UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 27-28, 1950

Volume 6 - Pages 270-273

October 27, 1950

The regular meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order
by the Chairman at 10 A.M., Friday, October 27, 1950, in the
President's office. Present were Regents Hilliard, Sheerin,
Ross, Comptroller Hayden and President Love. Regents Cahlan and
Arentz, because of unforeseen circumstances, were unable to be

Reporter Jean Mc Bride of the Reno Evening Gazette came into the
meeting at 10:05 A.M. and remained until noon.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Motion of Mr. Sheerin carried unanimously that the minutes
of the meeting of September 23, 1950 be approved, and that
the reading thereof be dispensed with in view of the fact
that each Regent had received a copy by mail.

President's Informal Report

A - List of supplies purchased on bid showed a saving in every
instance. The President and the Comptroller were congratu-
lated on their good work.

B - Tabulation of faculty salaries, showing rank, length of
service, degree held and age of each, were distributed.

C - Detail of expenditures, encumbrances and estimates of ex-
penditures of funds, Chapter 301, 1949 Statutes, University
Heating and Ventilating, were distributed.

D - Building Program

The addition planned for the new Engineering building may
require more space to take care of the proposed purposes than
originally planned. Plans will be studied and costs taken
into consideration before definite recommendation is made.
Should the Electrical Engineering Department not be moved
to the new Engineering building, the present Electrical
building will not, of course, be available for the Department
of Home Economics.

Members of the Agricultural Divisions and the Department of
Biology were called together for consideration of needs of
a building to accommodate their groups. Latest estimates
indicate that Agriculture, including Public Service programs,
would need about 2/3 of the space. Approximately 1/3 would
be needed by Biology, 1/3 by College of Agriculture and 1/3
by Public Service Agriculture.

E - Mackay School of Mines

Dr. Vernon E. Scheid of the School of Mines, University of
Idaho, has accepted the position of Dean of the Mackay
School of Mines. His salary, as previously agreed upon by
the Regents, was set at $7200 per year. He will assume his
duties February 1, 1951, the beginning of the 2nd semester.

F - Unfinished Business

The following items depend upon general policy, and further
consideration will be postponed until a later meeting:

(a) 2-year course in Agriculture
(b) Las Vegas Extension Center
(c) Outside employment of faculty members
(d) Movies on the Campus
(e) State funds matching federal funds for Public
Service projects

G - Charles Thompson

A written progress report from Mr. Thompson on the University
Heating Plant was presented. A letter was also presented
from Mr. Thompson explaining his position in regard to equip-
ment purchased by him for the University Heating Plant. He
stated that in many instances, purchases have been made from
firms which do not have representatives in this vicinity,
which resulted in his becoming, in effect, their local agent.

H - Student Body Elections

Sample ballots of amendments in the ASUN Constitution, passed
in Student Body elections in the Spring and Fall of 1950,
were distributed.

I - Athletic Policy Amendment

In order to obtain a vote of the Board of Regents prior to
the Student Body election, a mail vote was requested by the
President on September 28 in changing the present wording of
Section 9 of the Athletic Policy adopted by the Regents at
their meeting on July 8, 1950, as follows:

Present wording:

9. This 7-man Board of Athletic Control will have jurisdic-
tion over Intercollegiate Athletics subject to the ap-
proval of the policy, program and appointments by the
President and the Board of Regents.

Proposed wording:

9. This 7-man Board of Athletic Control will have jurisdic-
tion over Intercollegiate Athletics subject to the ap-
proval of the policy and appointments by the President
and the Board of Regents.

Results of the mail vote was reported as,

Aye - Regents Sheerin, Arentz, Cahlan, Ross
No - Regent Hilliard

J - Chemistry Department

Carleton S. Smith, who was appointed Fellow in Chemistry, was
called into service as a member of the Naval Reserve. Mr.
Lyman D. Linfesty has replaced him at the same salary and on
the same terms.

President's Recommendations

1 - Policy

The President stated that he had studied and tried to analyze
the function and the relationship at the University of Nevada
between the Board of Regents, the President, the faculty and
the students so as to set down certain guiding principles
as the basis for decisions and on which they might expect
decisions from the President's office to be made.

Those principles were presented under the following headings:

(1) How to Work with the Faculty
(2) Constructing a Budget
(3) Responsibilities of a State University
(4) What Programs for What Students
(5) Public Relations
(6) Athletics
(7) Faculty-Student Relationships

Following general discussion,

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that the policies
outlined by President Love be adopted in principle as a basis
for present thinking, and that they be submitted to each mem-
ber of the Board of Regents for individual study and later
action at a full Board meeting.

