UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 9-10, 1981


Pages 70-94



October 9, 1981

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Pine Auditori-

um, Travis Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President James Eardley, TMCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Clifford Murino, DRI

General Counsel Donald Klasic

Secretary Bonnie Smotony

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs and Student Association


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 9:10 A.M.

1. Approval of Consent Agenda

Adoption of the Consent Agenda, containing the following

items, was recommended (Consent Agenda identified as Ref. A

and filed with permanent minutes).

(1) Approval of the minutes of the meetings of August 28,

September 3 and September 17, 1981.

(2) Acceptance of gifts and grants.

(3) Approval of UNR's request for the following with-

drawals from Corporate Trusts 30 and 36 for equip-

ment repair and replacement and building maintenance

and repair for two HHFA projects:

Equipment Building

Reserve Reserve Total

Corporate Trust 30

Dining Commons $5,343.53 $1,494.90 $6,838.43

Corporate Trust 36

Student Housing 1,220.00 1,369.94 2,589.94

Total $6,563.53 $2,864.84 $9,428.37

(4) Establishment of a revolving petty cash fund for the

Chancellor's Office at the California/Arlington Branch

of First Interstate Bank in the amount of $2000 to be

used to handle cash advances for travel purposes and

reimbursement of Regents travel expenses. Authorized

signatures on the account would be Mark Dawson, Bonnie

Smotony and Edythe Anderson.

(5) Approval of the estimative budget for the Child and

Family Center at UNR:

Child and Family Center


Fees $46,000

Federal Food Program 1,300

ASUN 2,000

Opening Cash Balance 8,375

Total Revenue $57,675


Professional Salaries 1.50 FTE $15,600

Classified Salaries 1.00 FTE 12,746

Wages 6,000

Fringe Benefits 2,233

Operating 10,000

Ending Fund Balance 11,096

Total Expenditures $57,675

(6) Authorization for UNR and TMCC to write off student

loans that are delinquent and considered uncollect-

ible. Efforts will still be made to collect the

$8107.32 at UNR and $435.50 at TMCC and "holds" will

be placed on the records of the students involved.

(7) Approval of the following UNLV fund transfer:

#82-006 $28,000 from the Contingency Reserve to

Letters of Appointment professional part-

time salaries. An offsetting transfer

would be made from professional salary


(8) Approval of the use of $26,000 from the Capital Im-

provement Fee Fund at TMCC for Campus improvements.

(9) Approval of the use of $2000 from the Capital Improve-

ment Fee Fund at WNCC for electrical work at the

Fallon Campus.

(10) Authorization of the expenditure of $35,000 from the

the UNLV Student Union Reserve Fund to replace all ex-

isting exterior doors with better and heavier ones.

(11) Authorization to DRI to use $95,000 in contingency

reserve funds until an amendment is made to a DRI

research contract by the U. S. Department of Energy.

This processing is anticipated to be completed by

November 1, 1981 and the funds will be repaid to the

contigency reserve upon award of the contract.

(12) Approval of the conversion of 13 out-of-state grants-

in-aid to an equal number of in-state grants-in-aid

for the UNLV Marching Band.

(13) Appointment of Regent Dorothy Gallagher as the Board's

liaison member of the UNR School of Home Economics

Advisory Board.

(14) Appointment of the following person to the UNR College

of Education Advisory Board for two year terms:

Mr. Ray E. Armstrong, Reno (replacing Mrs. Harriet

Basta, who has resigned)

Mrs. A. A. (Michon) Mackedon, Fallon (new


Mr. Alan Glover, Carson City (new appointee)

Mrs. Sue Wagner, Reno (new appointee)

Ms. Del Papa moved the approval of the Consent Agenda. Mo-

tion seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without dissent.

2. Status of UNS Computing and Information Systems

Chancellor Bersi recalled that in his early discussions with

the Board of Regents and on subsequent occasions since as-

suming the Chancellorship, the Board has been clear in its

direction that the effective management and administration

of the University System was a primary concern and should

receive careful and immediate attention of the Chancellor.

Accordingly, as reported to the Board in April, an extensive

review of the System Administration and those functions

which report to the Chancellor was initiated. That review

has included the UNS Computing Center and the report sched-

uled for presentation was intended to inform the Board con-

cerning the current status of Computing and Information

Systems capabilities of the System.

Dr. Bersi reported that the Computing Center has, under the

direction of Niels Anderson, been engaged in some very cre-

ative negotiations with Control Data Corporation, with the

result that the Computing Center will be able to offer in

the very near future a 100% increase in memory capacity in

Las Vegas, a 50% increase in Reno, an increase of approxi-

mately one million megabytes in data storage space for the

System. Also, the $700,000 equipment budget provided to

the Computing Center by the 1981 Legislature will be com-

mitted in such a way as to double Systemwide access to

computer services and give Nevada's Universities and Col-

leges significantly increased academic computing capacity.

Dr. Bersi introduced Dr. Lloyd Case, recently appointed

Assistant Director for Academic and Research Services,

recounting his experience and qualifications and asked that

he proceed with the scheduled presentations.

Dr. Case commented on the direction and goals for computing

services within the University Sytem, stating that he un-

derstood the charge of the Regents and the Chancellor is to

focus the resources in computing in the following areas:

(1) Responsive management information systems - the ability

to provide timely information;

(2) Computer literacy - the understanding of the potentials

and use of computing in management and in the instruc-

tional programs;

(3) Shared resources - a control of the overall resources

to prevent costly duplications and acquisition of non-

compatible equipment.

In order to achieve the benefits suggested by the above,

Dr. Case recommended the following 9-point plan of action:

(1) Develop a UNS Computer Service Plan covering both

short and long-term needs.

(2) Review administration informations systems for im-

provement, development and cost benefits.

(3) Improve organizational definitions and UNS planning,

budgeting procedures for computer services.

(4) Develop a resources request priority and reporting

system by applications directly focused on need.

(5) Provide a "war chest" for improvement ventures.

(6) Modernize the Computer Center internal operations.

(7) Provide strong shared pool of expertise.

(8) Upgrade the present hardware.

(9) Provide widespread time share access to address the

academic instructional needs.

At the conclusion of Dr. Case's presentation, Mrs. Gallagher

moved that the Board of Regents reaffirm the Board policy of

Systemwide control of computing services; endorse the Chan-

cellor's plan of action, described in the foregoing presen-

tation; and direct that the UNS Computing Center's capacity

to service the University of Nevada System's administrative,

instructional and research needs shall be a high priority in

the budget planning for the 1983 Legislative Session. Mo-

tion seconded by Ms. Del Papa, carried without dissent.

Chancellor Bersi stated that he believed achieving the goals

reflected in the foregoing presentation were critical if the

Board is to fulfill its responsibilities to the State. He

pointed out that someone now has to be responsible for pur-

suing those goals and announced that, upon the recommenda-

tion of Niels Anderson, the responsibilities of the Assist-

ant Director will be expanded to encompass the pursuit of

these objectives and that Dr. Lloyd Case will assume the

title of Deputy Director and will work very closely with

the Campuses in achieving the goals enumerated.

3. UNS Foundation

Chancellor Bersi recalled that at the February 1981 meeting,

the Board had directed that draft documents prepared by tax

counsel be accepted with the understanding that each insti-

tution would make the necessary changes to adapt the docu-

ments for their use and then submit final documents for

approval by the Board. Bylaws and articles of incorpora-

tion for the UNS foundation were presented for approval

and Dr. Bersi requested authorization to proceed with the

steps necessary to incorporate. (Identified as Ref. B

and filed with permanent minutes.)

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

4. Review of Unit Bylaws

Chancellor Bersi presented the Unit Bylaws, as reviewed by

Counsel and approved by the members of the Unit Senate, for

approval. (Identified as Ref. C and filed with permanent


Mrs. Fong recommended the approval of the Bylaws as present-

ed. Motion seconded by Mrs. Whitley and carried without


5. Salary Adjustment for General Counsel

Chancellor Bersi requested the salary for the General Coun-

sel be adjusted to an annual rate of $45,000 (from $43,700)

to reflect a more equitable compensation for the position.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Gallagher, carried without dissent.

6. Report of Audit Committee

The Audit Committee met at 5:00 P.M. on Thursday, October 8,

1981, and Mrs. Whitley made the following report of actions

taken at that meeting:

The Audit Committee met on October 8, 1981 with Chairman

Pro Tem Gallagher presiding.

Mr. Harry Miltenberger and Mr. Mike O'Carroll of the firm

of Kafoury, Armstrong and Co. reviewed the Management

Letter for the year ending June 30, 1981. Following dis-

cussion of the report and the observations and recommenda-

tions contained therein, the Committee approved the follow-

ing motion:

That the Board of Regents be requeted to direct the

Chancellor to conduct an objective analysis, with

assistance from the institutional Presidents, of the

functions and structure of the two Business Centers,

and that a report be provided to the Board of Regents

at a subsequent meeting.

