UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 21-22, 1993


Pages 87-131



October 21-22, 1993

The Board of Regents met on October 21-22, 1993 in Rooms 201-202,

Moyer Student Union, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Dr. James Eardley, Chairman

Mrs. Shelley Berkley

Dr. Jill Derby

Mr. Joseph M. Foley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Madison Graves, II

Dr. Lonnie Hammargren

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. Nancy Price

Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Mrs. June Whitley

Others present: Interim Chancellor John A. Richardson

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President John Gwaltney, TMCC

President Robert Maxson, UNLV

President Paul Meacham, CCSN

President Ronald Remington, NNCC

President James Taranik, DRI

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Mr. Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor

Mrs. Karen Steinberg, Acting Vice Chancellor

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairman Alan Balboni (CCSN),

Phil Boardman (UNR), Chris Gaub (Unit), Scott Hawkins (NNCC),

Dan Mc Clure (TMCC), Alan Mc Kay (DRI), Mark Melrose (WNCC),

and John Swetnam (UNLV), and Student Association Officers.

Chairman Eardley called the meeting to order at 2:33 P.M. Thurs-

day, October 21, 1993, with all Regents present.

1. Approved Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda (identfied as Ref. A, filed with

the permanent minutes), containing the following:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held on

September 9-10, 1993.

(2) Approved the gifts, grants and contracts, listed in

Ref. C-1, filed with the permanent minutes.

(3) Approved the acceptance of a gift for UNLV. Inter-

national Game Technology (IGT) has agreed to donate

$500,000 for purchase of a new marquee for the Ath-

letic Department at UNLV.

The proposed marquee will be a state-of-the-art, 4-

color animated system. It will enhance the ability

to promote events as well as generate additional size-

able advertising revenue.

In exchange for the gift, IGT companies will be recog-

nized on a tri-vision panel at the bottom of the mar-

quee for 3 years and will deduct from the gift $72,000

per year for 3 years in lieu of advertising.

(4) Approved an exception regarding early retirement for

lecturer Frances Milne at UNLV. She has applied for

the Phase II Early Retirement Incentive Program begin-

ing July 1, 1994. The request is being made because

Mrs. Milne will turn 60 two days after the cut-off

date. This causes her to miss qualifying for the 2nd

part of the provision by two days.

(5) Approved the following request to hire with tenure at


Dr. Lawrence Larmore, Professor, Department of Com-

puter Science, with tenure, retroactive to August 23,


(6) Approved the following appointments to the Engineering

Advisory Council at UNLV. These members will replace

Mr. Emmett Herbst and Mr. Gerald Valade, who have re-


Mr. Le Roy Dale Foust, Las Vegas

Dr. Joseph G. Yeasted, Las Vegas

(7) Approved the following appointments to the Civil and

Environmental Engineering Advisory Committee at UNLV.

The Committee is to provide external review of the

academic, outreach, and research functions of the

UNLV Department of Civil and Environmental Engineer-

ing, and provide advice and assistance for the con-

tinued growth and development of the Department.

Kelly Chuma, Las Vegas

Garth Dull, Carson City

James Gans, Las Vegas

Erv Koening, San Francisco, California

Al G. Leskys, Las Vegas

James L. Mac Farlane, Las Vegas

Marty J. Manning, Las Vegas

(8) Approved the following appointment to the WNCC Ad-

visory Board:

Mr. Al Escalante

(9) Approved the following appointment to the TMCC Ad-

visory Board:

Mr. Fred Boyd

(10) Approved the following appointments to the College of

Business Administration Advisory Board at UNR:

Mac King, Reno

Steven J. Dodd, Reno

Lou Phillips, Reno

(11) Approved the following appointments to the College of

Education Advisory Board at UNR:

Ms. Mary Conklin, Reno

Ms. Shirley Woods, Reno

(12) Approved an amendment to the UCCSN Code, Section 6.3.

6(b) in order to maintain the overtime exemption of

the UCCSN's professional employees under the Federal

Fair Labor Standards Act. Ref. C-2 is filed in the

Regents' Office.

This item was circulated to the Chancellor, Presi-

dents, and Faculty Senate Chairmen as provided in

Section 1.3.3(a) of the UCCSN Code. No comments

have been received.

(13) Approved an amendment to the UCCSN Code, Section 3.3.1

Probationary Period for Universities and Section 4.3.1

for Community Colleges, which would extend the tenure

probationary period for faculty who are absent due to

extenuating circumstances, such as illness and child

bearing, for more than one semester, but not more than

one year. This proposal was endorsed by the Council

of Presidents. The original language was redrafted

by General Counsel Klasic, as contained in Ref. C-3,

filed in the Regents' Office.

These proposed amendments were circulated to the

Chancellor, Presidents, and Faculty Senate Chairmen

as provided in Section 1.3.3(a) of the UCCSN Code.

(14) Approved a Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 3, Sec-

tion 13.6, Professional Leave, which will bring the

Handbook in compliance with the UCCSN Code change

proposed for Section 1.3.1, Probationary Period.

6. A professional staff member is entitled to use

accumulated sick leave for personal illness;

disability; medical, optometric, or dental service

or examinations; or temporary disability, such as

child-bearing upon approval of the appointing

authority. Unpaid child-rearing leave shall be

granted to either parent, upon request, up to a

maximum of one year. The University guarantees

that the professional staff member will return

to his or her original position without loss of

seniority or other benefits.

(15) Approved an addition to the Handbook, Title 4, Chap-

ter 3, to bring the System in compliance with the

Federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993:

Section. Family and/or Medical Leave

1. Professional staff are entitled to take leave in

accordance with the Federal Family and Medical

Leave Act of 1993, its implementing regulations

(Part 825 of Title 29 of the Code of Federal

Regulations) and institutional policies promul-

gated in accordance therewith. See, for example,

29. C. F. R. 825.301.

2. For additional information, see the Appendix at

the end of this chapter.

The document entitled, "Appendix", attached to Ref.

C-4, filed in the Regents' Office, should also be

added to the end of Title 4, Chapter 3 of the Board

of Regents' Handbook.

(16) Annually, when approving the UCCSN Self-Supporting

Budgets, the Board approves the following policy


Current Board of Regents policy requires

that all accounts except grants and

contracts, regardless of amount, which

include the payment of salaries for 1/2

time position or more, will be budgeted

and are subject to approval by the Board.

Presidents have the authority to make

transfers within and made budget augmenta-

tions to these budgets and report them to

the Board annually.

This policy has never been added to the Board of

Regents Handbook and approval was given to add it

as a new section in Title 4, Chapter 10, General

Business Management.

(17) Approved authorization to utilize Capital Improvement

Fees at WNCC in the amount of $5000 for the follow-

ing purposes:

Installation of FEX lines between the Carson $3000

City and Fallon Campuses to support the Rural

Nursing Project Smart 2000 equipment.

Salary expenses for casual labor employees $2000

to landscape the Family Services Center.

(18) Approved a Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 17, Sec-

tion 10, Student Fees at UNLV, effective October 25,



Graduation, Diploma or

Certification Fee,

all programs 25 30 15 15 15 15

Late Application for

Graduation 5 20 5 5 5 5

There has been such a large growth in the number of

students participating in commencement that a change

in the format of the graduation ceremony has been con-

sidered. The new format would consist of one large

degree conferring convocation followed by individual

College diploma award ceremonies. These fee increases

are necessary to offset the additional expenses that

this new format would require and to encourage stu-

dents to apply for graduation early so that proper

planning can be done.

(19) Approved a Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 17, Sec-

tion 10, Student Fees at UNR, effective January 1,


Independent Study (correspondence) 60

(20) Approved the following UNR Self-Supporting budgets:

Student Services, Student Development

Academic Advisement/Monitoring for Athletes


1991 Budget

Actual Est


Opening Account Balance $ 0 $ 0

Revenue: Student Fees 0 28,000

Total Revenue $ 0 $28,000

Transfers In:

Intercollegiate Athletics $34,622 $25,000

President's Account - NCAA 0 25,000

Total Transfers In $34,622 $50,000

TOTAL SOURCE OF FUNDS $34,622 $78,000


Professional Salaries $29,058 $44,605

Fringe Benefits 5,564 9,942

Graduate Assistant Salary 0 8,026

Fringe Benefits 0 96

Classified Salaries 0 11,642

Fringe Benefits 0 3,689

TOTAL EXPENDITURES $34,622 $78,000

TOTAL USE OF FUNDS $34,622 $78,000

Mackay School of Mines, Dean's Office

MMRRI Visiting Faculty





Opening Account Balance $46,686

Revenue: Student Fees 0



Professional Salaries $36,890

Fringe Benefits 5,409

Operating 2,250

Ending Account Balance: $ 2,137



(21) Approved the following interlocal agreements:

A. UCCSN Board of Regents/UNLV and the Las Vegas

Valley Water District (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: Date approved by Board through

March 1, 1994

Amount : $74,127 maximum to UNLV

Purpose : UNLV's College of Engineering

to prepare a Master Plan for

a Desert Demonstration Garden.

B. UCCSN Board of Regents/UNLV and the Nevada

Department of Human Resources/Divison of Child

and Family Services (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: Date approved by Board through

October 1, 1993

Amount : $4466 maximum to UNLV

Purpose : UNLV to monitor adjustment and

adaptation of adolescents in

foster care or formerly in foster

care to independence and commu-

nity life.

C. UCCSN Board of Regents/CCSN and the Nevada

Department of Human Resources/Divison of Mental

Hygiene and Mental Retardation (Interlocal


Effective Date: Date approved by Board through

June 30, 1994

Amount : $22,775 maximum to CCSN

Purpose : Course of instruction for mental

health and mental retardation


Mrs. Gallagher moved adoption of the Consent Agenda and

approval of the prepared agenda with the authority to change

the order of items as specified throughout the meeting. Mr.

Graves seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Price questioned whether the Chancellor's signature is

final on documents signed on behalf of the Board of Regents

and Interim Chancellor Richardson replied that as Chancellor

he has been authorized by the Board of Regents to sign docu-

ments that are legal, practical, ethical, and non-contro-

versial. Questionable documentation is brought before the

Board for their consideration and, if approved, the Chan-

cellor is authorized to finalize the documentation.

2. Chairman's Report

Chairman Eardley announced that CCSN is now on line to

conduct interactive video communications. He encouraged

the System to hold as many meetings as possible via video


Chairman Eardley stated that the Board of Regents has a

tremendous responsibility towards the students of UCCSN

and he respects the fellow Board members for serving as a

Regent. He urged the Board of Regents to accept his pro-

posal of a new committee structure which will be considered

later in the meeting.

Chairman Eardley reported that the Chancellor's Search

Committee has held its first organizational meeting and it

seems that the Committee will work effectively and cooper-

atively to accomplish the selection of the next Chancellor

for UCCSN.

3. Chancellor's Report

Interim Chancellor Richardson informed the Board that the

schedule for the FY 1993-94 audits was approved in June. He

mentioned that UNLV Athletics audit began September 6, 1993

and will be completed in late November; UNR Athletics audit

began September 20, 1993 and will be compteted in mid-Novem-

ber. He stated that these two audits are routine procedures

and upon completion each will be reported to the Audit Com-


Interim Chancellor Richardson announced that the annual

Chancellor's Christmas Party has been cancelled due to

budget constraints.

Interim Chancellor Richardson wished to inform the Board of

the Chancellor's ad hoc Committee on Health Benefits activi-

ties. On behalf of Mary Paterson, Chair of the Committee,

Judson Mitchell presented a report on the Committee's activ-

ities to date, and reported on what action was taken by the

State Committee on Benefits and how System employees will

be affected. He referred to a report that would be complet-

ed in January and would be furnished to the Chancellor and

Board of Regents.

4. Approved Bond Refunding, Student Fee

Approved the following resolution titled, "November 1, 1993

Student Fee Bond Resolution". Savings resulting from this

refunding reduces the obligation for student fees to serv-

ice the debt.


A resolution designated by the short title "11-1-93

Student Fee Bond Resolution"; concerning the Univer-

sities of the University and Community College System

of Nevada; authorizing the issuance of the "University

and Community College System of Nevada Universities

Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series November 1, 1993", for

the purpose of refunding certain outstanding bonds;

accepting on behalf of the University the best bid for

the purchase of the bonds; providing duties, privileges,

powers, liabilities disabilities, immunities and rights

pertaining thereto; providing other covenants, agree-

ments and other details, and making other provisions

concerning the Universities, the bonds and the pledged

revenues; ratifying action previously taken and per-

taining to the foregoing matters; providing other

matters relating thereto; and repealing all resolutions

in conflict herewith.

Mrs. Whitney moved approval of the Student Fee Bond Resolu-

tion. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

5. Approved Bond Refunding, State General Obligation (GO) Bond

Approved the following resolution titled, "November 1, 1993

State GO Bond Resolution". All savings must be used for

operation and maintenance of the buildings for which the

bonds were originally sold.


A resolution designated by the short title "11-1-93

State GO Bond Resolution"; concerning the University

and Community College System of Nevada; authorizing

the sale and issuance of the "State of Nevada, General

Obligation (Limited Tax) University System Refunding

Bonds (Revenue Supported), Series November 1, 1993";

providing the purpose for which such bonds are issued;

accepting on behalf of the State a bid for the purchase

of the bonds; providing duties, privileges, powers,

liabilities, disabilities, immunities and rights per-

taining to the foregoing; providing other covenants,

agreements, and other details, and making other pro-

visions concerning the State, the University, the bonds

and the pledged revenues; ratifying action previously

taken and pertaining to the foregoing matters; provid-

ing other matters relating thereto; and providing the

effective date thereof.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the State General Obligation

Bond Resolution. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

6. Information Only: Outstanding Faculty Recognition

At the request of the Board of Regents, each Faculty Senate

Chairman reported on the outstanding faculty achievement

for the institution. Ref. B is filed in the Regents' Of-


University of Nevada, Reno

Dr. Berch Berberoglu

Desert Research Institute

Dr. Ken Taylor

Community College of Southern Nevada

Patrick Leary

7. Information Only: Outstanding Student Recognition

At the request of the Board of Regents, each Student Govern-

ment Officer reported on the outstanding student achievement

from the institution. Ref. C is filed in the Regents' Of-


University of Nevada, Reno

Robert W. Barnett

Truckee Meadows Community College

Yolanda Crobarger

8. Information Only: Public Comment

No public comment was made.

9. Information Only: Regents' Workshop on Earth Sciences

A workshop on an inter-institution project in Earth Sciences

was presented by UNLV College of Science and Math Dean

Ernest Peck and UNR Mackay School of Mines Dean Jim Hendrix,

and faculty members from DRI, UNLV and UNR.

Mrs. Gallagher informed the Board that she had attended the

Earth Science Conference held in Ely, Nevada, and was very

impressed with the inter-institution project.

Dean Peck reported on the Earth Science Conference that was

held in Ely. Dean Hendrix stated that Earth Science pro-

grams are operating in nearly every University in the United

States; however, the programs are very expensive to operate.

Dr. Jack Hess, Executive Director of the Water Resources

Center at DRI, reported on the collaborative effort between

DRI, UNLV and UNR. A retreat was sponsored by UNR to look

at ways of cooperating and enhancing graduate education,

undergraduate education and research. It also gave the

faculty from the institutions an opportunity to get ac-

quainted. Dr. Hess discussed the elements of education,

research and equipment for this project.

Dr. Peg Rees, Associate Professor of Geoscience at UNLV,

discussed the need to retain Nevada's graduates in the

science field, where more diversity is needed. She re-

ported that UNR has the largest number of Ph. D. science

programs, and that UNLV will be proposing an Earth Science

Ph. D. program which will utilize both Universities and out-

of-state entities. A collaborative teaching effort will

encompass video courses, field camps and trips, and in-

tensive short courses. However, there are limited tele-

vision classrooms and this program is expensive. There

are limited teaching assistants for this program; however,

new faculty positions will be created but will require di-

verse expertise. Advantages to an education cooperative

effort include greater diversity to all students of the

University and the Community Colleges, increased utilization

of faculty expertise, and cooperative teaching in this pro-

gram will serve as an example to other programs.

Dr. Richard Schweickert, Chairman of Geology at UNR, re-

ported on the Nevada Consortium for Geochronology, Geochem-

istry and Geophysics. The purpose of the consortium is to

coordinate and share existing research equipment and facili-

ties, to acquire new state-of-the-art instrumentation for

the Earth Sciences, and to collaborate between research and


Dr. Hess concluded the workshop session by highlighting the

progress Earth Science has made involving education, re-

search and equipment.

Mrs. Gallagher stated that this program has made great ef-

fort in accomplishing its mission. Dr. Hess indicated that

another Earth Science Conference is being planned for next

Summer and will include Community College involvement.

Regents Joseph Foley, Lonnie Hammargren and June Whitley left the


10. Information Only: Partnership for Environmental Technology

Education (PETE)

The need for a broad cooperative effort directed toward the

enhancement of science and mathematics education, including

environmental science and technology has been recognized as

a national priority by government, industry and the academic

community alike. In an effort to address this need for en-

vironmental protection, restoration and waste management,

the Partnership for Environmental Technology Education

(PETE) has been established in the 5 western states of Utah,

Arizona, California, Hawaii and Nevada. PETE's overall ob-

jectives are to link the technical resources of the DOE,

EPA and NASA Laboratories and private industry with partici-

pating Community Colleges and Universities to assist the

development and presentation of curricula for training En-

vironmental-Hazardous Technicians and to encourage more

transfer students to pursue studies in environmental science

at 4-year institutions.

UCCSN has been very much involved in this endeavor. The

PETE methodology is presently being extended nationally.

Paul Dickinson from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

was instrumental in initiating the PETE concept in the

western 5 states and is currently over-seeing the national

development of the program. Dr. Dickinson shared with the

Board a status report and presented slides. The information

from the slides is filed in the Regents' Office.

Dr. Hammargren returned during the PETE presentation.

11. Approved Emeritus, UNLV

Approved Emeritus Status for Ms. Patricia Dillingham upon

her retirement May 17, 1994 from the University of Nevada,

Las Vegas.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval of Emeritus Status for Ms.

Patricia Dillingham of UNLV. Mrs. Price seconded. Motion


The open meeting recessed at 4:30 P.M. and reconvened at 9:05

A.M. Friday, October 22, 1993, with all Regents present except

Regents Hammargren and Sparks.

12. Approved Handbook Addition, Guidelines for Use of Student

Fees in Direct Financial Aid

In October of 1992, the Board of Regents approved that "Be-

ginning Fall 1993, an amount equal to 50% of all tuition

and fee increases dedicated to the State budget will be ear-

marked for student financial assistance for improving access

to higher education." It is estimated that funds for this

purpose will amount to $1.76 million in 1993-94 and $3.01

million in 1994-95. The following is the proposed guide-

lines for the use of the funds.

Chapter 18.

Section 16. Guidelines for Use of Student Fees in Direct

Financial Aid.

1. One-hundred percent (100%) of these funds will be used

for financial assistance for students. (The funds will

not be used for administrative purposes.

2. At least eighty percent (80%) of the funds for each

institution each academic year will go to need-based

programs according to Federal government methodology.

3. The remainder (not to exceed 20%) of the funds for

each institution each academic year will go to other

"access-oriented" student financial assistance.

4. These guidelines will not go into effect until Fall

semester 1994.

5. The institutions will present a report each year to

the Board of Regents showing how the funds were

utilized. The findings of the report will be used

to evaluate these guidelines.

6. The Chancellor will present for consideration to the

Board of Regents a possible State match to these funds.

Mr. Glen Krutz, UCCSN Research Analyst, explained that in

1991-92 $10 million in merit student aid was awarded in

UCCSN, while only $400,000 in need-based aid was awarded.

He stated that this program will improve access to higher

education in Nevada.

Mr. Foley raised a concern about using bureaucratic federal

guidelines for the awarding of the need-based aid. Mr.

Krutz responded that the federal guidelines are well es-

tablished, easy to use, and defensible.

Mr. Klaich questioned the 20% access and whether a student

with only high merit would be able to receive aid. Interim

Chancellor Richardson responded that hopefully that partic-

ular students would receive merit-based scholarships from

the $10 million already available through UCCSN.

President Calabro reported that the 20% access will give

flexibility to help students who are needy but do not

qualify for aid under the federal guidelines.

UNR Graduate Association President Russell West expressed

concern that the federal guidelines are too strict, es-

pecially for graduate students. ASUN President Jim Grogan

expressed concern that not enough students would benefit

from the entire program. He proposed a 50/50 split rather

than 80/20.

Mrs. Sparks entered the meeting.

Mrs. Whitley commended the Chancellor's staff for their

emphasis on access. The 80% will aid the students who need

it the most.

Dr. Derby felt that it really should be 100% need-based;

however, she was agreeable to the 80% that is being pro-


Mr. Klaich stated that too many UCCSN students have to work

while attending school, which takes away from the learning

process. Unfortunately, he stated many of those students

would not qualify for this aid.

There was general agreement that a close look would be taken

at the end of one year to evaluate the program as proposed

in the guidelines.

President Crowley stated that the same discussion that is

occurring today, occurred on the UNR Campus. The 80/20

is a compromise which everyone could accept at this time.

President Maxson stated that a similar discussion took

place at UNLV. During the discussions at UNLV 60/40 was

discussed; however, he supports the compromise.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the Handbook addition re-

garding guidelines for use of student fees in direct fi-

nancial aid. Mrs. Whitley seconded. Mr. Klaich voted no.

Motion carried.

13. Approved Naming of Auditorium, CCSN

Approved the naming of the auditorium in the new theater

complex at the CCSN Cheyenne Campus the Nicholas J. "Nick"

Horn Auditorium. Mr. Horn was a member of the CCSN faculty

and the Nevada State Legislature. CCSN would like to recog-

nize his support for the Community College by naming the

auditorium in his honor.

Mr. Foley moved approval to name the Cheyenne Campus audi-

torium the Nicholas J. "Nick" Horn Auditorium. Mrs. Sparks

seconded. Motion carried.

14. Approved Handbook Change, Benefits-Resident Physicians

At the September Board meeting UNR requested a Handbook

change, Title 4, Chapter 7, Section 4, Benefits-Resident

Physicians calling for payment for dependent health insur-

ance. At the request of the Interim Chancellor, action on

this request was held pending further review.

Approved the following change to Title 4, Chapter 7, Sec-

tion 4.3:

Group health and life insurance, unemployment compensation

coverage, or other group insurance plans will not be pro-

vided to the Residents by the University. Group health and

life insurance are provided to Residents and their depend-

ents by the School of Medicine on a separate contract to

be paid from non-University funds.

Vice Chancellor Sparks indicated that non-state funds will

be used to provide insurance for Residents and their de-


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the Handbook change regard-

ing Resident Physicians. Mr. Graves seconded. Motion


15. Approved Sale of Property, UNLV

At the December 1989 Board of Regents meeting, the Board

approved the sale of downtown property in Las Vegas to

Edward M. Bernstein. The property was sold for $299,187

and UNLV entered into a First Trust Deed in the amount of

$250,000 at 10% interest for 5 years receiving the balance

of $49,197 in cash. A balance of $188,730 remains as of

September 26, 1993.

Edward M. Bernstein is requesting to refinance the out-

standing balance of this First Trust Deed at 8% interest

for 5 more years. Mr. Bernstein could likely refinance

this Trust Deed through another financial institution and

pay off the outstanding balance all at once. UNLV does

not require the use of these funds all at one time and

probably could not invest them at a better rate than the

8%. UNLV therefore requests Board approval of this re-


Mrs. Berkley moved approval of allowing Mr. Edward M.

Bernstein to refinance the outstanding balance at 8% in-

terest for 5 additional years. Mr. Graves seconded.

Motion carried.

Mrs. Berkley left the meeting.

16. Report and Recommendations of the Ad Hoc Chancellor Search


A report and recommendations of the ad hoc Chancellor Search

Committee meeting, held October 20, 1993, was made by Regent

Madison Graves, Chairman.

Chairman Graves introduced the members of the Committee:

Shelley Berkley, Jill Derby, Dorothy Gallagher and Carolyn


(1) Organization and Procedures - Discussion was held on

staff to provide assistance to the Committee. It was

approved that Mary Lou Moser, Doug Burris and Karen

Steinberg serve as staff to the Committee.

Outside Consulting Service - It was agreed that the

search should be done in-house, but that later on an

outside consulting firm could be hired if it became


Search Spokesperson - It was agreed that the spokes-

person for the search would be Maddy Graves, Chairman

of the Committee, or Jim Eardley, Chairman of the

Board. All questions will be referred to the spokes-

person; no one else is to comment.

Confidentiality - The Committee will hold applications

confidential until finalists are chosen. Finalists

names and backgrounds will be made public.

(2) The Committee recommended approval and that the item

be forwarded to the Board for consideration of the

Regent Bylaw Changes, Article VII, Section 3, Chancel-

lor Position.

Mrs. Price asked that the Committee consider the role

of the Regents along with the role of the Chancellor.

She announced that at the Board meeting to be held the

next day, she was bringing in an outside person to

discuss the role and reporting of the Audit staff and

asked that the Committee not make a commitment on that

portion of the position description until the testi-

mony was given. Mrs. Price argued that the Chancel-

lor's Office organization chart needed to be changed

so that the internal auditors would report to the

Board, not to the Chancellor.

Mrs. Gallagher stated that the auditors report to the

Chancellor on a day-to-day basis, but do remain in-

dependent in their work and decisions. Mrs. Sparks

argued that it was up to the Board, not the Committee

to change organization charts. Mr. Burris reminded

the Committee that the staff had changed the wording

of the proposed position description in accordance

with prior Board discussions. He related that the CEO

must be responsible for internal auditing, otherwise

it would strip the CEO of the ability to properly do

the job.

Mrs. Price stated that the current organization chart

shows the auditors reporting to the Vice Chancellor

for Finance. She felt the language in the Bylaws is

acceptable if the organization chart is changed.

Dr. Derby stated that other State Chancellor position

descriptions describe the Chancellor as the CEO of

the Board. Mrs. Sparks disagreed with that wording,

as did Mrs. Berkley, and offered that the Chancellor's

authority is derived from the Board. General Counsel

Klasic related that the CEO for the Board is the Chair-

man. Mrs. Steinberg reminded the Committee that this

position description is a small section which has been

lifted from the current Bylaws and that there is other

wording which states that the Chancellor's authority

is derived from the Board.

Dr. Derby questioned (1) of the position description -

evaluation of Presidents. Mrs. Steinberg explained

that Title 4, Chapter 2 of the Board of Regents Hand-

book, contains evaluation procedures for Officers; the

wording in the position description is a summary only;

and suggested that the Handbook procedures could be

reviewed and/or changed at any time.

Mr. Burris explained that the recently completed Organ-

izational Report, which was reported to the Board,

recommended the change to the Chancellor being respon-

sible for evaluation of Presidents. He pointed out

that it is important that Presidents know that the

Chancellor is the CEO and that they will be evaluated

by the Chancellor.

Dr. Derby agreed, but wanted to be sure the Board mem-

bers would have input. General Counsel Klasic suggest-

ed that this matter could be placed in the Handbook


The Committee then agreed that section (1) be approved

as proposed.

Dr. Eardley related to the Committee that the staff

had incorporated previous Board discussions and sugges-

tions in the job description, and had worked closely

with him during the development of the proposal under


(3) The Committee recommended approval and that the item

be forwarded for Board consideration of the Chancellor

job qualifications. Mrs. Steinberg explained that the

job qualifications are important internally to the

Committee for developing a form for ranking of candi-

dates. She cautioned that this will become binding

in affirmative action dealing with the candidates.

General discussion was held and a number of amendments

were offered. The finalized list of qualifications

is on file in the Regents' Office.

In answer to a question concerning the salary for the

position, Mrs. Steinberg explained that the Regents'

ad hoc Compensation Committee has discussed the matter

and a salary range will be developed and presented to

the Board for consideration prior to the end of the


(4) The Committee recommended approval and that the item

be forwarded for Board consideration of the job an-

nouncement for the position. (Copy on file in the

Regents' Office.)

(5) Discussion of Review of Applications - The Committee

agreed that the members will review all applications,

and, at the meeting to begin narrowing applications,

will bring a list of their top 20 candidates. It was

agreed that the staff would review all applications

prior to being sent to the Committee and note whether

the applicant met established qualifications. The

Committee also requested that if there was less than

a unanimous decision among the staff, then comments

should be noted. The staff was also asked to prepare

a single list of their top 20 candidates.

The staff was asked to draft a rating sheet for use

in review of applications. The Committee will begin

a joint review of applications at its meeting on

January 5, 1994.

(6) The Committee reviewed a proposed calendar for the

search, and with a few changes, agreed to attempt to

complete the search in time for recommendation(s) to

be presented to the Board of Regents at its March 31-

April 1, 1994 meeting. A copy of the calendar is on

file in the Regents' Office.

(7) The Committee asked that the staff and the Committee

members develop questions which might be used during

the interview process, and have them ready for dis-

cussion at the next meeting.

Mr. Graves reported a conservative estimated budget for the

ad hoc Chancellor's Search Committee is $35,000 and request-

ed an amount not to exceed $45,000 for the search from Re-

gents' Special Projects Fund. He stated that this will be

the most important seach within the next decade.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept the report and recommenda-

tions of the ad hoc Chancellor's Search Committee. Mrs.

Price seconded. Motion carried.

17. Approved Amendments, Regents' Bylaws, Chancellor Position

At its September 1993 meeting, the Board heard the first

reading of proposed Bylaw changes concerning the position

of Chancellor. Discussion from the September meeting has

been incorporated into the proposed Bylaw changes and can

be found in the shaded areas as contained in Ref. D, filed

with the permanent minutes. Items on which the Board did

not reach consensus at the September meeting have not been

changed and will require Board action.

Mrs. Price stated that a question has been raised regarding

the reporting structure of the Audit Committee and felt

that the System's organizational chart may need to be re-

vised. She invited Ms. Barbara Hardman, President of the

Internal Audit Professional Association, to address the

Board regarding Internal Audit. Ms. Hardman gave a brief

description of her view on how UCCSN should structure the

reporting line of the Internal Audit Department, in which

the Internal Audit Department would report to the Board of

Regents and to the Chancellor regarding daily operations.

Mrs. Berkley returned to the meeting.

Mrs. Price indicated that the proposed job description

language reflects this recommendation; however, the organ-

izational chart will need to be reviewed. The current

practice will require no changes and the Internal Audit

Department will prepare audit reports and present them

to the Regents' Audit Committee.

Mrs. Sparks recommended that the Audit Committee and General

Counsel Klasic revise the organizational chart to reflect

the reporting structure of the Internal Audit Department to

the Board of Regents with a dotted line to the Chancellor,

not the Vice Chancellor for Finance.

Mrs. Gallagher stated that if the Board should amend the

UCCSN Code and Board of Regents' Bylaws, then the organi-

zational chart will automatically be revised.

Interim Chancellor Richardson recommended that the Board do

not mandate a change to the organization chart prior to

changing policy. He stated that throughout his career the

Internal Audit Department was held accountable to the Chief

Executive Officer who would then report to the Board of Re-

gents. He reminded the Board that Audit Committee recently

approved the FY Audit Schedule and of all the audits being

conducted, there may be only two audits that directly affect

the System Administration. The Chancellor is in a position

to require the Internal Audit Department to conduct Campus

audits, not the President of the institution.

Mrs. Gallagher stated that there are different reporting

structures within the System: 1) Internal Audit Department

reports to the Chancellor, and 2) the External Auditors re-

port to the Regents' Audit Committee.

Mrs. Sparks recommended that the Audit Committee review this


Mrs. Price requested clarification that there be an under-

standing that the organizational chart will eventually need

to be revised.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the Regents' Bylaws regarding

the Chancellor's Position. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion


Acting Vice Chancellor Steinberg pointed out that the Board

of Regents' Handbook contains an entire chapter on auditing.

Mrs. Price left the meeting.

18. Approved Amendment, Regents' Bylaws, Committees

The proposed Bylaw amendments were presented for first read-

ing at the Board's September 1993 meeting and are presented

for action. Ref. E is filed with the permanent minutes.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the Regents' Bylaws regarding

the Committee. Mr. Graves seconded.

Dr. Derby requested additional language be added to the

description of the Status of Women Committee to read as


The Status of Women Committee shall study issues and

recommend policies to the Board relevant to the equity,

the education and the employment of women in the Uni-

versity and Community College System of Nevada. The

Committee shall consist of 8 persons appointed by the

Chairman of the Board, and all members of the Committee

shall have a vote. 4 members of the Board shall be

appointed to the Committee, and the remaining members

of the Committee shall represent the University and

Community College System of Nevada community.

This will be considered the first reading and will be placed

on the December 2-3, 1993 Board of Regents, agenda for ac-


Motion carried.

Mrs. Price returned to the meeting.

19. Report and Recommendations of the Ad Hoc Compensation Study


The ad hoc Compensation Study Committee, charged with re-

viewing executive compensation policies and procedures, has

met throughout the Summer. The Committee has defined UCCSN

executives as the Chancellor and those members of the Chan-

cellor's staff who report directly to the Chancellor, in-

cluding but not limited to the Vice Chancellors, Secretary

of the Board, and General Counsel; and the institutional

Presidents and those reporting directly to the Presidents

including but not limited to Vice Presidents and Deans.

The Committee:

1) reviewed salaries, benefits and perquisites for

top level UCCSN executives both currently and

historically over the last 3 biennia;

2) reviewed national and regional studies of executive

salaries and perquisites from CUPA, University of

Arkansas Office of Institutional Research (Arkansas

Study), SHEEO, Hay Management Consultants, and Peat


3) reviewed and discussed executive compensation phi-

losophy; and

4) reviewed and discussed models for setting and ad-

ministering compensation.

The Committee makes the following recommendations regarding

executive compensation to the Board of Regents for their

review and consideration as contained in Ref. F, filed with

the permanent minutes.

1. The Board should adopt a policy statement concerning

executive compensation philosophy (a suggested draft

policy statement is contained in the reference


2. Executive salary models should be developed, ap-

proved by the Board, and included in the Handbook.

Salary models should be constructed using peer

group comparisons to set appropriate salary ranges

for various executive positions. Initial and sub-

sequent salary decisions will be guided by 1) these

models which serve as a frame of reference for ex-

ecutive salaries and 2) other appropriate criteria

such as quality of performance and/or length of

service (a suggested draft model is contained in

the reference material).

3. A process for recommending and reviewing executive

salary and perquisites should be developed (a sug-

gested process model is contained in the reference


4. Clear guidelines concerning executive perquisites,

including cars and car allowances, housing, and

expense accounts should be developed and adopted

immediately. Implementation of new guidelines

should occur over an appropriate time period (sug-

gested guidelines are contained in the reference


Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the ad hoc Compensation Study Committee. Mrs.

Whitley seconded.

Mrs. Gallagher questioned whether Athletic Coaches were

included in this study, and it was learned that Athletic

Directors, who report directly to the Presidents, are

referred to in this study.

Mr. Graves stated that he was finding it very difficult to

deal with this issue. It is important to have public ac-

countability for public funds; however, the proposed recom-

mendations send a wrong message to the current executives

who were hired under certain employment conditions. The

Board of Regents has an obligation to its current employees.

He questioned whether UCCSN would be able to adequately at-

tract applicants in the future under this proposal. He

indicated that he was very reluctant to support the recom-


Mr. Graves cautioned the Board and Chancellor's staff to

make certain that the comparison groups are true groups to

use in comparing Nevada's workforce. The recommendations

are a noble effort, but he felt it was a mistake to accept.

Mr. Klaich disagreed. The Board of Regents has been criti-

cized for salary recommendations and then criticized when

financial support is given from outside sources. He felt

that the perquisites were a "band-aid" and erodes the pub-

lic's trust. He emphasized that he supports all the execu-

tives and believes in their current salary. The comparison

groups and the supportable data that will be collected are

to be used as information material to defend the action

of the Board when dealing with salaries and perquisites.

Mr. Klaich stated that Interim Chancellor Richardson and

Acting Vice Chancellor Steinberg have been extremely help-

ful during the Committee's deliberations.

Mr. Klaich indicated that he felt the Athletic Directors

should be removed from thse recommendations, although they

do report directly to the Presidents. He felt this issue

needed further discussion.

In response to Mr. Graves' comments, Dr. Derby responded

that this Committee has been a very good Committee and has

grappled with the same issues Mr. Graves had mentioned.

The Committee determined that UCCSN must be able to balance

the public accountability with attracting the best candi-


Mrs. Berkley responded to Mr. Graves by stating that com-

pensation was a very big issue during the last year. She

believes that the executive employees should serve only

one master and the proposed recommendations eliminate the

ability to serve two masters. She stated that the recom-

mendations allow a sunset of perquisites in 1999. She

felt that 5 years was too long to allow perquisites to


Mr. Klaich indicated that the Committee was pro-active in

its deliberations and the Board has discussed these very

issues over the past several years. He was pleased with

the Committee's work.

Mr. Graves applauded the Committee's efforts and stated that

the recommendations were good in an idealistic world, but

are not realistic. He reminded the Board that during the

next biennium the System's budget will be reduced to 17%

of the State's General Fund.

Acting Vice Chancellor Steinberg stated that the concept is

to move away from supplementing salaries and move toward a

true compensation package.

Mr. Klaich stated that the recommendations are not out of

line with the national trends. UCCSN pays its executives

pretty well and is fairly competitive.

President Crowley stated that a policy statement for execu-

tive salaries is a very good idea. There are salary poli-

cies for faculty and senior professional staff already in

place. He agreed that some changes are needed. The upcom-

ing search for a Chancellor may indicate if the policy lends

itself to competitive salaries for this position.

With regard to Athletic Directors, President Crowley stated

that no other executive position is under as much scrutiny

as the Athletic Director position. Nationwide, 50% of the

Athletic Directors have left the position because of the

high visibility, the severe economic impact, and the reform

movement. President Crowley explained that the Coaches and

Athletic Directors have automobiles based on trade-outs.

He strongly supports the Athletic Director positions and

felt this position needed further review.

Mr. Foley cautioned the Board in removing outside source

funding. He stated that many donations are earmarked for

compensation and would not want the Board to send a negative

message to the donors. The Board of Regents do control the

foundations and he felt this issue should be studied further

because of the possibility of offending donors.

President Maxson stated that he accepted Mr. Klaich's com-

ments and felt that the proposed guidelines are acceptable.

He explained that the current executives, especially the

Presidents and the Chancellor, were hired by one Board and

financial considerations were made prior to the acceptance

of employment. Over the years the philosophies of the Board

have changed and times have changed. However, he is es-

pecially concerned for the Vice Presidents, Deans and Admin-

istrators with regard to this policy. He suggested that as

executive positions become vacant, the proposed salary and

perquisite changes be implemented at that time. 5 years

from now, the executive employees may be working with a

different Board with different philosophies.

Mr. Klaich felt that foundations should be raising funds

for scholarships, programs, etc., and that the State should

cover salary expenses for its employees.

President Taranik stated that the proposed policy will allow

the Board to hire the best candidates; however, he encourag-

ed the Board to implement the salary and perquisite changes

when the positions become vacant. Currently, 3-year rolling

contracts are being terminated and it has become more dif-

ficult to hire on a 1-year contract.

President Remington stated he was concerned with the Vice

Presidents' compensation at the Community Colleges. He

stated that some time ago, President Meacham requested the

CCSN Vice Presidents receive automobile allowances. Under

the proposed policy, these allowances will sunset in 5

years. He requested consideration to allow the other 3

Community Colleges to implement an automobile allowance

for its Vice Presidents during the next 5 years to bring

equity between the institutions. President Calabro sug-

gested that the automobile allowances for CCSN Vice Presi-

dents be rescinded at this time. President Gwaltney agreed

that there was an inequity between the Community College

Vice Presidents' perquisites.

Interim Chancellor Richardson reported that the national

data indicates that Vice Presidents at Community Colleges

do not receive automobile allowances. He recognizes the

inequity; however, this inequity has been going on for

some time now. It's unfortunate that the other Community

College institutions did not come forward before this time

to request automobile allowances for its Vice Presidents.

UNR Vice President Ashok Dhingra stated for the record that

UCCSN needs to provide a compensation package that is com-

petitive. UCCSN is moving ahead in addressing public ac-

countability. He encouraged the Board to hire new executive

employees based on the compensation package, not the per-


CCSN Faculty Senate Chairman Alan Balboni stated that

Nevada's 4 Community Colleges are very different and at

the Vice Presidents' level there are various depths of


Mr. Foley voted no. Motion carried.

20. Approved Employment of Special Counsel

The Board of Regents, UNLV President Maxson, UCCSN Assistant

General Counsel Booke, and former UNLV Athletic Director

Dennis Finfrock have been sued by a former employee of UNLV

and his wife. Board of Regents' Bylaws state that the

Chancellor shall recommend Special Counsel to the Board.

Interim Chancellor Richardson recommended that Special

Counsel be retained to represent the above parties. He

presented the following recommendations:

1. That the firm of Jones, Jones, Close and Brown be en-

gaged by the Board of Regents to represent the Board,

President Maxson, and Assistant General Counsel Booke

in this lawsuit.

2. That the firm of Lionel, Sawyer & Collins be engaged by

the Board to represent Mr. Finfrock.

3. That the costs associated with representation by the two

firms cited above be borne by UNLV and the Board with

UNLV paying 2/3 of the cost, and the Board paying 1/3.

4. That the source of the Board's share of representation

costs be the Regents' Special Projects Fund.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the recommendations to employ

Special Counsel. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Mr. Graves indicated that recent newspaper articles have

referred to the Regents' Special Projects Fund as a "secret

fund" and he requested clarification of the fund. Vice

Chancellor Sparks explained that the Regents' Special Proj-

ects Fund is derived from the pooled assets and 20% is al-

located from the income on the account. The allocation of

the 20% is 10% for management and 10% for special projects

and contingency reserve. Vice Chancellor Sparks distribut-

ed FY 1994 Regents' Special Projects and Contingency Reserve

account information, which is filed in the Regents' Office.

The beginning balance as of July 1, 1993 for the Special

Projects account was $516,536 and the Contingency Reserve

account was $1,270,329; totalling $1,786,865. The estimated

revenue for FY 1994 is $400,000 for Special Projects and

$200,000 for Contingency Reserve. The estimated Special

Projects expenditures for FY 1994 for ongoing expenditures

previously approved by the Board, which does not include

one-time expenditures for Board of Regents Special Projects

is $350,000. The estimated Contingency Reserve expendi-

tures for FY 1994 for Regents Professor and Community Col-

lege Coordinator is $280,000. The total estimated balance

for June 30, 1994 is $1,756,865.

Mrs. Berkley stated that when she was first contacted about

this agenda item, she felt very strongly about the issue.

She stated that it did not matter whether the amount was

$100,000 or 2 cents, she did not feel that this is an ex-

penditure that the Board of Regents should fund at this

time. She understands that the Board of Regents must file

an answer to the suit within the next few days, but as far

as she was concerned this is UNLV's problem. She stated

that she was tired of being dragged into this position.

Mrs. Berkley stated that UCCSN employs competent in-house

counsel that could represent the Board of Regents' posi-

tion in this law suit. She felt that whatever UNLV chooses

to do in this law suit is their responsibility. It does

not have to go hand-in-glove with what the Board of Regents'


She suggested that the individuals named in the suit hire

their own Legal Counsel who can then work with UCCSN's

General Counsel to develop a strategy.

After the suit is answered, Mrs. Berkley recommended that

UCCSN's General Counsel file a motion to dismiss to get

the Board of Regents out of the law suit. She indicated

that she had read the law suit and felt that there was no

cause of action against any of the members of the Board.

She stated that she understands that UCCSN's Legal Counsel

are very busy and would not have the time to perform this

task. However, she recommended hiring a first year gradu-

ate who has passed the State Bar Exam at $30,000 to perform

the mundane duties in order to free up one of UCCSN's at-

torneys. She stated that if UCCSN's General Counsel could

not perform this duty, then the Board of Regents' should

review the competence of UCCSN's in-house Counsel.

In referring to the Regents' Special Projects Fund, Mrs.

Berkley stated "I think this has been a marvelous fund for

a lot of things that I think are inappropriate." Her

thoughts regarding the use of the Regents' Special Project

Fund is for projects that benefits students, faculty and

institutions. She does not see how an expenditure from

the Regents' Special Projects Fund is going to benefit

anyone, and it really is upsetting to her that the Board

is considering to spend a great deal of money on this


Mrs. Berkley indicated that she has been battered with

"Academic vs. Athletics" argument for the past several

years, and if "Academics" is what this Board of Regents

is all about, then why is it that UCCSN continues to spend

a great deal of money on "Athletics"? She stated that she

is offended by this as a Board member. The Regents' Spe-

cial Projects Fund should be spent on "Academic" issues.

She strongly implored the other Board members to consider

that before the Board "knee-jerk" reacts to spending this

money, let other avenues be explored and have the in-house

Counsel handle the law suit until it is absolutely impos-

sible. She strongly suggested directing General Counsel to

file a motion for dismissal to see if the Board of Regents

can be dismissed from this law suit before money is expend-

ed. She does not believe that the members of the Board of

Regents are a component of this law suit.

Mrs. Sparks stated that in regard to UCCSN's in-house

Counsel, one of UCCSN's in-house Counsel is a defendant

named in the law suit, and General Counsel Klasic is a

witness. This leaves the two remaining staff attorneys

who are not familiar with this case and who have not been

associated with this process. She agreed to attempting to

have the members of the Board of Regents dismissed from the

law suit.

As far as the money that has been spent on this issue, Mrs.

Sparks indicated that she resents every nickel that has been

spent in the past defending Coach Jerry Tarkanian, that

these expenditures should have gone to student athletes and

other programs. She stated that she resented these expendi-

tures; however, she stated that the Board should not jeop-

ardize the possibility of losing millions of dollars in this

law suit, by having Legal Counsel who have not been involved

in this situation handle this case, or to bring in a first

year law graduate to handle other office projects, or to

disrupt General Counsel's Office which is extremely busy all

the time, when there is an opportunity to bring in outside

Legal Counsel who has worked with this Board and this par-

ticular problem for many years. She stated that the Board

should continue to defend the employees who are directly

involved with this case and she felt that the Board owed

it to President Maxson and to the UNLV Athletic Department

to hire the best Legal Counsel at the best price. She

strongly supports hiring outside Legal Counsel.

Mr. Klaich stated that he agreed with many statements Mrs.

Berkley made. However, he reminded the Board members that

a System employee (Bradley Booke), not a UNLV employee, is

one of the defendants named in the law suit. He felt that

the System has an obligation to provide defense for its

employee. He, too, resents the spending of Regents' Special

Projects funds on this issue, but a distinction that is im-

portant to be made is that this law suit was not sought by

the Board of Regents. This law suit was supposedly formu-

lated by someone "with a heavy heart, who loves this insti-

tution". He stated that "this is not the act of a kind

person who has the interest of this institution at heart.

This is the act of someone who is intending to extract from

this institution, from the students, from the State, and

from the taxpayers, personal funds for his pocket." Mr.

Klaich felt that the Board of Regents has an obligation to

defend this case for what it is, and defend the case as

strongly as it can be defended. If this means expending

funds, then Mr. Klaich stated that he will very reluctantly

allow the expenditure. He stated that whoever the Counsel

is that the Board of Regents hires, the Counsel would ex-

pose this case as a self-serving law suit.

Dr. Derby requested Interim Chancellor Richardson to explain

why UCCSN's in-house Counsel would be unable to defend this

law suit. She, too, is concerned with the spending of Re-

gents' Special Projects funds for this situation. Interim

Chancellor Richardson stated that he initially raised this

question with General Counsel Klasic, and has considered

this issue at length. He explained that UCCSN employs four

attorneys. Two of the attorneys will be directly involved

with the law suit and could not represent the Board -- one

being a defendant and the other a witness. Interim Chan-

cellor Richardson stated that the four attorneys are fully

employed, at this time, carrying out the legal business for

the Board of Regents. Potentially, this could be a lengthy

complex case, and a case that would most likely go to trial

and have a lengthy document-laden trial in terms of deposi-

tions and documents that already exist. In order for

UCCSN's in-house Counsel to take on this case, considerable

other legal business would have to be set aside.

Interim Chancellor Richardson explained that UCCSN's four

attorneys perform contract law, administrative law, and

public policy law. This particular law suit is on a per-

sonnel matter that is going to require sophisticated liti-

gation background. He stated that the current UCCSN at-

torneys are not trial attorneys who would be able to take

on this type of law suit. He indicated that throughout the

years, in his capacity of heading higher educational sys-

tems, he has been sued many times, and when he is sued he

wants to win, and hires the best attorney to represent the

case. Interim Chancellor Richardson recommended that, in

the best interest of the Board, the Board should hire the

best Legal Counsel to represent and win this case.

Dr. Derby pointed out that as a member of the Board of Re-

gents, she, too, has been sued numerous times. She ques-

tioned whether UCCSN's attorneys have managed those law

suits and defended them in court -- isn't that their ex-

pertise in what they do? Interim Chancellor Richardson

replied in the affirmative, but noted they do not often

defend a law suit of this magnitude, history or complexity.

In his opinion, it is one thing representing the Board on a

"slip and fall" case or a minor personnel matter, and an-

other taking on this law suit of this nature.

Mr. Foley indicated that Interim Chancellor Richardson's

explanation was very good, and that Mr. Klaich has expressed

very well his same thoughts on this matter. Mr. Foley sug-

gested to Mrs. Berkley that if she had some complaint with

this matter, she should take the issue up with Mr. and

Mrs. Jerry Tarkanian.

Mr. Foley agreed that this matter has had a long history and

none of the Board members have enjoyed working with this

issue. By the same token, UCCSN's General Counsel's office,

both north and south, has accumulated many files on this

matter. The law firm which the Interim Chancellor has rec-

ommended has represented UNLV in the NCAA-related issues

and they, too, have many files. One thing the Board should

consider is that the Tarkanians are subject to a counter

suit, including punitive damages. The expenditures that

are being discussed today, are a pittance compared to what

the Board of Regents has every right to recover from the

Tarkanians in damages. He stated that he favors the In-

terim Chancellor's recommendations.

Mr. Graves felt that this has become a very emotional issue

and he is trying to analyze this issue logically. Assistant

General Counsel Booke is named in this suit, and is an em-

ployee of the UCCSN. Mr. Graves stated that those factors

are justification, in his opinion, to expend Regents' Spe-

cial Projects funds in hiring outside Legal Counsel. It

seems that some of the discussion has indicated that the

Board of Regents is trying to distance themselves from one

of its institutions -- UNLV. The University and Community

College System of Nevada is all in this together. He

strongly felt that UCCSN needs outside Counsel and the very

best Counsel to defend this case. He suggested to every

Board member that they should all serve as "System" Regents.

Mrs. Berkley suggested that the Board look at this issue as

representing a public that does not want the Board to expend

additional funds on this issue. She clarified that she is

not saying that the Board should not hire outside Legal

Counsel when it is necessary, but that this trial, which

will need a litigator, might be years away and she strongly

felt that it would be years away. She felt that before the

Board expends funds that it really doesn't have, why not

let UCCSN's in-house Counsel make some preliminary motions.

She stated that it is not that we are not being supportive

of UNLV by dismissing the Board of Regents from this law

suit, but there are legitimate legal reasons why the Board

should be dismissed. There is no cause of action, in her

estimation, stated against the members of this Board of

Regents. The Board of Regents are the governing body of

the University and Community College System of Nevada. The

Board has ultimate control and whether the Board accepts

this law suit or not, the Board is still the authority that

everyone must answer to. If the Board chooses to expend

these funds, Mrs. Berkley suggested that UNLV should be the

body that pays for the costs. She stated that there were

decisions that were made in the past by UNLV's Administra-

tion and by a majority of this Board membership that she

consistently voted against that are not compatible with

this law suit. She felt that if others had listened to

her reasoning over the last 2 1/2 years, maybe the Board

wouldn't still be dealing with this issue.

Mrs. Gallagher stated that it is incumbent upon this Board

to continue to regard UNLV as a part of UCCSN. While the

Board of Regents weren't instigating this matter, she stated

that she would feel morally wrong if she herself had an-

nounced that UNLV should be cut off at this time. She stat-

ed that she will never consider that scenario. UNLV is part

of the System, as well as the Board of Regents, and the

Board should help defend the institution. She stated that

the Interim Chancellor's recommendations are fair at this

time and she strongly supports the recommendations.

Mrs. Price stated that she supports the recommendations, but

for a different reason, that reason being the reputation of

the institution and the System. She wants the best possible

case to be made and that the Board learn from the outcome of

the law suit.

Mrs. Berkley voted no. Motion carried.

The open meeting recessed at 12:25 P.M. and reconvened at 1:00

P.M. Friday, October 22, 1993, with all Regents present except

Regents Derby, Hammargren and Sparks.

21. Approved FY 94 Merit Increase for Administrators

The Board of Regents earlier postponed action granting merit

increases to Administrators at the rank of Associate Dean

and above. The Chancellor and Presidents are very concerned

regarding the impact of continuing the postponement of merit

increases on Administrator morale, retention and recruit-


Interim Chancellor Richardson recommended that the Board of

Regents lift its ban and the Chancellor and Presidents be

authorized to grant selective merit increases retroactive

to July 1993 to individuals in the following positions:

Associate Deans, Deans, Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors,

and other personnel reporting directly to the Chancellor

or a President who were not considered for a merit increase

earlier this fiscal year. These merit incrases would be

funded from 2% merit pools to be established in the re-

spective Operating Budgets. These pools would be calculated

by applying 2% of the budgeted salaries of the unfunded

positions, which is the same percentage and method used to

establish the funded merit pools. Salary recommendations

would be forwarded to the Board at its December meeting.

The Chancellor and Presidents would not be eligible for

consideration for merit increases under this proposal.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval to grant selective merit

increases retroactive to July 1993 to individuals in the

following positions: Associate Deans, Deans, Vice Presi-

dents, Vice Chancellors, and other personnel reporting

directly to the Chancellor or a President who were not

considered for a merit increase earlier this fiscal year.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval. Motion carried.

22. Approved the Acceptance of a Gift, UNLV

Approved the acceptance of a gift of $4 million towards

funding of the new UNLV Athletic Complex. In recognition

of the gift, the UNLV South Gym and the Athletic Complex

will be named for the donor.

Mr. Foley moved approval of the acceptance of $4 million

towards funding the new UNLV Athletic Complex. Mrs. Berkley

seconded. Motion carried.

23. Report and Recommendations of the Academic, Research and

Student Affairs Committee

A report and recommendations of the Academic Research and

Student Affairs Committee meeting, held October 21, 1993,

were made by Regent Dorothy Gallagher, Chairman.

(1) Approved the Master of Arts in Science at UNLV, as

contained in Ref. ARS-1, filed in the Regents' Office.

This proposal is designed to provide science teachers

and others with the opportunity to pursue an advanced

degree in one of the natural sciences, or in mathe-

matical science.

There is a great deal of interest and support by

science teachers in the southern Nevada area for UNLV

to offer such a degree. The program would make use

of existing courses and would be administered by the

Science Education Committee and the Dean of the Col-

lege of Science and Mathematics. This program was

identified in the UNLV academic master plan for con-

sideration during the 1993-94 academic year. No

new equipment or facilities are needed. The estimated

budget for the first year of the program is $3000.

Acting Vice Chancellor Karen Steinberg stated that the next

3 agenda items address environmental science programs. She

explained that the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) is a

terminal degree, and the Associate of Science (AS) is par-

allel to an Associate of Arts (AA) degree. There are two

options a student can choose upon completion of the AAS

degree: 1) go directly in to the work force; or 2) continue

with the 2 + 2 program.

(2) Approved the AAS in Environmental Restoration Technol-

ogy at CCSN, as contained in Ref. ARS-2, filed in the

Regents' Office.

This program will build on the current Certificate in

Environmental Restoration Technology program and pro-

vide graduates with skills in environmental management,

hazardous materials handling and waste treatment.

Graduates of the program will be prepared for entry

into the field or may continue their education through

an articulation agreement with the UNLV Environmental

Studies Program. The CCSN 1993-95 academic master plan

addendum indicates that lab and course components have

been developed for this program. Start up costs were

provided by a grant implemented through the Desert

Research Institute. The estimated budget by the 4th

year of the program is $70,560, and will be funded

through the CCSN instructional and operating budget,

and potential grant opportunities.

