UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 19-20, 1984


Pages 3-26

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                         October 19, 1984

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Board Room,

Thomas and Mack Events Center, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present:  Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chairman

                  Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

                  Mrs. Lilly Fong

                  Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

                  Mr. Chris Karamanos

                  Mrs. Joan Kenney

                  Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

                  Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

                  Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present:   Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

                  President William Berg, NNCC

                  President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

                  President Joseph Crowley, UNR

                  President V. James Eardley, TMCC

                  President George Hidy, DRI

                  President Robert C. Maxson, UNLV

                  President Paul Meacham, CCCC

                  Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

                  Mr. Mark Dawson, Deputy Chancellor

                  Dr. Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor

                  Mr. Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor

                  Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs John Clevenger (TMCC),

Nancy Forni (PSC-UNLV), Richard French (DRI), Myrlene La Mancusa

(UNLV), Robin Nelson (CCCC), Bus Scharmann (WNCC), and Student

Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mc Bride at 8:00 A.M.

 1.  Personnel Session

     Upon motion by Mrs. Gallagher, seconded by Ms. Del Papa, the

     Board moved to a closed personnel session for the purpose of

     discussing the character, alleged misconduct, professional

     competence or physical or mental health of a person in ac-

     cordance with NRS 241.030.

Chairman Mc Bride reconvened the Board in public session at 9:00

A.M. with all Regents present.

 2.  Chancellor's Report

     Chancellor Robert Bersi reported on the following events of

     concern to the System:

     A.  On October 5, 1984 the Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet

         held a legislative workshop.  Those attending included

         the Chancellor's staff, Campus Presidents, Senate

         Chairs, the University of Nevada System Compensation

         Committee Chair, and the UNLV Student Body President.

         It was an all morning discussion centered on the UNS

         Budget, which Vice Chancellor Ron Sparks explained; the

         System Compensation Committee made a presentation and a

         report; the Faculty Senate Chairs made presentations;

         and a general discussion was held on legislative activi-

         ties per Campus.

         The consensus from this meeting was that it is a very

         clean, clear and understandable budget and it focuses

         clearly on enrichment for UNS, for example, improving

         faculty/student ratios, requesting $100,000 from the

         Legislature to complete a comprehensive study during

         the biennium on funding higher education and developing

         formulas for funding.  Dr. Bersi emphasized that salary

         increases are the top priority of every component of the

         System, which covers a 4-year period.

         Campuses reported on legislative activities.  Each

         Campus is very active, along with its Advisory Board


         The general feeling from the workshop was 1) higher edu-

         cation is high on the national agenda; 2) Nevada has a

         revenue surplus; 3) UNS is organized better than ever

         before; 4) there is momentum, focus and coordination.

         It was also felt that if the System continues to work

         together, the System would prosper greatly from the

         1985-87 legislation.

     B.  Dr. Bersi stated that he has been working closely with

         corporate activities.  The President of Xanaro Tech-

         nologies, Inc. of Toronto, Canada, visited Nevada again

         and has a growing interest in Nevada and the University

         System.  Dr. Bersi has also been working with Memoran,

         a Silicone Valley diskette manufacturer, as well as

         Advanced Productions Solution, Inc., a Los Gatos Corpo-

         ration specializing in worldwide distribution of high

         tech products.

         The Xebec Corporation has been very generous to the Uni-

         versity of Nevada System.  Dr. Bersi explained that when

         a sophisticated high technology corporation integrates

         with the faculty and a School of the System, as Xebec

         has in the past with its gifts of robotics, artificial

         intelligence, advanced production technology and the

         building of the CAD facility in the College of Engineer-

         ing at UNR, the relationship continues to build.  This

         relationship will mean increased productivity for the

         College.  Xebec has, for example, given to the College

         of Engineering a gift of approximately $250,000 of much

         needed computer and associated electronic equipment for

         instruction and research, and Dr. Bersi asked for the

         the acceptance of this gift on behalf of the UNR College

         of Engineering.

     C.  While in Washington, D. C., Dr. Bersi attended the

         Federal Education Data Acquisition Council (FEDAC) meet-

         ing and visited the Satellite Television Corporation,

         who declared that it was going to move its facilities

         to Las Vegas.  Dr. Bersi informed the Board that he was

         appointed by Secretary Bell last July to the FEDAC which

         concentrates on controlling policies, practices and pro-

         cedures of all federal agencies acquisition of data,

         especially the acquisition of educational data.  Dr.

         Bersi stated that in travelling to Washington, D. C.,

         his contacts will provide access for both Colleges of

         Education to an unlimited fund of information on na-

         tional education issues.  He will contact both the

         Deans regarding FEDAC.

