UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 27-28, 1983


Pages 45-68



October 27, 1983

The Board of Regents met on the above date in Room 399, Carlson

Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Members absent: Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

Acting President Dale Johnston, CCCC

Acting President Warren Kocmond, DRI

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs William Cathey (UNR),

Diane Dietrich (Unit), Joan Doggrell (CCCC), Michael Hardie

(WNCC), Thomas Hoffer (DRI), Mary Ann Lambert (TMCC), Allen Mori

(UNLV), and Student Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mc Bride at 10:00


1. Approval of the Consent Agenda

Approval of the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and

filed with the permanent minutes) contained the following


(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held

September 15-16, 1983.

(2) Accepted the gifts, grants and contracts as listed in

Ref. C-1 and filed with the permanent minutes.

(3) Approved a right-of-way grant for the Nevada Power

Company on UNLV property in order to provide addition-

al electrical services to the University. The grant

is for property 6 feet in width and 345.87 feet in

length, running from the transformer immediately west

of the Museum and west of University Road running to

the south substation. This right-of-way will not in-

terfere with any University activities.

(4) Approved an extension of salaried sick leave for 6

months with the possibility of renewal for a second

6 months if the physician certifies that Ms. Anna Dean

Kepper, Special Collections Department in the Library,

UNLV, is still unable to resume her duties. This ex-

tended sick leave is granted contingent upon the ex-

haustion of accumulated sick and annual leave as

provided by Handbook policy.

(5) Authorized to expend $7305 from the WNCC Capital Im-

provement Fund to enhance and improve instructional

programs and activities at the Carson Campus, and to

complete landscape improvements at the Fallon Campus.

See Ref. C-5.

(6) Approved the use of Capital Improvement Funds at NNCC

of $15,573.45 for the following:

Repair of elevator $7,572.20

Repair of roof 8,001.25

(7) Approved an additional $30,000 from Capital Improve-

ment Project Funds for the remodeling of kitchen

facilities at TMCC due to bids that came in higher

than originally estimated.

(8) Approved a request for the use of Capital Improvement

Project Funds at UNR for a broadband cable network for

the UNR Campus and Computer Center which will accom-

modate MIS, computer instructions and other digital

data transfer, television, and possible alternative

telephone systems. UNR will issue a Request for Pro-

posal to install cabling and amplifiers to 30 build-

ings on UNR Campus (including the Computer Center).

President Crowley will advise the Board of the amount

involved after bid process has been completed.

(9) In accordance with the terms of the bond issues, Board

of Regents approved withdrawal of funds from the re-

paid and replacement reserves deposited with First

Interstate Bank of Nevada as trustee. During fiscal

1982-83 the following expenditures were made, which

are the withdrawals from the reserves:

Equipment Building

Reserve Reserve Total

Trust 30

Dorm & Dining Commons $6,124 $32,296 $38,420

Corporate Trust 36

Nye Hall $3,609 $ 6,587 $10,196

(10) Approved a lease agreement between TMCC and Washoe

High School for a room for the period June 15, 1983

through June 14, 1984.

Mrs. Gallagher moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda.

Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

2. Approval of Estimative Budget, UNLV

Approved the following estimative budget for 1983-84 for the

Silver Bowl at UNLV:

Silver Bowl, UNLV




Estimated Opening Cash Balance $ 0

Convention Center Authority 150,000

Concessions 49,500

Parking 24,000

Rents 2,500

Total Revenue $226,000

Estimated Expenditures and Fund Balance

Professional Salaries FTE .57 $ 14,500

Fringe Benefits 1,903

Classfied Salaries OT 3,000

FTE 1.00 14,439

Fringe Benefits 2,369

Wages 32,500

Fringe Benefits 325

Estimated Operating 156,655

Out-of-State Travel 0

Ending Fund Balance 309

Total Estimated Expenditures $226,000

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the estimative budget for the

Silver Bowl. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

3. Approval of Loan for Paving and Lighting Thomas and Mack

Center Parking Lots

Approved an emergency item.

