).

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting of Septem-

ber 17, 1982.

(2) Accepted gifts and grants as identified as Ref. C-1

and filed with the permanent minutes.

Approved a request to appoint Mr. F. De Armand Sharp,

Attorney at Law, Reno, Nevada, as an agent of the Board

for the express and sole purpose of accepting on behalf

of the Board, a $10,000 contribution from a donor who

wishes to remain anonymous. Mr. Sharp will deposit

said sum into the UNR Track Scholarship account.

(3) Approved the reappointment of the following individuals

to serve on the College of Business Administration Ad-

visory Board, UNR. Each has served a 3-year term, at


Mr. George Aker

Mr. Alan Grant

Mr. William Kottinger

Mr. Donald Mc Ghie

Mr. John F. Rhodes

In addition, approved one additional individual to

serve on that Advisory Board:

Mr. Maurice Hickey

(4) Approved a farm-out agreement and assignment of an oil

and gas lease for UNR who has ownership in the three

leases as follows:




(5) Approved the appointment of Mr. Fred Lewis of Las Vegas

to the School of Medicine Advisory Board and, in recog-

nition of his time and effort on behalf of the School

of Medicine since its inception, names Dr. Louis

Lombardi as an honorary member of that Advisory Board.

(6) Approved the following individuals to the NNCC Ad-

visory Board:

Mr. Frank Stanko, Mc Gill 2 years

Dr. H. S. Collett, Elko 1 year

Mr. Art Glaser, Halleck 2 years

Mrs. Maria Griswold, Jackpot 1 year

Mr. Steve Hernandez, Elko 2 years

Mr. Mike Laine, Winnemucca 2 years

Mrs. Eleanor Little, Owyhee 1 year

Mr. Warren L. Monroe, Elko 2 years

Mrs. Connie Satterthwaite, Elko 1 year

Mr. Warren Scott, Winnemucca 1 year

Mr. Bill Wunderlich, Elko 2 years

(7) Authorized President Murino to borrow from the DRI

Contingency Reserve the funds necessary to make up

the difference between the amount available and the

cost of DRI being housed in the Sage building at Stead

Campus. The current estimate of the amount needed is

$85,000. This loan will be for a period of 5 years and

will be non-interest bearing.

Mrs. Fong moved for approval. Seconded by Ms. Del Papa.

Motion carried.

2. Report on Grant Received for 1202 Commission

Vice Chancellor Fox reported to the Board that the federal

grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary

Education was awarded to the 1202 Commission and that former

State Senator Jean Ford has been hired as the Director for

the project, "Nevada Occupational Ladders".

Ms. Ford was introduced, gave a brief explanation of the

project and announced that she will be working with the

Presidents and members of their staffs in the coming months.

An outline, identified as Ref. D, is filed with the perma-

nent minutes.

The Board expressed their appreciation to Ms. Ford for her

considerable efforts on behalf of education while serving

as Senator in the State Legislature.

3. Approval of Member for Research Foundation Board, DRI

The Board approved the appointment of Mr. William R. Lummis

to a 3-year term on the Research Foundation Board of Trust-

ees at DRI.

Ms. Del Papa moved for approval. Seconded by Mrs. Fong.

Motion carried.

4. Approval of TMCC Foundation Bylaws, Articles of Incorpora-

tion, and Members of the Board of Trustees

The Board approved the Bylaws for the TMCC Foundation,

identified as Ref. B and filed with permanent minutes.

Mr. Klasic, Legal Counsel, submitted a rewording for

Article XV - Dissolution for consideration as a substi-

tution in the Articles of Incorporation. Mrs. Fong sug-

gested the word "educational" be inserted after the word

"public". The Board unanimously agreed to accept the sub-

stitution with Mrs. Fong's suggestion. The Articles of

Incorporation are identified as Ref. C and filed with the

permanent minutes.

Approval was granted for the following persons to serve as

the initial Trustees of the Foundation:

Mr. Robert Barengo Mr. Fred Dolven

Mr. Paul Bible Mr. Jerry Dondero

Mr. Fran Breen Dr. Marvin Picollo

Dr. Lloyd Diedrichsen Mr. Michael Newmarker

Mr. Mc Bride moved for approval as amended. Seconded by

Mrs. Gallagher. Motion carried.