     D.  Dr. Bersi informed the Board that while in Washington,

         D. C., he attended the presentation of the Jefferson

         Medal by the Council for the Advancement and Support of

         Education to John Hoppe Franklin, Professor of History

         at James B. Duke University and one of the nation's

         leading historians.  His work and research undergirded

         the Brown vs. Board of Education case which was the

         underpinning of the American Civil Rights movements.

     E.  The Friends of the University Press has launched its

         first annual effort to supplement the resources of the

         Press.  An information letter soliciting support and a

         very dignified, 4-page information brochure which de-

         scribes the Friends of the Press, the tradition of Uni-

         versity presses in the United States, the book series

         produced at the Nevada Press, and reasons why the Nevada

         Press needs additional support was sent to prominent

         Nevadans.  The University of Nevada Press is a Statewide

         resource and next year it will be launching a book pro-

         duction which will double from last year and the year

         before.  The sales have increased and the management of

         the Press is doing very well.

     Mrs. Fong moved approval to accept the gift of computer

     equipment and related electronic equipment presented to the

     College of Engineering at UNR, which is approximately

     $250,000.  Mrs. Kenney seconded.  Motion carried.

Chairman Mc Bride introduced Mrs. Carolyn Sparks, candidate for

Regent, District 2B in Las Vegas.

 3.  Approved the Consent Agenda

     Approved the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

     with the permanent minutes) containing the following items:

     (1)  Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held August

          30, 1984, and the minutes of the special teleconference

          meeting held October 4, 1984.

     (2)  Approved the gifts, grants and contracts as listed in

          Ref. C-1, filed with the permanent minutes.

     (3)  Approved the leave without pay for Daniel J. Tone,

          Office of Communications and Broadcasting at UNR.  He

          was granted a 0.5 FTE leave without pay until November

          30, 1984.  He requested a renewal of his 0.5 FTE leave

          without pay until November 30, 1985 so that he can con-

          tinue with the Rural Television System Planning Grant.

     (4)  Approved the following for appointment to the College

          of Arts and Science Advisory Board at UNR whose term

          will expire on June 30, 1987:

              Arthur Boecher

              Gail Brunetti

              Bonnie Bryan

              Mary Ellen Mc Mullen

              Roger Newton

              Sandy Rogers

              Silas Sellers

          Also approved the reappointment of the following:

              Steve Brown              Moya Lear

              Pat Cashill              Bill Ligon

              Margery Cavanaugh        Rollan Melton

              David Clark              Jean Myles

              Robert Clift             Bob Pearce

              Fred Davis               Andrea Pelter

              Barbara Feltner          Steve Walther

              William Fox              Thomas Wilson

              Mary Gojack              Kay Winters

              Jaci Jones

     (5)  Authorized Business Center South to write off student

          loans at CCCC in the amount of $1081.68 and at UNLV in

          the amount of $1394.00.  See Ref. C-5a, filed in the

          Regents Office.

          Authorized approval to write off student loans at UNR,

          including Emergency Loans, in the amount of $11,236.41.

          See Ref. C-5b, filed in the Regents Office.

     (6)  Approved the appointment of Jim Johnson of Fallon to

          the School of Medicine Advisory Board.

     Ms. Del Papa moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda and

     approval of the prepared agenda with the authority to change

     the order of items as specified throughout the meeting.

     Mrs. Kenney seconded.  Motion carried.

 4.  Report on the Association of Governing Boards Conference

     Chairman Mc Bride presented the following guidelines for the

     newly established Academic Affairs Committee and Budget and

     Finance Committee which are recommended by AGB in order for

     some uniformity as to the types of activities with which

     those Committees would concern themselves:

         Academic Affairs Committee


             New Programs and Expansion of Existing Programs

             Quality of Programs -- CPR, Review

             Mission of Community Colleges

             Academic Computing

             and any matters assigned by the Board Chairman

         Budget and Finance Committee

             UNS Budgets

             Investments and Endowments


             Presidential Compensation


             and any matters assigned by the Board Chairman

     Mrs. Gallagher and Ms. Del Papa reported on the AGB Confer-

     ence held in Washington, D. C. on September 30 through

     October 2.  They both agreed that this past Conference was

     the most educational and the most exiciting they had attend-

     ed.  The Conference focused on Presidential review, Presi-

     dential interaction with the Board, and Presidential inter-

     action with their Campuses.  A review of the Conference was

     submitted to the Board and is filed in the Regents Office.

     Mrs. Gallagher reported that nationwide, University systems

     are having problems with Presidential turnover.  Presidents

     are finding it difficult to run their institutions; instead

     the faculty, students or board members are stepping in and

     running the institutions.  This leaves the Presidents with

     many responsibilities and practically none of the functions.

     Mrs. Gallagher recommended to the Presidents and the Board

     members the report given by Dr. Clark Kerr regarding the

     findings of the National Commission on Strengthening Presi-

     dential Leadership.

     Ms. Del Papa emphasized the importance of the positive ef-

     forts that the System Foundations are making and highly

     recommended to the Board, Presidents and Foundation Board

     members Mr. Robert Dedham, who spoke to the fund raising

     issues.  She reiterated that the Strengthening Presidential

     Leadership is the most urgent nationwide concern in higher

     education and the greatest test of the Board in the long run

     is the quality of Presidents it is able to obtain and re-


 5.  Report of the Budget and Finance Committee

     The Budget and Finance Committee met on October 18, 1984 and

     Mr. Daniel Klaich, Chair, submitted the following report and


     (1)  Over the past several years the Board of Regents has

          made several allocations from the Board of Regents

          Special Projects account as loans to the various in-

          stitutions.  In reviewing the action taken by the Board

          of Regents, and the circumstance surrounding the ac-

          counts, it appeared that the allocation should be that

          of a grant, rather than a loan.  Approved to redesig-

          nate the following allocations as grants:


              Morrill Hall Restoration

                  03-17-78 in the amount of $65,000

              Remodeling of College Inn

                  12-01-78 in the amount of $10,000

              Marching Band

                  12-19-79 in the amount of $55,000


              Marching Band

                  12-19-79 in the amount of $55,000


              Foundation Start-Up

                  02-26-82 in the amount of $20,000

          Ms. Del Papa requested that the $100,000 of DRI's Con-

          tingency Reserve Fund remain a loan fund instead of

          redesignating it as a grant.

     (2)  Approved the establishment of a $100 per student Stu-

          dent Program for all Fall 1984 residents of Tonopah

          Hall, UNLV, if they agree to sign an official resi-

          dence hall contract for the Spring 1985 semester.  See

          Ref. B-2 for a description of historical Spring semes-

          ter vacancy rates, filed in the Regents Office.  Dr.

          Maxson reported that he believed the program would

          generate more funds with increased occupancy.

          The rebate would begin October 22, 1984 and end on

          December 3, 1984.

          It was requested that a report showing the financial

          impact on Tonopah Hall be made at the January, 1985

          meeting of the Board of Regents.

     (3)  Approved the Estimated Budget for the School of Medi-


                        Speech Pathology Clinic

          Opening Cash Balance and Revenue:

              Opening Cash                           $31,273

              Revenue                                 30,000

                  Total Revenue                      $61,273

          Expenditures and Fund Balance:

              Professional Salaries                  $39,542

              Graduate Fellow Salaries                 4,500

              Fringe Benefits                          7,404

              Operating                                8,827

              Out-of-State Travel                      1,000

                  Total Expenditures                 $61,273

     (4)  Report of completed interal audits was given by the

          Director of Internal Audit Sandi Cardinal (see Ref.

          B-4, filed with the permanent minutes).

              University Press - July 1, 1982 through

                  December 31, 1983

              Clark County Community College Office of

                  Admission and Records - Fall 1983

     (5)  In August, 1984 the Board approved the Audit Report on

          Admission and Records at UNLV for Spring, 1983, which

          contained several recommendations.  Mr. Klaich request-

          ed a report to the Board on their implementation.

          President Maxson reported that the recommendations

          contained in the audit have been met.  He further

          stated that UNLV is requesting approval of their Sus-

          pension, Probation and Readmission Policy by the Board

          of Regents Academic Affairs Committee in order to make

          it consistent with that as contained in the Board of

          Regents Handbook.

     (6)  Approved the amendment to the Handbook, Title 4, Chap-

          ter 17, Section 10, Student Fees, UNR.  This amendment

          is to raise tuition for the 1985 Summer Session from

          $36 to $39 undergraduate and $41 to $43 graduate.

          Scott Bogatz, President of the Student Senate, UNR,

          noted the students do not oppose this increase; how-

          ever, requested that students be informed that a

          change is being considered prior to Board of Regents

          consideration.  President Crowley agreed with this

          request and will develop a procedure to accomplish

          such early notification.

     (7)  Accepted the following report of the ad hoc Investment

          Subcommittee and will continue the status of the sub-

          committee until the Board of Regents has considered

          its committee structure.

          Members of the subcommittee are as follows:

              Peter S. Bing, M. D.

              Peter S. Bingham, Public Member

              Edna S. Brigham, Director of the Endowment

              Mark Dawson, Deputy Chancellor

              Dan Klaich, Regent

              Janet Mac Donald, Deputy Treasurer

              Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor for Finance

              June Whitley, Regent

          The functions of the subcommittee are as follows:

          1.  To develop and monitor guidelines for the invest-

              ment of operating funds.

          2.  To monitor the performance of the custodial bank.

          3.  To monitor the performance of the money managers

              and their compliance with approved guidelines.

          4.  To implement guidelines and report to the Budget

              and Finance Committee regarding the investment

              of new money.

          5.  To monitor investment guidelines for continued


          6.  To monitor the effects of the investment policy

              on System institutions and conduct such hearings

              as are necessary, with subsequent reports to the

              Budget and Finance Committee.

          It further recommended that its reporting relationship

          to the Budget and Finance Committee and to the Board

          of Regents be as follows:

          1.  The performance of the money managers will be moni-

              tored continuously by the subcommittee and will be

              reported to the Budget and Finance Committee semi-

              annually and to the full Board of Regents annually.

          2.  The performance of the money managers will be ana-

              lyzed by an outside financial consulting firm at

              the end of each quarter of the fiscal year and such

              written reports will be sent regularly to each mem-

              ber of the Board.  Reports on the performance ana-

              lysis will be made to the Budget and Finance Com-

              mittee semi-annually and to the full Board of

              Regents on an annual basis.

          3.  Regular reports will be made to the Budget and

              Finance Committee regarding the functions listed

              above and any changes that may be deemed appro-


          The subcommittee further recommended that the firm of

          Cambridge Associates be engaged for the current aca-

          demic year to consult with the members of the subcom-

          mittee to help them in their tasks of monitoring the

          newly developed guidelines and the performance of the

          new managers and the custodial bank.  In addition to

          this consultation service, which will be available to

          the subcommittee members, Cambridge Associates will

          also prepare the quarterly performance analyses and

          will be available annually to present the year-end

          analysis to the full Board.  The fee to be charged by

          Cambridge Associates is $18,000 per year, which fee

          can be paid from soft dollars.

     Mrs. Kenney moved to accept the report and recommendations

     of the Budget and Finance Committee.  Ms. Del Papa seconded.

     Motion carried.

     It was agreed that the 1985 Legislative Program would be

     developed and coordinated by the Budget and Finance Com-


 6.  Discussion of the Regent Committees

     Chairman Mc Bride stated that in Robert's Rules of Order and

     the Regents' Bylaws it is stated that an ad hoc committee

     appointed by the Chair expires at the end of a year, unless

     it is reauthorized by the Board.  There have been a couple

     of committees that have so expired.  The Academic Affairs

     Committee and the Budget and Finance Committees are now

     standing committees.

     In January there may be new appointments to these ad hoc

     committees.  Chairman Mc Bride discussed the present ad hoc

     committees as follows:

     A.  The ad hoc Liaison with DRI was established in October,

         1984; therefore, the Committee will disband in October,

         1985.  The members are as follows:

             Regent Dorothy S. Gallagher, Chair

             Regent Daniel J. Klaich, Member

             Regent John R. Mc Bride, Member

     B.  The Joint Council on College Preparation was established

         in June, 1983; therefore, the Committee has been dis-


     C.  The Joint Council on Vocational Education was establish-

         ed in March, 1984; therefore, the Committee will disband

         in March, 1985.  The members are as follows:

             Joan Kenney, Co-Chair

             Jo Ann Sheerin, Member

     The following is a list of liaison committees established by

     Chairman Mc Bride:

     A.  The State Chair of ACCT is held by Jo Ann Sheerin.

     B.  Officer Assessment guidelines will be conducted by

         Dorothy S. Gallagher and Frankie Sue Papa.

 7.  Emergency Item - Amendments to Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 2,

     Section 3, Officer Evaluation

     Mrs. Gallagner requested acceptance of an emergency item

     regarding Officer Evaluation.

     Mrs. Fong moved to accept the emergency item.  Mrs.

     Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.

     Approved the following amendments to the Handbook, Title 4,

     Chapter 2, Section 3, Officer Evaluation:

     Section 3.  Officer Evaluation

     1.  Annual informal performance evaluations for the Chancel-

         lor and the Presidents of the member institutions shall

         be carried out and completed by the Board of Regents in

         January of each year.  The evaluation period shall cover

         the prior calendar year, while goals shall be set for

         the pending calendar year.

     2.  The object of this process is the self improvement of

         the Officers and the education of the Board of Regents

         as to the performance of the Officers.  Both the Board

         and the Officers should be encouraged to freely discuss

         any problems each has had with their interaction with

         the other during the past year.

     3.  With respect to evaluations, the Officers shall be ex-

         pected to analyze their own performances during the

         period and shall also be expected to outline their im-

         mediate goals for the next year.

     4.  The Board of Regents shall evaluate the performances of

         Officers and shall establish mutually agreed upon goals

         for them, where relevant, in areas which include, but

         are not necessarily limited to:

         a.  General Administration - This includes general su-

             pervision and responsibilities for the Unit admin-

             istered, leadership, quality of administrative

             staff, legislative acumen, academic program status,

             physical plant and facilities.

         b.  Financial Administration - This includes the fiscal

             status and integrity of financial systems.

         c.  Personnel Administration - This includes faculty,

             staff and student affairs.

         d.  Public Relations, Development and Alumni Relations.