Ms. Del Papa moved to accept the emergency item. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

President Goodall recommended that the Regents authorize

UNLV to negotiate a loan in an amount not to exceed $600,000

for paving and lighting of parking lots at the Thomas and

Mack Center, the terms of the loan to be tentatively approv-

ed by Vice President Westfall and Vice Chancellor Dawson,

subject to final approval by the Regents at their next

regular meeting.

Mrs. Fong moved approval to authorize negotiation of the

loan for paving and lighting the parking lots at the Thomas

and Mack Center, UNLV. Mr. Karamanos seconded.

Chairman Mc Bride delegated the negotiation of this loan to

the Chancellor's Office.

Motion carried.

4. Approval of Change, Handbook Title 4, Chapter 10.D, WNCC

Admissions Policy

Approved a change in the Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 10.D,

WNCC Admissions Policy.

A review of the existing policy was completed because of

questions arising from local school district personnel re-

garding admission of students to the College. Following

these inquiries it was felt there was a need for clearer

and more specific statements regarding admission to WNCC.

Chapter 10.D


Section 1. Discrimination Prohibited

There shall be no discrimination in the admission of stu-

dents on account of sex, color, race or creed, or national


Section 2. General Admission Policy

1. Western Nevada Community College will admit to its gen-

eral programs any U. S. citizen, immigrant or qualified

international student who meets the following require-


a. is at least 18 years old; or

b. is a high school graduate; or

c. has completed the General Education Development

(GED) Test with a 12th grade equivalency.

2. All applicants for admission shall complete such tests,

furnish such information, and meet such deadlines as

required by the regulations published in the admissions

section of the catalog governing the semester of initial


3. Admission to Western Nevada Community College implies

general admission to the College only and does not con-

stitute admission to the specific curriculum or courses

which may require additional admission criteria as pub-

lished in the College catalog governing the semester of

initial enrollment.

4. Programs designated as limited entry require fulfillment

of selective admissions criteria as contained in the

institutional catalog and other appropriate College

documents. Continuation in selective admissions pro-

grams is likewise contingent upon fulfillment of con-

ditions specified by the institution and contained in

official institutional documents (B/R 10/81).

Section 3. Early Admissions and Enrollment Requirements

for Youth and High School Students

1. High School Seniors

a. Occupational, General Education, Developmental,

Counseling and Community Service Courses: High

school seniors may be admitted or enrolled for not

more than 2 courses per semester or Summer Session

with written permission of the high school princi-

pal or his/her designee.

b. University Parallel Courses: Upon written approval

of their high school principal, or his/her designee,

senior high school students may enroll for not more

than 2 University parallel courses per semester or

Summer Session, provided that they are:

(1) a high school senior with a grade point average

of 3.0 or above; or

(2) a second semester senior with a grade point

average of 2.5 or above.

2. Students Below Senior Grade

a. Students below senior grade level, but at least 15

years of age, may enroll for one course per semester

or Summer Session with the written permission of

their parents, school principal and the College


(1) Student must have a 3.0 overall grade point

average to enroll.

(2) Other students who can profit from a particular

course with the approval of the College Presi-

dent or his/her designee.

Section 4. Admission to Advanced Standing

1. The College will accept a maximum of 45 semester credits

toward an approved associate degree, with the following


a. A maximum of 45 semester credits may be accepted

from other Colleges and Universities.

b. A maximum of 30 semester credits may be accepted

from credit by examination.

c. A maximum of 15 semester credits may be accepted

from non-traditional sources.

2. The College may accept a maximum of 15 semester credits

of previous training, education, or credit by examina-

tion toward a Certificate of Achievement.

3. Acceptance of various types of credit will be governed

by the College's Transfer Credit Policy.

Ms. Del Papa moved for approval of WNCC's Admission Policy.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

5. Report on Availability of Stewart Indian School Building

for WNCC

President Calabro made a special report of a new facility

to be used by WNCC. In April, 1983 the Department of Gen-

eral Services submitted a grant to renovate the Stewart

Indian School in Carson City to provide high technology to

the community. In October, 1983 the $952,800 grant was ap-

proved and $175,000 was allocated to WNCC to equip a build-

ing at Stewart Indian School for College use. The renova-

tion of the 35,000 square foot building will be completed in

December, 1984. The Department of General Services will

provide for the heating, lighting and upkeep of the School,

and there will be no financial liability to the System.

Ms. Del Papa stated that this was an excellent idea and re-

quested General Counsel to look into the long-term operating

expense of this facility.

Mrs. Gallagher requested the Chancellor's Office to cor-

respond with the Interim Finance Committee regarding the

concerns of the facility and the College.

President Calabro stated that there had not been an official

offer on the use of the facility, but indicated that General

Counsel will review the offer prior to signing.

Mrs. Sheerin indicated to the Board that President Calabro

has been very successful in working with the industries in

the area. She stated that the facility would be of great

benefit to the community.

6. Approval of Estimative Budgets, UNR

Aproved the following estimative budgets:

A. A budget for the School of Medicine's Belz Memorial Gift

Account, which benefits the Savitt Library, is being

established in order to accommodate the salary of a

classified Library Assistant and to fund certain needed

computer equipment.

Belz Memorial Gift


Opening Cash Balance $ 13,174


Classified Salaries $ 7,233

Fringe Benefits 996

Operating 4,945

Total Expenditures $ 13,174

B. The 1983-84 Estimative Budget for "University Studies

in the Basque Country Consortium" is funded from the

fees collected from students who study abroad through

the Basque Country Consortium.

University Studies in the Basque Country Consortium


Opening Cash Balance $ 1,535

Student Fees 33,500

Total Revenue $ 35,035


Professional Salaries $ 20,123

Fringe Benefits 3,178

Operating 4,150

Out-of-State Travel 6,000

Ending Fund Balance 1,584

Total Expenditures $ 35,035

Ms. Del Papa moved for approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

7. Approval of Speaker's Bureau Budget, UNR

Approved the Speaker's Bureau Budget, UNR.

The Speaker's Bureau has been funded as a part of the Spe-

cial Projects Account of the Vice President of Public Af-

fairs. This program will now be administered by the News

Bureau with start-up costs being transferred from the Spe-

cial Projects Account.

Speaker's Bureau


Transfer from Other Funds $ 16,250

Estimated Expenditures

Classified Salaries $ 10,015

Fringe Benefits 1,835

Operating 4,400

Total Expenditures $ 16,250

8. Approval of College of Education Lay Advisory Board, UNR

Approved the following list of replacement and/or continued

members of the College of Education Advisory Board:

Mrs. Rose Bullis, Chair Reno

Mrs. Nancy Cashell Reno

Miss Grace Dangberg Minden

Dr. George Earnhardt Carson City

Mr. Harvey W. Ewing, Jr. Reno

Mrs. Rita Hambleton Reno

Mrs. Kay Loudon Reno

Mrs. Michon Mackedon Fallon

Mr. Ernest Martinelli Reno

Dr. Marvin Moss Reno

Mrs. Nancy Peek Reno

Mr. Ted Sanders Carson City

Mr. Robert Scott Winnemucca

The Honorable Charles Springer Carson City

Mr. Bob Swain Reno

Mr. Ray Tennant Tonopah

Mrs. Shirlee Wedow Sparks

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the College of Education Lay

Advisory Board, UNR. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion car-


9. Approval for Emeritus Status, UNR

Approved the promotion of Dr. De Witt Baldwin to Professor

Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavorial Sciences, effective

November 1, 1983.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

10. Approval of the Name Change, Bioresources Center, DRI

Acting President Kocmond requested the change in the name

of the Bioresources Center to Biological Sciences Center.

The Director and staff of the Center feel this name change

will more accurately reflect the research activities pres-

ent and anticipated.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the change in the name of the

Bioresources Center to Biological Science Center, DRI. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

11. Approval of Bylaw Change, Unit Senate

Approved the request of Chancellor Bersi for the Bylaw

change as submitted by the Unit Senate concerning the re-

cruitment and screening committee for the position of

Director of the University of Nevada Press. This change

was made in consultation with the University Press and

passed by a 2/3 majority of the eligible voters as required

by the Bylaws.

