UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 25-26, 1875


Volume OA - Page 105

                        State Land Office

                          Carson, Nevada

                        October 25, 1875

The Board of Regents met at the call of the President.  Present:

Alfred Helm, C. C. Stevenson and W. C. Dovey.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.

Bills, described as follows, were allowed:

    S. H. Day           Salary Mar-Aug 1875              $ 100.00

    Robinson & Michaels Publishing call for Proposals

                        for Dormitory and Fence             24.00

    Enterprise Pub. Co. Publishing call for Proposals       24.00

                        for Dormitory and Fence

    Thomas H. Wells     Drawing up of contracts             20.00

    Elijah S. Gates     Repairing lock at University         2.00

    N. L. Bancroft      Books, Hemisphere Globe, etc.      115.65

    George Farmer       Janitor, July-Aug, 1875             40.00

    Charles Jones       Plans of specific actions & tracgs. 50.00

    W. A. Jones         Clearing ground of sagebrush        20.00

    D. R. Sessions      Salary as Principal, 3 mons.       600.00

    Garbutt & Lake      1st payment on contract           2000.00

    C. C. Stevenson     Round trip from Virginia City       10.00

    W. C. Dovey         Round trip from Virginia City       10.00

    Alfred Helm         Round trip to Elko                  70.00

    S. H. Day           Salary as clerk, Sept & Oct         33.33

On motion of C. C. Stevenson, Mr. Helm was instructed to have

built on the University grounds one privy, one woodshed and to

have constructed a walk from the R. R. track to the University


On motion of Mr. Stevenson, the salary of the Principal of the

Preparatory Department of the University was fixed at the rate

of $3000 per annum on and after November 1, 1875.

On motion, the Board adjourned to meet at the call of the Presi-


                             Alfred Helm


Sylvester H. Day