     5.  In order to carry out the evaluations and goal setting,

         the Officers shall meet with the Board of Regents in

         closed personnel session under the provisions of Nevada

         Open Meeting Law.  The Board may include such staff

         members of the Board and the Chancellor's Office in such

         meetings as it deems necessary to assist the Board.  The

         Secretary of the Board shall distribute the minutes or a

         summation of the minutes of the last evaluation session

         for each Officer evaluated to the Board for its consid-

         eration at each evaluation session.  Such minutes or

         summation shall specifically include the goals agreed to

         at the last evaluation for each Officer.  Minutes of

         such personnel sessions shall be maintained in confi-

         dence, as required by the Nevada Open Meeting Law.

     6.  Goals set by the last previous evaluation shall be re-

         viewed on the question of whether such goals were met.

         The Board shall question the Officers in regard to

         their performances of such goals and shall identify

         any areas of institutional management for which the Of-

         ficers are responsible that need improvement.  Time

         should be taken to discuss at length the positive re-

         sults of the year before.  The Officers shall inform

         the Board of the reasons why goals may have have been

         met or why they were unattainable.  Unless deleted by

         agreement between the Board and the Officers, unattained

         goals shall be carried over to the next year's evalua-

         tion for consideration and new goals may also be added.

     Mrs. Gallagher noted AGB recommended that the Board make

     the assessments of the Officers, the Board discuss with the

     Officers the goals and problems of their institutes, and

     that there should not be a specific check list made on each


     It was felt by Mr. Karamanos that the Board members and the

     Officers needed more time to review the requested handbook

     changes.  Mrs. Gallagher indicated that these changes need

     to be approved before the November meeting in order for the

     current Regents to evaluate performance of Officers.  All

     of the Officers agreed to the changes.

     Mrs. Fong suggested that the Faculty Senates, Alumni, Stu-

     dents and others should be included in the review process.

     Ms. Del Papa stated that this issue was discussed at the

     AGB Conference and it was felt that the review process

     should be between the Board members and the Officers.

     Mr. Klaich moved approval of the amendments to the Handbook

     regarding Officer Evaluation.  Mr. Karamanos seconded.

     Motion carried.

 8.  Report of the Academic Affairs Committee

     The Academic Affairs Committee met on October 18, 1984 and

     Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin, Chair, submitted the following report

     and recommendations:

     (1)  Approved to increase the minimum entry grade point av-

          erage for graduate students at UNR from 2.5 to 2.75.

          The minimum standard will apply Universitywide; how-

          ever, Departments or Colleges may have entrance re-

          quirements in excess of the minimum graduate school

          requirements.  Prescribed program alternatives will

          be established by Departments for some students who

          do not meet these requirements; the number of students

          in these programs will be limited to 20% of the total

          graduate enrollment in a Department.

          The proposed date of implementation is Fall 1985.

          The Graduate Council at UNR has recommended increasing

          the minimum admission standard to graduate school.

          This proposal has been supported by the Graduate Dean

          and the Academic Vice President.  This recommendation

          will be consistent with current graduate school admis-

          sions policies at UNLV, which require a 2.75 grade

          point average.

          President Crowley stated that this is a minimum


     (2)  Approved the amendment to the Handbook, Title 4,

          Chapter 16, Section 6.2, Special Admission Program at

          UNLV as follows:

          6.2  The approval of the University's Admissions Com-

               mittee is required for the applicant to be ad-


          This section pertains only to UNLV.

     (3)  Discussion was held on Admission Standards for UNS.

          In August, 1984 the Board of Regents approved changes

          to admission standards, deferring the matter to the

          Academic Affairs Committee with input from the Presi-

          dents' Council and Academic Affairs Council for a

          study and recommendations on:

              A)  time table

              B)  procedures

              C)  framework for implementation

          Vice Chancellor Fox indicated that the Academic Affairs

          Council has discussed the above issues and appointed a

          subcommittee of Academic Vice Presidents Davies and

          Unrue to finalize recommendations.  The time table will

          be tied to the recommendations from the Governor's Com-

          mittee on Excellence, taking into consideration lead

          time necessary for high schools.  This and other recom-

          mendations will be presented at a later date.  Other

          considerations for exception will be the returning

          student, minority students and articulation problems,

          as well as occupational education.

     (4)  Mrs. Joan Kenney, Co-Chair, reported on the status of

          the work of the Joint Council on Vocational Education,

          who will be meeting in early November with intentions

          to bring the requirements to the Board by the end of

          November.  Mrs. Kenney distributed a policy statement

          for which she will ask the Board for consideration at

          the next meeting, filed in the Regents' Office.

