UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 14-15, 1980


Pages 22-50



October 14, 1980

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Carlson

Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Dr. Louis E. Lombardi

Mr. John Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Members absent: Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

Others present: Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

Vice President Mark Dawson, DRI

Vice Chancellor Larry Lessly

Secretary Bonnie Smotony

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 9:30 A.M.

1. Adoption of Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and

filed with permanent minutes) containing the following items

was recommended:

(1) Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of

August 29, 1980, and the special meeting of September

22, 1980.

(2) Acceptance of gifts and grants.

(3) Augmentation of the UNR Interview and Recruiting

Account by allocation of $15,000 from the Board of

Regents Special Projects Account.

(4) Augmentation of the Litigation Account by allocation

of $45,000 from the Board of Regents Special Projects

Account. These funds will be used for payment of

$30,000 by UNLV for settlement of the costs of a law-

suit in accordance with a memorandum previously dis-

tributed by Counsel, with the remaining $15,000 to

offset settlement by UNR of a lawsuit.

(5) Approval of the establishment of an Advisory Board for

the UNR School of Home Economics, and appointment of

the following to that Board for three year terms:

Amy Heintz, Carson City

Anne Lynch, Las Vegas

Linda Reed, Reno

Don Allen, Reno

Donald Jackson, Reno

Mike Melner, Carson City

Sue Wagner, Reno

Betty Schaus, Las Vegas

Frances Pistone, Las Vegas

Marilyn D. Boult, Las Vegas

(6) Appointment of Mr. Paul Bible, attorney, to the

Advisory Board for Truckee Meadows Community College,

replacing Mr. Jerry Higgins, who has resigned.

(7) Appointment of Melvin Brunetti, Carson City, and

Marjery Cavanaugh, Reno, to 3-year terms as members

of the UNR College of Arts and Science Advisory Board.

(8) Authorization to write off the following amounts in

delinquent student loans which are considered uncol-

lectable, with appropriate holds placed on the records

of the students involved:

UNLV - $2,517.72 distributed among 29 students

CCCC - 107.50 distributed among 3 students

(9) Approved an amendment to the ASUN Constitution chang-

ing the required vote to elect Judicial Council mem-

bers from 2/3 to a majority vote of the Senators


(10) Authorized President Davis to accept an invitation

from the Taiwan Government, along with six other

Community College Presidents, to visit Taiwan from

November 2-12, 1980. The trip will be funded by the

Taiwan Government and is for the purpose of providing

information about the government, industry, people

and Community College systems.

(11) Approved an extension of leave without pay for Dr.

Peter L. Comanor, UNR Biology Department, for the pe-

riod January 1 through December 31, 1981, to allow him

to continue with the next phase of his assignment with

the U. S. Department of the Interior in Washington,

D. C.

(12) Approved a transfer of $42,819 from the School of

Medicine's Contingency Reserve to the Microbiology

Department, with $42,143 to Operating and $676 to

Wages. An offsetting transfer of Professional Salary

Savings has been made by that Department to the

Contingency Reserve.

(13) Approved the granting of an easement along Swenson

Street, between Tropicana and Flamingo, to allow the

Regional Transportation Commission to construct a

combination drainage channel and culvert.

(14) Approved Estimative Budgets for 1980-81 for: (1) UNR

Fire Service Academy in amount of $78,500; (2) Film

Library in the amount of $24,738; (3) Calves for Col-

lege in the amount of $25,300; (4) Equestrian Facility

in the amount of $20,300; (5) Atmospherium Planetarium

Counter Sales in the amount of $21,316.

(15) Authorized entering into a lease with Communications

Engineering, Inc. of Las Vegas with UNR to house the

KUNR-FM radio transmitter and associated electronic

equipment in a building and tower on Mc Clellan Peak.

Terms of the lease will be for an initial period of

ten years with a ten year option to renew. Rent will

be $500 per month for the first 60 months, and $555

per month for the second 60 months. The lease will be

subject to a successful negotiation by Communications

Engineering for a lease of the site from the BLM.

(16) Augmentation of the Unit Interview and Recruiting

Account by an allocation of $2,000 from the Board of

Regents Special Projects Account to assist in a na-

tional search for the position of Assistant Director,

Academic/Research Group, Computing Center.

(17) Authorized the reassignment of $19,000 from the CCCC

Campus Improvement Project to the CCCC Waterproofing

Project to allow for the upgrading of the parapet

treatment for waterproofing purposes at the Cheyenne


Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

2. Discussion Concerning Information Agenda

Mrs. Whitley noted the Report of Professional Personnel

Appointments included in the Information Agenda and re-

quested comments from each of the Presidents concerning

efforts made to adhere to the University's Affirmative

Action Policy.

President Goodall explained that Mr. James Kitchen, Affirma-

tive Action Officer for UNLV, works with all of the Depart-

ments as well as with the Administration with respect to

Campus-wide appointments to assure that whenever there is

any vacancy, every attempt is made to reach the higher ed-

ucation community in general and a special effort is made

to reach minority and women communities.

President Eardley reported that TMCC follows the same pat-

tern of affirmative action recruiting, noting that although

no minorities are included in the current report before the

Board, three women have been hired.

Mrs. Whitley asked if there is a special effort made to

insure that minorities and women are included in the

applicant pool.

Mr. Kitchen explained that there are approximately 155

minority organizations which are contacted in an effort to

attract minority applicants. He pointed out, however, that

just because a minority applicant is in the pool for a

specific job, it does not mean that the minority applicant

will be appointed. He further explained that the number of

minority applicants in the Science areas is very small, in-

creasing somewhat in the mathematics areas with mostly East

Indian or Asian, but not Hispanics or Blacks, and increasing

still more in English and History. However, he noted, most

of the minority applicants are attracted to administrative

positions or middle-management type positions.

Mr. Kitchen went on to explain that there are up to 3500

institutions around the country, trying to hire from a very

small pool of perhaps 2800 to 3800 Black Ph. D.s. Black

applicants are increasing but there is still a great deal

of competition to hire from a very limited pool.

Chancellor Baepler agreed, suggesting that the problem which

faces most institutions is not trying to hire qualified mi-

norities who are unemployed, it is in trying to hire such a

person away from another institution.

Mrs. Fong noted the large population of Spanish Americans in

Nevada, and the statements being made by representatives of

that group that very few are represented on the Campus. Mr.

Kitchen agreed that there was such a population, and pointed

out that there is also a very large population of Blacks;

however, he noted, the numbers in the State have no relation

to the numbers who may be qualified for positions in higher


President Crowley commented on the report from UNR of new

professional appointments, pointing out that a Graduate

Teaching Fellow in Sociology (Mr. Kenneth Bazzell) was in-

correctly reported as being White, when in fact he is Black.

3. Recommended Policy Statement for Inclusion in Board of

Regents Handbook

President Eardley requested approval of a policy statement

for TMCC which includes those policies and practices govern-

ing admission, registration, grades and examinations at TMCC

some of which have been previously approved by the Board and

some of which reflect practices which have been developed in

an attempt to adapt University policy to TMCC's needs. Pro-

posed policy statement included with the agenda (identified

as Ref. B and filed with permanent minutes). Upon adoption,

it is recommended that the policy be included in an appro-

priate section of the Board of Regents Handbook.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

4. Field Ironworkers Apprenticeship Program, TMCC

President Eardley reported that the Field Ironworkers

Apprenticeship Training Program in which TMCC participates

has requested the use of land adjacent to the College for

the purpose of conducting their manipulative and classroom

training. The area proposed for such use is approximately

1.7 acres on which the apprentices would erect one metal

building for classroom use, erect and dismantle another

metal building, and erect a two story structure frame for

manipulative training. The area will be fenced and main-

tained as a construction site with all regard to applicable


President Eardley recommended approval of this concept and

authorization to proceed with development of the necessary


In response to a question from Mrs. Fong, concerning the

possible pollution and/or hazard this kind of activity might

create in proximity to the College, President Eardley ex-

plained that this was not a smelter operation but a program

involving construction with iron.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

5. Traffic Problem, TMCC

President Eardley reported that TMCC has recently completed

its most successful registration period ever, and is pleased

that the enrollment for Fall is the highest in the history

of the institution. However, he noted, this increase in

enrollment has also increased the severity of a traffic

problem that has been building for several years.

He explained that presently the only entrance to the College

is via El Rancho Drive which intersects with Clearacre Lane.

This intersection has a stop light, but is the timed variety

rather than the traffic flow variable type signal. The

traffic problem occurs between 6:30 and 7:00 P.M., when

students are leaving and arriving at the Campus (classes

dismiss at 6:45 P.M., and form again at 7:00 P.M.), causing

traffic to back up at the El Rancho Clearacre intersection

in four directions.

President Eardley stated that although the UNR Campus Police

have indicated a willingness to help by directing traffic at

this peak period, they do not have jurisdiction at the in-

tersection. The Washoe County Sheriff's Office, which does

have jurisdiction, is unable to provide an officer for this


Dr. Eardley stated that he believed this problem is of suf-

ficient magnitude to be of real concern to the College, both

from a public relations standpoint and a safety hazard. He

requested the Board's concurrence in placing this matter be-

fore the County Commissioners with a request for assistance

in solving the problem.

In the discussion following it was agreed that further at-

tempts should be made to work out a solution with the Washoe

County Sheriff's Office, with assistance in this effort to

be provided by Chairman Cashell and Regent Lombardi, before

going beyond that agency to the County Commission.

Dr. Lombardi moved President Eardley be requested to seek a

solution to the traffic problem described by again request-

ing assistance from Sheriff Galli's Office, before any

approach to the County Commission. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

6. Request for Redefinition of Collective Bargaining Unit

Chancellor Baepler reported that a request had been received

from the WNCC Faculty Senate for a redefinition of the col-

lective bargaining unit as defined in the Professional

Employees Collective Bargaining Regulations (B/R Handbook,

Title 4, Chapter 6, Section 24(e)). Specifically, the WNCC

Faculty Senate feels that the "community of interest," as

defined by present unit definition is arbitrary, and recom-

mends that the collective bargaining unit for Community Col-

leges within the University of Nevada System should follow

the administrative structure. The WNCC Faculty Senate re-

quests the Board to redefine the term "unit" to read that

each Community College institution is a separate unit for

collective bargaining purposes.

Chancellor Baepler recommended that the "unit" be left as

presently described, but suggested that before presenting

the position of management, WNCC should be allowed to pre-

sent its case.

Mr. James Claybrook, Chairman of the WNCC Faculty Senate,

distributed a memorandum which stated the position of the

WNCC Faculty Senate (memorandum filed with permanent


Mr. Claybrook stated that this is viewed by the Faculty

Senate as an issue that goes beyond collective bargaining,

whether or not collective bargaining actually occurs; rath-

er, he stated, the faculty view this as an invasion of the

prerogative to participate in decisions concerning faculty


Mr. Buchanan objected to the change in the definition of the

bargaining units, suggesting that if the Community Colleges

were separated for this purpose, and one College negotiated

a contract with benefits that the other Colleges did not

have, it would structure a difficult relationship for that

College with the other Colleges.

Chancellor Baepler agreed, pointing out that the first con-

tract that is negotiated, regardless of which institution is

involved, would form a model for other institutions. There-

fore, if each of the Community Colleges is a different bar-

gaining unit, then theoretically, 8 faculty members at Elko

could vote for collective bargaining and force the Univer-

sity into a collective bargaining posture. Dr. Baepler

also suggested that this type of thing must be kept within

a critical mass in order to be effective.

