UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 9-10, 1986


Pages 53-73

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                        October 9-10, 1986

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Pine Auditori-

um, Student Union, University of Nevada-Reno.

Members present:  Mr. Daniel J. Klaich, Chairman

                  Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

                  Mr. Joseph M. Foley

                  Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

                  Mr. Chris Karamanos

                  Mrs. Joan Kenney

                  Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

                  Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Members absent:   Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present:   Deputy Chancellor Mark Dawson

                  President William Berg, NNCC

                  President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

                  President Joseph Crowley, UNR

                  President John Gwaltney, TMCC

                  President George Hidy, DRI

                  President Robert C. Maxson, UNLV

                  President Paul Meacham, CCCC

                  Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

                  Dr. Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor

                  Mr. Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor

                  Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs Carl Diekhans (NNCC),

John Fordham (DRI), Larry Goodnight (WNCC), John Heise (CCCC),

Phyllis Henderson (TMCC), Donald Jessup (UNR), Gary Jones (UNLV),

Jim Williams (Unit) and Student Association Officers Cassie Coder

(USA), Kirk Hendrick (CSUN), Todd Plimpton (ASUN), and Frank

Terrasas (ASTM).

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Klaich at 3:40 P.M.

on Thursday, October 9, 1986.

 1.  Approved the Consent Agenda

     Approved the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

     with the permanent minutes) containing the following items:

     (1)  Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held August

          28, 1986.

     (2)  Approved the gifts, grants and contracts listed in Ref.

          C-1, filed with the permanent minutes.

     (3)  Approved persons to serve as members of the following

          advisory boards:

          A.  College of Arts and Science Advisory Board

              The following people are to be appointed as new


                  Kathryn Hirsch

                  Robin Sanford

              The following members are to be reappointed:

                  Arthur Boecher          William Maupin

                  Steve Brown             Mary Ellen Mc Mullen

                  Gail Brunetti           Rollan Melton

                  Bonnie Bryan            Jean Myles

                  Pat Cashill             Roger Newton

                  Margery Cavanaugh       Steven Nightingale

                  David Clark             Bob Pearce

                  Robert Clift            Andrea Pelter

                  Fred Davis, Jr.         Mac Potter

                  Kevin Day               Sandy Rogers

                  Barbara Feltner         Sarah Schmanski

                  William Fox             Silas Sellers

                  Jaculine Jones          Kay Winters

                  Bill Ligon

          B.  College of Education Advisory Board

              The following people are to be appointed as new


                  J. Richard Barnard      Kathy E. Mandell

                  Ann M. Carlson          Richard Marcucci

                  Kathy Collup            Ronald K. Remington

                  Elaine D. Frankovich

              The following members are to be reappointed:

                  Barbara Allison         Aimee C. Luginbuehl

                  Rose Bullis             Michon Mackedon

                  Nancy Cashell           Earnest Martinelli

                  Dudley Cate             Marvin Moss

                  Gino R. Del Carlo       Eugene Paslov

                  Stan Goodin             Nancy Peek

                  Rita E. Hambleton       Tom Ryan

                  Denise Klaich           Robert Scott

                  Kay Loudon              Charles Springer

     (4)  Approved Mr. Tom Baker to serve as a 1-year appointment

          as a continuing member of the WNCC Advisory Board.

     (5)  Approved a lease with the Churchill County ASC Commit-

          tee for the Agricultural Service Center located in

          Fallon, Nevada.

     (6)  Approved the interlocal cooperative agreement between

          the Commission on Economic Development and UNS, which

          provides that UNS will participate in and support a

          Statewide economic development symposium on November

          18-19, 1986, and that the Commission will provide an

          amount not to exceed $1000 for the cost of the sym-


     (7)  Approved the interagency agreement between the Job

          Training Partnership Act and CCCC, which provides for

          training of students.

     (8)  Approved an interlocal agreement between Nevada State

          Health Division, Department of Human Resources and

          NNCC, whereby NNCC will provide training for emergency

          medical technicians and emergency medical service in-


     Mrs. Kenney moved adoption of the Consent Agenda and approv-

     al of the prepared agenda with the authority to change the

     order of items as specified throughout the meeting.  Mrs.

     Sparks seconded.  Motion carried.

 2.  Emergency Item:  Approval of Advisory Board Member, NNCC

     President Berg requested approval to consider an emergency

     item on the agenda to approve the appointment of an Advisory

     Board member because the next meeting of the NNCC Advisory

     Board takes place before the next Board of Regents meeting.

     Mr. Karamanos moved to accept an emergency item concerning

     an appointment to the NNCC Advisory Board.  Mrs. Sparks sec-

     onded.  Motion carried.

     President Berg requested Mr. R. D. Minnix be appointed to

     the NNCC Advisory Board.

     Mrs. Kenney moved to approve the appointment of the NNCC

     Advisory Board.  Mr. Karamanos seconded.  Motion carried.

 3.  Introductions

     President Hidy introduced John Fordham, Faculty Senate

     Chair, at DRI.

 4.  Chairman's Report

     Chairman Klaich reported on the progress of the Chancellor's

     Search Committee, stating that the Committee has received

     86 applications.  Dr. Ron Stead, Professional Search Con-

     sultation Service, consultant to the Committee, requested

     that an advisory group assist him in reviewing applications.

     Dr. Stead's advisory group consists of a Student Government

     Officer, a Faculty Senate Chairman, a University President

     and a Community College President.

 5.  Report on Systemwide Review of Equipment Purchases

     At the May, 1986 Regents meeting, the Board received an in-

     terim report on Systemwide review of equipment purchased

     under A. B. 469, and approved the format for a report to be

     presented at the October, 1986 meeting.  An Equipment Review

     Committee, composed of the members of the UNS Academic Af-

     fairs Council and the UNS Business Officers, established

     procedures to expedite the review process and received

     lists from each Campus of planned equipment purchases.  A

     purchasing subcommittee also was established to assist the

     Committee.  The Committee was charged with ensuring compati-

     bility of equipment purchases and realizing maximum economy

     through pooled purchases whenever possible.  An updated re-

     port on A. B. 469 expenditures and enhancements was provided

     and is filed with the permanent minutes as Ref. E.

 6.  Report on Survey of Nevada High School Seniors

     The Board approved in May a grant from the Regents Special

     Project Fund to survey Nevada high school seniors on their

     postsecondary plans.  A survey instrument was developed and

     distributed to every high school in the State.  Students

     completed the survey in late May.  With assistance from the

     Planning, Research and Evaluation Branch, Nevada Department

     of Education, the Office of Academic Affairs compiled and

     analyzed the data, and a final report entitled, "Postsecond-

     ary Plans of Nevada High School Seniors:  A Report on the

     1986 Statewide Survey of Nevada High School Seniors", was

     distributed and is filed in the Regents Office.

     After Vice Chancellor Fox introduced Mrs. Karen Steinberg,

     Institutional Research Coordinator, and Mr. Steven Foster,

     Research Assistant, he highlighted the report.

     In summary, the University of Nevada System Chancellor's

     Office designed and administered a survey questionnaire to

     9,413 Nevada high school seniors in the Spring of 1986.

     5,681 surveys were completed and returned for a response

     rate of 60%, a sample size sufficient to ensure statistical

     validity.  The survey was designed to provide secondary and

     postsecondary educational planners with valuable information

     concerning demographic characteristics, high school experi-

     ence, and postsecondary plans of this group.  Survey results

     have been compiled, and for the first time, valuable compre-

     hensive and timely data on Nevada high school seniors and

     their postsecondary plans are available to the State.  High-

     lights of the report include:

         Postsecondary               59% of survey respondents

         Educational                 intend to enroll in a post-

         Plans                       secondary educational pro-

                                     gram in the year following

                                     their graduation.

                                     82% of survey respondents

                                     intend to continue their

                                     education sometime in the

                                     future.  58% of these re-

                                     spondents intend to pursue

                                     a 2- or 4-year degree pro-

                                     gram, 15% intend to complete

                                     a vocational/technical pro-

                                     gram and 9% intend to take

                                     job-related or self-improve-

                                     ment courses.

         Nevada Attendance           57% of students planning to

                                     continue their education

                                     plan to do so in Nevada.

         Prefer Public               60% of students planning to

         Institution                 continue their education

                                     prefer to attend a public

                                     institution, 60% prefer to

                                     attend a 4-year College and

                                     40% prefer to attend a 2-

                                     year College.

         Out-of-State                28% of students planning to

         Attendance                  attend a Community College

                                     plan to attend an out-of-

                                     state Community College.

                                     43% of students planning to

                                     attend a 4-year College plan

                                     to attend an out-of-state


                                     A total of 2,221 Nevada stu-

                                     dents (43%) plan to attend

                                     a postsecondary institution

                                     out of state.

         Student Financial           86% of responding students

         Support                     expect to work to help fund

                                     their postsecondary educa-

                                     tion, 78% expect parents to

                                     other relatives to help fund

                                     their education and 66% ex-

                                     pect assistance from grants,

                                     scholarships or loans.

         Early Decision              Students who intend to con-

                                     tinue their education after

                                     high school make that deci-

                                     sion early; 72% before their

                                     senior year in high school.

         College Choice              Students ranked the availi-

         Factors                     bility of a particular pro-

                                     gram of study and the aca-

                                     demic reputation of an in-

                                     stitution as the 2 factors

                                     most significant in deter-

                                     mining their choice of Col-


         Positive Impressions        Seniors report a positive

         of UNS Institutions         impression of UNS institu-

                                     tions.  Institutions were

                                     ranked on cost of attending,

                                     availability of financial

                                     aid, academic programs and


         Satisfied with High         Most Nevada high school

         School Experience           seniors are satisfied with

                                     their overall high school

                                     experience and believe their

                                     high school prepared them

                                     well for their intended

                                     postsecondary plans.

     Overall, the survey results indicate that a majority of

     Nevada's high school students intend to continue their

     education.  The University of Nevada System will prepare

     to meet this increased demand, and to offer programs of

     study and training that are desired by graduating seniors.

     Included with this report was a list of recommendations

     which Vice Chancellor Fox reviewed.

     Chairman Klaich requested a demographic study from the in-

     stitutions to be reported on an annual basis, and Mr. Foley

     requested a geographic breakdown on the answers to the sur-

     vey questions by country and/or institution.

     Mrs. Kenney moved approval to accept the report and recom-

     mendations of the survey of Nevada high school seniors.  Mr.

     Karamanos seconded.  Motion carried.

     President Crowley informed the Board that the institutions

     already disseminate information to high school seniors,

     their parents and counselors on financial aid programs,

     institution brochures and general information about the

     University of Nevada System.  He agreed with the recommenda-

     tions and felt that these efforts should be coordinated

     among the institutions.

 7.  Report on Land Use Planning, UNR

     President Crowley reported on land use planning at UNR,

     stating that a land inventory was prepared on all UNS prop-

     erty.  Much of the UNS land belongs to the College of Agri-

     culture at UNR.  UNR has formed a committee which has been

     collecting data, reviewing use restrictions, identifying

     restrictions, identifying property for acquisition and pri-

     oritizing the land.  He stated that Foundation property is

     also incorporated in this project.  UNR requested additional

     funds from the State Legislature to acquire additional prop-

     erty located in close proximity to the Campus as it becomes

     available.  This request was not funded by the 1985 Nevada


     Chairman Klaich asked whether UNR could liquidate land and

     holdings.  Dr. Bernard Jones, Dean of the College of Agri-

     culture and member of the UNR Land Use Planning Committee,

     stated that after the determination of whether to sell or

     lease has been made, UNR will seek Board approval.

 8.  Approved Acceptance of Gift, UNR

     Approved acceptance of a gift of 1,812 acres of land situat-

     ed in White Pine and Lincoln counties, Nevada, from Mr. and

     Mrs. William O. Bradley, Leonard H. Mc Intosh, Henry P. Mc

     Intosh, IV, as trustees for Cameron Hann Mc Intosh, Clifton

     Hanna Mc Intosh, Constance Hanna Mc Intosh, Henry Payne Mc

     Intosh, V, and Ashley Duque Mc Intosh.

     The donors offered the gift to UNR "for exchange purposes or

     otherwise in connection with the functions of the College of

     Agriculture", and are reserving an undivided 1/2 interest in

     and to the minerals rights in the subject land.

     Mrs. Kenney moved approval to accept the gift of 1,812 acres

     of land situated in White Pine and Lincoln counties.  Mr.

     Karamanos seconded.  Motion carried.

 9.  Approved Amendments to the UNS Code

     Pursuant to Subsection 1.3.3 of the UNS Code, approved two

     amendments to the UNS Code.  These amendments read as fol-


     6.1.1  Applicability of Procedures and Sanctions.  The pro-

            cedures and sanctions established in this chapter are

            applicable to the resolution and determination of

            charges against members of the community of the Uni-

            versity of Nevada System for allegedly engaging in

            conduct prohibited by the Code or other applicable

            stated policies, procedures, rules, regulations or

            Bylaws of the System institutions.  Except as other-

            wise provided in this chapter, the University of

            Nevada School of Medicine may also establish written

            policies, procedures and sanctions for the discipline

            of its students which may be used in lieu of the

            policies, procedures and sanctions of this chapter,

            subject to the prior review by the General Counsel

            of the System and to the approval of the President

            of the institution in which the School of Medicine

            is based.

     6.2.2  Prohibited Activity - University of Nevada System

            Community.  The following conduct, being incompatible

            with the purposes of an academic community, is pro-

            hibited for all members of the community of the Sys-

            tem, including but not limited to the faculty and

            students, shall constitute cause for discipline and

            may lead to the procedures and disciplinary sanctions

            established in Section 6.3 of the Code.  Students en-

            rolled in the University of Nevada School of Medicine

            are also subject to the prohibitions contained in

            this subsection under the procedures and disciplinary

            sanctions which may be established by the School of

            Medicine as authorized by Subsection 6.1.1 of the


     The reason for this change is that the organization which

     accredits the University of Nevada School of Medicine re-

     quires a certain degree of autonomy within the School with

     respect to student discipline.

     General Counsel Klasic stated for the record that copies of

     these amendments had been distributed to the Chancellor,

     Presidents and Faculty Senate Chairs at least 30 days in

     advance of the meeting in accordance with the UNS Code.

     Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the amendments to the UNS

     Code.  Mrs. Kenney seconded.  Motion carried.

10.  Approved Resolution Re:  Nevada Higher Education Week

     October 25-31, 1986 has been proclaimed Higher Education

     Week with more than 1,000 Campuses celebrating nationally.

     Deputy Chancellor Dawson presented the following resolution

     for Nevada's recognition of the occasion:

                           RESOLUTION #86-7

         WHEREAS, the University of Nevada System for more than

         a century has been providing citizens with the oppor-

         tunity to expand their knowledge in order to lead fuller

         lives, to prepare for careers, to explore new interests,

         to benefit from its research and its contributions made

         through public service; and,

         WHEREAS, the University of Nevada System is dedicated to

         serving current and future students -- who will provide

         us with new knowledge and new solutions - by providing

         them with more and better undergraduate and graduate

         programs, occupational/technical training and develop-

         mental education taught by high-quality faculty; and,

         WHEREAS, the University of Nevada System is dedicated

         to providing educational opportunities and accessibility

         to all, regardless of economic circumstance, age, sex or

         race so all can become capable of realizing their full

         potential; and,

         WHEREAS, the University of Nevada System recognizes its

         role as a partner in helping local and State economies

         remain vital and in assisting the State in its efforts

         to meet the social, educational, cultural and demo-

         graphic needs that will challenge Nevadans in the fu-

         ture; and

         WHEREAS, higher educational Campuses throughout the

         United States will celebrate National Higher Education

         Week October 25-31, 1986, on the 100th birthday of the

         Statue of Liberty, to call attention to the fact that

         the liberty to pursue an education is one of our most

         previous freedoms, that our Community Colleges and Uni-

         versities provide us with the opportunity to use this

         liberty to learn;

         NOW, THEREFORE, the University of Nevada System Board of

         Regents does hereby proclaim October 25-31, 1986 as

         Nevada Higher Education Week, and calls upon the people

         of the State of Nevada to observe this week with appro-

         priate ceremonies and activities.

     Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the resolution regarding Ne-

     vada Higher Education Week.  Mrs. Kenney seconded.  Motion


Ms. Del Papa and Mrs. Gallagher entered the meeting at this time.

11.  Report and Recommendations of the Audit Committee

     A report and recommendations of the Audit Committee meeting,

     held October 10, 1986, were made by Regent Foley, Chairman.

     (1)  Approved the audit of UNLV Intercollegiate Athletics.

          The audit report was distributed at the meeting and

          is filed in the Regents Office.

     (2)  Approved the audit of the UNLV Athletic Development

          Office.  The audit report was distributed at the meet-

          ing and is filed in the Regents Office.

     (3)  Approved the audit of the UNLV Theatre Arts Department.

          The audit report was distributed at the meeting and is

          filed in the Regents Office.

     (4)  The Business Center North Payroll Department audit was

          presented to the Board in June, 1986.  A followup re-

          port on implementation was presented by Internal Audit

          Director Sandi Cardinal.

     (5)  Internal Audit Director Sandi Cardinal presented an

          update on the selection of independent auditors, stat-

          ing that the Committee developed and sent the RFP to

          all Nevada and "big eight" accounting firms.  To date,

          16 responses have been received.  The Committee held an

          informational meeting attended by 10 interested ac-

          counting firms.  The deadline for bids is October 17,

          1986, and the Committee will review and make recom-

          mendations to the Board of Regents at the December

          meeting.  Mrs. Cardinal stated that preference points

          will be given to firms located in Nevada.

     Mr. Foley moved approval of the report and recommendations

     of the Audit Committee.  Mrs. Kenney seconded.  Motion


12.  Report and Recommendations of the Academic Affairs Committee

     A report and recommendations of the Academic Affairs Commit-

     tee meeting, held October 9, 1986, were made by Regent

     Sheerin, Chairman.

     (1)  Vice Chancellor Fox distributed the Planning and Pro-

          gram Review as proposed by the Academic Affairs Council

          and is filed in the Regents Office.  He highlighted the

          proposal.  This proposal will be brought back to the

          Academic Affairs Committee for further discussion at

          the December meeting.

     (2)  Approved the Phase I Proposal for a BS in Medical Tech-

          nology at UNLV, as contained in Ref. AA-2, filed in

          the Regents Office.

          This degree will prepare graduates for positions as

          clinical laboratory scientists in public and private

          health facilities, as well as medical research organ-

          izations.  The program also will prepare graduates for

          administration of hospital and private clinical de-


          The program will articulate with the Medical Laboratory

          Technology degree at Clark County Community College.

          It is anticipated that 75-100 students will be enrolled

          in the program by the 4th year.  This 1st year budget

          is estimated to be $62,000.  In the 4th year of the

          program, a Director and 3 faculty are requested, with

          an estimated budget of $162,000.

          Medical technology is an area of rapid expansion in the

          United States due to the increasing need for trained

          personnel in the health care profession.  In addition,

          the requirements for advancement in the field are

          changing.  Currently, there is evidence of student de-

          mand for this program, with approximately 25-31 Fresh-

          men expressing an interest annually.

     (3)  Approved the Proposal for a BS in Health Care Adminis-

          tration at UNLV, as contained in Ref. AA-3, filed in

          the Regents Office.

          Graduates of this program will be prepared for mid-

          level management positions in hospitals, public and

          private health facilities, medical research organiza-

          tions, and other health care agencies.  A broad range

          of knowledge and extensive training will include fi-

          nance, purchasing, maintenance, personnel, taxations,

          religion, psychology, political science, sociology and


          The program would provide an avenue for Community Col-

          lege students from the areas of Dental Hygiene and

          Respiratory Therapy to continue their education at the

          baccalaureate level.  Plans also are being made to

          provide UNLV students in the College of Hotel Admin-

          istration with the opportunity to study hospital skills

          in addition to hotel skills.

          1st year enrollment is projected to be 15 students, in-

          creasing to 50 by the 4th year of the program.  Funding

          will include a request for $124,000 in the 4th year,

          which will include a Director and 2 faculty members.

          The area of health care is one of the most rapidly ex-

          panding in the country.  Administrators are in demand

          in hospitals, extended-care facilities, nursing homes,

          psychiatric hospitals, and other facilities.  At pres-

          ent, this degree is not offered within the State, and

          the College of Health Sciences continues to receive

          requests from students regarding the addition of a

          baccalaureate program in this area.

     (4)  Approved the Phase I Proposal for an M. D., Ph. D. in

          the School of Medicine at UNR, as contained in Ref.

          AA-4, filed in the Regents Office.

          This program will train students as medical scientists.

          They will acquire expertise in both biomedical research

          and clinical medicine, and graduates will be qualified

          to conduct research, teach and provide clinical care.

          The M. D. will be provided through existing medical

          curriculum, and the Ph. D. will be earned through re-

          search and additional course work offered by the De-

          partments of Anatomy, Pharmacology or Physiology.

          The program will be designed to accommodate a small

          number of outstanding students from the State who will

          work toward careers as physician-scientists.

          There is a national need for graduates of such a pro-

          gram.  Currently 75% of medical schools in the United

          States offer a combined M. D., Ph. D. degree.  This

          type of degree also would provide the University of

          Nevada-Reno an advantage in recruiting highly talented

          students interested in a research career in medicine.

          However, the program would not be expected to grow

          beyond 8 students.

          Resource needs for the 4th year are estimated at

          $80,000 and will provide for stipends for 8 students.

          Existing facilities are adequate; however, when the

          program is fully implemented there will be a need for

          office and student space.

     (5)  Approved the Phase I Proposal for a M. S. and Ph. D. in

          Pharmacology at the School of Medicine, UNR, as con-

          tained in Ref. AA-5, filed in the Regents Office.

          This program will be centered in the Department of

          Pharmacology and will provide a quality, high-level

          program which will give students an opportunity to pre-

          pare for a variety of careers based on training in the

          pharmacological sciences.  Program emphasis will be in

          autonomic pharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology,

          neuropharmacology and toxicology.

          Students will actually enter the doctoral program, as

          it will be the intent not to accept students solely as

          master's degree candidates.  However, the master's de-

          gree will be offered as an intermediate degree route

          to the Ph. D.

          As faculty are presently in place, resource needs re-

          quested by the 4th year will include stipends for 8

          graduate students, a 1/2 time secretary and operating

          expenses.  Existing facilities and equipment are suf-

          ficient for the program.

          The proposal notes that qualified pharmacologists are

          in demand in almost every part of the country by pri-

          vate industry, large hospitals, Universities and gov-

          ernment agencies.  Consultation has taken place with

          many colleagues in pharmacology departments throughout

          the United States, and it is felt this program will be

          competitive in quality with existing programs.  The

          program is designed for relatively few students.  It

          is anticipated there will be 2 to 3 graduates per year.

          This proposal is consistent with the UNR Master Plan,

          which proposes the School of Medicine establish doctor-

          al programs in the basic sciences.

     (6)  The Subcommittee on Quality and Administration of the

          UNS Task Force on Educational Telecommunications has

          drafted proposed quality guidelines for UNS telecours-

          es.  These proposed guidelines were distributed to

          Campus Presidents in May for Campus review and comment.

          A discussion of these proposed guidelines was held, and

          it was decided that the Board will discuss approving

          these guidelines at the December or January meeting.

          See Ref. AA-6, filed in the Regents Office.

          Mrs. Sheerin explained that faculty members spend a

          great deal of additional time on the instructional

          telecommunications courses; therefore, it is necessary

          to award these faculty members with an appropriate in-


          Mrs. Sheerin reported that a number of questions had

          arisen during the Committee meeting concerning health

          care in Nevada and it was requested that a Systemwide

          report be made to the Board on this issue including

          programs, current and future impact, and an estimate

          of costs.  Details are contained in the Committee meet-

          ing minutes filed in the Regents Office.

          The Committee also requested more complete information

          in the future program requests concerning resources for

          funding, duplication of programs within the System, and


     Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the report and recommenda-

     tions of the Academic Affairs Committee.  Mrs. Sparks sec-

     onded.  Motion carried.

13.  Report and Recommendations of the Budget and Finance Com-


     A report and recommendations of the Budget and Finance Com-

     mittee meeting, held October 9, 1986, were made by Regent

     Sparks, Chairman.