5. Approval of CCCC Foundation Trustees

The Board approved the following individuals to serve as

CCCC Foundation Trustees:

Mr. Clair Haycock Mr. Fred W. Smith

General Harry Wald Mr. Tom Wiesner

Mr. Frank Sain Mr. Frank Shattuck

Ms. Del Papa moved for approval. Seconded by Mrs. Fong.

Motion carried.

6. Use of Term "Board of Regents"

At the request of the Board, General Counsel Klasic present-

ed the following change to Title 4, Chapter 1 of the Board

of Regents Handbook:

The use of the terms "Board of Regents of the University

of Nevada System" and "The University of Nevada System"

may not be used by any person, group or organization for

any purpose whatever without the written permission of

the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada System

or the Board's authorized designee.

President Murino pointed out that if the term "for any pur-

pose whatever" is used and the Board enforced the policy

that it would be most difficult for Campus Presidents in

identifying themselves in conjunction with the System. He

suggested the policy might better be limited to "announce-

ments, invitations and solicitations".

Ms. Del Papa moved for adoption of the policy to include the

words "for announcements, invitations or solicitations".

Seconded by Mrs. Fong. Motion carried.

7. Report of the Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee met at 8:00 A.M., Friday,

November 5, 1982. Mr. Karamanos, Chairman, submitted the

following report and recommendations:

(1) Members of the Committee toured the Nathan Adelson

Hospice, located on Swenson Avenue on the west side of

the UNLV Campus, which is currently under construction.

(2) The Committee had deferred the presentation for con-

sideration of a loan to the hospice in the amount of

$2,500,000 until the full Board of Regents was in

session. Mr. Karamanos stated the Hospice Advisory

Board was requesting this loan for a mortgage to be

repaid over 12 years at a fixed rate of interest of


Mr. Karamanos introduced Mr. Ernie Libman, Executive

Director of the hospice.

Mr. Irwin Molasky asked to be heard and stated that he

represented the Board of Directors of the hospice and

was also a member of the Regents Investment Advisory

Committee; therefore, he would not be making a decision

on this issue.

A member of the Hospice Board, Dr. David Brandsness,

former Administrator at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas,

and currently Administrator of the Family Hospital in

Sparks, presented an overview of the hospice, stating

that it had been estimated to cost $2.6 million and

that half that amount had been raised by the Hospice

Advisory Board in contributions. Further, he stated

that of the $2.5 million loan, 75% of the reimbursement

would come from the federal government in the form of

Medicare payments of the patients.

Mr. Bob Lee, manager of the UNS endowments placed with

First Interstate Bank, was asked to present his views

of the question. Mr. Lee stated that from present in-

formation he feels government and corporate bond yields

will stay around 10-12% for the next few years, and

that the 16% being offered appeared to have merit. He

reminded Regents that of the $16 million in the endow-

ment fund, no more than 70% can be in equity invest-

ments, which leaves 30%, or $5 million, for fixed in-

come investments. He further indicated that Medicare

reimbursement now extends to hospice patients, which

should guarantee a substantial return.

When asked to comment on a "worst case" possibility,

he stated that the appraisal on the hospice is for

$3.2 million, with an allowance for the leasehold

interest on the land. Inasmuch as the University owns

the land, if there had to be a foreclosure, this lease-

hold interest isn't worth anything to UNS; therefore,

the value would be $2.6 in actual value on a pure re-

placement loss basis. However, Mr. Lee stated that he

felt it was unlikely there would be a foreclosure, but

in any event it would be a break-even proposition. He

further stated that the investment potential was ex-

ceptional and should the Regents approve the loan, he

would recommend distributing it through several ac-

counts, rather than entirely as an investment of the

main endowment portfolio, citing as an example the

Atmospherium account at UNR, which, if invested in

this manner, could raise the usable income consider-


Mr. Karamanos stated that the hospice has an $850,000

construction loan from Valley Bank, which would be

paid back out of this requested loan.

Mrs. Fong asked Mr. Libman whether they had approached

any other banks or investors, with Mr. Libman replying

in the affirmative, and stating further that the owner-

ship of the land was always paramount in these discus-


Mr. Cashell stated it appears that the community is in

favor of the hospice project and has a good deal of

support from that entity.

Mr. Buchanan moved that the Board of Regents loan to

the hospice hospital $2,500,000 of a mortgage, with a

12 year payout, with a rate of interest at 16%.

Mr. Cashell questioned the Chairman of the Investment

Committee whether this item had been intended as an

information item only or as an action item, with Mr.