Regent Mc Bride asked whether it would be well to have only

one Systemwide unit, rather than several units as is now


Regent Karamanos suggested that spreading the collective

bargaining process out into so many units weakens the


Mr. Ross agreed that a System unit would guard against a

small group of faculty being able to force the total system

into a collective bargaining situation against the wishes of

the majority.

Mr. Buchanan moved that there be no redefinition of the

collective bargaining units. Motion seconded by Mr.


Mr. Ross requested that a second to the motion be withheld

until the presentation on this matter was complete.

President Davis stated that he fully supported the action

taken by the WNCC Faculty Senate concerning this change, re-

calling that the Board had in December, 1979 separated WNCC

into two separate Colleges in order that each of the two re-

sulting Campuses would have autonomy. At the same time, the

Board dissolved the Division concept as it related to the

Community Colleges and declared that each of the Colleges

was an independent institution. He suggested that allowing

WNCC to be considered a separate unit for collective bar-

gaining purposes was consistent with that decision by the

Board for separation.

Chancellor Baepler stated that from a management perspec-

tive, to have the Community Colleges each as an individual

unit would be unworkable. He agreed that perhaps it was a

mistake to have the two Universities as separate units, but

pointed out that at least the Universities represent four

or five hundred people of great diversity; however, to now

break the Community Colleges down into four separate organ-

izations would be unthinkable.

Mr. Mc Bride moved to amend Mr. Buchanan's motion to direct

that collective bargaining regulations be revised to re-

define the bargaining units into one Systemwide unit.

Vice Chancellor Lessly stated that the agenda item concerns

only WNCC and the Board could not take action to make it a

System item without placing the matter on a future agenda.

Mr. Mc Bride agreed to its placement on the November agenda.

Chancellor Baepler stated that the faculty are deeply in-

volved in this matter, and urged that this go back to the

Senates for further study, suggesting that to take action

on this without referral to the Senates would be capricious.

Mr. Ross stated that he strongly supported WNCC in its re-

quest, pointing out that the WNCC faculty had voted 34-0

against collective bargaining in a previous election and

just because of an administrative nicety and to keep things

in a smooth package, he did not believe the faculty's basic

rights ought to be sacrificed. He stated that he believed

this matter goes to the very core of the concept and phi-

losophy of faculty participation in University governance.

Now that the Regents have taken action to separate the Col-

leges into independent institutions, the WNCC faculty have

just as much right to consideration as a separate unit for

collective bargaining as any other institution or group.

However, Mr. Ross added, if collective bargaining is approv-

ed, it will have wide implications for all of the institu-

tions, and for that reason, he suggested that the matter be

tabled to allow time for further review.

Mr. Mc Bride withdrew his request that it be placed on the

next agenda and asked that the Chancellor raise the issue of

a single Systemwide unit with the appropriate Administrators

and Faculty Senates, and agreed that he would bring this up

as a matter of new business at the appropriate time.

Mr. Buchanan asked for a vote on his motion.

It was noted that subsequent to the distribution of the

agenda, a request had been received from the WNCC Faculty

Senate that this be moved to a discussion rather than an

action item.

Mr. Buchanan offered to withdraw his motion to deny the re-

quest by WNCC, if he was assured that it is not coming back

on the agenda as an action item at a subsequent meeting.

Mr. Claybrook stated that it would not be his intention to

bring this back as an action item in this form.

Mrs. Fong suggested that whatever direction is taken in

subsequent action by the Board, the welfare of the students

must not be overlooked.

7. Request for Approval of Special Fees, CCCC

President Eaton reported that as a result of establishment

of the Slots Management option within the Casino Management

Technology Program, the acquisition of new Word Processing

equipment, and a significant increase in food costs affect-

ing the Food Service Technology Program, it has become nec-

essary to consider the assessment of the following course

fees, effective Spring, 1981. She noted that all fees are

to accommodate costs associated with consumables in the in-

struction program, and are, in each case, in addition to

the per credit fee assessed:

Slot Repair

ST 101 Slot Repair Technician I $10

ST 102 Slot Repair Technician II 10

ST 103 Slot Repair Technician III 10

ST 104 Slot Repair Technician IV 10

Word Processing

OA 206B CPT Word Processing 10

Food Services

FST 161 Quant Food Prod I 10

FST 162 Quant Food Prod II 10

FST 163B Principles of Baking 10

FST 164B Advanced Baking 10

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

8. Request for Approval of Constitution, Associated Students


President Eaton reported that the Student Government of

Clark County Community College (ASCC) has developed and ap-

proved a new constitution to replace the document adopted

and approved for that organization in 1974. She noted that

the new constitution (identified as Ref. C and filed with

permanent minutes) has been reviewed by CCCC Administrative

Staff and Legal Counsel and she recommended approval by the

Board of Regents, to become effective Fall, 1980. Dr.

Eaton introduced Ms. Judy Butler, President of the CCCC

student government.

Ms. Butler commented on the Constitution which had been

developed, noting that the Preamble outlines the purpose of

student government. She called specific attention to two

provisions in the document: that ASCC would operate within

its income, and that ASCC will serve as a voice for all of

the students of CCCC, not just a few. To this end, she

stated, 3 boards have been created: the Student Activities

Board, the Publications Board and the Grievance/Judician

Board. She also noted that this document is a product of

3 successive and successful student governments and in-

corporates the best information available on the structure

of Community College student government. She requested

approval of the Board of Regents.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

9. Bid Opening, Campus Improvements, Phase I, UNR

President Crowley reported that bids were opened September

16, 1980 for Campus improvements at UNR for the handicapped

with the following bid results:

Base Bid Alt A Alt B

Cunningham Construction $1,680,000 $27,000 $65,000

W. A. Thomas 1,685,000 50,000 85,000

Vasko & Associates 1,727,000 35,000 87,000

Alternate A - Patch and repair roofing at Mackay Science,

including gutters, flashing, caulking, and

urethane roofing.

Alternate B - Provide and install new urethane roofing sys-

tem at Church Fine Arts building, including

flashing, gutters, patching, and repairing.