With respect to the recommendations contained in the Man-

agement Letter, it was the consensus of the Committee that

the report should be carefully reviewed by the appropriate

Officers and staff and responses reviewed by the Audit

Committee at an appropriate future meeting.

In response to questions as to how long such an analysis

would take and how soon a report would be forthcoming,

Chancellor Bersi indicated that it could be ready within

90 to 120 days at the latest, but that everyone was aware

of the urgency of this study and would certainly attempt

to be back to the Board within 60 days.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the recommendations of the Com-

mittee. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride and carried with-

out dissent.

7. Report of Budget Committee

The Budget Committee met at 5:30 on Thursday, October 8,

1981 and Chairperson Del Papa made the following report and


1. Endorsed the implementation of a Computerized Budget

System as proposed by the Financial Accounting Services

Committee. Details of the proposal were contained in

the agenda of the meeting and are filed with permanent

minutes. Schedule for implementation anticipates a

computerized biennial budget report by July 1, 1982.

2. Reviewed the parameters used in the 1981-83 budget

preparation and discussed the need for advance plan-

ning for development of the 1983-85 biennial budget


3. The Budget Committee submits for consideration of the

Board the following proposed guidelines for review and

approval of expenditures from the Board of Regents

Special Projects Account, recalling that the Board has

previously directed that this account shall be utilized

"... as directed by the Board of Regents for such pur-

poses as the Board shall specify, but shall normally be

expended in instances where use of State funds is not

appropriate or permissible, or where funds are not

available from other sources for the purposes intended."

Proposed Guildelines

1. All applications for grants* from the Board of Re-

gents Special Projects Account shall be submitted

to the Chancellor for his review and referral to

the Budget Committee for its consideration and rec-

ommendation to the Board of Regents for a subsequent

meeting or referral back to the Campus.

*Excluding previously approved special accounts, such

as interview and recruiting, perquisities, etc.

2. Proposals for grants should be one time in nature

with no continuing costs to the Special Projects

Fund, and should enhance the capabilities of the

entire institution.

3. Each grant request shall contain:

a. A clear statement of the objectives of the re-

quest, including justification, and a detailed

plan for its implementation;

b. A detailed budget; and

c. A process and project outcome evaluation com-

ponent, including a design for demonstrating

how the project will be monitored or super-

vised during its implementation.

A twice-a-year schedule, commencing January 1,

1982, was suggested for adoption for the sub-

mission of applications; however, pending ap-

plications would be considered and acted upon

prior to that time.

4. The Budget Committee recommends approval of the fol-

lowing requests for funding from the Board of Regents

Special Projects Account:

A. $15,000 to initiate an anticipated 3-year review

and evaluation of UNR's 19 doctoral and 48 masters

programs. Approval of this request anticipates

the subsequent application for funding the remain-

ing two years of the 3-year cycle with the under-

standing that President Crowley will submit, at

the November meeting, a report on the feasibility

of an accelerated schedule.

B. Augmentation of the following interview and re-

cruiting accounts:

Clark County Community College $ 5,000

University of Nevada, Reno 10,000

C. Augmentation of the legal fees account in the

amount of $10,000.

5. The Committee deferred action on a request from Truckee

Meadows Community College for block grants and a re-

quest from DRI for assistance in meeting the costs for

relocating the Chemistry laboratory of the Precipita-

tion Physics and Chemistry group from the DRI Admin-

istration building to the Sage building at Stead.

6. The Committee also deferred action on a request from

President Goodall to place $200,000, which has accumu-

lated through service fees, research contracts and over-

head for the Lake Mead Limnological Research Center,

into an endowment fund.

7. The Committee reported the appointment of Ron Sparks as

Director of Financial Planning for the University of

Nevada System, and recommends that he be provided a

$250 per month car allowance.

8. Requested a report from the Vice Chancellor of Finance

on the outstanding loans from the Board of Regents

Special Projects Fund.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Budget Committee. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Fong, carried without dissent.

8. Friends of the University Nevada Press

Chancellor Bersi noted that the University of Nevada Press

has been in existence for 15 years as a full-fledged pub-

lishing house and Director Laxalt has proposed to establish

an advisory committee to be called Friends of the Univer-

sity of Nevada Press. Mr. Laxalt explained that purposes

of this group will be to broaden the base of community

support for the goals of the Press, to make suggestions

to the Press staff and editorial board on directions for

the future and to help in soliciting private funds to meet

publishing costs for special books or series of books.