1.3.11 - Recruitment and Screening Committee for the

Position of Director of the University of Nevada Press.

The voting membership of this Committee shall consist of

3 members of the University of Nevada Press Editorial

Advisory Board, selected by the Chancellor with consul-

tation with the Editorial Advisory Board, one profes-

sional member of the University of Nevada Press, ap-

pointed by the Chancellor, and two at-large additional

members and a Chairperson to be appointed by the Chan-

cellor. Affirmative Action (EEO) requirements will be

adhered to. An unranked list of at least 3 and not more

than 5 candidates will be submitted to the Chancellor.

The procedures for recommendation and selection shall

be as outlined in Chapter 1, Section 1.6 of the Univer-

sity of Nevada System Code.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Unit Senate Bylaw change.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

12. Approval of Addition to Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 26,

Charter, UNS Finance and Administration

In April, 1983 the Board approved a Charter for the Depart-

ment of Internal Audit, University of Nevada System, which

reports to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administra-

tion. Two other functions, budget planning and preparation

and accounting for financial resources for the budget as it

is executed, also report to the Vice Chancellor. A Charter

for these two functions has been developed (see Ref. D,

filed with the permanent minutes) to be incorporated into

Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 26. Vice Chancellor Dawson re-

quested approval.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

13. Approval of Change, Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 19, UNS

Parking Regulations

Approved changes in the UNR Parking and Traffic Regulations

and a title change for Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 19.

General Counsel Klasic determined that all UNS Parking and

Traffic Regulations contained within Chapter 19 need to

include references to NRS 396.435 and NRS 396.110. See

letter dated October 14, 1983, contained in Ref. F, filed

with the permanent minutes. He also recommended that the

title for Handbook Title 4, Chapter 19 be changed to UNS

Parking and Traffic Regulations.

Further, General Counsel Klasic recommended that his office

be given authority to amend the remaining portions of Chap-

ter 19 by inserting reference to NRS 396.110, where neces-


Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the UNR and UNS Parking

Regulations and General Counsel's recommendations. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

14. Approval of Use of Capital Improvement Funds, UNR

Approved to use $16,000 of the Capital Improvement Fund

to complete the following project:

The Mackay School is developing a state-of-the-art Chemical

Process Control Laboratory which, when completed, will be

one of the most advanced laboratories in the country to be

used for studying the use of the computer in controlling

chemical processes. This laboratory will attract national

attention to the School and the University and will be the

first of its kind in a mining school.

Remaining costs to configure Room 224 in the new Mines

building for this laboratory are about $32,000. Of this

amount, $16,789 has been made available from the construc-

tion budget by the State Public Works Board.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

15. Approval of Appointment of Acting Dean, UNR

Approved the appointment of Dr. Marsha Read as Acting Dean

of the School of Home Economics effective January 1, 1984.

Dean Donna Beth Downer will be leaving UNR for the Univer-

sity of Alabama-Tuscaloosa where she has been appointed Dean

of their School of Home Economics.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

16. Approval of Resolution, UNR

Approved the following Resolution as requested by Dr. Allen

Ryall, UNR Security Officer for Department of Defense Af-

fairs, which will update the listing of current Regents

for the Department of Defense Managerial Group for the



BE IT RESOLVED, that the following Officers of the Uni-

versity of Nevada shall be known as the Managerial

Group, as described in the Industrial Security Manual

for Safeguarding Classified Information:

Robert M. Bersi, University of Nevada System

Joseph N. Crowley, University of Nevada, Reno

John E. Nellor, Coordinator of Research, University

of Nevada, Reno

Alan S. Ryall, Jr., Security Officer, University of

Nevada, Reno

AND BE IT RESOLVED that these Officers, acting as the

Managerial Group, have been processed or will be proc-

essed for a personal clearance for access to classified

information to the level of the facility clearance

granted to this institution, as provided for the afore-

mentioned Industrial Security Manual;