Karamanos stating he had intended the Board to sit as

a Committee of the Whole.

Mr. Ross seconded the motion.

Ms. Del Papa suggested an amendment, that the loan be

distributed through several accounts, one specifically

being the Atmospherium. She also questioned whether

Regents could partially fund the loan, possibly up to


Mr. Steve Lawton, chief counsel to the Health Subcom-

mittee of the U. S. House of Representatives, informed

the Board on the future of Medicare, stating that al-

though there had been deep cuts in domestic federal

legislation, he felt that Medicare would not be affect-

ed. He stated that the trust fund which supports Medi-

care is viable, and that Medicare had been included in

the legislation adopted by Congress two months ago

which now insures reimbursements for patients in hos-


Regent Gallagher stated that since our staff had not

had a chance to analyze the data presented, she would

ask that a decision not be made at this time. Mr.

Cashell indicated that the Chancellor had asked the

bank mananagers to review the materials presented

and report to the Board.

Mrs. Fong suggested there would certainly be other

expenses for the hospice than a loan payback and

questioned whether income would be adequate for all

costs. She further stated that the Hospice Board of

Directors should make personal guarantees for this

loan before the Regents agreed to grant such loan.

Mr. Ross and Mr. Cashell suggested that Vice Chancellor

Dawson and General Counsel Klasic should immediately

begin working with hospice staff, bank managers and

others to draft agreements which could then be pre-

sented to the Board for consideration. Mr. Cashell

futher indicated that should this loan be made it

would not be from educational program funds and that

no academic programs would be affected.

Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Ross accepted Ms. Del Papa's

amendment that the loan be distributed through several


Mr. Buchanan stated that should a default be necessary

the University would still have the land and the build-

ing and that they could immediately move someone else

into the site. Mrs. Whitley indicated that this is the

type of investment the Regents should be looking at

over the next few years.

Mr. Mc Bride stated he could not approve any loan with-

out seeing the documents of agreement and Mr. Karamanos

assured him that the loan would not be approved until

the documents were signed. Ms. Del Papa asked that the

Regents approve the concept and then have the documents

presented for their purusal.

Mr. Buchanan restated the motion as amended and added

a further statement, so that the motion in question is,

"...move that the Regents loan to the hospice hospital

$2,500,000 of a mortgage, with a 12 year payout with a

rate of interest at 16%, subject to proper documenta-

tion being submitted to the Board for approval and

further, that the loan amount be spread through sever-

al accounts.

Roll call vote:

Yes - Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Cashell, Ms. Del Papa,

Mr. Karamanos, Mr. Mc Bride, Mr. Ross,

Mrs. Whitley

No - Mrs. Fong

Abstained - Mrs. Gallagher

Note: Mr. Mc Bride changed his vote to an absten-


Mr. Cashell then instructed Vice Chancellor Dawson and

General Counsel Klasic to draft the necessary documents

in concert with Mr. Libman and the hospice legal coun-

sel, and bank personnel, for presentation to the Decem-

ber 3, 1982 Regents meeting.

(3) Recommended approval of the sale of the Davis property,

which has been handled by American Investors Manage-

ment, Inc., and accepted a new seconded mortgage to

replace the second executed by Mr. and Mrs. Davis,

who have now defaulted on their loan.

(4) Accepted a preliminary report by Vice Chancellor Mark

Dawson concerning a deed of trust on a shopping center

located on Lake Mead Blvd., in North Las Vegas, which

had been donated to the University System by Mr. Claude

Howard, and which was a portion of the $2 million gift

to the Medical School. There will be a default hear-

ing on Novembe 16, 1982, at which time it is expected

that the University System will take over the property.

The Committee accepted the offer of Mr. Irwin Molasky

to have his staff review the management and/or disposi-

tion of the property and report back to the Committee

through Vice Chancellor Dawson.

(5) Received reports from Mr. John Chrissinger, Nevada

National Bank, Mr. Bob Lee, First Interstate Bank, and

Mr. Monte Miller, Valley Bank of Nevada.

Also, the Committee received a report from Mr. Tom

Josephsen, Security Bank of Nevada, who suggested that

the account increase the quarterly dispersements to

the Atmospherium Planetarium, UNR from $11,000 annual-

ly to $18,000, and that the Board approve a 100% fixed

income investment objective. The Committee recommend-

ed approval of this suggestion.

