UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 1-2, 1907


Volume OD - Pages 7-14

                         Reno, Nevada

                       November 1, 1907

The Board of Regents met at 2:00 P.M., Friday, November 1, 1907.

Present, Regents Lewers, Sunderland and Souchereau.  Absent,

Regents Smith and Henderson.  Regent Sunderland continued as

temporary Chairman.

The minutes of the meeting held on September 27, 1907 were read

and approved.

Claims were taken up and allowed as follows:  (November 1, 1907)

    Contingent Fund & Interest Account

        October Payroll - Employees            $2345.34

        October Payroll - Students               357.90

        J. E. Stubbs                              28.20

        J. E. Stubbs                              26.20

        Underwood & Underwood                     35.50

        E. L. Drappo                             300.00

        E. L. Drappo                             110.50

        Geo. H. Taylor                           116.00

        Geo. H. Taylor                            34.70

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.             150.00

        Nevada Plaining Mills Co.                 11.10

        G. E. Stechert & Co.                       8.18

        G. E. Stechert & Co.                       1.54

        G. E. Stechert & Co.                       1.43

        The Baker & Taylor Co.                    18.48

        The Baker & Taylor Co.                     3.92

        Reno Mercantile Co.                        5.97

        Reno Mercantile Co.                        3.00

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                     9.00

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                    14.40

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               4.55

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              22.60

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               6.60

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              48.28

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              10.40

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               1.70

        Nevada Printing & Stationery Co.           7.00

        Nevada Printing & Stationery Co.           4.00

        Nevada Printing & Stationery Co.           3.45

        Nevada Printing & Stationery Co.           3.50

        The Busy Bee                               9.65

        George Wahr                                1.00

        Riverside Hotel                           28.50

        De Witt & Snelling                        19.75

        H. S. Crocker Co.                          7.80

        Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.          3.25

        Reno Evening Gazette                      13.25

        Nevada State Journal                       5.25

        The H. W. Wilson Co.                      15.00

        E. C. Stewart                             24.99

        Farmers & Merchants National Bank         25.00

        First National Bank, Elko                 50.00

        Rosenthal & Armanko                        7.75

                                    Total      $3904.63

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.

            - Mining Supply                  $    68.90

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.

            - Mining Equipment                    21.70

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.

            - Mining Supply                       22.00

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.

            - Central Heating Plant            2,000.00

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.

            - Central Heating Plant            7,408.12

        A. W. Holmes

            - Repairs to Building                228.50

        Self & Sellman M & B Co.

            - Repairs to Building                135.18

        Borden & Shannon Construction Co.

            - Repairs to Building                328.86

        W. H. Blalock

            - Cement Walks                     1,072.00

                                    Total    $11,285.26

    Agricultural & Mechanical College Morrill Fund

        October Salaries                       $2455.21

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               8.50

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               7.80

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.              22.55

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               6.60

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               2.85

        Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.               3.70

        Nevada Printing & Stationery Co.           1.25

        B. J. Genesy                               7.80

        George H. Taylor                          15.85

        George H. Taylor                         106.88

        Nevada Printing & Stationery Co.          10.55

        Nevada State Journal                      12.25

        The Nevada Forum                           8.50

        Reno Mill & Lumber Co.                     2.50

        Nevada Engineering Works                   3.40

        Reno Mercantile Co.                         .75

        Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.                  8.10

        Mining & Scientific Press                  3.60

        International Instrument Co.              86.50

        Foote Mineral Co.                          3.95

        A. T. Thompson & Co.                      24.90

        A. C. Mc Clury & Co.                       4.63

        Eugene Dietzgen Co.                       10.55

        Clinton B. Alexander                       2.00

        Crosby Steam Gauge & Valve Co.             2.62

        Spencer Lens Co.                           3.80

        Spencer Lens Co.                          20.25

        Mining & Scientific Press                  7.15

        Walter Esterline                           5.00

        C. H. Stoetling Co.                       24.45

        James G. Biddle                            2.95

        James G. Biddle                           61.10

        James G. Biddle                          436.72

        Emier & Amend                             27.80

        Emier & Amend                            881.71

                                    Total      $4294.72

The report of the President follows:

                                    November 1, 1907

To the Honorable

    the Board of Regents

        of the University of Nevada


The President of the University has not been able to go to New

York as requested by the Regents at their last meeting on account

of the delay in getting material for the Mackay building, the

Heating Plant, the annex to Manzanita Hall and the delay in get-

ting coal for the University.

I have the honor to say that it looks now as through we are

nearly through our troubles in this respect.  Three carloads of

machinery for the Heating Plant are accounted for as follows:

one car is already in Reno; the second car will be in Reno either

today or tomorrow; and the third car is near Ogden.  When these

three cars are delivered, the Nevada Hardware & Supply Company

will have all the material they need for the completion of the

Heating Plant.  Mr. James tells me that they will have the Plant

done and the heat turned on by the end of November, he thinks.

In accordance with the instructions of the Board, the Secretary

of the Board of Regents sent a communication to Attorney General

Stoddard regarding the commission of the State Board of Examiners

to the Board of Regents allowing them to make a deficiency of

$7445, for the purpose of putting the heat in Stewart Hall and

the Hatch Station.  This communication was also presented to the

Governor.  The Attorney General said that they would make a min-

ute of it in accordance with the request of the Secretary of the

Board of Regents at the first meeting of the Board of Examiners.

In accordance with your instructions we are completing the Heat-

ing Plant for Stewart Hall at a cost of $3075.  I have recently

made a new contract with the Nevada Hardware & Supply Company to

extend the Heating Plant to Hatch Station.  This makes an addi-

tional cost of $2817, and a total of $5892.  The Board will ob-

serve that this is $1553 less than the estimated cost of putting

the heat in these two buildings, which was made by Mr. Evans of

the Nevada Hardware & Supply Company.

The annex to Manzanita Hall will probably be completed by the

6th of November.  There has been considerable delay in putting

up this building, owing, the contractor says, to a lack of

material.  The contract for this particular house was $1340.

The contract for extending the heating system and putting in the

lavatory was $290, making a total of $1630.  The wiring in the

house was done by our own students and cost very little.  The

only expense remaining will be the furnishing of these rooms,

all of which I think will come nearly within the amount allowed

by the Board of Regents; namely, $1750.

I now expect to go to New York on Wednesday, November 6th, and I

will probably be absent until the middle of December.  I think

that I will make up the payrolls before I leave, but will not

ask for a meeting of the Board of Regents until my return.

I went to Salt Lake on the 22nd of October to see about the two

carloads of coal which have been promised us since last July.

They agreed to forward the two carloads of coal immediately and

I take pleasure in saying that one carload was shipped on the

24th of October and the second carload on the 28th of October

and that both cars will probably be here by Monday of next week.

I will attend the meeting of the National Association of State

Universities in Washington, D. C., on the 18-20 of November.

On the 18th of October Professor Frandsen and I went to Pacific

Grove to look after a site for a deep sea laboratory for the

University of Nevada.  The Departments of Biology and Botany

would profit very much by the establishment of a deep sea labor-

atory either on the Bay of Monterey or on the shore of the

Pacific Ocean.  The University of California has just chosen a

site for a deep sea laboratory at Pacific Grove.  Besides this

they have Dr. Loeb's laboratory also.  Stanford University has

the Hopkins Laboratory.  I think it is very important for the

interests of this University that we should establish a labor-

atory which is our own and which we can fit up as we have the

funds.  The Professors and students of this University can do

a great deal during the Summertime at this laboratory.  They

can combine work and pleasure in an eminent degree.

After looking over the ground very carefully, Mr. Frandsen,

Professor of Biology, selected a piece of land about three

hundred feet square just east of the light house at Pacific

Grove.  I have the following letter from the Pacific Improve-

ment Company which assures us that the Pacific Improvement

Company will give to the University this location, waiting

only until we have definitely provided a building or buildings,

for this laboratory.  We estimate that this building will cost

about Five Thousand dollars.  I am now proposing, if the Regents

are willing to accept this gift of the Pacific Improvement Compa-

ny, to find some one who will associate his name and interests in

the work of the deep sea laboratory.

According to the instruction of the Board of Regents at their

last meeting, we have made contracts for building a cement walk

and a cement conduit, with requisite grading and filling, on

Virginia Street to a point opposite Lincoln Hall from Ninth

Street, including the necessary walks from Virginia Street to

Lincoln Hall and from Virginia Street to the Dining Hall.  I

have had the grading done on Ninth Street from Virginia to the

College gates, and will lay the cement walk for that distance

on Ninth Street.

The City Council have agreed to provide for electric lights at

the entrance to the College gates.  We are having two lamps cast

at the Nevada Engineering Words for the stone posts and are

drilling the posts for the necessary wires.

The following are the claims for this month:

    From the State Fund:

        Payroll for the Professors           $ 2,345.34

        Payroll for Students and Other Claims  2,206.75

        Claims for Cement Walks                1,072.00

        Claims for Heating Plants             14,184.18

        Claims from Mining Equipment Fund         43.70

        Analytical Supplies                       68.90

    From the Agricultural & Mechanical College Fund:

        Payroll and Claims                   $ 4,322.27

I have a word to speak orally about the Heating Plant.  Also

a word to Mr. Taylor respecting the exchange of books.

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             J. E. Stubbs


                   Balance Sheet      November 1st, 1907

                                              Dr.         Cr.