AND BE IT RESOLVED that the said Managerial Group is

hereby delegated all of the Board's duties and responsi-

bilities pertaining to the protection of classified in-

formation under classified contracts of the Department

of Defense or User Agencies of its Industrial Security

Program awarded to the University of Nevada System.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following members of

the Board of Regents shall not require, shall not have,

and can be effectively excluded from access to all clas-

sified information in the possession of the University

of Nevada System and do not occupy positions that would

enable them to affect adversely the policies and prac-

tices of the University of Nevada System in the per-

formance of classified contracts for the Department of

Defense or User Agencies of its Industrial Security

Program, awarded to the University of Nevada System,

and need not be processed for a personnel clearance:

Frankie Sue Del Papa

Lilly Fong

Dorothy S. Gallagher

Chris N. Karamanos

Joan Kenney

Daniel J. Klaich

John R. Mc Bride

Jo Ann Sheerin

June F. Whitley

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Resolution. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

17. Establishment of Revolving Bank Accounts

Vice Chancellor Dawson requested approval of an emergency


Mrs. Fong moved to accept the emergency item. Ms. Del Papa

seconded. Motion carried. Mrs. Gallagher abstained.

Vice Chancellor Dawson explained that the System's main

banking account is with Nevada National Bank. With the

decentralization of the Controller's Office, some of the

rural Campuses do not have a Nevada National Bank in their

area. Vice Chancellor Dawson requested approval to estab-

lish revolving accounts at Security National Bank of Nevada

and First Interstate Bank.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the revolving bank accounts at

SNB and FIB. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried. Mrs.

Gallagher abstained.

18. Approval of Handbook Changes

The Business Officers of the University of Nevada System re-

viewed the policies as codified in the Handbook and sug-

gested a number of changes which will bring them up to date

and in line with good business management practices. These

will be found in items A through F.



The 1984-85 increase in student fees charged on a per

credit basis necessitates a change in the Board of

Regents Deferred Payment Policy in order to assure con-

tinuance of Board policy which restricts the privileges

of deferring payment of fees to full-time students.

The Business Officers recommend that the Board's refer-

ence to a dollar amount be eliminated and the policy be

revised to read as follows:

Section 7. Deferred Payment Policy

1. The following policy is applicable to UNR and UNLV:

Contracts for deferred payment of room and board

costs and/or registration and tuition fees which are

in excess of $250 are available during the Fall and

Spring semesters only. Special fees, i. e., lab

fees, insurance, etc., and approximately one-half

(1/2) of the registration and tuition fee and/or

room and board costs are payable at registration.

The balance is due and payable not later than Fri-

day of the 6th week of instruction. Any unpaid

balance on a deferred fee payment becomes a student

accounts receivable on the due date and is treated

as an official fee hold for future registration and

transcript privileges. A penalty fee of $10 per

$100 (or fraction thereof) is charged on deferred

balance not paid by the due date. (B/R 10/83)

2. The following policy is applicable to WNCC, TMCC

and NNCC:

Contracts for deferred payment of registration fees

are available during registration periods at WNCC,

TMCC and NNCC for students taking twelve (12) or

more credits. Special fees and approximately 1/2

of the tuition fee are payable at registration. The

unpaid balance is due and payable not later than

Friday of the 6th week of instruction. Application

for admission fees, laboratory fees, and costs of

Community Service credits may not be deferred. If

payment for deferred fees has not been made by the

prescribed date, the account will be considered to

be delinquent and the student will be placed on fi-

nancial hold for future registration, transcript,

diploma or certificate privileges. A penalty fee

of $10 per $100 (or fraction thereof) will be charg-

ed on all delinquent accounts. (B/R 10/83)

3. The following policy is applicable to CCCC:

(No change in policy)

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Mr. Klaich seconded. Motion car-




Section 2. Delinquent Accounts

A student or former student having a delinquent accounts

receivable of $50 or more, or an overdue loan of any

amount with any member institution of the University of

Nevada System, shall not be permitted to register, re-

ceive a transcript of record, a diploma or certificate

from any institution. (B/R 10/83)

President Crowley stated that the Library needs this

source of revenue and recommended that this policy will

be in effect for one year. After a year, if this policy

affects the Library, the Vice President of Finance and

Administration will submit a recommendation to the


Mr. Klaich moved approval of the change in the Handbook

under Delinquent Accounts for a one year trial basis. Mrs.