2 - Athletics

The President read a letter from the Comptroller in which he
stated that funds in the student athletic account are insuf-
ficient to cover the requisition for expenses for the forth-
coming football games.

Further discussion on the athletic problems was postponed
pending the receipt of a financial statement from the Gradu-
ate Manager.

Referring to a recent article in "Sports" magazine concerning
athletics at the University of Nevada, Regent Hilliard wished
to go on record as not favoring this type of publicity, and
further stated that all University publicity should be clear-
ed through the President's office, whether the article is
released by a member of the faculty or by anyone else.

3 - Claims

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that the follow-
ing claims, approved by the Executive Committee, be approved
by the Board:

Regents Checks Nos. 01-42 to 01-65 inclusive, for a
total of $15,726.49.

State Claims Nos. 01-66 to 01-99 inclusive, for a
total of $91,562.43.

4 - Observatory

A site suitable for the student Observatory has been selected
on the bluff overlooking the new Federal Mining building.
The President recommended that the University construct an
Observatory in accord with the advice of the Astronomical
Society out of funds bequeathed to the University by the
Darlington Will.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that authority
be given to the Administration to construct a student Ob-
servatory under the conditions and at the location indicated
by the President.

5 - Cutts Estate

President Love brought up the matter of the ownership of
books and printed matter from the Cutts Estate which are
now in the University Library, and which, by agreement with
the Board of Directors of the Nevada Art Gallery, were to
go to the University of Nevada (minutes of August 27, 1949).
The Stipulation of the Court, dated September 16, 1949, was
also presented, giving the books and printed matter to the
Nevada Art Gallery.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that the action
of the Board of Regents on August 27, 1949 be, necessarily,
changed, in keeping with the decree of the Court dated
September 16, 1949, as follows:

The decree of distribution shall provide that all of
deceased's books and printed matter shall be distributed
to the Nevada Art Gallery, Inc., of Reno, Nevada.

6 - University Bookstore

The students of the ASUN have requested in a letter signed
by the Chairman of the Board of Finance Control, the right
to investigate the advisability of handling the University
Bookstore on 9th Street as a project of the Associated
Students, under the supervision of the Comptroller's office.
A full-time Manager would be employed by the Student Body.
Information was received from Dr. Inwood that the present
lease will expire January 1, 1951, with a 5-year renewal
agreement at the same rental. The ASUN has until November
1, 1950 to accept the offer of the present Manager of the

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that the Board,
having considered the matter of the Student Body taking over
the operation of the University Bookstore, approves the

7 - Faculty Housing

The President read a letter from Dr. Inwood, as Chairman of
the former University Housing Committee, referring to the
motion of the Board of Regents at their meeting on February
18, 1950, when approval was given for further investigation.
The letter now asked that legislation be prepared by the
office of the Attorney General for introduction at the 1951
Session of the Legislature, to enable the University to take
advantage of any opportunities which may come for providing
housing for faculty members. Action was postponed.

The Board recessed at 12 noon for luncheon at the University
Dining Hall.

The recessed meeting was called to order at 1 P.M. in the Presi-
dent's office with the 3 Regents, the Comptroller and the Presi-
dent present.

2 - Athletics (continued)

The financial statement having been received from the Gradu-
ate Manager, discussion was resumed on the athletic financial
situation. The President again read his suggestions on
"athletic policy", and it was agreed informally that they be
used as a basis for consideration of the present situation.

At 1:55 P.M. reporters Mc Bride and Burns came into the meeting.

President Love suggested that the financial statement be
placed before representatives of other interested groups
for their study and advice on the issues involved.

The following were then called and asked to meet informally
with the President and the Regents in the President's of-
fice at 8:30 A.M. on Saturday, October 28.

Harry Frost, Chairman, Board of Athletic Control
Ted Klimaszewski, President, Student Body and Representa-
tive, Board of Athletic Control
John Gianotti, Student Representative, Board of Athletic
Walter States, President, Alumni Association
John Benson, President-Elect, Alumni Association
Max Dodge, Executive Secretary, Alumni Association
Gene Mastroianni, Graduate Manager
George Southworth, Jr., Head, Downtown Boosters
H. B. Blodgett, Faculty Representative, Board of Athletic
Joe Moose, Faculty Representative, Board of Athletic
Ernest Inwood, Chairman, Board of Finance Control, and
Chairman, Faculty Eligibility Committee
Perry W. Hayden, Comptroller

8 - Proxies

The Comptroller presented a proxy addressed to the Board of
Regents from the American Telephone and Telegraph Company,
for signature.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that the President
be authorized to sign for the Board of Regents, proxies per-
taining to stocks, bonds or other securities held by the
University of Nevada.

The meeting adjourned at 3:50 P.M.