UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

October 27-28, 1938 

Volume 5 - Pages 228-229

                      October 27, 1938

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents, all members
present, convened at 1:30 o'clock Thursday, October 27.  On Tues-
day, the 25th, members of the Block N Society and football squad
waited on Dr. Hartman and told him that the football squad de-
manded immediate withdrawal of Professor Martie, Coach Dashiell
and Line Coach Duane Keller and asked that Messrs. Scranton and
Coleman be placed in charge for the remainder of the season.  The
The Committee met with the Block N Society and football squad
members in the afternoon.  Wednesday afternoon the Committee
again had interviews with the respective persons concerned in the
matter.  Today, after again calling in certain staff members for
brief interviews, Judge Brown presented the following Resolu-

    RESOLVED, by the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents,
    that the demands of the football squad that the Coach and
    Line Coach of the University football squad be relieved of
    their duties as such Coach and Assistant Coach respectively,
    be and the same are denied;

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that the football squad of the University,
    or such of them as the Coach may designate, be requested to
    proceed to play their scheduled games during the remainder
    of this season;

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that the President of the Alumni Associa-
    tion be and is requested to appoint a fair and unbiased com-
    mittee to make a thorough investigation of the situation
    with reference to Athletics at the University and the causes
    which led to the present agitation and make a full report,
    together with recommendations, to the Board of Regents at
    the next meeting of the Board, which is to be held on Novem-
    ber 26, 1938.

Mr. Ross moved the adoption of the Resolutions.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Wingfield        Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Francis Smith, President of the Alumni Association, appeared
before the Committee at their request and expressed his willing-
ness to cooperate in line with the 3rd Resolution.  It is under-
stood that when his Committee gets under way and needs steno-
graphic and typing service, Miss Hardman of the President's Of-
fice will be available to help him and that incidental expenses,
such as postage, will be borne by the University.

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents authorizes and
directs Acting President Hartman to attend the annual meetings
of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities and
of the Association of State Universities to be held in Chicago
November 9 to 17 inclusive, 1938, as the President of the Univer-
sity of Nevada, his expenses to be paid from general University

The Executive Committee authorizes the attendance of Mr. Thomas
Buckman at the meeting of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges
and Universities to be held in Chicago, November 14-16, 1938,
his expenses to be met from Agricultural Extension Funds.

                             Silas E. Ross

Carolyn M. Beckwith