Dr. Crowley noted that this portion of campus improvements

had been budgeted by the State Public Works Board at

$1,581,123. Since the low bid is somewhat in excess of that

budgeted amount, the Public Works Board has been attempting

to negotiate with the low bidder to meet the budget figure.

Dr. Crowley recommended that the Board of Regents concur

with the State Public Works Board in renegotiating this

contract in order that a contract may be awarded and the

work may proceed.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

10. Appointments to UNR Foundation Fund Board

President Crowley recommended the following appointments to

the UNR Foundation Fund Board:

Clay Darrow, Chairman of the Board, Mission Bay Finance

Corporation, San Diego

David Buckman, President, Nevada Financial Development

Corporation, Incline Village

Don Michaelson, M. D., Woodland Hills, California

Jim Mercer, Vice President, Korn/Ferry International,


George Gund, III, San Francisco

Theodore J. Day, Preston Q. Hale & Associates, Reno

John F. Rhodes, Jr., Alexander Grant & Company, Reno

Eugene J. Michal, President, Amax Extractive, Golden,


Jim Megquier, Oral Surgeon, Reno

John Mackay, Vice President, H. Swift and Company, San


Royce Hardy, Senior Vice President, Duval Corporation,


Paul Robinson, Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank,

San Francisco

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

carried without dissent.

11. Proposed Acquisition of Land, UNR

President Crowley requested authorization to purchase three

parcels of land adjacent to the north end of the Campus, and

within the Master Plan for the Special Events Pavilion (land

reflected on map, identified as Ref. D and filed with perma-

nent minutes).

Parcel 1 - Lot No. 7 is vacant land consisting of 1.27+

acres appraised at $54,000.

Parcel 2 - Lots No. 9, 10, 11, and 12 are also vacant land

totaling 3.68+ acres appraised at $166,000.

Parcel 3 - A portion of Lot No. 8 consisting of three un-

dedicated streets totaling approximately 1.67

acres appraised at $78,570, or $1.08 per square

foot. The exact lot dimension and price will be

determined by the survey report to be supplied

by the best seller.

President Crowley recommends that the appraisals be accepted

and the University be authorized to negotiate for the pur-

chase of these properties, with funds to be provided from

the Higher Education Capital Construction Fund.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

12. Center for Business and Economic Research, UNLV

President Goodall reported that he had received a proposal

that the Metropolitan Research Association of Southern

Nevada become the official Advisory Board to UNLV's Center

for Business and Economic Research. Discussions concerning

the proposal have been held with Mr. Fred D. Gibson and Mr.

Tim Carlson, representing the Nevada Development Authority,

and with Mr. Bill Wright and Ms. Ann Cooper, representing

the Las Vegas Review Journal, and with Dean George Hardbeck

and Dr. Betty Yantis, Director of the Center. Proposal in-

cluded with the agenda (identified as Ref. E and filed with

permanent minutes).

Dr. Goodall noted that there is an existing Advisory Board

to the Center, established by the Board of Regents to repre-

sent many of the most highly regarded business and civic

leaders in the community. He recommended that the existing

Board be retained as the Advisory Board to the Center, ex-

panded by the addition of the members of MRA, with the MRA

members designated as the Executive Committee of the expand-

ed Advisory Board to the Center for Business and Economic


Mrs. Fong stated that she was an ex officio member of the

present Advisory Board and although the Board had not been

active because of limited funding she hoped that the Regents

would continue to serve in this capacity.

Dr. Goodall stated that the continued presence of Regents

and the Advisory Board members was the reason for having the

larger Board remain in effect and that he would bring back

to the Regents a recommendation for staggered terms in the

near future.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

13. Administrative Study and Recommendations, UNLV

President Goodall presented a copy of the UNLV Administra-

tive Study recently completed (identified as Ref. F and

filed with permanent minutes), noting that it is provided

at this time mainly for the information of the Regents.

Most of the recommendations in the report will be discussed

with various Campus groups before being brought to the

Regents for implementation; however, Dr. Goodall stated,

he wished to submit the following two recommendations for

approval of the Board at this time:

(1) That the title of the Vice President for Educational

Services, now vacant, be changed to Dean of Student

Services, with the responsibility for all of the

administrative units formerly responsible to the Vice


(2) Establishment of the position of Assistant to the

President on a half-time basis.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the above recommendations.

Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried without dissent.

In stating her motion for approval, Mrs. Fong questioned

whether the people in the Student Services Office would be

demoralized since they would be reporting to a Dean instead

of a Vice President.

President Goodall responded that he did not believe that

this change would have an adverse effect on the persons in-

volved and it was the intent of the proposal that the Dean

continue to report to the President's Office and continue

to be a direct member of the administrative staff of that

Office. He further stated that the title change would also

identify to the students who is the Senior Officer and their

advocate to the Administration.

14. Proposal for Naming of Education Auditorium, UNLV

President Goodall presented, with his endorsement, the fol-

lowing resolution passed by the Advisory Council of the

College of Education, noting that this action was taken in

response to an earlier suggestion by Mrs. Fong.

Upon the recommendation of the Department of Curriculum

and Instruction and through action of the College of

Education Advisory Council on September 3, 1980, it is

requested that the auditorium adjoining the Carlson

Education building be officially named after Dr. Holbert

H. Hendrix.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos,

carried without dissent.

15. Proposal for Computing Center

Chancellor Baepler recalled that in June, 1980 the Arthur D.

Little Report on the Computing Center was presented to the

Board of Regents with the understanding that recommendations

from the Officers for implementation of certain of those

recommendations would be submitted to a subsequent meeting

for action by the Board. The Data Processing Policy and

Planning Board was requested to review each of the recom-

mendations contained in the ADL Report and in turn recommend

to the Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet appropriate action in

each case.

Chancellor Baepler reported that as the first priority for

hardware expansion, the DPP&P Board recommended the replace-

ment of the main computer with a larger computer and this

was achieved by installation of the CYBER 171-6. A second

priority recommended is acquisition of a time share computer

for the Las Vegas facility and a communication processor for

the Reno facility, with assistance to be requested from the

Board of Regents Special Projects Account. An explanation

from Mr. Niels Anderson, Director of the Computing Center,

was included with the agenda (identified as Ref. G and filed

with permanent minutes).

Chancellor Baepler and the institutional Presidents request-

ed an allocation of $170,000 from the Board of Regents

Special Projects Account to purchase and install a time

share oriented computer in Southern Nevada. They further

recommended that purchase and installation of a communica-

tion processor at the Northern Nevada Computer Facility,

at an anticipated cost of $150,000, be deferred until

Spring or Summer of 1981.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong.

Mr. Buchanan questioned the continued use of the Board of

Regents Special Projects Account for the purpose of main-

taining and updating the Computing Center, indicating that

he believed the equipment for this Center had been funded

completely by this account.

Chancellor Baepler agreed that the University had had no

significant assistance from the Legislature in terms of per-

sonnel or hardware for the Computing Center for at least the

last three Legislative Sessions. He further stated that the

number one priority to the Legislature this Session is for

faculty salaries although the Computing Center comes close

to being the second highest priority.

Mr. Buchanan expressed his concern that if the Board of

Regents funds this equipment, the Legislature would take the

position that future needs of the Computing Center should

also be funded in this manner.

Motion carried with Mr. Buchanan opposing.

16. Proposed Board Calendar for 1981

Chancellor Baepler submitted the following meeting calendar

for 1981, noting that it had been reviewed by the Officers

and recommended for adoption by the Board:

Friday, January 23, 1981 Las Vegas*

Friday, February 27, 1981 Reno

Friday, April 3, 1981 Las Vegas

Friday, May 8, 1981 Reno

Friday, June 12, 1981 Las Vegas

Friday, July 24, 1981 Reno

Friday, August 28, 1981 Las Vegas

Friday, October 2, 1981 Reno

Friday, November 6, 1981 Las Vegas

Friday, December 11, 1981 Reno

Friday, January 22, 1982 Las Vegas

*Indicates change from previously adopted calendar which

scheduled this meeting in Reno.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

17. Mandatory Retirement Policy

As recalled in the agenda in June, 1979 the Board of Regents

was advised by Counsel that the Federal Age Discrimination

and Employment Act of 1977 allowed the University three

options with respect to its retirement policy:

(a) no mandatory retirement age whatsoever;

(b) adoption of age 70 as the mandatory retirement age for

all faculty, effective immediately; or

(c) adoption of age 65 as the mandatory retirement age for

tenured faculty, as allowed by the exemption provided

to Universities, and age 70 for all nontenured faculty,

until 1982 when age 70 would apply to all faculty.

The Board subsequently approved the Chancellor's recommenda-

tion that the option contained in paragraph (c) above be

adopted, effective immediately. The Board further agreed

that effective concurrently with adoption of the above pol-

icy on mandatory retirement, the practice of granting post-

retirement appointments be abolished and that, until specif-

ic criteria for such post-retirement appointments was de-

veloped and adopted, any faculty member continuing with the

University after retirement be retained by letter of ap-

pointment for specific courses. Subsequently, at a later

meeting in November, 1979, the Board adopted criteria which

established conditions under which a one-year nonrenewable,

post-retirement appointment could be granted.

Two separate matters are now before the Board which relate

to the Board's policy on mandatory retirement and post-

retirement appointments:

(1) A report has recently been distributed by Counsel

concerning Oakley v. Board of Regents.

(2) A request for exception to the mandatory retirement

policy has been received on behalf of Dr. Albert C.

Johns (request identified as Ref. J and filed with

permanent minutes).

Vice Chancellor Lessly recalled that subsequent to the a-

doption of the mandatory retirement policy, a lawsuit was

filed by Mr. Chauncy Oakley, a faculty member at TMCC, re-

sisting mandatory retirement based on his age. The Univer-

sity argued that based on the King decision, any attempt to

impose the State statute with respect to retirement on the

Board of Regents was unconstitutional. However, summary

judgment was entered in favor of Mr. Oakley.

Mr. Lessly suggested that in view of the Court's decision

in the Oakley case, the Board had two alternatives:

(1) The decision could be appealed to the Nevada Supreme

Court in an attempt to sustain the mandatory retirement

policy; or

(2) The Board could have no mandatory retirement policy at

any age.

Mr. Karamanos stated that he disagreed with the mandatory

retirement policy, considering it to be discriminatory.

Mr. Lessly pointed out that the Federal statute which the

Board was guided by in adopting its policy has not been

challenged. He suggested that the question is one of State

law and whether the Legislature can impose this State

statute upon a constitutional Board.

Mr. Buchanan moved that the retirement policy be retained

as adopted and that the Oakley decision be appealed to the

Nevada Supreme Court. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride,

carried with Mr. Karamanos opposing.

Dr. Goodall reported that a letter had been received from

Dr. Johns' attorney, asking that the request noted in the

second part of the agenda item be removed from the agenda

at this time.

Mr. Buchanan moved that Dr. Johns' request be removed from

the agenda. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried with-

out dissent.

18. Enrollment Report and Recommendations

Chancellor Baepler reported that enrollments for the Fall

semester at all institutions have exceeded the projections,

with the Universities increasing 6-7% over last year, TMCC

and CCCC up about 20%, WNCC up 15% and with NNCC still un-

determined. Dr. Baepler pointed out that the enrollment

projections upon which the 1981-83 Biennial Budget was based

have proven to be too low. In fact, CCCC and TMCC have al-

ready met the 1983 projections and UNR and UNLV have exceed-

ed the 1981 estimates. As a consequence of these higher-

than-anticipated enrollments, the Budget Request must be ad-

justed. However, Dr. Baepler also pointed out, indications

are that the coming biennium is going to be very tight fi-

nancially with little or no additional staffing provided

and, as a consequence, the Universities and Community Col-

leges face a serious problem. Dr. Baepler suggested that

over the past 8-10 years there has been a steady deteriora-

tion in the quality of education the System institutions

are able to offer and it has reached the point where if the

Community Colleges and Universities do not get substantial

increases in staff they cannot continue to grow.

Dr. Baepler recalled that the Board had previously instruct-

ed each of the Presidents to develop short- and long-term

plans to be submitted to the Board in December. He recom-

mended that the Presidents prepare alternative plans in the

event additional staffing and monetary support is not forth-

coming from the 1981 Legislature, and that these alternative

plans examine elimination of programs, and enrollment freez-

es (including a possible cutback from this year's enrollment

level). These alternative plans will then be reviewed by

the Chancellor's Advisory Cabinet before submission to the

Board of Regents, probably at its January meeting.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the Chancellor's recommenda-

tion. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without


19. Proposed Amendment of Board of Regents Bylaws

At the August 29 meeting, Mr. Buchanan proposed that the

Bylaws of the Board of Regents be amended by eliminating

the Finance Committee as a standing committee of the Board

of Regents with action to be taken at the next subsequent

meeting in conformity with the Bylaws provision governing


Mr. Buchanan moved that this be deferred until the November

meeting. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi, failed by the

following roll call vote:

Yes - Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Karamanos, Mr. Ross

No - Mrs. Fong, Dr. Lombardi, Mr. Mc Bride, Mrs.

Whitley, Mr. Cashell

Mr. Buchanan moved that the proposed amendment to the

Bylaws be approved as submitted at the August meeting.

Mr. Buchanan spoke in support of the proposed amendment,

stating that he believed the Finance Committee is duplicat-

ing the Board, that it is consuming too much staff time, and

the Regents who are not on the Committee are not fully in-

formed concerning the matters discussed in the Committee.

Mr. Cashell disagreed, pointing out that the Committee does

not take final action, it only recommends action to the

Board. He also noted that all Board members are invited to

Committee meetings and those who are interested enough do

attend. Mr. Cashell also recalled that Mr. Ross proposed

establishment of such a Committee to the 1979 session of the

Legislature and the Legislature had responded very positive-

ly to that proposal.

Mrs. Fong spoke in support of the continuance of the Finance

Committee, noting that the staff of the Business Centers are

very positive toward the Committee and believe that it

serves a worthwhile function.

Mr. Ross commented on the structure of the Committee, stat-

ing that advice he has received from people in the account-

ing field indicates that it is very bad practice for any

organization to have a Finance Committee composed of both

budgeting and auditing functions, and recommended that the

two functions should be totally separate.

Mrs. Whitley spoke of discussions with other Regents and

trustees at the recent AGB Conference, in which she learned

that many Universities do have such a combined Committee,

adding that those trustees with whom she talked were

surprised to learn that Nevada operated with only two

standing Committees.

Chancellor Baepler noted that the University of Nevada has

always chosen not to run the Board of Regents with a com-

mittee system. He also pointed out that the original intent

when the Finance Committee was established was to have the

Committee meet only once a year to look at the budget and

once to look at the annual management letter.

Mr. Karamanos suggested that perhaps there should be a

clearer definition of the functions and responsibilities of

the Finance Committee, and that perhaps some of the matters

on the Committee's agenda ought to go on the Board's agenda

instead, citing as an example the recent audit report of the

UNLV Intercollegiate Athletics Department.

Mr. Cashell suggested that if any standing Committee is to

be effective, it must meet more frequently than suggested by

the Chancellor.

Mrs. Whitley commented that if it was a fact that the Board

is legally responsible for the management of all University

funds, she could not understand the debate over the exist-

ence of a Finance Committee as a standing Committee of the


Mr. Buchanan stated again that he was opposed to the Finance

Committee on the grounds that it was assuming too much re-

sponsibility, that it duplicated staff functions, and be-

lieved that the items going to the Finance Committee could

be easily accommodated on the Board's agenda.

Mr. Ross stated that he believed it to be an absolute neces-

sity to have a Committee that deals in depth with the budget

when the University goes to the Legislature in January. As

for the complaint that the Committee is taking on too many

functions, Mr. Ross suggested that that could be handled by

having additional Committees and reassigning some of the


Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, failed with the following

roll call vote:

Yes - Mr. Buchanan

No - Mrs. Fong, Mr. Karamanos, Dr. Lombardi, Mr. Ross,

Mr. Mc Bride, Mrs. Whitley, Mr. Cashell

20. Mr. Buchanan moved that his request for a report as to how

Dr. Negratti "had not been cooperative", as indicated in a

report distributed by Counsel at the August meeting, be de-

ferred until the November meeting since he believed the

matter would be resolved by that time, and stated that he

would notify the Chair if he wished it placed back on the

agenda. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without


21. Approval of Establishment of Unitrust, and Acceptance of

Additional Gifts

President Crowley requested that the Board approve the es-

tablishment of a Unitrust between the Board and Mrs. Harriet

S. Wolf, South Laguna, California (copy of final draft of

agreement distributed at meeting and filed with permanent

minutes). Dr. Crowley noted that the agreement has been

reviewed and approved by University Counsel and by Mrs.

Wolf's attorney. The Unitrust will be established with

gifts of cash and stock, with a total value of $120,000.

The amount paid to Mrs. Wolf for the remainder of her life

will be 8% of the trust's fair market value. At her death,

the corpus is to be made available for unrestricted use by

UNR. The corpus is comprised of cash estimated at $93,328,

and securities, listed below, with an estimated value of


80 shares AMF Inc. common

295 shares Investment Trust, Boston, Mass.

120 shares R. H. Macy and Company common

75 shares Texasgulf, Inc.

142 shares Value Line Income Fund

381 shares Value Line Spec. Sit. Fund

*955+shares Value Line Income Fund

*This stock will be added at a later date.

President Crowley also requested acceptance by the Board of

500 shares of Gannett Company, Inc. stock from Mr. and Mrs.

Charles H. Stout to be held as a permanent endowment fund or

added to an existing endowment fund, the income from which

is to be used in support of the Oral History Project, UNR.

The estimated value of the stock is $28,625, to which will

be added up to $10,000 as a matching gift from the Gannett


Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

22. New Business

(1) Mrs. Fong requested a follow up report from the

Presidents concerning the activities of the various

Foundation Fund Boards.

(2) Mr. Karamanos raised the question of articulation be-

tween the Community Colleges and the Universities and

commented on a recent publication by CCCC, Student

Transfer Guide, which he suggested was an excellent

tool for use by students wishing to transfer from CCCC

to UNLV.

President Crowley reported concerning the recent

initiation of meetings of UNR, TMCC and Washoe County

School District personnel to talk about common problems

and opportunities, and noted that this group would like

to address itself to the preparation of a document

similar to the one prepared by Dr. Eaton.

Chairman Cashell asked each of the Presidents to report

back to the next meeting if they are aware of a problem

of any magnitude in the area of transfer of credits

from the Community Colleges to the Universities.

(3) Mr. Buchanan proposed that the November agenda include

a request that the Regents allocate $150,000 as a loan

to the Solar Laboratory of DRI, to be used as seed

money with which to develop proposals for grants.

It was agreed that this matter could be considered in

conjunction with President Murino's presentation at the

November meeting of a report concerning the total

finances of the Institute.

In response to the Chancellor's comment that the two

Universities have a similar problem with lack of funds

for proposal development, Mr. Buchanan suggested that

the problem in Solar Research is perhaps more critical

since the Solar Research Laboratory was funded by the

Legislature, and does not have the money to apply for

Federal grants totaling millions of dollars.

Vice President Dawson agreed to bring this matter to

President Murino's attention in order that he would be

prepared to comment on it at the November meeting.

(4) President Goodall was asked to make a report back to

the Board at the November meeting concerning the cur-

rent planning for a College of Architecture, Engineer-

ing and Planning.

(5) A report from USUNS concerning the plus-minus grading

system now in effect at UNLV was requested. It is

assumed that input will also be provided from the Ad-

ministration, faculty, and student government at UNLV.

(6) Mr. Mc Bride requested that the Chancellor raise the

issue of unit definition as contained in the Collective

Bargaining Regulations with the various Faculty Senates

and institutional Presidents, as a follow up to the

earlier discussion on this matter.

(7) Mr. Karamanos requested a report from the Chancellor

concerning the history of the funding of USUNS.

(8) Mr. Mc Bride requested a report from USUNS President

Dave Martinez including an evaluation of the continued

viability of that group in the event that ASUN offi-

cially withdraws from membership.

23. Report of Finance Committee Meeting

Mr. Mc Bride presented the following report of action taken

by the Finance Committee meeting held earlier in the day:

(1) Recommended that the Board allocate $5,500 from the

Board of Regents Special Projects Account to complete

payment to Kafoury, Armstrong for the expanded audit

which was requested by the Board and which resulted in

Kafoury, Armstrong's expending more hours than had been


(2) Received responses from the Presidents concerning the

Management Letter for the fiscal year ending June 30,

1980. Chancellor Baepler commented on that portion of

the Management Letter which recommended the University

consider discontinuing use of the State Personnel Sys-

tem and asked that this possibility be explored with

the Presidents. He noted that this matter had been

brought up several years ago and that the classified

employees opposed it at that time because of uncertain-

ty that the University System could offer the same

security provisions and fringe benefits as the State

System. He therefore recommended that the Kafoury,

Armstrong recommendation be followed up to determine

what security provisions and fringe benefits UNS could

offer to classified employees under an internally ad-

ministered Personnel System.

Mrs. Fong commented on the recommendation that receiv-

ing functions on each Campus be centralized, noting

that such centralization would improve efficiency and

save money. Receiving functions are presently ade-

quately centralized on all Campuses except UNR, where

physical and financial problems (i. e., lack of ade-

quate receiving faculty and inability to budget the

estimated $60,000 required annually for staffing) have

prevented implementation of such a concept. The Com-

mittee recommended that UNR make every effort to in-

stitute a Central Receiving Department.

(3) Reviewed the proposed criteria for selection of an

independent auditing firm for the audit cycle beginning

with fiscal year 1981; these criteria are contained in

Ref. F-3 to the Finance Committee agenda. The Commit-

tee recommended approval of the criteria. It is anti-

cipated that if the Board approves these criteria, a

list will immediately be obtained from the State Board

of Accountancy of all firms licensed to do public ac-

counting in the State of Nevada and that the criteria

will be forwarded to each firm. Joint meetings of all

firms wishing to submit proposals will be held in Reno

and in Las Vegas to provide a question-and-answer per-

iod, and any questions not answered at these meetings

will be submitted to the Chancellor's Office in writ-

ing and the resulting answers will be provided to all


Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the report and the recommen-

dations of the Finance Committee. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Fong, carried without dissent.

The meeting adjourned for lunch and a meeting of the Investment

Advisory Committee, and reconvened at 2:00 P.M. with all Regents

and Officers in attendance at the morning session again present

with the exception of Mr. Buchanan.

24. Report of the Investment Advisory Committee

Mr. Karamanos presented the following report and recommenda-

tions from the Investment Advisory Committee meeting held

during the lunch break:

The Investment Advisory Committee met at noon on the above

date in the dining room of Moyer Student Union, UNLV, with

all members present except Mrs. Molly Knudtsen. The Commit-

tee took the following actions:

(1) Heard a proposed clarification of investment policy by

Chancellor Baepler. It will be recalled that at its

meeting of December 19, 1979, the Board adopted a pol-

icy whereby the distribution of income to scholarship

accounts in the endowment funds would be limited to

six percent annually. The intent of the original rec-

ommendation was to have this policy apply to all ac-

counts in the endowment funds except those where limi-

tation of income is prohibited by the terms of the

gift and those funds (like the Planetarium account)

which must aim for maximum income.

The Committee recommended that this investment policy

be clarified to include all endowment funds with the

exceptions noted above.

(2) Heard a recommendation from Mr. Bob Lee of First

National Bank for sale of stock as follows, in order

to take profits:

Appx. Appx. Antic.Mkt. Gain

Units Security Price Value Income Yld (Loss)

8,200 Union Oil Co. 45-1/2 373,100 6,560 1.8 167,239

The Committee recommended approval of this sale.

(3) Received a recommendation from Mr. Tom Josephsen of

Security National Bank for sales and purchases as



Trade Appx. Antic.Mkt. Gain

Units Security Price Value Income Yld (Loss)

800 Amer. Tel 51-3/4 41,400 4,000 9.6 ( 9,367)

500 Exxon 76-7/8 38,437 2,800 7.0 12,724

1,000 Pac. Gas El. 21-3/8 21,375 2,60012.6 ( 2,461)

500 Santa Fe Ind. 73 36,500 1,300 3.5 15,739

1,000 Std. Oil Ind. 72-1/4 72,250 2,200 3.0 45,848

209,962 6.1 62,483



225,000 91 Day T-Bills Int. Approx. 11-1/4%

The Committee recommended approval of these sales and


Chancellor Baepler recommended that the funds for the

newly accepted Harriet S. Wolf Unitrust be placed with

Security Bank.

(4) Received a recommendation from Mr. Monte Miller of

Valley Bank for the placing of stops on the following

securities in the portfolio:

Units Description Stop

1,300 ASA Ltd. 87-1/2

1,500 ASARCO 50

2,000 Merrill Lynch 32

The Committee recommended approval of these stops.

(5) Received a presentation by Mr. Don Rossi of Merrill

Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith concerning the investment

performance of UNS endowment funds for the last five

years. Board members have received a copy of Merrill

Lynch's analysis of Valley Bank performance and will

receive similar analyses for FNB and for the combined

FNB and Valley Bank endowment funds.

Mr. Mike Stone of Merrill Lynch commented briefly on

the possibility of investment in real estate equities;

he recommended that if the UNS wishes to make this type

of investment, it enter into a co-mingled fund to ob-

tain diversification. General Counsel Larry Lessly

noted that he interpreted the State constitutional pro-

visions concerning the University as prohibiting such

co-mingling of University funds in any investment where

direct control of management decisions is taken out of

the hands of the Board of Regents.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Investment Advisory Committee. Motion second-

ed by Dr. Lombardi, carried without dissent.

25. Report of System Administration Study Committee

Chairman Cashell introduced Dr. Kenny Guinn, Chairman of the

Regent appointed System Administration Study Committee, who

presented the report from the Committee. (Complete text of

report was distributed and is filed with permanent minutes.)

Dr. Guinn also presented the following recommendations from

the Committee:

(1) The Committee unanimously recommends the adoption of

the following job description for the Chancellor:

The Chancellor is responsible for the administration

of the University of Nevada System and implementation

of the Board's policies. Duties are prescribed by the

Board of Regents and include the following:

To promote a sound plan of organization in concert

with the Presidents and to facilitate cooperation

among member institutions.

To coordinate the preparation of all operating and

capital budgets and System planning documents for

Board review. However, the member institutions are

autonomous with respect to curricular decisions

involving existing programs.

To coordinate the presentation of all University

System matters to the Governor's Office and the

State Legislature.

To sign all contracts and other instruments requir-

ing execution on behalf of the Board of Regents.

To be the Treasurer of the University and to pro-

vide for internal and independent audits; however,

appointment of independent auditors shall be sub-

ject to approval of the Board of Regents.

To coordinate the preparation of the agenda of all

meetings of the Board of Regents.

To be responsible for official communications on

behalf of the Board, excepting personnel actions.

To be the appointing authority for all professional

personnel not assigned to a member institution.

The member institutions are autonomous with respect

to their own personnel decisions.

To perform such additional duties as the Board may


It is understood that adoption of the revised job de-

scription will require additional changes in the Bylaws

to more carefully define the responsibilities of the

Presidents, and it is assumed that the necessary revi-

sion will be submitted to the next Board meeting.

(2) The Committee unanimously recommends that no further

changes be made in the organization of the Chancellor's

Office until such time as a new Chief Executive Officer

has been appointed and can participate in any changes

which may be considered.

(3) The Committee unanimously recommends that the Board

authorize the appointment of a Regents' Search Commit-

tee, in conformity with the Code, and that the Commit-

tee be authorized to proceed immediately with an appro-

priate advertisement for that position.

(4) The Committee further recommends that the Board author-

ize the Search Committee to seek assistance from the

Presidential Search Consultation Service, or a similar

higher education-oriented service, in recruiting for

a new Chancellor.

Dr. Guinn commented on the proposed job description, noting

that it does contain a reference to performance evaluation,

but the Committee was assured that another committee is en-

gaged in developing performance assessment/evaluation pro-

cedures for Officers and it was believed that this could be

added following completion of the work of that Committee.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the Committee's recommenda-

tion. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong.

In response to a question concerning the need for funding

for the Committee, Chancellor Baepler stated that funds

would not be needed until the Search Committee reaches the

interview stage, other than a small amount for advertising.

He offered to prepare an Estimated Budget for consideration

by the Board at the appropriate time.

Motion carried without dissent.

26. Appointment of Chancellor Search Committee

Chairman Cashell appointed the following committee of

Regents to serve as a Search Committee:

Mrs. Whitley, Chairman

Mrs. Fong

Dr. Lombardi

Mr. Mc Bride

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board