     (1)  Approved the self-supporting budget for a new Theatre

          Arts account at UNLV:





              Opening Account Balance                $      0

              Ticket Sales Deposited into

                  Theatre Arts 220 Accounts            19,899

              Total Source of Funds                  $ 19,899


              Professional Salaries (FTE 1.00)       $ 16,380

              Fringe Benefits                           3,519

              Total Use of Funds                     $ 19,899

     (2)  Approved the self-supporting budget for the UNR School

          of Medicine Administration Department's new account:





              Opening Account Balance                $395,000

              Total Source of Funds                  $395,000


              Professional Salaries (FTE .57)        $ 42,814

              Fringe Benefits                           4,222

              Classified Salaries (FTE 2.00)           39,085

              Fringe Benefits                          10,915

              Operating                               245,000

              Ending Account Balance                   52,964

              Total Use of Funds                     $395,000

     (3)  Approved spending $16,910 of Capital Improvement Proj-

          ect Funds for Phase III building construction at NNCC:

          A)  Electrical Transformer                 $ 11,200

          B)  Sewer Connection Fee                      2,210

          C)  Street Light                              1,500

          D)  Curbs and Gutters                         2,000

                                                     $ 16,910

     Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the report and recommendations

     of the Budget and Finance Committee.  Mrs. Gallagher second-

     ed.  Motion carried.

14.  Report on Reorganization, TMCC

     President Gwaltney presented a report on the administrative

     reorganization at TMCC, as contained in Ref. F, filed with

     the permanent minutes.  He reported that TMCC is creating a

     new position, Business/Industry Liaison, and will be shift-

     ing from a 3-Dean plus a Vice President structure to a 2-

     Dean structure.  The Dean of Instruction will be filled by

     Dr. Ron Remington with 2 Associate Deans to be appointed,

     and the Dean of Institutional Services will be filled by

     Mrs. Rita Gubanich with 2 Associate Deans to be appointed.

     President Gwaltney introduced Dr. Ron Remington and Mrs.

     Rita Gubanich, and commended them for their services to


     Mrs. Sparks asked if the Associate Dean appontments would be

     made internally and President Gwaltney replied in the af-

     firmative, and stated this is only a reorganization of ex-

     isting positions.  Mr. Foley commended President Gwaltney

     and stated his enthusiasm for integrating students with

     business and industry during their educational experience

     at TMCC.  President Gwaltney informed the Board that EDAWN,

     WIN and the Chamber of Commerce will have representatives

     on the selection committee for the Business/Industry Liaison

     Officer.  President Gwaltney stated that there was a great

     deal of staff input on this reorganization, and felt that

     there is a positive staff morale.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the reorganization at TMCC.

     Mrs. Sheerin seconded.  Motion carried.

     President Gwaltney extended his gratitude to Faculty Senate

     Chair Phyllis Henderson, and stated that she has been very

     helpful during this transition.

15.  Report on Phase IV, TMCC

     President Gwaltney presented a report on the Phase IV build-

     ing project at TMCC.  The bids came in $750,000 over the

     authorized budgeted amount; therefore, some items have been

     removed from the original plan.  TMCC and the State Public

     Works Board are negotiating, and TMCC is hopeful that addi-

     tional funds can be found to complete Phase IV as planned.

President Maxson introduced CSUN Officers Jeff Chadwell, Senate

President; Tristan Harrington, Student Affairs Director; Alfred

Gomez, Senator; and Kirk Hendrick, President.

16.  Report on Student Recruitment and Retention, UNR

     President Crowley introduced the Dean of Student Services

     Roberta Barnes, who presented a report on student recruit-

     ment and retention at UNR.

     Dean Barnes indicated that one of the missions of Student

     Services is to attract students to the UNR Campus.  The

     students range from 16 to 78 years of age; therefore, the

     mission of recruitment and retention of students is varied.

     In 1979 there were 79 foreign students at UNR; today there

     are 359 foreign students.

     Dean Barnes introduced several staff members who each made

     excellent presentations.  Dr. David Hansen, New Student Pro-

     grams, reported on the Enrollment Planning Group at UNR; Dr.

     K. B. Rao, Advising, Counseling and Retention Programs, re-

     ported on student retention; and Mr. Ed Schoenberg, Out-

     reach Services, reported on student recruitment programs.

     In addition, Dean Barnes introduced the remaining key staff

     members - Ada Cook, Special Programs; Pete Perriera, Student

     Organizations and Activities; Garry Rubinstein, Drug and

     Alcohol Awareness Programs; Nancy Hagman, Student Transition

     Programs; Vada Trimble, Residential Life and Housing Serv-

     ices; and Martin Anderson, Assistant Director of Residential

     Life and Housing Services.

     Mrs. Sheerin complimented Student Services on its presenta-

     tions and its creative and effective projects designed to

     increase enrollment at UNR.

     President Crowley informed the Board that other groups and

     Departments across the Campus also have become involved with

     student recruitment and retention.

Mr. Karamanos left the meeting at this time.

17.  Report and Recommendations of the Legislative Liaison Com-


     A report and recommendations of the Legislative Liaison Com-

     mittee meeting, held October 10, 1986, were made by Regent

     Gallagher, Chairman.

     (1)  A meeting of the UNS Statewide Legislative Network was

          held in Las Vegas on September 9, 1986.  Mrs. Gallagher

          reported that each institution had appointed a lay

          representative to serve on the network.  The purpose

          of the network is to generate community awareness and

          support of UNS legislative matters.  Vice Chancellor

          Ron Sparks reported on the UNS 1987-89 biennial budget.

          A second meeting will be held following the November


     (2)  New Business - Dr. Robert Daugherty, Dean of the School

          of Medicine, informed the Board that the Board of Medi-

          cal Examiners will introduce a bill in the Legislature

          that would exempt full-time faculty of the School of

          Medicine from a law requiring 3 years of residency

          training to obtain a license in the State of Nevada.

          In the last session of the Legislature, a statute was

          passed that required 3 years of residency to obtain a

          license in the State of nevada.  Nevada is the first

          state in the nation to require 3 years; most states

          require 1 year of residency after graduation, 1 year

          of internship and 1 year of training.  Some states re-

          quire 2 years.  The School of Medicine is in the proc-

          ess of searching for a Chairman of the Family Practice

          Department in Las Vegas.  Most applicants have had 15

          to 20 years of experience, but do not fulfill the res-

          idency requirement; hence, the request for the exemp-


          In reply to a question posed by Mrs. Sparks, Dr.

          Daugherty stated that the specialty of family prac-

          tice has not been in existence long enough to produce

          enough mature, experienced physicians who have com-

          pleted the 3 years of residency in this area and who

          could be qualified to organize and direct a family

          practice department as is required in a medical school.

          He further explained that family practice has only been

          in existence since the early 1970's.  Previously, the

          physicians were referred to as general practitioners or

          family physicians.  These people generally have 1 year

          of training out of medical school, and are now the ones

          who have had enough experience in this field to organ-

          ize a family practice program.  However, they have not

          fulfilled the 3-year residency requirement.

          Dr. Daugherty explained that, in other disciplines, the

          physician must be eligible to take and pass the boards.

          To be eligible for the boards one must have completed a

          3-year residency.  This statute will not lower the

          standards in terms of qualifications of the faculty.

          The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners has the final

          say in licensing a physician.

          Mrs. Gallagher commended Dr. Daugherty in approaching

          the Legislative Liaison Committee on this issue.  Al-

          though the System will not propose this legislation,

          it is very important that the Board be informed con-

          cerning all legislation that will ultimately affect

          the System.

          Other bills affecting the School of Medicine that may

          be introduced include creating trauma centers and peri-

          natal centers, and an increase in the number of Medi-

          caid patients served up to 10,000, including a $200,000

          budget to manage the program at the School of Medicine.

          Mr. Klaich requested a Systemwide report by the insti-

          tutions on health care programs and how it affects

          their missions now and in the future.  The report also

          will address how UNS programs are addressing the health

          care needs of the State.

     Mr. Plimpton, ASUN President, informed the Board that the

     students of each institution attended a State Presidents'

     Conference.  At this conference 17 Senators and 16 at-large

     Representatives discussed raising funds for lobbying at the

     State Legislature.  Mrs. Gallagher requested that a budget

     presentation be made to the students along with a full ex-

     planation of the coordinated lobbying approach, which in-

     cludes students, that is necessary for a successful legisla-

     tive session.

18.  Approved Acceptance of Gift, CCCC

     Approved acceptance of a sculpture entitle "The Book", meas-

     uring approximately 18' x 19' x 2', elevated 10' above the

     ground and valued at $50,000 from C. R. E. A. T. E., Inc.,

     a non-profit Nevada Corporation.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval to accept the gift of a sculp-

     ture entitled "The Book" at CCCC.  Mrs. Sparks seconded.

     Motion carried.

19.  Approved Handbook Change, Resident Physicians and Post-

     Doctoral Fellows, Student Employment and Standards for

     Defining the Professional Staff, UNR

     These 3 items are a package.  These changes are necessary

     in order to implement a General Counsel's opinion that resi-

     dent physicians and post-doctoral fellows are student-em-

     ployees of the UNS.

     A.  Title 4, Chapter 7, Resident Physicians and Post-Doctor-

         al Fellows, as contained in Ref. B, filed in the Regents

         Office.  General Counsel Klasic made the following

         changes to Section 5, Paragraphs 6 and 7:

         6.  In accordance with the post-doctoral salary policy,

             the salaries will be negotiated between the Post-

             Doctoral Fellow and the faculty sponsor from whom

             the individual receives advanced training.

         7.  Appointments shall be recommended through appropri-

             ate administrative channels.  The Office of Person-

             nel Services will be responsible for monitoring all

             appointments in compliance with the policy estab-

             lished for Post-Doctoral Fellows.

