UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 24-25, 1888


Volume OB - Page 65

                         Carson City

                     October 24th, 1888

At a meeting of the full Board of Regents, held the date above

written, the following letter was formulated and forwarded to

President Brown:

             Carson City, Nevada, October 24th, 1888

     Le Roy D. Brown

     President of the Nevada State University

     Dear Sir:

          It is the wish of the Regents that you so arrange the

     members of the faculty to accommodate the greatest number of

     students.  To this end you will transfer any Professor or

     teacher to any Department of the University where their

     services are most needed.  If there are a limited number of

     students in the Assaying Department you will discontinue the

     daily lessons of fine assaying and limit time of heating

     furnaces to one or two days each week.  You will use economy

     in the use of materials, and require those under you to

     report breakages or waste of material by students.

          (signed)           C. C. Stevenson

                             W. C. Dovey

                             John M. Dormer