UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 21-22, 1914

Volume OD - Pages 533-536

                         Reno, Nevada
                       October 21, 1914

The Board of Regents met at their Office at 9:30 A.M. Wednesday,
October 21, 1914.

Present:  Regents Reid, Chairman, Codd, Pratt, O'Brien and
Henderson, and President Hendrick.  George H. Taylor Secretary.

Minutes of the meetings of September 9th and September 14th read
and approved.

The following telegram from Mr. Mackay was read and ordered
copied in the minutes:

    New York September 28th 1914.  To H. E. Reid, Chairman,
    Board of Regents, University of Nevada, Reno Nevada

    I take first opportunity on my return from abroad to acknow-
    ledge receipt of your telegram annnouncing the selection of
    Archer W. Hendrick as President University to succeed late
    Dr. Stubbs.

    I am most gratified to learn that your decision was unanimous
    and that consequently the Board of Regents is in full accord.
    I congratulate you and President Hendrick most heartily on
    this happy solution.

                         /s/ Clarence H. Mackay

President Hendrick presented his report verbally concerning the
plans for the future organization of the College; stated that he
would submit it in writing and transmit it to the members of the
Board in advance of the next meeting.

President was authorized to communicate with Bliss and Faville
in regard to their acting as the official architects of the Uni-
versity, and to report at the next regular meeting.

The matter was discussed that permission be granted certain mem-
bers of the faculty to attend conventions to be held in the east
relating to work of their Departments or Colleges.  The Presi-
dent was authorized to grant these permissions, but that future
policy in regard to these matters is not to be controlled by
this action.  In the particular cases it was suggested that the
parties submit to the Controller an estimate of their expenses,
which, when approved by the President, was authorized.

On recommendation of the President the Mackay School of Mines
was taken out of the College of Engineering and made a separate
Department of the University under a Director.  Mr. Francis
Church Lincoln was designated Director of the Mackay School of
Mines for the year ending June 30, 1915.

A resolution was passed on motion of Mr. Pratt, seconded by Mr.
Codd, that the President be authorized to withhold action on the
expenditure of $4000 for the purchase of livestock for the Col-
lege Farm, until such time as a definite plan regarding the
policy of the University in the Departments of Animal Husbandry
and Dairy Husbandry and the matter of a College Farm be decided.
That the President be asked to arrange the work of the Profes-
sor of Animal Husbandry in such a way as to permit of his making
a survey of the stock industry of the State, with a view to dis-
covering the views of the stockmen of the State of how this Uni-
versity can be of service to their industry.

Motion was made by Mr. Henderson, seconded by Mr. Codd, that the
President be authorized to look into the establishment in con-
nection with the University, of a Normal School as required by
Law, that he take steps to discover an individual qualified to
organize and conduct it, but that no appointment be made until
the Legislature had decided upon what appropriation shall be
given for this purpose.

The President presented a recommendation from the Deans of the
Colleges concerning the connection with the institution of Pro-
fessor George Ordahl.  A motion was made by Mr. Henderson, sec-
onded by Mr. O'Brien, that the President be instructed to arrange
an interview with Mr. Ordahl, and that he be authorized to take
such action as in his discretion he thinks wise.

The Chairman was instructed to communicate with the Panama
Pacific Fair Board and to advise them of a rule of the Board of
Regents which prohibits the members of the faculty to act in any
capacity other than in the work of the University without permis-
sion from the Board of Regents and to request from the Board that
whatever duties they desire of the University toward the Panama
Pacific Fair Exhibits that they make their request direct to the
University of Nevada.

Motion by Dr. Pratt, seconded by Mr. Codd, the Comptroller be
authorized and directed to make an abstract of the lands of the
University under grants from the United States, generally known
as the 90,000 Acre Grant and the 72 Section Grant, and to re-
port as soon as possible to the Board of Regents thereon.

Board recessed until 4 P.M.

Board reconvened at 4 P.M.  Same members of the Board of Regents

Motion made by Mr. Henderson, seconded by Mr. Pratt, carried that
the Regents accept the proposal of the Manager of the Sagebrush
to furnish 250 copies for distribution among the High Schools of
Nevada and California at a cost of $225, provided the Comptroller
finds available funds.

Motion was made by Mr. O'Brien, seconded by Mr. Pratt, that the
resignation of Professor S. E. Ross be accepted to take effect
October 1st, 1914 with the statement that the Board of Regents
did not at any time authorize any one in authority to promise
an increase in salary to Professor Ross, and at no time did the
Board of Regents violate any agreement with Professor Ross,
either as to his duties or salary.

Motion was made by Mr. Codd, seconded by Mr. Pratt, that the bid
of J. I. Allenbach Fuel Co. for furnishing oil to the University
until June, 1915 at 4 1/4 cents a gallon be accepted, oil to test
21 to 23 gravity and to be satisfactory in regard to B. T. U. to
the Engineering Department at the University.

No further business appearing, the meeting adjourned.

                             H. E. Reid

Geo. H. Taylor