UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 1-2, 1890


Volume OB - Page 115

                       Reno, Nevada

                     November 1, 1890

The Board of Regents met this day.  Present:  H. L. Fish, E. T.

George and President Jones.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Claims were presented and approved as follows below:

         S. A. Jones                    Salary       166.66

         R. D. Jackson                  Salary       150.00

         W. Mc N. Miller                Salary       166.66

         H. K. Clapp                    Salary       141.66

         Robert Lewers                  Salary       120.00

         Mary W. Emery                  Salary       154.16

         G. H. Taylor                   Salary        25.00

         S. G. Kendall                  Salary        75.00

         Mrs. R. Barney                 Salary        35.00

         L. H. Miller                   Salary        15.00

         C. J. Brooking                 Appt Supplies  9.30

         Robert Sewers                  F. D. T. Exp   2.15

         H. E. Wilkinson                Sly P. T. P.   4.00

         H. E. Wilkinson                Sly P. T. P.   1.60

         Calvon Conn                    Bldg. Reps     5.25

         Burke Bros.                    Bldg. Reps    15.00

         W. H. Hamilton                 Incidentals    9.00

         J. W. Phillips                 Incidentals    3.35

         J. A. Welden                   Water Fuel &

                                        Gas           76.80

                               Total              $1,175.50

No further business appearing the Board adjourned.

                             E. T. George


Geo. H. Taylor