     (5)  Approved the amendments to Handbook, Title 4, Chapter

          16 on Scholastic Probation, Suspension and Disqualifi-

          cation (see Ref. AA-5, filed with the permanent min-


     Mrs. Sheerin asked that any recommendations for future study

     of the Committee be forwarded as soon as possible.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the report and recommenda-

     tions of the Academic Affairs Committee.  Mrs. Kenney sec-

     onded.  Motion carried.

     Mrs. Sheerin reported on the Association of Community Col-

     lege Trustees (ACCT) Conference she attended in San Antonio,

     Texas and indicated that a written report will be submitted

     to the Board.  Mrs. Sheerin is the Nevada State Chair to

     the ACCT.

Mrs. Gallagher, Chair, Liaison Committee on Institutional Bylaws,

indicated that UNR will be submitting their Bylaws at the Novem-

ber meeting.

 9.  Approved the Amendment to Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 18,

     Section 6.7, Grant-in-Aid, Classified Employees

     Approved the following change to the Handbook, Title 4,

     Chapter 18, Section 6.7, Grant-in-Aid:

         The responsible Dean or Director must recommend the

         taking of job-related courses and approve the time

         the course is taken on a grant-in-aid basis by employees

         under their jurisdiction.  Final approval shall be made

         by the President or the President's designee.

     The System Business Officers proposed this amendment for


     Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the amendment to the Hand-

     book regarding Grant-in-Aid for Classified Employees.  Mrs.

     Whitley seconded.  Motion carried.

10.  Approved the Amendment to Handbook, Title 5, Chapter 8, WNCC


     In order to be consistent with the UNS Code, the following

     amendment to the Western Nevada Community College Insti-

     tutional Bylaws was approved:

         Chapter I, Section 5.1.1 to read:  If a faculty member

         is notified of a layoff for curricular reasons on or

         before December 1 of the faculty member's current con-

         tract year, the layoff shall not be in effect until

         the following June 30.  If a faculty member is notified

         of a layoff for curricular reasons after December 1 of

         the faculty member's current contract year, the layoff

         shall not be in effect until the completion of the

         contract year immediately following the June 30 of the

         contract year of notice.  (UNS Code 5.4.8 (d))

     Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the amendment to Handbook

     regarding WNCC Bylaws.  Mrs. Kenney seconded.  Motion


11.  Approved the Appointment of Dean, Educational Services, CCCC

     Approved the appointment of Dr. Alan Balboni as Dean of

     Educational Services at CCCC, at a salary of $36,644.38

     based on an annual salary of $42,000, effective September

     17, 1984.

     Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the appointment of Dr. Alan

     Balboni as Dean of Educational Services at CCCC, at an an-

     nual salary of $42,000, effective September 17, 1984.  Mrs.

     Kenney seconded.  Motion carried.

Mr. Robert Forbush, Clark County School District Trustee, was


12.  Emergency Item - Appointment of Business Manager, CCCC

     President Meacham requested acceptance of an emergency item

     regarding the appointment of a Business Manager at CCCC.

     Mrs. Kenney moved approval to accept the emergency item.

     Mr. Klaich seconded.  Motion carried.

     Approved the appointment of Mr. Ruell Fiant as Business

     Manager at CCCC, at an annual salary of $34,000, effective


     Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the appointment of Mr.

     Ruell Fiant as Business Manager at CCCC, at an annual sal-

     ary of $34,000, effective immediately.  Mrs. Kenney sec-

     onded.  Motion carried.

13.  Report on Early Pay-Off of Bonds, UNR and UNLV

     At their August meeting, the Board authorized the early

     pay-off of bonds at UNR and UNLV for dormitory and food

     services buildings through application of a federally

     sponsored program, providing the Campus applications were


     That approval was forthcoming.  Deputy Chancellor Dawson

     reported that the application for bonds at UNR and UNLV for

     dormitory and food services buildings have been accepted.

14.  Approved the Amendment to Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 17,

     Sections 7.2 and 7.4, Deferred Payments, NNCC

     Approved the following amendment to the Handbook, Title 4,

     Chapter 17, Sections 7.2 and 7.4 concerning the deferred

     payment of registration fees at NNCC:

         Section 7.2 - Remove reference to NNCC in title and


         Add a new Section 7.4 as follows:

         4.  The following policy is applicable to NNCC:

             Contracts for deferred payment plan are available
             to students who register in 6 or more semester hours

             in a Fall or Spring semester, Summer Session or Mini

             Session.  The Director of Admissions/Records or any

             designee(s) may authorize a deferred payment plan

             to best meet the student's needs.  The deferred

             amount will be approximately 50% of total charges

             payable by the student with a possible 10% variance.

