UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 14-15, 1913

Volume OD - Pages 485-486

                         Reno, Nevada
                       October 14, 1913

The Finance Committee met in the office of the President on
October 14, 1913.  Present:  Mr. Codd, Chairman, Mr. O'Brien,
Mr. Henderson, the President, and Mr. Gorman, Assistant Secre-

An answer to the article which appeared in the Sacramento Bee
on October 4th was read to the Committee, discussed and approved.
As soon as a copy of the answer has been received and signed by
Mr. Pratt, the President was authorized to publish this answer
in the Sacramento Bee, and present copies to the Nevada State
Journal and the Reno Evening Gazette for publication.

The extras to finish the Library and the Dairy buildings were
submitted by the President, and, on motion of Dr. Reid, seconded
by Regent O'Brien, the President and the Comptroller were author-
ized to proceed according to this estimate and finish these

The President reported his interview with the Governor and the
State Superintendent of Public Instruction on the bonds for the
90,000 Acre Grant fund, and reported further that the Governor
would call a meeting of the State Investment Board at an early
day and see whether they would transfer from the pool the number
of 5% bonds to the University representing in amount $107,733.84.

A letter from W. F. Herrin, Vice President and Chief Counsel
for the Southern Pacific Company, was read and filed.  In accord-
ance with this letter the President was authorized to resume the
use of the passes in the Food and Drugs and Weights and Measures

The President read a letter, under date of September 22, from
D. F. Houston, Secretary of Agriculture, on the subject of the
national meeting of the representatives from various states and
the federal officials of the Pure Food Department, to be held in
Washington, D. C., November 14th and 15th.  The President recom-
mended that, in view of the importance of the subjects to be
discussed, the Regents authorize Mr. Dinsmore, the Commissioner,
to attend this conference, his expenses to be paid from the Pure
Foods and Weights and Measures funds.  This was done on motion
of Mr. O'Brien, seconded by Mr. Reid.

On motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Mr. O'Brien, the Comptroller
was authorized to take Mr. Brown's receipt for the second hand
junk which had been taken out of Lincoln Hall.

On motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Mr. O'Brien, the Committee
approved enamelling the shower baths in the Gymnasium and the
putting in of a washbowl in Miss Sameth's room.

The question of Mr. Amos Elliott taking charge of the advertising
or publicity bureau of the University was approved with the pro-
viso that all the work should be done under the direction of and
with the approval of the President.

The President leaves for Tulsa to attend the International Dry
Farming Congress Wednesday night, October 22nd.  He requests
Messrs. Codd and Pratt, who were appointed on a committee with
him to call on various mining candidates, to meet him at Denver
Sunday, November 2nd.

Moved by Mr. O'Brien, seconded by Dr. Reid, that the President
be authorized to take such action with regard to the Post Office
at the University as he thought proper.

                             H. E. Reid

C. H. Gorman
Assistant Secretary