Chairman Gallagher stated that she was pleased with

the cooperation between the Community Colleges and the

Universities in enhancing the 2 + 2 programs. Upon

questioning Acting Vice Chancellor Steinberg explained

that a special transfer articulation has been develop-

ed for this program.

Mrs. Sparks indicated that this program will fill the

need of the community and she was pleased that the

Community College could address the need.

(3) Approved the AAS in Environmental Studies at TMCC, as

contained in Ref. ARS-3, filed in the Regents' Office.

This program is designed to meet the specialized needs

of environmental technicians, water/waste water work-

ers, and employees in related technical fields.

A pressing need for such a program has been demonstrat-

ed through national studies and state and local sur-

veys. Partial implementation of the new degree will

be made possible through a small grant from the Part-

nership in Environmental Technology Education Consorti-

um. The projected budget by the 4th year of the pro-

gram is $85,000. This degree was proposed in the

1993-95 TMCC academic master plan.

(4) Approved the Associate of Science in Environmental

Science at TMCC, as contained in Ref. ARS-4, filed in

the Regents' Office.

This program has been developed as a transfer degree

which will articulate with the Environmental and Natu-

ral Science major at UNR. The program will be the

first Associate of Science degree to be offered by


Despite current economic trends, employment opportuni-

ties for graduates in this area are expected to in-

crease. The program was identified in the 1993-95

TMCC academic master plan, and can be implemented with

minimal operational and promotional expenses. No new

facilities or equipment are required.

Presidents Meacham and Gwaltney expressed their grati-

tude to their staffs for the diligent efforts in making

these programs possible.

(5) Approved the change in title of an existing AAS degree

and department of Medical Records Technology to Health

Information Technology at CCSN, as contained in Ref.

ARS-5, filed in the Regents' Office.

This change will reflect the expansion of the disci-

pline from one of primarily record keeping to addi-

tional responsibilities related to health insurance

and medicare requirements. This will be consistent

with name changes of national, state and local profes-

sional organizations. There are no costs associated

with the proposed change.

(6) Information Only: Report on Line of Credit, UNR - At

the January 1993 meeting, the Board approved a $1 mil-

lion line of credit through Zion's First National Bank

for the purchase of research equipment at UNR. In

compliance with a Board request, Dr. Ken Hunter, As-

sociate Vice President for Research at UNR, reported

on line of credit transactions, which have included

thus far 3 instrument/equipment purchases for research

projects at UNR. During the past year UNR has made

2 draws against the line of credit totalling $224,000.

UNR does not borrow against the line of credit until

the money is needed and it takes 4 business days to

complete the transaction. The Debt Service Account

pays on the loan service and there must always be suf-

ficient funds available. Dr. Hunter stated that he

felt this line of credit is critical to research and

teaching at UNR. It is a good investment.

(7) Information Only: Report on FY 93 Research in the

UCCSN - The research Vice Presidents at UNR, UNLV and

DRI (Drs. Hunter, Mc Nelis and Bishop) reported on FY

93 research and other sponsored project activity at

their respective institutions. Ref. ARS-7 is filed

with the permanent minutes. Dr. Hunter announced that

UCCSN has topped the $100 million mark for research

and sponsored projects in FY 1993 for the first time

in the history of UCCSN. Dr. Bishop reported that

DRI's research and sponsored projects totaled $20

million, a 15% increase from FY 92; Dr. Mc Nelis re-

ported that UNLV's research and sponsored projects

totaled $22.1 million, a 36% increase from FY 92; and

Dr. Hunter reported that UNR's research and sponsored

projects totaled $61.5 million, a 14% increase from

FY 92.

Upon questioning, it was learned that there are no

research projects that contain classified information.

President Maxson announced that UNLV's super computers

have been made available to the Clark County School

District and Dr. Hammargren requested a copy of the

recent news article announcing this project.

Mrs. Sparks stated that she recognizes the importance

of UCCSN research and it is very remarkable for a

state this size to reach the $100 million mark in

research and sponsored projects. She expressed her

thanks to each of the research institutes.

(8) Information Only: Report from NSF-EPSCoR Representa-

tive - UNR Associate Vice President for Research Ken

Hunter introduced Dr. Ed Abbott, representative from

the National Science Foundation's EPSCoR staff, who

discussed the recent 5 year, $7.5 million award to

the UCCSN. The discussion covered issues such as the

non-federal matching funds requirement and an assess-

ment of science, engineering, and technology infra-

structure in the State of Nevada. Dr. Abbott congrat-

ulated Nevadans for their involvement with NSF. EPSCoR

is a partnership between the Federal Government and

the states to strengthen education in the higher edu-

cation system. Dr. Abbott stated that EPSCoR is more

than a grant, it helps improve the condition of the

state. EPSCoR takes advantage of the state's resources

and problems and lends to the research areas within the


Dr. Abbott explained that Nevada's EPSCoR grant is the

best in terms of science and was a great success in the

1980's. However, recently Nevada has demonstrated a

lack of commitment and did not fund its share of the

matching grant. Due to the high quality in the System

and UCCSN's past performance, NSF has funded Nevada's

program for this year. However, it has become of

great concern to NSF and may jeopardize Nevada's pro-

gram in the future.

Dr. Abbott suggested to the Board of Regents that 1)

EPSCoR is more than reasearch and that EPSCoR has made

important impact on education; 2) an effort be made to

overcome attitudes towards research; and 3) EPSCor is

a long-term process in order to become successful. The

long-term benefits of EPSCoR are that faculty become

more up-to-date and on the cutting edge of research

which results in a higher quality of education; more

high quality industry is attracted to the State;

Nevadans can have more opportunities to develop corpo-

rations; and an opportunity for Nevada's children to

be retained within the State for higher education and


Chairman Gallagher stated her appreciation for the

EPSCoR program that has been most successful in Nevada

and commended UCCSN staff who have worked with NSF and


Dr. Hunter introduced Dr. John Farley, Nevada's EPSCoR

Director, and Ms. Lisa Zumph, EPSCoR Administrative


Mr. Joseph Foley indicated that it was a grave error

in failing to include research in the recent Mission

Statements and Strategic Plans.

(9) New Business - Chairman Gallagher has called a special

meeting of the Committee on Friday, November 12, to

review existing academic programs. Acting Vice Chan-

cellor Steinberg indicated that the meeting will be

held via video conference with Campus representatives

reviewing existing academic programs. A formal report

will be made to the full Committee at its next regu-

larly scheduled meeting.

Acting Vice Chancellor Steinberg indicated that the

Student Affairs Council has been scheduled to make a

presentation at the January meeting of the Academic,

Research and Student Affairs Committee.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Academic, Research and Student Affairs Commit-

tee. Mr. Klaich seconded. Motion carried.

24. Report and Recommendations of the Audit Committee

A report and recommendations of the Audit Committee meeting,

held October 14, 1993, were made by Regent Nancy Price,


(1) Information Only: Audit of the State Budget Office -

Acting Director of Internal Audit John Love presented

a summary of the State Budget Audit of BCN and BCS

expenditues for FY 1986 through FY 1991, filed in the

Regents' Office. He pointed out that approximately

44% of the UNR findings are coding errors and 56% are

questionable authorizations, and approximately 37% of

the UNLV findings are coding errors and 63% are

questionable authorizations.

One of the audit findings was the use of sources other

than State Purchasing for copy paper. Mr. Love in-

formed the Committee that the Nevada Revised Statutes

requires UCCSN to purchase certain supplies from State

Purchasing. It was explained that if State Purchasing

is selling inadequate supplies, then the institutions

have purchased the product from other sources. Mrs.

Sparks suggested that a letter be sent to State Pur-

chasing encouraging them to upgrade its supplies.

Chairman Price stated that auditors are here to help

and improve the System. She is hopeful that the Com-

mittee members and institutions will reflect a posi-

tive attitude and tone, rather than an adversarial


Mr. Love stated that he felt the State Budget Audit

did not pose any significant problem with the Business

Center North and South, although the audit did indicate

that the System must become more meticulous in its

record keeping.

UNLV Associate Vice President for Finance Mike Sauer

informed the Committee that he observed the State

Budget Audit and found that they only audited the

cancelled checks, not the source documents which

contain more direct information on the expenditure.

Chairman Price requested travel procedures from both

BCN and BCS. Both Mr. Sauer and UNR Controller Tom

Judy indicated that training sessions are conducted

that address travel regulations, reimbursement, etc.

Upon questioning, Vice Chancellor Ron Sparks stated

that in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes, the

State Budget Office must conduct pre-audits on all

claims prior to payment for all State agencies. Over

the years, UCCSN has developed a special relationship

with the State Budget Office. The State Budget Office

has allowed UCCSN to process its own claims through

its own staff, i. e., the Business Centers - North and

South. The privilege of operating the Business Centers

in this manner is extremely important to the System.

We must insure the integrity of the process and main-

tain the confidence of the Budget Office to continue

this arrangement. At any given time, the State Budget

Office can request UCCSN to conduct its business

through the pre-audit office, which means all the

System claims for payment must first be approved by

them before payment could be made.

(2) Approved a one-year extension of Deloitte & Touche

contract as per agreement at the August 26, 1992

Board of Regents' Audit Committee meeting.