     B.  Title 4, Chapter 18, Section 16, Student Employment, as

         contained in Ref. C, filed in the Regents Office.

     C.  Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 2, Standards for Defining

         the Professional Staff, as contained in Ref. D, filed

         in the Regents Office.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the Handbook changes re-

     garding Resident Physicians and Post-Doctoral Fellows, Stu-

     dent Employment and Standards for Defining the Professional

     Staff at UNR.  Ms. Del Papa seconded.  Motion carried.

20.  Approved the Sale of Note and Deed of Trust, UNR

     Approved a sale of the note and deed of trust on the Lucky

     Plaza Shopping Center, formerly known as the Lake Mead Shop-

     ping Center.

     The U. S. Management Group, owned by Mr. Greg Navone and Mr.

     Al Goldhagen, has offered the sum of $500,000, contingent

     upon the ability of the U. S. Management Group to obtain a

     loan on the property that would allow them to purchase the

     note and deed of trust.

     The note and deed of trust originally executed for the sum

     of $650,000, and still carrying a face value of $650,000,

     were given by Mr. Claude I. Howard to the School of Medi-

     cine.  Mr. Howard also gave the land upon which the Shopping

     Center is located to the School of Medicine.  The land is

     now leased to the U. S. Management Group for the sum of

     $1500 per month.  The land is not a part of this request

     and will be retained by the University.

     Mr. Claude I. Howard recommends the sale of the note and

     deed of trust for the sum of $500,000 so that the existing

     University loan of approximately $200,000 secured by the

     property can be paid off and the balance of the $500,000

     placed in the Medical School building account for future

     construction as needed.  The existing loan of approximately

     $200,000 was made by FIB to the School of Medicine to permit

     it to complete the construction on the Family Medicine Clin-

     ical building on the Medical School Campus.

     General Counsel Klasic recommended approval with review of

     documents prior to finalization.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the sale of note and deed

     of trust at UNR with the understanding that General Counsel

     will review the final documents.  Mrs. Sheerin seconded.

     Motion carried.

21.  Emergency Item:  Request Medical Leave with Pay, UNR

     President Crowley requested approval to consider an emer-

     gency item on the agenda to grant 1-year medical leave with

     pay to a faculty member.

     Mrs. Gallagher moved to accept an emergency item concerning

     medical leave with pay at UNR.  Ms. Del Papa seconded.  Mo-

     tion carried.

     President Crowley informed the Board that David Barber,

     College of Agriculture faculty member, has a serious medi-

     cal problem and the College has requested medical leave with

     pay be granted for 1 year beginning at noon on September 4,

     1986 and ending at noon on September 4, 1987.

     Mrs. Kenney moved approval of medical leave with pay for

     David Barber at UNR.  Ms. Del Papa seconded.  Motion car-


President Maxson introduced Mike Muir, CSUN Vice President, and

Richard Knapp, State Public Works Board.

22.  Report on Engineering Building, UNLV

     President Maxson reported on the Engineering Building Proj-

     ect at UNLV, stating that the bids came in over the $10.8

     million construction budget which had been authorized for

     the project.  The project, with modifications, will be put

     to bid again with the hope that construction will begin in

     January and the building will be occupied by August, 1988.

     Approximately $330,000 can be saved if a power plant located

     in the area is not moved until a later phase of the project

     is under way.  An anonymous gift will be directed to the

     construction of the Engineering building.  President Maxson

     stated that it will be necessary to cut back on some fur-

     nishings, which can be purchased in the future, but the

     quality of the educational programs won't be jeopardized.

23.  Tabled Proposal for Reduced Appointment for Tenured Faculty

     The Board tabled a proposed policy until the December meet-

     ing which would provide appointment for tenured faculty

     within UNS from 1.0 FTE to not less than .50 FTE, but still

     retaining tenure.

     The Board requested a written report stating the pros and

     cons on the issue, with a comparison between the current

     policy and the proposed policy, and information indicating

     how the part-time faculty would receive merit pay and be

     evaluated by the President of the institution.

     Mr. Foley moved to table the discussion on reduced appoint-

     ment for tenured faculty.  Mrs. Gallagher seconded.  Motion


24.  New Business

     A.  Ms. Del Papa requested that the Chancellors Office

         create a milestone chart and issue a monthly master

         calendar of all System events.

     B.  Mrs. Sheerin informed the Board that the Associate of

         Community College Trustees (ACCT) will meet October 15-

         19, 1986 in San Diego, California.  She announced that

         she has placed her name on the ACCT ballot for Secre-

         tary/Treasurer.  If elected, ACCT will cover all addi-

         tional expenses.

     C.  Chairman Klaich has received many positive reports on

         System cooperation.

     D.  President Crowley announced that dedication of a Space

         Explorer's Monument at the Planetarium will be held in

         November.  7 trees will be planted in memory of the

         Challenger Space Shuttle crew.

The meeting adjourned at 2:20 P.M.

                             Mary Lou Moser

                             Secretary of the Board