UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 4-5, 1893


Volume OC - Pages 26-27

Reno, Nevada

November 4, 1893

At a regular monthly meeting of the Board of Regents held at

2 P.M. this day, present: Governor Colcord, H. L. Fish, C. E.

Mack and J. D. Torreyson. Absent: J. W. Haines.

The minutes of last meeting, including balance sheets of re-

spective funds on hand October 30, read and approved.

On motion of C. E. Mack, seconded by Governor Colcord, it was

ordered that the rule requiring the President of the University

to visit each Professor in his Class Room or Department once a

week be rescinded. Sec. Rule Page 136, old record book, June 10,


On motion, Governor Colcord seconded by C. E. Mack, it was order-

ed that the service of Donald Mc Kay be dispensed with from this


Professor Jackson filed his Mining Laboratory report for the

month of October as follows:

Samples on hand Oct. 1 8

Received during the month 14

Total 22

Worked 15

On hand Nov. 1 7

It was ordered that the Century Dictionary of six volumes with

Russian binding, be purchased from R. C. Money of Gold Hill for

Ninety Dollars to be paid from the appropriate Library Fund of

the Agricultural & Mechanical College Fund.

Professor Phillips reported that he had received Seventy Six

Dollars from the students for breakage of glassware in Chemical


On motion, the salary of Miss Bardenwerpen was increased from

Sixty to Eighty Dollars per month from October 1, 1893. H. L.

Fish, C. E. Mack and Governor Colcord voting yes, and J. D.

Torreyson voting no.

Claims were allowed as follows:

Contingent University Fund 1,262.18

Mining Laboratory Fund 203.85

Ag & Mech College Fund 1,725.43

Total $3,191.46

No further business coming before the Board, it was moved


H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor