UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 20-21, 1995


Pages 96-114

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                         October 20, 1995

The Board of Regents met on October 20, 1995 in Room 201-202,

Donald Moyer Student Union, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present:  Mr. Madison Graves, II, Chairman

                  Mr. Mark Alden

                  Ms. Shelley Berkley

                  Dr. Jill Derby

                  Dr. James Eardley

                  Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

                  Mr. David L. Phillips

                  Mrs. Nancy Price

                  Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Members absent:   Mr. Joseph M. Foley

                  Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Others present:   Chancellor Richard Jarvis

                  President Joseph Crowley, UNR

                  President Carol Harter, UNLV

                  President Richard Moore, CCSN

                  President James Randolph, WNCC

                  President Ronald Remington, GBC

                  President James Taranik, DRI

                  President Kenneth Wright, TMCC

                  Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

                  Dr. Tom Anderes, Vice Chancellor

                  Dr. John Richardson, Vice Chancellor

                  Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Chairman Graves called the meeting to order at 9:35 A.M., Friday,

October 20, 1995, with all Regents present except Mr. Foley and

Mr. Klaich.

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs or their representatives

Scott Casper, UNR; Nancy Masters, UNLV; Sonny Lyerly, CCSN; Larry

Hyslop, GBC; Steve Streeper, TMCC; Dick French, DRI; Becky

Siebert, System Administration; and Rick Riendeau, WNCC; and

Student Government Officers Glenn Booth, ASUN (UNR); John Pida,

CSUN (UNLV); Karen Ronk, ASB (GBC); Jeanine Powers, USA (WNCC);

Barbara Mc Millan, ACCSN (CCSN); John Cole, ASTM (TMCC); and

Ken Harlan, GSA (UNLV).

 1.  Introductions

     President Taranik introduced John Case, Assistant Vice

     President and Controller at DRI.

     President Remington introduced Karen Ronk, ASB President

     from Great Basin College.

 2.  Chairman's Report

     Chairman Graves reported on the Leadership Conference

     sponsored by the Association of Governing Boards which he

     and Chancellor Jarvis attended.  He related that all in-

     stitutions of higher education are facing the same prob-

     lems, but it is nice to realize Nevada is doing so many

     things right.  Also, Nevada appears to be ahead of many in-

     stitutions in addressing some of these concerns.  Topics

     under discussion centered on all the higher education "buzz

     words", i. e., accountability, access, affordability, re-

     sources, etc.  Mr. Graves stated he felt the most important

     discussions concerned the Board:  1) The experience of the

     Board members themselves and what they bring to the table;

     2) Board members should never hesitate to raise questions

     and suggest solutions; 3) Demands on a member's time should

     be used effectively; and, 4) Agendas should be confined to

     fundamental issues and time allotted to discuss topics in-

     depth.  Mr. Graves referred to the adjustments made to the

     Board agenda for this meeting, stating that he would con-

     tinue to modify the manner in which business is conducted.

     Mr. Graves concluded by asking the Regents to keep in mind

     what it takes to make the University and Community College

     System of Nevada the best in the country and to use that

     as a guide in their decisions.

 3.  Chancellor's Report

     Chancellor Jarvis provided the following:

     Outstanding Students, Faculty, Classified/Technical - As

     directed by the Board, outstanding students, faculty, and

     classified/technical employees will be recognized at two


         1)  February 19, 1996 in Las Vegas to honor recipients

             from CCSN, DRI-South and UNLV

         2)  April 25, 1996 in Reno or Carson City to honor

             recipients from DRI-North, GBC, UNR, TMCC and WNCC.

     A list of recipients will be included in the Chancellor's

     Report at each meeting, but official recognition will be

     made at the receptions.

     Regents' Workshops - A Board workshop calendar with topics

     for 1995-96 was presented:

         November 30 - Intercollegiate Athletics

         January 12  - Budget Development for 1997-99

         March 1     - Student Financial Aid

         April 26    - K-12 Partnerships, Teacher Education

         June 28     - Health Care and Health Education

     Board Committee Meeting Cycle - Inasmuch as Board committees

     will no longer be held in conjunction with the regular meet-

     ing, it will be necessary for the committees to meet 3-4

     weeks prior in order that substantive reports and background

     materials may be included in the packet of materials for the

     regular meeting agenda.  The dates for Presidents' Council

     meetings will also change to coincide with committee meet-

     ings.  A format was outlined in a handout, which is on file

     in the Regents' Office.

     Presidents' Reports - President Ken Wright, TMCC, reported

     that the Northwest Accrediting Team had visited TMCC.  A

     draft report points out the need for planning at the Col-

     lege, which they are addressing with the appointment of

     Rita Gubanich as Vice President for Planning.  Two national

     Vice Presidential Searches are underway.  Deliberations on

     participatory governance have been with the faculty.  The

     bids for the Advanced Technology building came in under the

     $8 million budgeted, which will leave approximately $1.4

     million for equipment.

     President Jim Randolph reported that WNCC and the Carson

     City government held an appreciation luncheon in honor of

     State Legislators for the efforts on behalf of the Carson

     City area.  Over the last 10 years, $50 million has been

     appropriated for various projects and activities for the

     area.  The United Student Association has been very active

     and held an alcohol-drug awareness week, as well as a blood

     drive.  In Spring there will be two commencements for WNCC:

     May 13 at the Fallon Campus with Mr. Rollan Melton as speak-

     er and May 14 in Carson City.

     President Richard Moore, CCSN, reported that he and his

     faculty heard the message from Chancellor Jarvis concerning

     access for students, and through a great deal of hard work

     by all, but especially the Admissions and Financial Aid

     Departments, enrollment has increased this Fall by 3628

     headcount - or 10% over Fall, 1994.  They plan a further

     increase in enrollments for the Spring semester based on

     their plans for recruitment.  The past week the Campus

     dedicated its new building on the Cheyenne Campus - Phase V,

     with special dedications of the Herb Peebles Computer

     Facility and Russell's Restaurant.  President Moore thanked

     the Regents for participating in the dedication.

     President Ron Remington, GBC, reported that a national

     search is underway for the Academic Vice President.  On

     October 21 their new Theater will hold its first produc-

     tion.  GBC has a new address:  1500 College Parkway.

     President Taranik, DRI, reported that DRI's National Sci-

     ence Advisory Committee, Chaired by Dr. Art Anderson, has

     just completed its 3-year review of the Institute.  This

     is a small, but very distinguished group of individuals.

     Chancellor Jarvis and Regent Derby delivered remarks.  The

     Committee was pleased with the commitment of the System and

     the Board to DRI.  A draft report is being reviewed, and

     when completed will be used to assist in strategic planning

     for the Institute.  A report will be given to the Regents

     probably at their January meeting.

     President Crowley, UNR, reported that they are beginning the

     process for their 10-year accreditation by the Northwest

     Accreditation Association.  Dr. Bob Meade is Chairman of the

     self-study effort.  The Association will visit the Campus in

     October 1997.  Comments in a recent media report concerning

     the "probationary" accreditation of the College of Business

     are not true.  That College is accredited for 3 years while

     exemptions are being addressed.  The College of Journalism

     has been given extremely high marks by its accrediting team,

     with very high praise for its program.

     President Harter, UNLV, reported several collaborative ef-

     forts are underway with President Moore at CCSN and Super-

     intendent Brian Cram of the Clark County School District.

     They are looking at distance learning and the possibility

     of establishing a laboratory school on the Campus in the

     College of Education.  UNLV has received a $1 million grant

     from NSF through the efforts of one of their Physicists.

     Dr. Nancy Master, Vice Chairman of the Faculty Senate, has

     Chaired a very successful Research Project and Scholarly

     Work Day, which brought faculty together to cross disci-

     plines for a number of projects.  With the announcement of

     a Planning Task Force, the comprehensive planning process

     has begun to develop a mission and goals statement for


     Mrs. Price, in referring to the listing of proposed work-

     shops, stated she was disappointed that there were no plans

     for an Open Meeting Workshop.  Chancellor Jarvis replied

     that he had met with Attorney General Del Papa and Mr.

     Robert Auer, Assistant Attorney General, who stated that

     in their view it was not the right time for such a work-

     shop because of their pending law suit with the Regents.

     Chancellor Jarvis suggested that any specific questions

     concerning the Open Meeting Law should be written to either

     himself or General Counsel Don Klasic.  Mrs. Price stated

     she had a concern from the last Board meeting, and had a

     letter to review with an attorney on that matter.  She

     asked whether the Presidents' Council came under the Open

     Meeting Law, with General Counsel replying it did not.

 4.  Information Only:  ACCT Conference Report

     Regent Derby reported on the recent ACCT Conference held in

     Seattle which she and Regents Foley and Phillips had attend-

     ed.  The theme was "Technology and the Higher Education

     Environment".  The Presidents of Boeing and Microsoft both

     stressed that higher education must adapt or become obso-

     lete; and that when they are hiring, they place less empha-

     sis on specific skills because of the rapid change in tech-

     nology, but rather focus on general skills, and will place

     more emphasis there in the future.  Given these technologi-

     cal changes, emphasis at the Conference was placed on the

     College of the future.  Faculty will become learning man-

     agers rather than lecturers, and Campuses will be without

     boundaries but with Internet access.  Distance education

     will become the focus and if a College is not servicing its

     area adequately, others will move in.  There will be a shift

     to the technological infrastructures and they will become

     more important than the physical plant.  Colleges will have

     to develop a technology master plan.

Mr. Phillips left the meeting.

     Mrs. Gallagher reported she had attended a National Leader-

     ship School-to-Work Conference in Boston in July.  The focus

     was the partnerships for K-12, Community Colleges and busi-

     ness in reaching young people.  It was stressed that young

     people today don't have a "dream", and there is a need to

     give that back to them.

 5.  Approved Seeking Funding for a Study for a Law School

     Chancellor Jarvis and President Harter provided an update on

     the study for a Law School at UNLV and outlined the request

     for funding to be submitted to the Interim Finance Committee

     of the Nevada State Legislature.

     President Harter stated that over the past 22 years there

     have been 4 feasibility studies and many conversations con-

     cerning a Law School for the State of Nevada.  Some time

     ago it had been determined that a Law School would be housed

     at UNLV, and UNLV has included such a School in its last 4

     Master Plans.  Many of the issues remain the same as before.

     Vice President Lyle Rivera has been assigned to oversee

     this project, which would not only educate attorneys but

     would bring legal education and training to persons other

     than attorneys.  Dr. Harter presented a proposal to hire a

     consultant of impeccable national reputation who has been

     a law school administrator and who would answer some key

     questions:  costs, construction, library and accreditation

     reqirements.  (Proposal and reasons for a Law School are

     filed with the permanent minutes.)

     Dr. Harter requested approval to seek funding from the

     Interim Finance Committee to hire a consultant and for

     the studies necessary for the implementation of a School.

     Ms. Berkley moved approval to proceed with all due haste

     to seek funding from the Interim Finance Committee and go

     forward with the proposed plan.  Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

     Ms. Berkley stated she has given a great deal of thought

     to this matter and feels strongly that the proposal is

     worthy.  Mrs. Sparks spoke in support of the motion,

     stating that this is a very practical approach, that there

     is a need for expert advice, and that Lyle Rivera will be

     a good spokesman for the project.

     Dr. Harter stated that they would be seeking funding up to

     the full amount authorized by the Legislature - $500,000 -

     but plan to use only what is needed to accomplish the task.

     Dr. Eardley stated his concern for the recent media articles

     which indicated the Regents were spending excess dollars

     again, when these planning funds had actually been proposed

     by the Legislature.  Dr. Jarvis stated that Assemblyman

     Morse Arberry had proposed the amount in a committee hear-

     ing.  Mr. Graves agreed that the rquest had come directly

     from the Legislature.  He reminded the Board that this vote

     was not for approving a Law School, but rather for funding

     for planning to determine what the costs might be.  Ms.

     Berkley stated she felt the Legislature was signaling the

     Board that a Law School is a priority in Nevada.  President

     Crowley stated that during legislative hearings one can

     sense when appropriations come from someplace other than

     the System, and this was one of those times.  He stated

     that he felt Assemblyman Arberry was very sincere in spon-

     soring this measure and that he had wanted to honor a col-

     league, former Assemblyman Nick Horne, who had for a long

     time supported such a school.

     President Crowley stated that he has followed the discus-

     sions on a Law School for Nevada over 22 years, and he

     commended President Harter on her approach for a project

     whose time has come.  He continued that he wanted to put to

     rest rumors, UNR has never expressed an interest in a Law

     School, nor would they stand in the way of one at UNLV;

     and, furthermore, they will be very supportive of UNLV's


     Mrs. Sparks reminded the Board that a private school has

     studied the area and found it feasible for a for-profit

     Law School in Nevada.  Dr. Eardley stated he was angry

     about a Las Vegas reporter, George Knapp, who the night

     before had been very negative toward President Harter and

     UNLV, and had made many inaccurate statements.

     Mr. Alden questioned whether in the Legislature the origi-

     nal amount proposed had not been $300,000, with $200,000

     to come from UNLV.  President Crowley, who was present at

     the legislative hearing, stated that was not true, that the

     amount from the very beginning was to be $500,000 from the

     Legislature.  Mr. Alden stated he would not support the

     motion, that he is concerned that there are so many unmet

     needs at UNLV now and he did not want to take away from

     them.  Ms. Berkley replied that the $500,000 would not be

     allocated anywhere except for the Law School, and that if

     the System did not use it, the money would be lost.  She

     stated it was very important to UNLV's future to have a

     professional school.

     Motion carried on roll call vote:

         Yes - Berkley, Derby, Eardley, Gallagher, Sparks, Graves

         No  - Alden

         Abstain - Price

         Absent  - Foley, Klaich, Phillips

The meeting recessed and reconvened at 10:32 A.M. with all mem-

bers present except Regents Foley and Klaich.

Chairman Graves announced that Mr. Foley and Mr. Klaich could not

be present for the meeting but had indicated their support of the

Law School:  Mr. Foley by letter and Mr. Klaich by telephone.

Mr. Phillips, an attorney, explained he had left the meeting just

prior to the discussion of the item on the Law School for a court

appearance this morning, but that he was in favor of the Law

School.  Mrs. Price explained she was not present at the Board

table for the discussion (she was in the back of the room and

did not take part in the discussion) and abstained from the vote

because of her husband's relationship with the Legislature's

Interim Finance Committee.  (Mr. Price is a State Assemblyman.)

 6.  This Item is Missing

 7.  Information Only:  Regents' Workshop on Planning

     Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes reviewed the necessity for plan-

     ning, and focused on the goals and objectives which builds

     toward the budget process.  He presented a calendar of

     structure and activities:

     October  - Planning timelines and process; review of Strate-

                gic Directions and survey results.

     November - Background work presented to Board on budget and


     January  - Budget workshop and first review of the budget.

     March    - Enrollment projections, operating priorities and

                capital construction priorities to be approved,

                and the first review of tuition and fee analysis.

     April    - Capital request to Public Works Board, tuition

                and fee structure approved and follow-up on

                biennial budget.

     It was pointed out that the Regents have input at each step

     of the procedures.  Tuition and fees will be discussed with

     the Regents' Committees on Academic, Research and Student

     Affairs and Finance and Planning.  (Calendar on file in

     Regents' Office.)

     Mrs. Karen Steinberg, Deputy to the Chancellor for Planning,

     reviewed the System Strategic Directions and the survey

     which was conducted among Regents, Presidents, staff and

     Faculty Senate Chairs.  Most respondents believe all 11

     current strategic directions have long-term importance for

     the System, but there needs to be more focus.  It was agreed

     that there are too many objectives for each strategic di-

     rection.  There is a need to know whether the strategic

     directions match the Regents' vision for the future of the

     System, and which directions should have focus at this time.

     Chancellor Jarvis stated that the staff is looking for di-

     rection from the Board.

     Dr. Eardley questioned what the Campuses are doing to im-

     plement the Strategic Directions.  Mrs. Steinberg related

     that a presentation will be made in January to the Academic

     Research and Student Affairs Committee (ARS) of responses

     from the Campuses.  Dr. Derby requested a Board retreat

     confined to this subject, and added that a direction on

     technology should be added.

     After further discussion it was agreed that the ARS Commit-

     tee would sponsor a retreat in January to focus on Strate-

     gic Directions, that there should be more focus on the

     Directions, that there should be measurable indicators of

     progress, that there should be alternative ways provided

     to organize the document, and that suggestions should be

     provided on how to reach outcomes.  Mrs. Price requested

     a copy of the draft report of the National Committee on

     which President Crowley served which was reviewing tuition

     and fees and faculty workload.

The Board recessed for lunch and reconvened at 1:00 P.M. with

all Regents present except Mr. Phillips, Mr. Foley and Mr.


 8.  Accepted Report on the UCCSN Permanent Endowment Pool

     Mr. Matt Lincoln and Ms. Marianne Austin, Cambridge and

     Associates, presented the investment performance results

     for the UCCSN Permanent Endowment Pool for the fiscal year

     ended June 30, 1995.

     Mr. Lincoln reported that during this period, the pool

     achieved a return of 17.9% net of fees.  The fund's long-

     term objective is to increase the unit value and unit

     distributions at least as fast as the rate of inflation,

     and its short-term goal is to match or exceed, over 5-year

     or longer periods, the market index performance and the

     median performance of a universe of endowments with simi-

     lar investment objectives and policies.  The fund achieved

     both long- and short-term goals during FY 95.  The UCCSN

     endowment pool is comprised of 48.1% domestic stocks,

     12.1% international stocks, 3.2% real estate, 1.5% domestic

     fixed income, 8.9% global bonds and 9.2% cash.

     Mrs. Gallagher commended Mr. Lincoln and Ms. Austin for

     their professional assistance to the System.  Mrs. Sparks

     stated that although there were two or three "shaky" years,

     the UCCSN fund has fared better than most and has always

     met its obligation to the Campuses and provided a good

     source of income.  Mr. Lincoln stated that the Regents

     have had very good long-term results of their investments.

     Ms. Mac Donald related that the endowment began with $20

     million and is now at $120 million, and that the operating

     fund began with $40 million and is now at $150 million.

     In answer to a question from Mrs. Price concerning deriva-

     tives, Mr. Lincoln stated that they were neither good nor

     bad, but rather it depended on how they were used.  Man-

     agers do use them, but use them to hedge positions, primari-

     ly in the fixed income area.  Cambridge watches these trans-

     actions very closely.

     Dr. Eardley moved to accept the report of the UCCSN Endow-

     ment Pool.  Mrs. Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.

 9.  Approved Property Negotiation, TMCC

     Authorized President Wright to begin negotiations to explore

     alternatives sites for the Center for the Advanced and Ap-

     plied Program of Technology.  President Wright explained

     that the Foundation had begun a fund-raising effort to

     assist with the construction of the Center, but fell short

     of the amount needed.  The Board had authorized a loan for

     TMCC for construction, with the understanding that a request

     would be made to the Legislature for the funds; however,

     those funds were not forthcoming.  Since that time, TMCC

     has located 3 existing space facilities in Reno which are

     larger, would cost less, and could provide a better loca-

     tion for the Center.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval for TMCC to begin negotiations

     for an alternative site for the Center for the Advanced and

     Applied Program of Technology.  Dr. Eardley seconded.  Mo-

     tion carried.

10.  Approved Report of the Academic, Research & Student Affairs


     A report and recommendations of the Academic, Research and

     Student Affairs Committee meeting held October 19, 1995 were

     made by Regent Shelley Berkley, Chairman.  The following

     programs were reviewed and are recommended for approval:

         B. S. Business Administration, International Business

             Major, UNLV

         B. S. Business Administration, International Business

             Major, UNR

         M. S. Health Physics, UNLV

         AAS Diagnostic Medical Sonography, CCSN

     Ms. Berkley moved approval of the B. S. in Business Admin-

     istration, International Business Major at UNLV; the B. S.

     in Business Administration, International Business Major at

     UNR; the M. S. in Health Physics, UNLV; and the AAS in

     Diagnostic Medical Sonograph at CCSN.  Mr. Alden seconded.

     Motion carried.

     Ms. Berkley reported that the Committee had discussed the

     following items:

         The role and mission of the Committee.

         A policy change on refunds required by the Federal

         Higher Education Act

         Priorities for the Committee for the Coming Year:

             UCCSN Strategic Directions

             Admission Standards

             Research and Development Trends

             Distance Learning

             Faculty Workload and Productivity


     The next meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, November

     16, 1995 in Reno.

     Ms. Berkley stated that in addition, the Committee had dis-

     cussed changes to the Tuition and Fee Committee, and would

     present an amendment to their recommendation when the mat-

     ter is discussed later in the meeting.

     Ms. Berkley moved to accept the report.  Mrs. Sparks sec-

     onded.  Motion carried.

11.  Report and Recommendations of the Audit Committee

     Mr. Mark Alden, Chairman, reported that the Committee had

     met on October 4, 1995 and had received several follow-up

     reports, including cash flow and bank reconciliations at


     Mr. Alden moved to accept the report.  Mrs. Sparks seconded.

     Motion carried.

     The following action items were forwarded for Board con-


         Approved Audit Reporting Relationships - The Audit Com-

         mittee had reviewed reporting relationships as provided

         in the Handbook and requested the following changes:

         1)  The primary oversight of and reporting relationship

             for the Internal Audit Department should be to the

             Audit Committee of the Board.  This would establish

             the independence of the internal audit function from

             the System Administration and addresses the need for

             enhanced public acountability.

         2)  The Internal Audit Department should also have a

             secondary reporting relationship ("dotted line") to

             the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration,

             who is responsible for their day-to-day supervision,

             technical direction, and personal performance eval-

             uation of the Director.

         3)  In conducting the annual performance review of the

             Director of Internal Audit, the Vice Chancellor for

             Finance and Administration should seek input from

             the members of the Audit Committee of the Board.

             This would affirm the Director's independence in

             acting on audits that might pertain to the responsi-

             bilities of the Vice Chancellor.

         4)  The Chancellor should continue to work with the

             Audit Committee, the Vice Chancellor for Finance

             and Administration, and, where appropriate, the

             Director of Internal Audit to ensure his active

             understanding of and engagement in audit findings

             and outcomes.  The Chancellor is responsible for

             the performance review of institutional Presidents

             and has established that follow-up on audit excep-

             tion findings is a routine element in Presidential


     The above recommendations require two Handbook changes:

     Title 4, Chapter 9, Part A, Section 4, Independence, and

     Title 4, Chapter 9, Part B, Section 1, Objective and Scope.

     Text of these changes is on file in the Regents' Office.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the changes as proposed

     to the Audit Reporting Relationships and the Handbook

     changes as presented.  Mrs. Sparks seconded.  Motion


Mr. Phillips returned to the meeting.

12.  Report and Recommendations of the Finance and Planning


     Chairman Dorothy Gallagher reported the Committee met on

     October 4, 1995 and discussed the role of the Committee,

     the charge to the Committee, and a calendar of activities.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept the report of the Finance

     and Planning Committee.  Mrs. Sparks seconded.  Motion


     The following action items were forwarded for Board con-


         Approved Board and System Administration Accounts - Mrs.

         Gallagher explained that a review of the Regents' Spe-

         cial Projects Account was made by the Committee and

         recommended the following:

         1)  The Regents' Special Projects Account and the Chan-

             cellor's Management Development Account be renamed

             to reflect more accurately the functions being sup-

             ported through those accounts.  The Special Projects

             Account will be renamed Board Administration and the

             Management Development Account will be renamed

             System Administration.

         2)  Other functions currently supported through the

             Regents' Special Projects Account will be reassigned

             to other sources:  the Institutional Grants Program

             will be discontinued (Title 4, Chapter 20, Section

             6) and expenses for Presidential Searches now will

             be borne by the institutions concerned.

         3)  The principle of a Contingency Fund will be main-

             tained, with the amount held in contingency to be

             capped at 30% of the prior year's annual income.

             In addition, the Contingency Fund should not be

             used to support on-going personnel expenses as

             happened in the past.

         4)  The annual investment income will be distributed as

             follows:  set aside an amount equal to 30% of prior

             year's annual income for the Contingency Fund; 50%

             to support the System Administration budget; with

             the remainder to the Board Administration account.

             The System Administration budget will be submitted

             by the Chancellor for Board approval each year in

             conjunction with other Systemwide self-supporting


     These recommendations would require Handbook changes:  Title

     4, Chapter 10, Section 6.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the Board and System Ad-

     ministration accounts and the requisite Handbook changes.

     Mrs. Sparks seconded.  Motion carried.

     Approved Changes to the Tuition Policy Committees - Both the

     Finance and Planning Committee and the Academic, Research

     and Student Affairs Committee had reviewed proposed changes

     to the Tuition Policy Committee.  The Financing and Planning

     Committee recommended that:

     1)  The System Committee charged to develop proposal for tu-

         ition and fees be comprised of elected student govern-

         ment representatives, Campus Presidents, and System

         Administration staff, appointed by and Chaired by the

         Chancellor; and

     2)  The recommendations of this Tuition Policy Committee be

         submitted jointly to the Academic, Research and Student

         Affairs and the Finance and Planning Committees for the

         Board for their recommendations to the full Board.