Mr. Buchanan moved for approval of the report and the recom-

mendations. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

8. Report of the Budget Committee

The Budget Committee met at 9:45 A.M. on Friday, November

5, 1982. Chairman Frankie Sue Del Papa submitted the fol-

lowing report and recommendations:

(1) The request from Regional Transportation Commission,

UNLV was withdrawn from the agenda.

(2) Recommended approval of the following Estimative

Budget for KUNR Gifts, UNR for 1982-83:

KUNR Gifts


Fund Raising $57,000

Underwriting 10,000

Outside Sales 6,000

Total Revenue $73,000


Professional Salaries $31,236

Classified Salaries 11,908

Wages 4,300

Fringe Benefits 5,970

Operating 19,586

Total Expenditures $73,000

(3) Recommended approval of the following revised Esti-

mative Budget for ASUN, UNR:

Associated Students

Current Proposed

Budget Revision


Opening Balance $ 13,000 $ 50,000

Student Fees 375,000 384,000

Miscellaneous Revenue 60,000 190,000

Total Revenue $448,000 $624,000


Professional Salaries $ 32,832 $ 43,975

Classified Salaries 13,932 13,932

Wages 16,000 74,000

Fringe Benefits 6,243 7,030

Out-of-State Travel 0 2,000

Operating 352,993 469,583

Ending Fund Balance 26,000 13,480

Total Expenditures $448,000 $624,000

This revision will take into account revenue and ex-

penditures from and for activities, student organiza-

tions and publications not included in the original

budget. Included, also, is the $30,000 to be applied

to the mandated 5% reduction, and will be transferred

to another account. The increase in professional sal-

aries reflects the change from stipend arrangements

to letters of appointment for two temporary ASUN em-


(4) Recommended approval of the following increase in

meal-plan rates at UNR effective Spring Semester 1983:

Saga's Daily Recommended

Base Current Daily

Rate Rate Rate

10-Meal Plan 4.13 4.13 4.58

15-Meal Plan 4.81 4.81 5.33

20-Meal Plan 5.10 5.66 5.66

(5) Recommended approval of a fee increase at TMCC for

ACT examinations due to the increased charges by ACT

and costs to the College for administering the exam-

ination from $15 up to a maximum of $25.

(6) Recommended authorization to cover temporary deficits

in the NNCC Book Sales account and the Child Develop-

ment account from the Capital Improvement Fee account.

(7) Recommended NNCC be authorized to borrow $3795 from

the Capital Improvement Fee Fund for the purpose of

purchasing an NP210 Cannon copier to be used at the

Winnemucca Campus. This loan will be repaid at the

rate of $125 per month.

(8) Recommended approval of the following course fees at

CCCC in order that they may continue to support of-

ferings in the indicated areas. These course fees

are to be effective January, 1983.

Present Proposed

Fee Fee


Laboratory Fee $ 5.00 $10.00

Purpose: Increased cost of supplies, materials and

equipment maintenance.

Office Administration

OA 161B Alphabetic Shorthand $ .00 $ 5.00

Purpose: Purchase of ribbons, tapes and miscel-

laneous supplies.

Food Service

FST 162 Quantity Food Production $10.00 $12.50

Purpose: Purchase of produce, meal and fish.

FST 272B Liquor & Bar Management $ .00 $ 8.00

Purpose: Purchase of garnishes.

Graphic Arts

GA 235 Silk Screen $ .00 $ 5.00

Purpose: Purchase of ink, filler rollers, silk


(9) Accepted as an Emergency Item a request from WNCC to

expend $40,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund to

reroof Phase I of the Carson City Campus, and ap-

proved the Emergency Item as well as approved to use

$4,305 in Capital Improvement Funds as follows:

Art Room

Construction of one 7' x 5' closed wall cabinet

for storage and drying of ceramic greenware

(including installation) - $1,000

Health Occupations Classroom

Construction of one 7' x 5' closed wall cabinet

with locking doors to house instructional materi-

als and supplies (including installation) -


8 self-standing acoustical panels for sectioning

of simulated patient room practice area ($210

per panel) - $1,680

Glass Replacement

Replacement of glass on 3 outside doors and ac-

companying slit glass panels - $500

Total Request - $4,305

(10) Recommended approval of the following change in signa-

ture authority at DRI for the Nevada National Bank

Checking Account:

Delete: Albert Gold, Orlanda Mc Vey, Twyla Harrison

Add : Albert Gold, Alta Sly, Twyla Harrison

(11) Recommended approval of approximately $10,000 from

the Regent's Special Projects funds for the operation

of the UNR and UNLV Long Range Planning Committees

for Athletics.

