UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 10-11, 1885


Volume OB - Pages 21-22

                          State of Nevada

                Office of Secy. of Board of Regents

                  Carson City, October 10th, 1885

Regular meeting of the Board, pursuant to adjournment.  Present:

J. H. Rand, L. W. Getchell and H. G. Shaw.

Report of Architect M. J. Curtis was read and ordered placed

on file.

Upon motion of Regent Getchell, seconded by Regent Shaw, unani-

mously resolved that Frank E. Fielding be employed as Professor

of Assaying and Metallurgy, beginning with 19th inst.

Upon motion of Regent Shaw, seconded by Regent Getchell, unani-

mously resolved that the salary of the Professor of Assaying and

Metallurgy be fixed at Two Hundred and Fifty ($250) Dollars per

month, commencing with October 19th, 1885.

The claim of Architect, M. J. Curtis, in amount of $307.00, was

approved and ordered paid from the "Washoe County Building Fund",

and a check therefor was drawn on the First National Bank of


Upon motion of Regent Shaw, seconded by Regent Getchell, the

Secretary was directed to notify the Board of Commissioners of

Washoe County, that Controller Hallock declines to draw his

warrant against the State University Building Fund, in favor of

Burke Brothers, the contractors, for claims allowed by Board of

Regents and Board of Examiners of State of Nevada, till such time

as the provisions of the law requiring payment of Twenty Thousand

($20,000.00) Dollars to Elko County, shall have been complied

with, and any further delay is calculated to greatly embarrass

the work of construction.

Upon motion of Regent Rand, seconded by Regent Shaw, the follow-

ing paper was submitted to the vote of the Board, viz:

     It is ordered that the order made by this Board on the 7th

     day of September, 1885, fixing the price of lands granted

     by the United States to the State of Nevada be, and the same

     is hereby rescinded and repealed, and the price of such

     lands be fixed at the same rate that they were at the time

     said order was made.

The result of a ballot upon the motion was the vote of Regent

Rand in the affirmative, and of Regents Shaw and Getchell in the

negative, so it lost.

Unanimously resolved that when the Board shall adjourn, it shall

be subject to a call of the President.

Nothing further crossing before them for consideration, the Board


                             J. H. Rand


M. D. Noteware