UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 31, 1891


Volume OB - Pages 152-155

Reno, Nevada

October 31, 1891

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held this day the

following members were present: J. D. Torreyson, E. T. George,

H. L. Fish and J. W. Haines. Absent: Governor Colcord.

Minutes of meeting held October 5, 1891 were read and approved.

On motion of H. L. Fish, seconded by J. D. Torreyson, the salary

Professor Jones and Miss Clapp be paid from the Agricultural

College Fund from October 1, 1891. On motion of J. D. Torreyson,

seconded by J. W. Haines, the application of Professor Jackson

for an increase in salary of One Hundred Dollars per month was

not granted.

On motion of J. W. Haines, it was ordered that all persons

connected with the University on Experiment Station having

communications with the Board will make same through the


The Secretary was instructed to post notice on the bulletin

board that purchases must be made through a requisition approved

by the President.

It was ordered that no furnishing, equipping, or changing of the

third floor of Laboratory building be made without an order from

the Board of Regents.

On motion from Mr. Fish, it was ordered that all students desir-

ing Dormitory accommodations outside of those occupying rooms at

present may be located on third floor of the Laboratory building

until further notice, including the Janitor of said building.

The Mining Laboratory building was accepted by the Board. Mr.

Walker the contractor stating that it was finished and Mr. Ryland

who superintended the building stated that the work was done

according to the plans and specifications. The bills presented

by Mr. Walker were allowed as follows:

J. J. Walker Balance Due 925.00

Extra North 300.00

Extra North 205.00

and Materials Furnished

Other bills were also allowed.

Geo. A. Booth 18.75

Falsom Mills 50.50

R. Ryland Superintendent 150.00

Total $1,649.25

Bills were also allowed against the Contingent University Fund:

Mary W. Emery 154.16

Mrs. Schulke 40.00

Geo. H. Taylor 25.00

Donald Mc Kay 75.00

S. G. Kendall 75.00

S. C. Durkee 12.00

Lange & Schmitt 34.55

W. Pinninger 5.50

Richard Herz 7.00

John F. Aitken 35.45

Reno Mill & Lumber 52.75

R. Ryland 9.60

J. J. Walker 37.76

Geo. H. Taylor 166.25

J. D. Talley 25.38

S. K. Banber 16.00

W. C. Hill 16.50

Reno Water Co. 44.00

W. J. Sloane & Co. 19.45

J. D. Torreyson 19.50

R. K. Colcord 16.00

Total $2,536.10

Claims were also allowed to be paid from the Agricultural

College Fund:

S. A. Jones 216.66

W. Mc N. Miller 166.66

R. D. Jackson 166.66

J. W. Phillips 150.00

T. W. Cowgill 150.00

Henry Thurtell 150.00

Robert Lewers 150.00

John M. Neall 150.00

Richard Brown 125.00

H. K. Clapp 100.00

C. A. Thurston 20.90

C. J. Brooking 17.25

Reno Gazette 11.00

Nevada State Journal 56.50

Office Supply Co. 10.50

Geo. Taylor 145.47

Richard Brown 49.20

E. C. Sessions 103.50

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 202.44

J. J. Walker 9.00

John Taylor & Co. 16.45

E. B. Hancock 49.00

Gus Lundberg 48.75

James Paterson 56.00

G. Haskins 28.00

A. A. Manning 207.31

Osbourne & Alexander 2,527.50

Total $5,083.75

No further business appearing the Board adjourned.

E. T. George


Geo. H. Taylor