     These recommendations require Handbook changes as found in

     Ref. D and filed in the Regents' Office.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the recommendations 1 and 2

     above and the requisite Handbook changes.  Mrs. Sparks sec-


     Ms. Berkley reported that the Academic, Research and Student

     Affairs Committee agreed with those two recommendations, but

     felt that the Board should give the Chancellor's Tuition

     Committee direction.

     Ms. Berkley moved to amend the motion by adding that the

     Tuition Committee should meet with both the Academic, Re-

     search and Student Affairs Committee and the Finance and

     Planning Committee to receive direction.  Dr. Eardley sec-

     onded.  The amendment carried.

     The original motion, as amended, carried and is worded as

     follows:  "...moved approval of the recommendations 1 and

     2 above and the requisite Handbook changes, and that the

     Chancellor's Tuition Committee should meet with both the

     Academic Research and Student Affairs Committee and the

     Finance and Planning Committees to receive direction."

     Approved Increase Expenditure Authority for CCSN - The

     Finance and Planning Committee recommended that CCSN be

     granted increase expenditure authority of $931,000 to meet

     the needs of the growth in enrollment experienced in the

     current Fall semester 1995, and that CCSN seek authorization

     for expenditures from the Interim Finance Committee.  The

     increased revenues have been generated by tuition and fees

     from the increased enrollments.

     President Moore related that CCSN had increased its FTE by

     1499.  They had received 41 new full-time positions from the

     Legislature and had then hired adjunct faculty to teach the

     additional classes.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval for CCSN to increase its ex-

     penditure authority by $931,000 and to seek authorization

     from the Interim Finance Committee.  Mrs. Sparks seconded.

     Motion carried.

The Board meeting recessed and reconvened at 2:35 P.M., with all

Regents present except Mr. Foley, Mr. Klaich and Mr. Alden.

13.  Approved the Report of the Status of Women Committee

     Chairman Jill Derby reported that at their meeting held

     October 3, 1995, the Status of Women Committee discussed

     the following:

     1)  Sexual Harassment Incident Reports from each Campus.

         It was agreed that additional data are needed and the

         incidence reports will be supplemented with additional

         data about training opportunities next year.

     2)  The Committee reviewed updated Campus implementation


     3)  The sub-group reviewing Chapter 6 of the Code reported

         on its progress.  It was determined that the sub-group

         will identify issues and concerns and forward them to

         the Chancellor for his review and consideration for

         review of the Code.

     4)  The Committee discussed policies regarding consensual

         relationships.  Three Campuses have either instituted

         or drafted for consideration such policies.  These

         policies will be distributed to the other Campuses for

         their consideration.

     5)  The future directions for the Status of Women Committee

         and its role as a part of the newly formed Regents'

         Campus Environment Committee was discussed.

     Dr. Derby moved to accept the report of the Status of Women

     Committee.  Mrs. Sparks seconded.  Motion carried.

14.  Approved the Consent Agenda

     Approved the following Consent Agenda items:

      (1)  Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held

           September 7-8, 1995.  (7th?)

      (2)  Approved extension of sick leave through May 14, 1996

           for Ms. Sue Phillips, Lecturer in Mathematics, UNLV.

      (3)  Approved to grant emeritus status to Dr. George Isham,

           Professor Emeritus, Philosophy, CCSN, effective

           September 1, 1995.

      (4)  Approved members for the College of Education Advisory

           Board at UNR as follows:

               Darryl Feemster

               Debra Feemster

               Michael Moreno

               Bertha Mullins

               Suzanne Ramos

               Serena Ross

               Hans Scheurer

      (5)  Approved the use of Capital Improvement Funds at UNR

           in the amount of $250,000 to purchase furnishings and

           equipment for the Jot Travis Student Union building.

           The facility is currently undergoing renovation to the

           meeting rooms, lounge areas, and the administrative

           and student offices.

      (6)  Approved the use of Capital Improvement Fee Funds at

           CCSN in the amount of $187,599 for renovation of

           space in the main building on the Cheyenne Campus

           for classroom space.

      (7)  Approved Credit Card Services, UCCSN

           Request was made for a single vendor to process all

           credit card transactions.  The function is central-

           ized through the Treasurer's Office as a component of

           its responsibility for System cash management and

           integration with banking services as reflected under

           Handbook:  Title 4, Chapter 9B, Section 3.

      (8)  Approved Bylaw Changes for UNR as found in the Hand-

           book Title 4, Chapter 7, Section 16.b, 43.b, 43.c and


      (9)  Approved Board of Regents' Calendar, 1996-97

               August 8-9, 1996

               September 26-27, 1996

               November 14-15, 1996

               January 30-31, 1997 (GBC Elko)

               March 6-7, 1997

               April 24-25, 1997

               June 26-27, 1997

     (10)  Approved the following Interlocal Contracts:

           A.  UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Depart-

               ment of Education (Interlocal Contract)

               Effective Date:  Date approved by the Board

                                through December 31, 1995

               Amount        :  $3000 maximum to UNR

               Purpose       :  Policy Support Center

           B.  UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada State

               Division of Child & Family Services (Interlocal


               Effective Date:  Date approved by the Board

                                through June 30, 1996

               Amount        :  $7526 maximum to UNR

               Purpose       :  Child Care Provider Training,

                                1996 - Math Readiness

           C.  UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Army

               National Guard (Interlocal Contract)

