UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 17-18, 1986


Page 74

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                         October 17, 1986

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Chancellor's

Office in Reno, the President's Office in Las Vegas and in

Tonopah for a special teleconference meeting.

Members present:  Mr. Daniel J. Klaich, Chairman, Reno

                  Mr. Joseph M. Foley, Las Vegas

                  Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher, Tonopah

                  Mr. Chris Karamanos, Las Vegas

                  Mrs. Joan Kenney, Las Vegas

Members absent:   Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

                  Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

                  Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

                  Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present:   President Joseph N. Crowley, UNR

                  Dr. Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor

                  Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Chairman Klaich called the special teleconference meeting to

order at 4:10 P.M. on October 17, 1986 for the purpose of con-

sidering a personnel appointment at UNR.  Regent Klaich presided

in Reno, Regent Gallagher was in Tonopah, and Regents Foley,

Karamanos and Kenney were in Las Vegas.

 1.  Approved the Appointment of Acting Vice President for

     Academic Affairs, UNR

     Upon recommendation by President Crowley, the Regents ap-

     proved the appointment of Dr. Paul Page as Acting Vice

     President of Academic Affairs at UNR to begin on or about

     January 1, 1987, and extending through June 30, 1987, or

     until such time as a national search has been completed.

     The current salary for the position is $75,400 per year

     and the Acting Dean's salary will be pro-rated at that

     amount over the length of the contract.

     Current Vice President Richard Davies has resigned the

     position effective June 30, 1987.  He will be on leave the

     latter half of the fiscal year and will return to teaching

     status July 1, 1987.

     Dr. Page currently holds the position of Dean, College of

     Arts and Science at UNR.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved to approve the appointment of Dr. Paul

     Page as Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs at UNR,

     effective on or about January 1, 1987, with a pro-rated

     salary based on an annual salary of $75,400.  Mrs. Kenney

     seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 4:25 P.M.

                            Mary Lou Moser