System Administration, Las Vegas

4300 South Maryland Parkway, Board Room

Friday, October 21, 2016


Video Conference Connection from the Meeting Site to:

System Administration, Reno

2601 Enterprise Road, Conference Room


Great Basin College, Elko

1500 College Parkway, Berg Hall Conference Room


Members Present:                  Mr. Rick Trachok, Chairman

Mr. Michael B. Wixom, Vice Chairman

Dr. Andrea Anderson

Mr. Cedric Crear

Mr. Robert Davidson

Dr. Mark W. Doubrava

Dr. Jason Geddes

Mr. Trevor Hayes (Reno)

Mr. James Dean Leavitt

Mr. Sam Lieberman

Mr. Kevin C. Melcher           

Mr. Kevin J. Page

Ms. Allison Stephens


Others Present:                       Mr. John V. White, Chancellor

Ms. Crystal Abba, Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs

Dr. Constance Brooks, Vice Chancellor, Government and Community Affairs

Mr. Bob Moulton, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology

Mr. Vic Redding, Vice Chancellor, Finance

Mr. Nicholas Vaskov, Vice Chancellor, Legal Affairs

Mr. Dean J. Gould, Chief of Staff and Special Counsel to the Board

Mr. Frank R. Woodbeck, Executive Director, Nevada College Collaborative

Dr. Michael D. Richards, President, CSN

Dr. Robert Gagosian, President, DRI

Mr. Bart J. Patterson, President, NSC

Dr. Karin Hilgersom, President, TMCC

Dr. Len Jessup, President, UNLV

Dr. Marc A. Johnson, President, UNR

Mr. Chet O. Burton, President, WNC




Faculty senate chairs in attendance were Dr. Mark Green, DRI; Dr. John Patrick Rice, GBC; and Dr. Bryan Sigel, NSC.


Chairman Rick Trachok called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. with all members present except Regents Hayes and Stephens.  Vice Chairman Wixom led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Chairman Trachok congratulated the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Medicine on its provisional accreditation.  He also welcomed Regent-elect John T. Moran to the meeting. 


1.         Information Only – Public Comment – Former Regent Robert Blakely congratulated the System on the provisional accreditation of the UNLV School of Medicine.  He noted the Board had previously increased student tuition by four percent on a yearly basis to enhance research efforts of the universities and asked the Board to review the universities’ research accomplishments as it relates to the tuition increase. 


2.         Approved – Consent Items – The Board approved the consent items as presented except consent item 2b that was considered separately.

2a.       Approved – Minutes – The Board approved the August 25-26, 2016, Board of Regents’ special meeting minutes.  (Ref. BOR-2a on file in the Board Office.)

2c.       Approved – Handbook and Procedures and Guidelines Manual Revisions, Overtime Eligible Administrative Faculty and Temporary Hourly Employees – The Board approved amendments to Board policy concerning overtime for eligible administrative faculty and temporary hourly employees (Handbook Title 4, Chapter 3, new Section 52 and Procedures and Guidelines Manual Chapter 19, Section 2 and new Section 5).  Specifically, new language is added to the Handbook and Procedures and Guidelines Manual regarding the earning of overtime by administrative faculty in compliance with new Fair Labor Standards Act requirements that go into effect December 1, 2016.  Existing language in Section 2 of the Procedures and Guidelines Manual is amended to provide that temporary hourly employees earn overtime for work performed over 40 hours in one week.  (Ref. BOR-2c on file in the Board Office.)


Regent Page moved approval of the consent items except item 2b to be considered separately.  Regent Geddes seconded.  Motion carried.  Regents Hayes and Stephens were absent.




The following consent item was considered separately:

2b.       Approved - Code Revision, Credit for Leave Balance Between Schools of Medicine – The Board approved a new Code section, Title 2, Chapter 5, Section 5.4.10, wherein professional staff of the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) School of Medicine in southern Nevada who are hired by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine will be credited with accumulated leave from the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.  The proposed Code revision was presented for initial discussion at the September 8-9, 2016, meeting.  (Ref. BOR-2b on file in the Board Office.)

Regent Doubrava asked what the payout cost would be if all faculty left en mass to the UNLV School of Medicine.  Dean Thomas Schwenk, UNR School of Medicine, stated the total is approximately $3.5 million. 


Regent Stephens entered the meeting.


In response to multiple questions, Dean Barbara Atkinson, Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs Nicholas Vaskov, UNLV Provost Diane Chase and Chancellor John V. White explained the leave policy that will be in effect for faculty transferring from the UNR School of Medicine to the UNLV School of Medicine.  UNR and UNLV negotiated a fair balance of the payment of leave within the agreement that allows all sick and annual leave to transfer with the faculty member.  Transferring faculty are being asked to use as much of their leave this year, but will be able to carry over the maximum caps of 48 days and 96 days of sick and annual leave respectively.


Regent Hayes entered the meeting.


Regent Leavitt noted transferring faculty are being considered new employees and asked if the years for those on tenure track will count once transferred.  Dean Atkinson stated the tenure track will transfer, and the years will be protected. 


In response to a question from Regent Hayes, Dean Atkinson stated $3.5 million is being shifted with transferring faculty but the amount will decrease as employees take their leave. 


Regent Geddes moved approval of consent item 2b (Code Revision, Credit for Leave Balance Between Schools of Medicine).  Regent Doubrava seconded.  Motion carried.




3.         Information Only – Chancellor’s Report – Chancellor John V. White reported to the Board concerning major projects currently underway within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) and his activities as Chancellor.  (Ref. BOR-3 on file in the Board Office.) 