Chancellor Bersi recommended the following appointments to

the Friends of the University Press:

Mr. George Abbott, Minden

Dr. Fred M. Anderson, Reno

Mr. William W. Bliss, Carson City

Mrs. Nancy Cashell, Reno

Mrs. Fran Crumley, Reno

Mr. Mark Curtis, Reno

Mr. George Dickerson, Las Vegas

Mr. Leslie B. Gray, Sparks

Mr. Preston Q. Hale, Reno

Mrs. Molly Knudtsen, Austin

Mr. Warren Lerude, Reno

Dr. Louis Lombardi, Reno

Mr. Rollan Melton, Reno

Governor Mike O'Callaghan, Las Vegas

Mr. E. W. Scripps, II, Washoe Valley

Mrs. Gloria Walker, Reno

Mr. Sessions Wheeler, Reno

Mr. Thomas R. C. Wilson, II, Reno

Mr. C. Clifton Young, Reno

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa, Regent-Liaison

Mrs. Fong expressed concern and disappointment that there

were no minority persons being recommended for membership

on this committee. Mr. Laxalt stated that this list was

composed of people who had previously shown an interest in

the Press; people who had contributed to its success, and

that no consideration had been given to race, sex or geo-

graphic location in its composition.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the list of Friends of the

University Press with the addition of Mrs. Fong. Motion

seconded by Mr. Ross, carried without dissent.

9. Salary Schedule for Part-Time Instructors at Community


Chancellor Bersi recalled that in December, 1980 the Board

approved a new hourly salary schedule for part-time in-

structors in the community services programs with the new

schedule to be extended to all part-time instructors in all

Community College programs, effective with the 1981-82 fis-

cal year, if sufficient funds were received from the Legis-

lature. (Schedule identified as Ref. D and filed with per-

manent minutes.) He stated that the increase had been dis-

cussed with the Community College Presidents and that they

now request implementation of the hourly salary schedule

as in December, effective immediately. Chancellor Bersi

recommended approval.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the salary scheduled as pro-

posed. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried without


10. Limited Entry Programs Policy

Admission procedures currently reflect Board policy concern-

ing initial enrollment within each of the institutions and

are contained in the appropriate catalog; however, some

programs are identified as having limited entry. These in-

clude dental hygiene, nursing, or other allied health pro-

grams, and some specialized occupational programs offered

by the Community Colleges, and graduate and other profes-

sional programs, as well as allied health programs offered

by the University.

Chancellor Bersi recommended that the following policy

statement be adopted for inclusion in the appropriate

institutional catalogs:

Programs designated as limited entry require fulfill-

ment of selective admissions criteria as contained in

the institutional catalog and other appropriate College

documents. Continuation in selective admissions pro-

grams is likewise contingent upon fulfillment of con-

ditions specified by the institution and contained in

official College documents.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the statement. Motion seconded

by Ms. Del Papa, carried without dissent.

11. Change in Refund Policy, UNR

President Crowley recommended the adoption of the following

refund policy for UNR, effective Fall semester of 1982:

Resident Fees

1. 100% of resident fees shall be refunded for net

credit load reductions made on or before the last

day of registration. No refund of registration

fees shall be granted for courses dropped after

the last day of late registration.

2. 100% of resident fees shall be refunded for with-

drawal from the University completed by the last

day of registration. For withdrawals after the last

day of late registration and prior to the end of the

6th calendar week of instruction, a 50% refund of

fees shall be granted. No refund shall be granted


Nonresident Tuition

1. 100% of nonresident tuition shall be refunded for

net credit reduction to 6 credits or less or with-

drawal from the University on or before the last

day of late registration.

2. No refund of nonresident tuition shall be granted

for courses dropped after the last day of late


3. A 50% refund of nonresident tuition shall be granted

for withdrawals made from the University after the

last day of late registration but prior to the end

of the 6th calendar week of instruction. No refund

shall be granted thereafter.

Date of Refunds

Refunds of registration fees and nonresident tuition

shall be issued near the end of the first 6 weeks of


Insurance and Special Fees

1. The optional hospital and accident insurance premi-

um is nonrefundable but shall remain in force for

the duration of the policy.

2. Refund of course related special fees shall be

prorated on the basis of actual usage. Authoriza-

tion for a refund of special fees must be originat-

ed by the Department Chairman.