(12) Recommended approval of the following Estimative

Budget for the Computing Center:

Current Proposed

Budget Revision


Opening Balance $ 317,523 $ 530,911

Sales and Service 202,308 287,164

Subsidy from Other Funds 0 250,000

Total Revenue $ 519,831 $1,068,075


Professional Salaries $ 40,293 $ 145,686

Classified Salaries 0 38,883

Wages 0 7,000

Fringe Benefits 5,165 23,044

Out-of-State Travel 7,500 7,500

Operating 253,897 845,962

Ending Fund Balance 212,976 0

Total Expenditures $ 519,831 $1,068,075

(13) Recommended approval of a policy change in the Board

of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 4.3,

by removing the dollar amount and inserting, "...the

collection fee to be assessed for any check returned

due to insufficient funds shall be the same as the

prevailing bank rate."

(14) Recommended approval for all Campuses that the regis-

tration late fee charge be assessed where the check

covering registration subsequently is returned for

insufficient funds in the account.

(15) Recommended authorization to transfer the following

endowment income to the Computer Center to partially

pay computer enhancement currently in progress:

Misc. or Anonymous Endowment Income $ 9,563.00

Alice Dimmett Endowment Income 27,095.00

Lowell Daniels Endowment Income 8,226,00

Hayden Elliott Endowment Income 30,172.00

A. B. Christensen Endowment Income 28,790.00

C. M. Hendricks Endowment Income 5,513.00

Total $109,359.00

(16) Recommended UNR be authorized to acquire and develop

property within close proximity of the Lawlor Events

Center for the purpose of parking facilities. (In

September the Board had limited purchase of property

to the north of the Center.)

(16a) Recommended approval to use $38,000 from the Capital

Improvement Fund to help cover the down payment on

two 50 x 130 foot lots on North Virginia Street, ad-

jacent to the College Inn, UNR. The total cost of

the property is $140,000. The balance, to be paid

over 5 years from parking and traffic accounts.

(17) Recommended no action at this time on the requested

budget cuts on the additional $1.8 million for the

System until such time as the Board meets with the

Governor-elect. It was also mentioned that with

the increased enrollment on several Campuses the UNS

revenues have increased approximately $800,000 for

the Fall semester.

(18) Announced that the Board will meet jointly with the

State Bord of Education on December 3, 1982, and at

that time will ask for consideration of a Joint

Resolution to appear on the next General Ballot re-

questing an Estate Tax whereby Nevada could recover

that portion of tax paid to the Federal Government

which for Nevadans, amounts to $8-10 million per year,

and, further, that the amount recovered be earmarked

for education.

Mrs. Gallagher moved for approval of the report and recom-

mendations. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion carried.

9. Report of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee met at 10:45 A.M. on November 5, 1982.

Chairman June Whitley submitted the following report and


(1) Received the Internal Audit Report on the Systemwide

Scholarship Program and recommended acceptance of the

report and recommendations identified as Ref. F and

filed with the permanent minutes, with the following


A. All scholarship monies be expended as specified

by the donor and that an unused excess not be

allowed to accumulate.

B. General Counsel be directed to study the flexi-

bility of the policy in awarding scholarships

to out-of-state students if there are no quali-

fied in-state students.

C. UNR and UNLV Scholarship Committee memberships in-

clude representation from minority groups, women

and alumni.

D. The Controller's Office, UNR, and the Financial

Aids Office, UNLV, develop scholarship procedures

and manuals, and report to the Committee in Decem-

ber, 1982.

E. No wages will be paid from scholarship funds. UNR

Campus will seek funds from other sources, possibly

requiring this funding from the Board of Regents

Special Projects account.

(2) Recommended acceptance of the summary report of inter-

nal audits completed for the quarter July, 1982 through

September, 1982 on the UNLV Physical Plant and the CCCC

Physical Plant.

(3) Recommended that the UNS Internal Audit staff, with

the assistance of Kafoury Armstrong, conduct an audit

of the Computing Center, at a cost of approximately


(4) Received a report from Vice Chancellor Dawson concern-

ing a contract awarded to UNS in the amount of $75,000

which will allow an independent audit of all Federal

Grants and Contracts for the System in 1981-82. UNS

was one of 3 institutions in the West to be granted

such a contract.