Chancellor White reported he presented the various aspects of the System budget as approved by the Board of Regents to the Governor’s Office and the Legislative Counsel Bureau.  There is an anticipated shortfall for the next biennium, which may make a five percent cut more likely than when the budget was passed.  Chancellor White noted he is beginning to meet with Presidents to gather their feedback on the consequences of a five percent cut and will return at the December Board of Regents’ meeting with some recommendations.


4.         Approved – Curricular Review Proposal and Department Elimination:  Transition of Medical Education in Southern Nevada, UNR – The Board approved the Curricular Review Proposal for the transition of medical education in southern Nevada, including the elimination of specified departments at the UNR School of Medicine (UNR Med) and the laying off of faculty in the eliminated departments.  Following are the UNR Med departments approved for elimination: Emergency Medicine-Las Vegas; Office of Graduate Medical Education-Las Vegas; Family Medicine-Las Vegas; Pediatrics-Las Vegas; Internal Medicine-Las Vegas; Pharmacy/Pharmacology-Las Vegas; Marketing and Communications-Las Vegas; Psychiatry-Las Vegas; Mojave Mental Health-Las Vegas; Surgery-Las Vegas; and OBGYN-Las Vegas.  Pursuant to the Code, Title 2, Chapter 5, Section 5.4.7, layoff notices may be served.  (Refs. BOR-4a and BOR-4b on file in the Board Office.)

Vice Chancellor Vaskov reported this curricular review plan prepared by UNR sets the path for the transition of responsibility from medical education in southern Nevada to the new UNLV School of Medicine.  Faculty of the UNR School of Medicine located in southern Nevada will be laid off pursuant to the Curricular Review Plan.  Certain of those employees will be offered new positions with the UNLV School of Medicine.


Regent Geddes moved approval of the Curricular Review Proposal and Department Elimination:  Transition of Medical Education in Southern Nevada, UNR.  Regent Leavitt seconded.


In response to a question from Regent Doubrava, Dean Schwenk reported UNSOM does not currently have an academic structure at Mountain View Hospital.  Mountain View Hospital has a substantial medical education infrastructure that will allow for joint appointments in the future.  Regent Doubrava asked how many employees would be affected by the departments not closing.  Dean Schwenk responded approximately 10 employees and explained the need for support staff and the small cohort that will remain in Las Vegas. 


Regent Leavitt offered his congratulations on this remarkable accomplishment.  This is going to change the future course of medicine in Nevada.  He suggested a joint letter from the deans summarizing actions that have taken place and the policies that have been developed and approved.



4.         Approved – Curricular Review Proposal and Department Elimination:  Transition of Medical Education in Southern Nevada, UNR(Continued)

In response to a question from Regent Leavitt related to future collaboration, Dean Atkinson reported offer letters have been sent to the faculty and administrative staff, contracts will be sent in the spring, newsletters will be sent answering questions from faculty and staff, faculty meetings will be held to answer questions and the Bylaws of the practice will move forward.  Dean Schwenk stated the burden of responsibility does fall on UNLV, but UNR will remain close to facilitate any help that may be needed. 


Regent Stephens was confused as to why NSHE employees have to be laid off and rehired and asked whether it related to cost and liability.  Vice Chancellor Vaskov clarified the faculty and administrative staffs are NSHE employees, but they are specifically attached to an institution.  Within the Code, there is no policy that allows for the transfer of whole departments from one institution to another.  The tenured faculty have to be appointed by an institution. 


Motion carried.


5.         Information Only – Mission Differentiation Among NSHE Institutions – The Board continued its discussion on establishing mission differentiation among NSHE institutions with the goal of meeting the policy commitments of the state and strategic goals of the System, especially those relating to student success and improved educational attainment levels among Nevada citizens. 

Chancellor White provided general principles, outcomes and follow-up initiatives gathered from the Council of Presidents related to mission differentiation.


In response to a question from Vice Chairman Wixom, Chancellor White stated remediation was discussed extensively.  The universities have committed to reducing the number of students in remediation by creating bilateral agreements between the campuses or other mechanisms for delivering that remediation.


Regent Hayes left the meeting.


Chancellor White stated the community colleges and universities are experimenting with alternatives to traditional remediation, such as the co-enrollment strategy. 


Regent Hayes entered the meeting.


UNR President Marc A. Johnson reported UNR continues to reduce the number of special admits that are not fully prepared to attend the University. 


Regent Anderson asked the Presidents to include in their discussions that remediation should be handled by the community colleges at the university locations.  Chancellor White acknowledged the Presidents had discussed the issue but it is a complicated cost proposition. 




5.         Information Only – Mission Differentiation Among NSHE Institutions(Continued)

Regent Crear asked for clarification because he remembered remediation was eliminated from the universities and those students that required remediation were asked to attend classes at the state college or community colleges.  Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Crystal Abba referred to a 2006 decision that the universities will not receive state funding for remedial courses if the universities choose to provide such courses.


The meeting recessed at 12:11 p.m. and reconvened at 3:15 p.m. with all members present except Regent Crear and Vice Chairman Wixom.


Chairman Trachok suggested the item be carried forward to December. 


6.         Information Only – New Business – Regent Page requested an agenda item to discuss term limits for Board officers.


7.         Information Only – Public Comment – Regent Melcher congratulated Regent Hayes’ wife who was given the outstanding alumnus award at the UNR homecoming gala.  Regent Lieberman acknowledged the involvement of the students, faculty and staff of UNLV during the presidential debate. 


The meeting adjourned at 3:19 p.m.


                                       Prepared by:                        Angela R. Palmer

                                                                                    Special Assistant and Coordinator

                                                                                    to the Board of Regents


                Submitted for approval by:                        Dean J. Gould

                                                                                    Chief of Staff and Special Counsel

                                                                        to the Board of Regents


Approved by the Board of Regents at its January 13, 2017, meeting.