(3) Approved recommendations from the institutions on Board

of Regent policy on equipment inventory. Acting Di-

rector of Internal Audit John Love presented recom-

mendations from the different institutions on Board

of Regent policy on equipment inventory controls,

filed in the Regents' Office. The proposed Board of

Regents' policy is as follows:

Equipment is anything tangible, other than real

property, with a useful life of more than 2 years

and a value equal to or more than an amount deter-

mined by the respective Business Center.

Each Department has custodial responsibility for

all equipment within its jurisdiction. Each De-

partment is also responsible for reporting all

additions, deletions, and material changes in

condition of equipment within their unit, to the

respective Business Center Purchasing Department.

The respective Business Center Purchasing Depart-

ment, through its Fixed Assets Section, is re-

sponsibile for maintaining and reporting records

of equipment inventories. The Purchasing Depart-

ment is responsible for establishing and monitor-

ing control procedures, ensuring purchase acquisi-

tions of inventorial equipment are properly re-

corded, and recording equipment disposals.

Deans, Directors and Department Heads are re-

sponsible, with their areas, for reconciling physi-

cal inventories with periodic or special Business

Center reports. The accuracy of such reconcilia-

tions shall be documented by signed certification.

Mr. Love indicated that BCS employs staff to conduct

physical inventories throughout the UNLV institution;

however, BCN does not have the staff and, therefore,

conducts random testing throughout BCN's jurisdiction

and requests Departments to provide annual lists of

inventory to BCN.

Mrs. Whitley requested that the policy on equipment

inventory include that periodic or special Business

Center reports be conducted "annually" with the Deans,

Directors, and Department Heads.

(4) Acting Director of Internal Audit John Love presented

the audit of the CCSN Department of Personnal and Af-

firmative Action, July 1, 1992 through June 30, 1993.

The report is filed in the Regents' Office.

Chairman Price noted that "operational" audits are

not conducted by the internal audit staff at this

time and she is hopeful that in the future operational

audits can be conducted throughout the System.

(5) Acting Director of Internal Audit John Love presented

the audit of the TMCC Institute of Business and Indus-

try, July 1, 1992 through June 30, 1993. The report

is filed in the Regents' Office.

There was confusion with the terminology used in the

audit and TMCC's response to the audit. The term

"budget" was used; however, it was determined that

terminology be used that reflects documentation of

profit and loss for the individual courses conducted

by the Institute of Business and Industry.

Mrs. Whitley stated that she was displeased with TMCC's

audit report findings.

Vice Chancellor Ron Sparks indicated that a follow-up

audit report will be conducted within 3-6 months.

Mrs. Sparks amended the approval of the report and

recommendations motion to include a follow-up report

will be forthcoming within 3 months.

Mrs. Sparks indicated that TMCC's response included

a form that will document the courses prior to imple-

mentation and commended the Institute of Business and

Industry for its efforts in correcting the situation.

It was noted that Mr. Mike Rainey, Director of the

Institution of Business and Industry, was unavailable

to comment due to a death in the family.

(6) Information Only: Follow-Up Report on Associated

Students of Community College of Southern Nevada,

CCSN - Acting Director of Internal Audit John Love

presented the follow-up audit of the CCSN Associated

Students of Community College of Southern Nevada,

July 1, 1991 through December 31, 1992. The follow-

up report is filed in the Regents' Office.

Mr. Love indicated that due to the high turn-over with

Student Government Associations throughout the System,

the auditors discover many of the same inadequacies.

Mrs. Whitley indicated that the Audit Committee has

previously directed each Student Association develop

and maintain a procedures manual to help alleviate

some of the problems due to the turn-over of student

officers. In addition, Chairman Price stated that

the Business Centers had been previously instructed to

orient new student officers of their responsibilities.

UNLV Associate Vice President for Finance Mike Sauer

indicated that UNLV employs a full-time person within

CSUN who reports directly to the Business Office.

CCSN Director of Student Accounting Business Service

Larry Martin reported that Mr. Ruell Fiant, Director

of Business Service Administration, works closely with

the Student Government and CCSN employs an advisor

who reports to the Business Office.

Mr. Martin reported that all collection items have been


(7) Information Only: Follow-Up Report on Graduate School,

UNR - Acting Director of Internal Audit John Love pre-

sented the follow-up audit of the UNR Graduate School,

July 1, 1991 through June 30, 1992. The follow-up

report is filed in the Regents' Office.

(8) New Business - Mrs. Sparks stated that she was pleased

that System personnel are responding to the audit rec-

ommendations as reflected in the follow-up reports.

Dr. Hammargren requested that inventory reporting be

reviewed and suggested that personnel other than the

Department personnel conduct annual inventory report-

ing. In addition, he suggested that an annual date

be established in which the reports are due, and re-

ported to the Audit Committee for approval by the

Board of Regents.

Chairman Price announced that she has requested outside

people to address the Board at the October meeting in

regard to the Chancellor's job description and how it

relates to the Audit Committee.

Mrs. Price extended her thanks to Mr. John Tully, UNR Super-

visory Buyer, for the tour and presentation of the BCN

Purchasing Department.

Dr. Derby returned to the meeting.

Mrs. Price moved approval of the report and recommendations

of the Audit Committee. Mr. Graves seconded. Motion car-


25. Report and Recommendations of the Status of Women Committee

A report and recommendations of the Status of Women Commit-

tee meeting, held October 21, 1993, were made by Regent

Jill Derby, Chairman.

Chairman Derby introduced Dr. Ellen Rose, newly appointed

Director of the UNLV Women's Studies.

(1) Information Only: Discussion of Recommendations -

Chairman Derby stated that on August 30, 1993 the Com-

mittee and the Chairs of the Campus Status of Women

Committees met to discuss future directions for the

Regents' Committee. Two chief findings of that meet-

ing were that communication needs to be enhanced at

all levels and that the Campuses need to be empowered

to proceed with addressing the issues of concern to

women on Campus. Recommendations for addressing these

two findings were discussed and are filed in the Re-

gents' Office.

Chairman Derby suggested that a joint newsletter be-

tween the Status of Women Committee and the ad hoc

Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs be planned. Mr.

Klaich questioned the cost of the proposed newsletter

and what entity would pay for the newsletter. Mr.

Klaich requested the cost of such a newsletter be pre-

sented to the Committee prior to acceptance of the

recommendations. Mrs. Berkley agreed.

Dr. Kirkland stated that UCCSN Public Information Di-

rector Pamela Galloway is planning a meeting to dis-

cuss the Committee's issues with the public informa-

tion officers from each institution. Dr. Kirkland

suggested that representatives from the ad hoc Com-

mittee on Ethnic Minority Affairs be invited to the

meeting. Chairman Derby explained that Ms. Galloway

felt that a better network and sharing of information

would aid her in preparing positive news releases.

Mr. Klaich expressed his concern that little is being

printed that indicates the progress of the Status of

Women Committee. He felt that parents should be in-

formed that serious action is being taken throughout

the institutions.

(2) Information Only: Campus Reports of Student Survey

Results - In the Spring of 1993, the Campuses admin-

istered surveys to students to determine their needs

and concerns. Reports of the results of those surveys

were presented to the Committee. The reports are filed

in the Regents' Office.

Chairman Derby instructed the Chancellor's staff to

develop recommendations derived from these reports

and present them to the Committee for consideration.

Chairman Derby thanked the Campus Committees for their

efforts in administering the student surveys and sum-

marizing their findings. Chairman Derby also thanked

the Presidents for their support.

(3) New Business - Chairman Derby reported that representa-

tives from UCCSN (Regent Jill Derby, Regent Daniel

Klaich, President Ronald Remington - NNCC, Valerie

Easterly - NNCC, Jacqueline Kirkland - TMCC, and

Tamela Gordon - Chancellor's Office) attended the

American Association of Community College Trustees

(ACCT) annual convention in Toronto, Canada. The

UCCSN representatives presented a panel of discussion

entitled "General Equity: A Critical Element in Build-

ing Diversity". The session focused on the efforts of

the Regents' Committee and the Campus Committees to

build diversity within the UCCSN through addressing

the concerns and needs of women. The representatives

reported that the session was well attended and that

much positive feedback was received.

Mr. Derby moved approval of the report and recommenations

of the Status of Women Committee. Mr. Graves seconded.

Motion carried.

27. Report and Recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee on Ethnic

Minority Affairs

A report and recommendations of the ad hoc Committee on

Ethnic Minority Affairs meeting, held October 21, 1993,

were made by Regent June Whitley, Chairman.

(1) Information Only: Committee Activities - Acting Vice

Chancellor Karen Steinberg updated the Committee mem-

bers by reporting that she is working closely with the

Campus Committee Chairmen and each President will make

a final report to the Committee at its December meet-

ing. The reports will include a summary of the Campus

activities, data, assessment activities, and the Cam-

pus progress. An analysis will be performed and rec-

ommendations to the Committee will be presented for

action from each of the Campuses.

Acting Vice Chancellor Steinberg reported that dis-

cussion will be held at the January meeting regard-

ing the Committee's final report, and a final dis-

cussion and final report will be presented at the

February meeting.

The Statewide Blue Ribbon Task Force will receive

these reports and will be given the opportunity for


Mrs. Price, who also serves as Chairman of the Audit

Committee, stated that the Audit Committee is con-

sidering program audits and she suggested that this

may be a topic for the Committee.

President Meacham suggested that the Committee invite

Reginald Wilson of the American Council of Education to

speak during the December meeting.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the ad hoc Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee. Mr.

Graves seconded. Motion carried.

28. New Business

Mr. Foley wished to recognize both Presidents Crowley and

Maxson for their efforts in having both UNR and UNLV nation-

ally recognized.

The meeting adjourned at 1:15 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board