(5) Recommended approval for a 1-year trial basis of a plan

to decentralize a purchasing function at Business Cen-

ter North by establishing Expedited Purchase Orders

for amounts up to $250 and $500. The Campus Presidents

served by Business Center North will be responsible for

issuing such Expedited Purchase Orders to account ad-


Further, recommended that the funds be closely moni-

tored during the last 2 months of the fiscal year and

that there be an interim report to the Board from

Internal Audit after 6 months of the new purchasing


Mr. Buchanan moved for approval of the report and recommen-

dations. Seconded by Ms. Del Papa. Motion carried.

10. Wiche Regional Graduate Programs

Vice Chancellor Fox introduced Dr. Roy Lewellan, a WICHE

Commissioner, who presented a proposal from WICHE that

Nevada join with other Western states and participate in

interstate cooperation in graduate education. WICHE's

Regional Graduate Program allows participating institutions

to nominate specific graduate programs for inclusion in the

program so that Nevada State residents may enroll in out-

of-state approved programs at resident tuition levels, and

out-of-state students may enroll in specific programs at

UNR and UNLV. A complete description of the program has

been identified as Ref. E and filed with the permanent


Ms. Del Papa moved that the University of Nevada System

participate in the WICHE Regional Graduate Program. Mrs.

Fong seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

In conjunction with the WICHE Program, State Senator James

Bilbray asked the Board for support of a bill he has drafted

for presentation to the Legislature when it meets in 1983.

The bill would allow the Board of Regents to enter into an

agreement with another state to grant full or partial waiv-

ers of the nonresident tuition to residents of the other

state who are students at or are eligible for admission to

any of the Universities and Colleges of the University of

Nevada System. The other state would in turn grant recip-

rocal waivers to residents of Nevada who are students at

or are eligible for admission to Universities or Colleges

in the other state.

Senator Bilbray stated that this was only the beginning for

out-of-state tuition waivers for certain students, but that

it could be a boon for University enrollments.

Mr. Buchanan stated he felt there should be added a caveat

for supplemental funding by the Legislature for the loss of

out-of-state fees the University would suffer. He was as-

sured that this matter would have to be fully explained dur-

ing the budget process and that he, Senator Bilbray, would

certainly be willing to give assistance.

President Crowley asked whether this was only for reciprocal

agreements and outlined the many inquiries from residents

in the Tahoe area in California who are most interested in

attending UNR. Senator Bilbray indicated that if the stu-

dents satisfied residency in a California institution, then

with proper notification from the institution the student

sould attend UNR with an out-of-state tuition waiver. The

reciprocal agreement is between the institutions, not in-


Mr. Mc Bride moved that the Board of Regents support the

bill. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried, with Mr.

Buchanan voting no.

11. The UNLV Alumni Association surprised Regent Lilly Fong by

presenting her their 1982 Alumni of the Year Award. Mrs.

Alberta Stern, who made the presentation, recalled the long

involvement of Lilly and her husband, Wing, in promoting

UNLV, their many fund raising ventures for the University,

namely, the Alta Ham Fine Arts Center, the Performing Arts

Center, Artemus Ham Hall and Judy Bailey Theatre, and en-

dowment interest in the Chinese language program, and more

recently, the presentation of the very valuable Chinese

scroll paintings in Artemus Ham Hall. It was also made

known that the Fongs, in the 1950s, were among the first

to donate volumes to the UNLV Library.

12. Mandatory Home-and-Home Football Games, UNR and UNLV

Chairman Cashell stated that he felt the two Universities

should begin annual home-and-home football games, that many

of the citizens of the State think the friendly rivalry is

good, and that the Fremont Cannon can once again be the

prize for the winning team. A suggestion was made that the

game be known as the Cashell Memorial Game, or the "Boots"


Mr. Buchanan moved that the home-and-home games between the

two Universities be and that if scheduling did not permit 2

games per year, that they alternate sites, and further, that

the games begin with the 1983 season if at all possible.

