UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 13-14, 1923

Volume OE - Pages 363-364

                         Reno, Nevada
                       October 13, 1923


On Saturday, October 13th, 1923, just as the new day was dawning,
Archibald Edwards Turner finished his work and his sun of life
set beyond the golden hills.  As the glow of evening follows the
day and pictures the landscape in relief, so the radiance of his
life and work bring into sharper view those splendid qualities
of manhood which he so abundantly possessed.

Professor Turner came to the University of Nevada in 1913 as
Instructor in Public Speaking.  The service he gave was of the
highest, and his loyalty to the institution brought him suc-
cessive promotions.  He was made Assistant Professor of Public
Speaking in 1915; Associate Professor of Oral English at 1918,
and Professor of Oral English in 1922.

Of his great worth he gave to the University the fullest measure.
He commanded the respect and the love of the students, and was
one to whom they would go with their anxieties and perplexities.
His service for them was not confined to the classroom, but he
was glad to help them at any time.  Training the students for
appearance in speaking contests, or the public plays, was a joy-
ful work and as the public gave generous approval of their ef-
forts his happiness was complete.

As matter of Lincoln Hall, Professor Turner displayed unusual
qualities of leadership of young men.  As the genial master he
worked and filled the place in life as no storied writer might
picture, or actor play.  Modesty and love were his character-
istics and to these were added loyalty and ability.  With these
attributes he rounded out his life of service.

BE IT RESOLVED, that, as a Board of Regents of the University,
we express our appreciation of Archibald Edwards Turner and of
the spendid service he has given to the University, and to the
State of Nevada.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that these resolutions be entered upon
the minutes of the Board of Regents, and copies thereof be sent
to his bereaved family.

Done at a special meeting of the Board of Regents, called for
that purpose, on this 13th day of October, 1923.

                         /s/ Walter E. Pratt
                         /s/ Sophie E. Williams
                         /s/ Eunice E. Hood
                         /s/ Frank Williams
                         /s/ G. F. Talbot