               Effective Date:  Date approved by the Board

                                through March 29, 1996

               Amount        :  $13,457.42 to UNR

               Purpose       :  Integrated Natural Resources

           D.  UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and Patterson Broad-

               casting, Inc. (Interlocal Contract)

               Effective Date:  Date approved by the Board

               Amount        :  None

               Purpose       :  Transfer of tower site lease

                                from KCBN Radio to Patterson


           E.  UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada State

               Health Division (Interlocal Contract)

               Effective Date:  Date approved by the Board

                                through February 15, 1996

               Amount        :  $9900 to UNR

               Purpose       :  Primary Care Physicians Survey

           F.  UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Depart-

               ment of Human Resources (Interlocal Contract)

               Effective Date:  Date approved by the Board

                                through June 30, 1996

               Amount        :  $22,018 to UNR

               Purpose       :  Enhancing career maturity of

                                adolescents from limited re-

                                source families.

           G.  UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Las Vegas

               Valley Water District (Interlocal Contract)

               Effective Date:  Date approved by the Board

               Amount        :  $232,000 to UNR

               Purpose       :  Water Conservation Research

                                Program in the Las Vegas


           H.  UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada State

               Health Division (Interlocal Contract)

               Effective Date:  Date approved by the Board

                                through March 31, 1996

               Amount        :  $6500 to UNR

               Purpose       :  Clinical training of family

                                nurse practitioner students.

     Mrs. Sparks moved adoption of the Consent Agenda and ap-

     proval of prepared agenda with items as specified through-

     out the meeting.  Dr. Eardley seconded.

     Mrs. Price asked how it was determined which items appear on

     the Consent Agenda.  Chancellor Jarvis stated that those

     items which are "straight forward", requiring little or no

     discussion, and for which there currently is a policy, are

     placed on the Consent Agenda.  Mr. Graves added that this is

     in line with the Board's effort to streamline its meetings.

     Dr. Eardley added that last year a Regent who had attended

     a conference requested that more items be moved to the

     Consent Agenda.

     Motion carried.

15.  Information Only

     At the September 1995 meeting, Chairman Graves requested

     changes in certain names and charges for some of the Commit-

     tees.  He also indicated that more detailed work will be

     accomplished through the committee structure, but emphasized

     that there would remain an opportunity for Board discussion

     as committees bring recommendations to the Board for con-

     sideration.  The approval of the names and charges of the

     Standing Committees requires changes in the Regents' Bylaws,

     Article VI, Section 3.  Staff was directed to draft such

     changes for consideration by the Board.  See Ref. H, filed

     in the Regents'Office.  This constitutes the first reading

     of the changes with action to follow at the December, 1995


16.  Approved Executive Salary Considerations

     At the September 1995 meeting, the Board accepted the report

     on executive salaries for FY 1995-96, which included Presi-

     dents, Vice Chancellors, General Counsel and Secretary of

     the Board.  Ref. I is filed with permanent minutes.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the executive salaries as

     recommended.  Mrs. Sparks seconded.  Motion carried.

     In answer to a question from Mrs. Price concerning salary

     schedules, Chancellor Jarvis stated that a study would be

     conducted this year to update the schedules and bring them

     to the Board for approval.

17.  Approved Increasing the Stipend for the Regents' Outstanding

     Student Award

     Chancellor Jarvis recommended that the stipend for the

     Regents' Outstanding Student Award be raised from $500 to

     $5000 per student.  Awards are given each year for the

     outstanding student from each Campus, plus two graduate

     students, one from UNR and one from UNLV.  He related that

     if it was the wish of the Board, the stipend could be ap-

     plied toward contining education within the State.

     Mrs. Price moved to increase the stipend for the Regents'

     Outstanding Student Award from $500 to $5000.  Dr. Derby


     Mr. Graves stated that he was embarrassed last year in mak-

     ing the award of $500 to the best and brightest students in

     Nevada.  However, he felt consideration should be given to

     keeping the students in the State.  Dr. Derby stated she

     felt that would be restrictive, inasmuch as there may be a

     student who wishes to continue, but Nevada does not offer a

     program in his particular area.  After further discussion,

     the Chancellor was directed to prepare alternatives for

     consideration to changing criteria for the award.  Mrs.

     Price stated she was in favor of no restrictions on the


     Motion carried.

18.  Approved Construction of Building, UNLV

     President Harter stated she had received a request from the

     UNLV Foundation to construct a two-story building on the

     northeast corner of the Campus.  The building would be ap-

     proximately 20,000 sq. ft. and would house the Foundation.

     Tate and Snyder Architects would be contributing the design

     work, and the building would be constructed with private


     Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the request for the UNLV

     Foundation to construct a building on the UNLV Campus.

     Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

     President Harter stated that the Foundation would deed the

     building to the Board of Regents, and the State would pay

     for maintenance.  In answer to a question, Dr. Harter re-

     lated that there are a number of University Campuses which

     have such buildings.  President Crowley reminded the Board

     that a number of years ago the UNLV Foundation was located

     off the Campus, which had created a number of problems, so

     it was moved back.  Mr. John Gallagher, Executive Director

     of the Foundation, stated that the University is paying

     for maintenance on Tam Alumni Center, which was built with

     private funds.