Sheerin seconded. Motion carried.



Chapter 3. Section 6

Procedures for receipt and acknowledgement of non-cash

gifts shall be the same as for cash gifts. Each insti-

tution shall try to obtain from the donor a written

estimate of the fair market value of a donated item or

record the nominal value of the item.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Mrs. Sheerin seconded. Motion



Chapter 3. Business Management

Section 15. Host Expenditures

The following accounts are authorized to be established

for host expenditures:

1. Grant, contract or gift accounts where the donor

specifically provides for host expenditures.

2. Accounts where participants in seminars, conferences

or other activities have paid for their own host ex-

penditures in advance.

3. Agency accounts.

4. Host accounts which are officially created by the

Board of Regents from unrestricted institutional

funds. The Campus Host Accounts approved by the

Board require the Presidents, or their designees,

to approve charging hosting activities to these

unrestricted accounts.

5. Student government hosting approved by the Board of


Mrs. Fong moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion




Current Board of Regents policy for the collection of

student loans provides that annually a list will be

compiled of uncollected loans and the Board will de-

termine whether such loans shall be charged off the

University's books and a hold placed on the student's

records. The UNS Business Officers proposed a change

so that the institutions, after following standard

collection procedures, are allowed to write-off such

loans and report annually to the Board.

Section 13. Collection of Student Loans

2. Annually, at fiscal year end, each institution will

report to the Board of Regents the total amount of

student loans outstanding at the beginning and end

of the year, the loans awarded and collected during

the year, the dollar amount of loans written off

during the year, and, the percentage of loans writ-

ten off during the year, as a percent of loans

awarded. All institutions will follow standardized

collection and write-off procedures. It is under-

stood that a "hold" shall be retained on the stu-

dent's records. (B/R 10/83)

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion


Mrs. Kenney requested collection of student loan methods

from each institution.




The policy on grants-in-aid for professional staff mem-

bers and their dependents currently states that the

staff member must be under contract during the entire

period of his enrollment, or his dependent's enrollment,

in courses in order to qualify for the grants-in-aid

privilege. Having permitted either the staff member

or his dependents to enroll under grants-in-aid, then

should termination of the employee occur, it appears to

be an unfair hardship to require such persons to reim-

burse the University for the difference between the

grants-in-aid and the registration fee after having

taken the course.

Chapter 14, Section 5. (See Ref. C, filed with the

permanent minutes.)

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval. Mrs. Kenney seconded.

Motion carried.

19. Report on Bond Consolidation

Vice Chancellor Dawson reported on the progress of the con-

solidation of University of Nevada System bonds, which was

approved by the Board at their Special Meeting on August 5,


The following items require Board of Regents approval:

1. Preliminary Official Statement

2. The Financial Plan Calendar

These items will be available for review in the north at the

Chancellor's Office and in the south at UNLV in Vice Presi-

dent Westfall's office.

20. Approval of Investment Policy for UNS Endowment Pool

At the direction of the Board at its September 17, 1983

meeting, Endowment Director Brigham drafted an investment

policy for the UNS endowment pool for Board consideration.

See the letter dated October 11, 1983, and its attachment

titled Investment Goals, Objectives and Policies in Ref. H,

filed with the permanent minutes. The Draft Policy was

written in conjunction with Vice Chancellor Dawson and UNS

money managers, and after consultation with investment

officers at other Universities.

Director Brigham recommended that the Board appoint an in-

vestment committee comprised of two members of the Board of

Regents, Chancellor Bersi, Mark Dawson, Janet Mac Donald,

Edna Brigham and at least one other person of the Regents'

choice to write a Request for Proposal, to be sent to the

endowment's present money managers and to various other

money management firms, to manage the University of Nevada

System Endowment pool in accordance with the specifications

in the Request for Proposal.