Contingent Fund & Interest Account

    Live Stock                            $    211.80 $

    Incidentals                                235.25

    Washoe County Bank                          32.00

    Chemical Supplies                          496.43

    Military Department                        215.43

    Machinery & Tools                          346.79

    Electrical Supplies                         30.64

    University Book Store                    1,000.00

    Grounds & Improvements                     747.60

    Freight & Express                          666.91

    Gas & Electric Lights                    1,043.72

    Telephone & Telegraph                       89.69

    Salaries - Professors & Instructors     23,926.55

    Plumbing & Gas Fitting                     190.89

    Insurance Premiums                         807.54

    Buildings & Repairs                        685.11

    Water                                      266.80

    Mechanical Supplies                        264.16

    Publications                               117.75

    Furniture & Fixtures                     1,021.39

    Furnaces                                   207.26

    Fuel                                     1,242.10

    Library                                  1,193.96

    State Treasurer                         57,895.52

    Bills Receivable                           400.00

    Salaries - Students                      2,396.30

    Traveling Expense                        1,080.30

    Mining Equipment                           227.10

    Apparatus                                  187.65

    Scientific Instruments                   1,159.48

    Mining Supplies                            257.16

    Stationery Printing & Postage              798.50

    General Supplies                           640.64

    Irreducible Book Fund                                1,000.00

    Metallurgical Laboratory Building                       18.14

    Manzanita Hall Portico                                  17.70

    Dining Hall Building                                    23.00

    Cement Walks                                         3,424.40

    Lincoln County Farm                                      2.93

    Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment                     997.77

    Philo C. Bennett Bequest                               400.00

    Income Account                                          32.00

    Central Heating Plant                                9.168.48

    Salaries & Equipment                                85,000.00

                                          $100,084.42 $100,084.42

         Balances in the Several Funds    November 1st, 1907


    Mining Laboratory Building                        $     18.14

    Mining Laboratory Equipment                            997.77

    Manzanita Hall Porch                                    17.70

    Dining Hall Building                                    23.00

    Lincoln County Farm                                      2.93

    Sundry Accounts                                         17.15

    Cement Walks                                         3,424.40

    Central Heating Plant                                9,168.48

    Salaries & Equipment                                44,243.10

Morrill Fund

    Agricultural & Mechanical College                 $ 14,563.74

Experiment Station

    Hatch Fund                                        $    186.52

    Adams Fund                                             884.75

    Botanical & Horticultural                                5.80

    Irrigation Special                                     175.00


    Philo C. Bennett                                  $    400.00


    Interest on Loan                                  $     32.00

Funds Overdrawn

    Farm Sales                                        $    113.91

    Live Stock Sales                                       185.11

                   Balance Sheet      November 1st, 1907

                                              Dr.         Cr.

Experiment Station Hatch Fund

    Salaries A                            $    616.66 $

    Salaries B                               1,950.02

    Salaries C                                 765.40

    Labor A                                    360.00

    Labor B                                  1,777.50

    Labor C                                     29.75

    Publications                                 8.00

    Postage & Stationery                        69.20

    Freight & Express                           67.00

    Heat                                        24.00

    Light                                       20.45

    Water                                       66.60

    Chemical Supplies                           21.50

    Seeds Plants & Sundry Supplies A           282.51

    Seeds Plants & Sundry Supplies B            23.05

    Seeds Plants & Sundry Supplies C            28.50

    Seeds Plants & Sundry Supplies D            18.30

    Feeding Stuff                               90.00

    Library                                     40.84

    Tools Implements & Machinery                56.50

    Furniture & Fixtures                       251.07

    Scientific Aparatus                        250.00

    Traveling Expense                          347.80

    Contingent Expense                          22.50

    Building & Repairs B                        26.22

    Building & Repairs C                       100.11

    Bank of Nevada Treasurer                   186.52

    U. S. Appropriation                                  7,500.00

                                          $  7,500.00 $  7,500.00

Experiment Station Adams Fund

    Salaries B                            $  2,852.95 $

    Salaries C                                 201.25

    Labor B                                     20.00

    Labor C                                     23.90

    Postage & Stationery                        67.85

    Freight & Express                            3.35

    Chemical Supplies                          167.05

    Seeds Plants & Sundry Supplies              54.55

    Investigations                             107.70

    Feeding Stuffs                              41.00

    Library                                     27.20

    Traveling Expense                           25.95

    Contingent Expense                          22.50

    Bank of Nevada Treasurer                   884.75

    U. S. Appropriation                                  4,500.00

                                          $  4,500.00 $  4,500.00

No further business, the Board adjourned to meet at the call of

of the Chairman.

                             John Sunderland

                             Acting Chairman

Geo. H. Taylor