     Mrs. Price stated that she would vote no, because she does

     not agree with the structure of the Foundation.  She con-

     tinued that she had asked for an Attorney General opinion

     and asked the Chairman to write for that opinion.

     Motion carried.  Mrs. Price voted no.

19.  Approved the Reorganization of Administrative Structure,


     President Randolph stated he has worked with the faculty and

     and staff at the College to develop an effective and effici-

     ent administrative structure for WNCC, which would also re-

     flect his style of management as well as being acceptable to

     a broad cross-section of the community.

     The proposed structure eliminates the two Vice President

     positions at WNCC.  One position (Academic Affairs) has been

     vacant for over a year.  The other position is currently

     filled.  The position will be re-titled:  Executive Dean/

     Assistant to the President.  The proposed structure has

     the net effect of reducing the administrative cost at WNCC

     by approximately $50,000.  President Randolph stated that

     Dr. Jerry Barbee has been assigned to serve on the System

     Academic Council.

     President Randolph stated there would be an evaluation of

     the structure throughout the 1995-96 year, after which addi-

     tional modifications may be forthcoming.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the reorganization of the

     administrative structure at WNCC.  Mr. Phillips seconded.

     Motion carried.

20.  Approved Bank Loan, WNCC/Minden

     President Randolph related that WNCC has had a fund-raising

     effort underway for the construction of a building on the

     Bentley property site in Minden.  The State Legislature ap-

     propriated $1.8 million towards the construction and the

     Foundation has raised the remaining amount, some of which

     is in pledges.  He requested approval to seek a loan for

     approximately $800,000 in order for construct limitation

     for the gift of the land to WNCC.  The loan would be repaid

     with the pledges made to the Foundation.

     Dr. Derby moved approval for WNCC to seek a loan of ap-

     poximately $800,000 for construction of a building site

     at the WNCC-Minden site.  Mrs. Price seconded.

     Mrs. Price reminded the Board she has requested criteria

     for construction of sites for the Campuses.  Dr. Derby

     stated that the Board must also take into consideration

     the commute for the outlying areas to a Campus and that

     there are times a Campus needs buildings as well as the

     technology.  This particular site will greatly increase

     access for WNCC students.  Mrs. Berkley stated there are

     other reasons for buildings on outlying areas, such as

     community pride and community use of the buildings.  Mr.

     Graves reminded the Board that the property was given to

     the Campus with a 3-year time limitation in which to build.

     Mrs. Gallagher stated that there is a need to set criteria

     for placing programs in an area.  Mrs. Sparks stated that

     this site would not be duplicating any services or programs

     WNCC now has.  President Randolph related that the building

     will be approximately 15,000 sq. feet and will have speci-

     alty programs.  Dr. Derby stated this building and the

     programs are a part of the WNCC Master Plan which is based

     on growth projections.

     Motion carried.

21.  Public Comment

     Mr. Dennis Tupper, representing students, parents and his

     daughter, Rachel, stated his frustration and harassment re-

     ceived over the $57 Health Fee at UNR.  He said that thanks

     to President Crowley some of the injustices have been cor-

     rected, but that he felt the Board should have given this

     controversial issue more consideration.

     Mrs. Price apologized to Mr. Tupper for not having this

     item on the agenda and told him there had been a bill in the

     last Legisature which, if it had passed, would have allowed

     a single Regent to place an item on the agenda.

     Mr. Graves stated that the Regents had all received a copy

     of correspondence from the Chancellor (filed in the Regents'

     Office) explaining there had been a meeting with Mr. Tupper,

     his daughter, President Crowley and himself.  At that time

     Mr. Tupper had been informed that since this fee had been

     forwarded by the students at UNR, the matter has been re-

     ferred back to the student government where it is being

     studied.  When the students have completed their delibera-

     tions, and if they so wish, the matter will be brought back

     to the Board following the proper procedures.  Mr. Tupper

     was also informed at that time that he could air his con-

     cerns to the students through their hearing procedures.

     Mr. Tupper stated that Regent Klaich had indicated that the

     matter was to go before a Regent committee.  Mr. Graves ex-

     plained that the matter is being handled through the process

     and procedures of the System.

     Mr. Glenn Booth, President of the Associated Students of the

     University of Nevada (ASUN), stated that this fee has gen-

     erated concerns, but mostly from the non-traditional stu-

     dents.  The ASUN is currently doing a health survey on the

     Campus to determine who uses the health service and why.

     The survey results will be reviewed and a determination and

     recommendations will be made through the proper channels.

     They expect to complete their deliberations sometime in

     March.  Mr. Booth stated that the students are not unhappy

     about the process used, but they are unhappy with the man-

     ner in which it was implemented.  Their concern now is to

     give the Board accurate information.

     Mrs. Berkley commended the UNR students for their efforts.

22.  New Business

     Dr. Harter presented the Board with an award from the

     National Institute of Architects for the Student Services

     building at UNLV.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 P.M.

                             Mary Lou Moser