She further recommended that a consultant be employed to

work with the above committee to review the investment

guidelines, to write the specifications for the Request

for Proposal, and to provide the specific information about

performance record, particular types of investment exper-

tise, size and general investment philosophies of the agents

submitting proposals in order that the investment committee

may make an informed selection or selections.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the recommendations. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

21. Presentation by Mr. Ernie Becker, UNLV Foundation

Mr. Becker stated that, although a member of the UNLV Foun-

dation Board, he was speaking on behalf of himself as a

donor to UNLV Athletics, and had pledged $200,000 to that

program and wanted to be certain those funds would be al-

located to that account. Further, he voiced concern that

recent media articles and newscasts indicated Regents were

not supportive of the Foundation and he wanted them to know

of his confidence in the present operations of that organi-

zation. He also expressed concern that Michigan had been

removed from the football schedule and stated he felt UNLV

was capable of competing with teams of that caliber.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of support of all the Foundations.

Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

22. Report on the Nursing Challenge Grant

In July, 1981 the Nursing Challenge Grant was established

to provide funds over a 2-year period to support and expand

2-year Nursing Programs in the State of Nevada. Funds

totalling $400,000 were provided from 3 entities: $200,000

from the Nevada Hospital Association, $100,000 from the

State Legislature, and $100,000 from the Board of Regents.

Although a few students are still completing the last por-

tion of the program, and some Hospital Association funds

are being expended to complete some of the programs, a final

budget summary has been prepared. See Ref. L, filed in the

Chancellor's Office.

Chairman Mc Bride read a letter from Ms. Patricia Gibson,

dated October 13, 1983, extending gratitude from the gradu-

ating class for studying on the grant provided.

Chairman Mc Bride relinquished the gavel to Vice Chairman


23. Report on Nevada Joint Council for College Preparation

At their June 16, 1983 meeting, the Board agreed to estab-

lish, with the State Board of Education, a Joint Council

on College Preparation. The Council consists of members

appointed by the Board of Regents to represent higher edu-

cation and members appointed by the State Board of Education

who represent primary and secondary education. The main

purpose of the Council will be to advise these Boards,

school districts and students, about skills and competencies

needed to assure success in College and University studies.

Mrs. Sheerin reported that the Joint Council would be hold-

ing their first meeting during the following week. She

informed anyone who was interested to be placed on the mail-

ing list to give her their mailing address. She stated that

the Faculty Senates have been contacted for their support.

Regents Kenney and Whitley have also been selected to serve

on the Regents committee. Regent Fong serves on the Clark

County School District Committee.

Chairman Mc Bride returned.

24. Report on Regents' Scholars Program

At the direction of the Board of Regents, after discussion

at the open public session on December 2, 1982 Joint Meeting

with the State Board of Education, a proposal was developed

to establish a joint program with the Nevada Department of

Education to recognize outstanding scholastic achievement

by Nevada students. This proposal was also discussed at

the April 14, 1983 Academic Affairs Committee meeting.

Dr. Karen Pinkham reported that this program (Ref. M, filed

in the Chancellor's Office) would award up to 30 semester

hours of College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) general

elective credit to eligible Nevada Scholars, as identified

by the Department of Education, who graduate from a Nevada

high school beginning June, 1984 for qualifying ACT standard

scores earned prior to their first enrollment in any College

or University (except College credit earned while in high

school). Equivalent CLEP credit would actually be awarded

upon enrollment at a Campus within the System.

6 semester hours general elective credit would be granted

in each of the following areas where the minimum ACT stand-

ard score is earned by recognized Scholars:


ACT Standard Percentile

Score Rank

*English 27 96

Mathematics 29 94

Social Studies 30 97

Natural Science 32 97

Humanities (combined English 58 97

and Social Studies)

*Standard score of 26 would qualify for 3 semester hours

credit equivalent to English 101.

This awards program will allow the University of Nevada

System to attract more academically talented Nevada high

school graduates to the System. Qualifying Nevada Scholars,

who receive a certificate as a Scholar from the Department

of Education, but no monetary reward, can receive credit

and benefit by having a head start on his or her degree.

High academic standards will be maintained with the reten-

tion of these outstanding students, during a time when

national and state attention is focused on the skills need-

ed by high school students to achieve at the College level.