Mr. Ross seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

13. Establishment of a Regents Scholarship at UNLV

Regent Mc Bride requested that the Regents provide $15,000

from the Special Projects Funds for the corpus of a scholar-

ship at UNLV to be named the Brad Dallimore, Roger Barson,

Jr., and Guy Nakamura Scholarship in honor of the 3 young

high school athletes who had recently perished in a drown-

ing accident. Fred Dallimore, father of Brad, was UNLV

Baseball Coach, and Roger Barson, Sr. was Assistant Athletic

Director at UNLV.

Regent Del Papa suggested that a Regents Scholarship program

should be established which would benefit the entire System

and that this scholarship should be a major goal of the en-

dowment program. She further suggested the Chancellor's

Office should be directed to draft such a plan for Regents'


Mrs. Fong related that a memorial fund has been established

in honor of these young men and that perhaps the Regents

could contribute. Mr. Cashell suggested an amount of $5000.

Mr. Mc Bride moved that the Regents contribute $5000 from

Special Projects Funds to the memorial fund. Mrs. Fong

seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

14. Report on Leadership Training Program, UNLV

President Goodall introduced Dr. John Dettre, College of

Education, UNLV, who presented the leadership training

program currently underway on that Campus.

15. Mr. Ross congratulated Mr. Cashell on his becoming Lt.

Governor of the State, and expressed appreciation, on

behalf of the other Board members, for his services to

the University System, stating that Mr. Cashell was indeed

a credit to this Board.

16. Mr. Cashell relinquished the gavel to the Vice Chairman

upon request of Mrs. Fong, who asked that Mr. Mc Bride

have suitable resolutions prepared for presentation to Mr.

Cashell, Mr. Ross and Mr. Buchanan, who will be leaving

the Board in December.

17. Approval of Extended Sick Leave, UNR

President Crowley asked for consideration of an emergency

item for the purpose of extending sick leave for an em-


Mr. Ross moved to accept as an emergency item President

Crowley's request. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion


President Crowley requested approval of extended sick leave

for Wesley Young through the Fall semester, and the Spring

semester, if necessary. Dr. Young has used all earned sick

leave to date.

Mrs. Gallagher moved for approval. Ms. Del Papa seconded.

Motion seconded.

18. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Bersi announced that Ms. Jan Mac Donald, Con-

troller, has been appointed, along with two retired Circuit

Court Judges, to arbitrate a contract for services between

the city of San Jose and a utility company, wherein the

decision will be binding.

Chancellor Bersi also congratulated Mr. Les Raschko, Infor-

mation Officer at UNLV, for the fine work in publicizing

UNLV's 25th Anniversary.

19. Chairman's Report

Mr. Cashell, who was recently elected Lieutenant Governor

for the State of Nevada, announced that he will be resign-

ing from the Board prior to the first of the year and that

he will meet soon with Governor List and Governor-elect

Bryan so that an appointment can be made for his replace-


20. New Business

Mr. Cashell discussed the upcoming 1982 Legislative Session

stating that the System Legislative Plan is in place and

cautioned Presidents, faculty and staff that all legislative

activity will be coordinated through the Chancellor's Of-

fice. He further stated that if anyone in the System "at-

tempts to make an end run from this System plan" that they

will have to answer to the Regents. Mr. Cashell also asked

that the number of staff accompanying Presidents to hearings

be limited.

Mrs. Gallagher reiterated that the Regents had promised

Legislators a responsible budget and a System approach.

Mrs. Fong asked whether Advisory Boards were exempt from

the policy of coordinating activity through the Chancellor's

Office. The Chairman assured Mrs. Fong that Advisory Boards

must adhere to the policy and that they would be advised,

as would Presidents, faculty and staff, as to when their

services would be required in Carson City during the Legis-

lative Session to work on behalf of the System. Presidents

were also informed that they will be held accountable for

the attendance of members of the Campuses in the legisla-

tive halls during the session.

Ms. Del Papa suggested the Regents honor UNLV on their 25th

Anniversary and asked President Goodall to present several

ideas for consideration by the Board.

It was announced that on November 29, 1982 the Academic

Affairs Committee will meet in the Faculty Senate Chambers

in Reno in a workshop session with Presidents and Faculty

Senate Chairmen for a review of the proposed changes to the

UNS Code.

Chancellor Bersi announced that he and the Presidents have

had a meeting with the Executive Budget Office for a review

of the University System budgets. He also announced that

at the December 3, 1982 meeting, he will present his Legis-

lative Action Plan to the Board which will include an ex-

planation of the Legislative Desk which has been set up in

his Office.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Acting Secretary