             The balance is due and payable not later than Friday

             of the 6th week of instruction.  Any unpaid balance

             on a deferred payment plan becomes a student ac-

             counts receivable on the final due date and is

             treated as an official fee hold for future regis-

             trations and transcript privileges.  A penaly of

             $5 per $100 (or fraction thereof) is charged on the

             deferred balance not paid by the fine due date.  The

             Director of Admissions/Records is authorized, if

             necessary, to officially withdraw a student from

             classes for nonpayment with the balance due treated

             as a students accounts receivable.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the amendment to the Hand-

     book regarding Deferred Payments at NNCC.  Mrs. Kenney

     seconded.  Motion carried.

15.  Approved the Clarification of Policy

     Approved clarification of policy by abolishing mandatory

     salary steps within rank/range salary schedules, Ref. B,

     filed with the permanent minutes, to read:

         That the Board of Regents abandon the salary step pat-

         tern within each rank/range salary schedule and adopt

         a salary schedule system using ranks and ranges only

         for the Universities and Community Colleges respective-

         ly.  Each member institution shall be permitted to

         adopt the salary step pattern of its choice between

         the lowest and the highest base point salary figures

         adopted within each rank or range.  In adopting rank/

         range salary schedules, the Board of Regents may also

         propose recommended salary steps, which the member

         institutions shall be free to use or not use as each


         For the guidance of the institutions, it was also recom-

         mended that the 2nd and 3rd sentences of the above pro-

         posed policy be added to Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 15

         of the Board of Regents Handbook as a new section, and

         that paragraph 1 of the above stated Section 15, which

         currently quotes obsolete provisions of the former UNS

         Code, be replaced with the language of Section 5.5 of

         the present Code.

         In addition, for the reasons also stated in Ref. B, the

         Chancellor's Office and the Council of Presidents also

         recommended that the 1st sentence of Title 4, Chapter 3,

         Section 17 of the Board of Regents Handbook be amended

         as follows:

             Except as may be provided by the Community Colleges

             in their respective Bylaws, a Community College

             faculty member may be eligible for lateral pro-

             gression in the Community College salary schedule,

             provided the faculty member has met the following


         Finally, it was recommended that the word "Range" re-

         place the word "Schedule" in the captions to paragraphs

         1 through 3 in Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 17.

     Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the recommendations for the

     clarification of policy statements.  Ms. Del Papa seconded.

     Motion carried.

16.  Discussion on Community College Advisory Boards

     The Community College Presidents requested discussion on

     Community College Advisory Boards to provide policies for

     establishing and implementing citizen advisory boards for

     the Community Colleges.  As each Community College Campus

     in the University of Nevada System has unique community

     needs within its service area, citizen advisory boards can

     play an important and useful function in representing the

     needs of the community to the College.

     The Board unanimously agreed with the advisory board con-

     cept at the Community Colleges.  President Calabro was

     directed to prepare guidelines for Board consideration,

     incorporating suggestions offered during the discussion.

17.  Emergency Item - Appointment of Co-Executor of the Estate

     of Mrs. Ida B. Pittman

     General Counsel Klasic requested acceptance of an emergency

     item regarding the appointment of a co-executor of the es-

     tate of Mrs. Ida B. Pittman.

     Mrs. Kenney moved approval to accept the emergency item.

     Ms. Del Papa seconded.  Motion carried.

     President Crowley informed the Board that Mrs. Ida B. Pitt-

     man, who died October 11, was the widow of Nevada's 19th

     Governor, the late Vail Pittman, and has willed her estate

     to UNR.  He recommended Mr. John R. Mc Bride be appointed

     co-executor of the estate.

     Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the appointment of Mr. John R.

     Mc Bride as co-executor of the estate of Mrs. Ida B. Pitt-

     man.  Ms. Del Papa seconded.  Motion carried.

18.  Approved Report and Resolution from the Joint Task Force on

     on Economic Development

     In August, 1984 a Joint Task Force on Higher Education was

     appointed from members of the Economic Development Committee

     and the Board of Regents.  They are as follows:

         Lt. Governor Robert A. Cashell, Chair

         Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chair

         Dr. Robert M. Bersi

         Dr. Joseph N. Crowley

         Mrs. Lilly Fong

         Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

         Mr. Fred Gibson

         Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

         Dr. Robert Maxson

         Dr. Paul Meacham

         Lt. General R. G. "Zack" Taylor

     At the September 14, 1984 meeting, the Task Force unanimous-

     ly passed the following resolution and recommended that it

     be forwarded to the Board of Regents and the Governor for

     consideration in the funding of the proposed UNLV Engineer-

     ing building:

                        RESOLUTION #84-10

         (1)  That the construction of a Phase I Engineering

              building on the Campus of the University of Nevada,

              Las Vegas be authorized by the Board of Regents,

              the Governor, and the Legislature, the construc-

              tion of said building to be financed by the issu-

              ance of general obligation bonds of the State of

              in the amount of no less than $12,000,000, together

              with funds from private gifts in the amount of

              $3,000,000, and

         (2)  That 2/3 of the revenues needed to pay off said

              general obligation bonds be derived from the

              State's General Fund and 1/3 of the revenues re-

              quired to retire said general obligation bonds be

              derived from the funds provided to the University

              of Nevada System from the State's Capital Construc-

              tion Fund for Higher Education, and

         (3)  That the members of the Economic Development Com-

              mission and the Board of Regents should actively

              support and work for an enactment of a pick-up

              estate tax, the revenues of which are to be ear-

              marked for education, first proposed as an amend-

              ment to the State Constitution by the 62nd Session

              of the Legislature in 1983 through the passage of

              Senate Joint Resolution No. 11, and should such a

              pick-up estate tax be adopted by the 63rd Session

              of the Legislature and the voters of the State,

              that revenues derived therefrom be used to retire

              the aforesaid general obligation bonds in substi-

              tution of, first, the 1/3 source of revenues de-

              rived for that purpose from the Capital Construc-

              tion Fund for Higher Education, and, second, the

              2/3 source of revenues derived for that purpose

              from the State's General Fund.

     Mrs. Fong moved approval of the Resolution.  Mrs. Kenney

     seconded.  Motion carried.

19.  Legislative Workshop

     A.  Silverbowl - Mrs. Whitley, Chair, ad hoc Committee on

         the Silverbowl, stated that the Committee has met 5

         times since June 25, 1984.  She extended gratitude to

         Mr. Bill Flangas, Mr. Dennis Finfrock, Mr. Jeff High-

         tower and other community representatives.

         Dr. Maxson stated that UNLV has requested that the

         budget request for $750,000 for the Silverbowl be with-

         drawn, citing that the State revenue projections may

         not match the requests and that he felt that salaries

         and the Engineering School were the top priorities to

         be considered.

         In regard to the Silverbowl, Dr. Maxson emphasized that

         the number one concern is for the student athlete.  He

         suggested the following alternatives for repair of the

         playing surface at the Silverbowl:

         (1)  Secure a donor to purchase a retractable artificial

              surface in order for the Silverbowl to be used for

              other activities.  The estimated cost would be $1

              million.  The University would manage and maintain

              the Silverbowl at no cost to the taxpayers if a

              donor should come forward.  It was suggested that

              the donor be honored for the contribution.

         (2)  Propose to the Convention Authority that they fund

              the resurfacing and enter into a long-term lease

              with UNLV for the maintenance, and to pay a lease

              fee to play football and hold other events each

              year at the Silverbowl.  This would indicate that

              the County would maintain the ownership.

         (3)  Combine the two previous alternatives in security,

              several donors with the same lease agreement with

              the County.

         Dr. Maxson stated that the lease will expire June 30,

         1985.  The key to the operation of the Silverbowl is

         to stage several different events throughout the year.

         The upkeep of the facility is self-supporting.

         Mr. Karamanos moved approval to accept alternative (1),

         then (2), then (3).

         The Board referred the matter to President Maxson re-

         questing a report with recommendations.

         Mr. Karamanos withdrew his motion.

     B.  Licensing of Degree Granting Institutions - Vice Chan-

         cellor Fox and General Counsel Klasic are researching

         this issue and will report back to the Board.  Dr. Fox

         is the University liaison with the Commission on Post-

         secondary Education, and will be working with the Com-

         mission in this regard.

     C.  Elective and Appointive Boards for Higher Education -

         Information is being gathered from other State statutes

         and will be reported back to the Board.

20.  New Business

     A.  Mr. Kent Anderson informed the Board that the Student

         Constitution was passed during the student elections.

         On November 17, 1984 the State Senate will hold a re-

         treat and he extended an invitation to the Board members

         to attend.

     B.  Ms. Del Papa suggested that the Presidents' spouses be

         recognized for their support and extend Board appre-


     C.  Ms. Del Papa requested that during the November meeting

         a reception be held in the Mackay School of Mines in

         order to view the historical rock and mineral collection

         that is in great need of renovation.

     D.  Ms. Del Papa suggested that for the opening of the

         Church Fine Arts building addition there be an art

         exchange program held.

     E.  Ms. Kenney reminded the Board that the University of

         Nevada Press does have a catalog of their releases and

         suggested that they would make excellent gifts.

     F.  Mr. Klaich announced that UNR was holding their 99th

         Homecoming this weekend.

The meeting adjourned at 11:50 A.M.

                             Mary Lou Moser

                             Secretary of the Board