Cooperation with the State Department of Education and

Nevada school districts will be demonstrated as well.

Dr. Allen Mori, UNLV Faculty Senate, stated that the UNLV

Academic Standards Committee felt it was a very attractive

award; however, it may reduce monies to support certain


Mr. Klaich moved to accept the report on Regents' Scholars

Program. Mrs. Fong seconded. Motion carried.

The Board recessed until 2:00 P.M. All members of the Board were

present, except for Mr. Karamanos.

25. Reports from Bank Investors

A. Mr. John Chrissinger submitted the report for Nevada

National Bank.

B. Mr. Monte Miller submitted the report for Valley Bank

of Nevada.

C. Mr. Bob Lee submitted the report for First Interstate


Chairman Mc Bride relinquished the gavel to Vice Chairman


D. Mr. Murray Foster submitted the report for Security Bank

of Nevada.

The Board directed Vice Chancellor Dawson to work with Mr.

Foster in drafting a change to the Atmospherium Planetarium

account for consideration by the Board.

Chairman Mc Bride returned.

26. Report on Institutional Comprehensive Program Reviews

Over the past several months the Board has received compre-

hensive program reviews from all 6 Campuses and DRI. The

Board requested that the Office of the Chancellor review

each of these documents and make recommendations. Vice

Chancellor Fox presented a System overview which is filed

in the Chancellor's Office.

Vice Chancellor Fox proposed that the Academic Affairs

Council set criteria in standardizing the guidelines and

timelines for review, and present their findings to the


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the recommendations stated

in the System overview. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion


Mrs. Fong moved approval of each institution's Comprehensive

Program Review. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

27. Report of Completed Internal Audits, April - September 1983

Director Kathy Kossick reported on the Internal Audits which

have been completed during the period April, 1983 through

September, 1983, as outlined in Ref. G, filed with the

permanent minutes.

The Internal Audit could not locate Board approval for two

accounts receiving investment income. Formal approval would

be an exception to policy requiring Board approval for Hotel

Graduate Program Gifts at UNLV and Book Sales at CCCC. Con-

sensus of the Board was for no change in policy. The Board

directed Mrs. Kossick to insure that the necessary rever-

sions to the Special Project Account are made.

The Board directed Legal Counsel to follow up on the KUNR


Mrs. Kossick reported that the ad hoc Committee for Outside

Auditor Selection will have a recommendation at the next

Board meeting.

Mrs. Fong moved acceptance of the Internal Audit report and

recommendations. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

28. Report on AGB and ACCT Conferences

Mrs. Kinney submitted a report regarding the ACCT Conference

held October 13-15, 1983, filed in the Chancellor's Office

along with the planning documents from the Conference.

Mrs. Gallagher and Mr. Klaich reported on the Fall AGB Con-

ference and indicated a statement regarding evaluations

will be sent to the Faculty Senate Chairs.

Ms. Del Papa moved to accept the reports. Mrs. Fong second-

ed. Motion carried.

Evaluations of Chief Officers will take place during the

next Board of Regents meeting.

Chancellor Bersi stated that the recommended evaluation

process would be used and that there would be no public

intervention, but informal input is suggested.

Chairman Mc Bride stated that there is a great concern on

the part of the Regents for the need for increased profes-

sional salaries and benefits and that the System Compensa-

tion Committee would report at the December meeting where

the matter will be discussed.

29. New Business

A. Ms. Del Papa reported that November 1, 1983 is the dead-

line for applications for the Director of the University

Press. She will report back on the Selection Commit-

tee's progress at the next meeting.

Ms. Del Papa announced that a reception sponsored by

the Friends of the Press will be on December 1, 1983,

5:00-7:00 P.M. at the Pine Auditorium, UNR. Authors

of several books published by the Press will be in


B. Mr. Klaich reported that there was an organizational

meeting regarding the Presidential Search at DRI.

December 15, 1983 is the deadline for applications,

and he will report back at the next meeting on the

Committee's progress.

The meeting adjourned at 3:35 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board