Refunds for Exceptional Circumstances

Upon presentation of documentation and approval of the

Dean of Students, a full refund of the registration

fees and nonresident tuition shall be given upon of-

fical withdrawal made during the first 8 weeks of the

semester in the following instances:

1. Induction of the student into the U. S. Armed


2. An incapacitating illness or injury which prevents

the student from returning to school for the remain-

der of the semester;

3. Death of student;

4. Death of spouse, child, parent or legal guardian of

the student.

No refund shall be made if withdrawal occurs after the

8th week of instruction, regardless of circumstances.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the refund policy. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Gallagher, carried without dissent.

12. Phase IV, UNR School of Medicine, Contract Award

At the meeting of August 28, 1981 the Board delegated au-

thority to President Crowley and Chancellor Bersi to review

construction bids for Phase IV of the School of Medicine,

to concur in the award of a contract by the State Public

Works Board and report back to the Board at the October

meeting. Bids were opened on September 10, 1981, and the

contracts proposed were as follows:

Mc Kenzie Construction Company - Proposition I

Base Bid $3,926,500

Alternate IA (Add room finishes) 26,000

Alternate IB (Add cold rooms) 37,000

Alternate IC (Add room finishes) 18,000


American Desk Company - Proposition II

Base Bid $ 631,087

Alternate IIA (Add misc. upper cabinets) 105,451

Alternate IIB (Add casework, 9 rooms) 64,848

Alternate IIC (Add casework, 2 rooms) 17,651

Alternate IID (Add casework, 2 rooms) 28,767

$ 847,804

President Crowley stated that the State Public Works Board

had proposed a contract for Proposition II to the lower

bidder, American Desk Company, conditioned upon that company

meeting the specifications contained in the bid documents.

Bill Hancock of the Public Works Board has now concluded

that this company did not comply with the specifications

and recommends the award for Proposition II to the Harmon

Company in the amount of $850,488, which is $2,684 more than

American Desk Company.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of a contract award to Mc Kenzie

Construction for Proposition I in the amount of $4,007,500

and to Harmon Company for Proposition II in the amount of

$850,488. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride, carried without


13. Naming of Phase IV, UNR School of Medicine

Dr. Crowley reported that the School of Medicine has pro-

posed that its Phase IV building be named the Claude I.

Howard Medical Sciences building. He recommended approval,

noting that this would formalize what has been the consenus

of the Board on this matter.

Ms. Del Papa and Mrs. Fong recalled the many valuable con-

tributions made by Mr. Claude I. Howard to the Medical

School and stated that he should get more public recogni-

tion for his contributions. Chancellor Bersi agreed, add-

ing that Mr. Howard's most recent gift is a $270,000 deed

of trust which he has transferred to the Board.

Ms. Del Papa moved that Phase IV of the UNR School of Medi-

cine be named the Claude I. Howard Medical Sciences build-

ing. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

14. Lease of State 4-H Camp

President Crowley recalled that at the August 3 meeting the

Board adopted a resolution concerning the State 4-H Camp

and agreed to invite bids for lease of the facility. One

bid was received, from Alta Sierra Camps and Schools In-

corporated as follows:

$10,500 for 9 months exclusive use of the Camp facili-

ties during the period of September 30 through May 30;

additional payments of $350 per year per student in

excess of 30 students; improvements in the amount of

$10,000 per year; and the University has the right to

terminate this agreement with one year's notice without


Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the lease with Alta Sierra

Camps and Schools Incorporated with the terms as outlined

by President Crowley. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried

without dissent.

15. Increases in University Rentals

President Crowley presented a schedule of proposed increases

in rental rates for University-owned apartments and houses,

as follows:

Current Recommended

Monthly Annual Monthly Annual

Rental Unit Rate Rate Rate Rate

1262 N. Sierra $ 100 $ 1,200 $ 230 $ 2,760

1262 N. Sierra 100 1,200 230 2,760

1262 N. Sierra 100 1,200 230 2,760

1262 N. Sierra 100 1,200 230 2,760

#1 Artemisia 100 1,200 200 2,400

#5 Artemisia 100 1,200 200 2,400

1039 Evans Ave. 175 2,100 390 4,680

1061 Evans Ave. 200 2,400 500 6,000

1065 Evans Ave. 140 1,680 390 4,680

1147 Evans Ave. 180 2,160 475 5,700

Apt. above Green House 65 780 150 1,800

Total $1,360 $16,320 $3,225 $38,700

The above increases will bring the rental rates up to market

value and allow UNR to properly maintain the properties. He

also recommends that the current tenants be given notice

that the rates will be increased beginning January 1, 1982

on the following schedule:

1/4 of the increase effective January 1, 1982

1/4 of the increase effective March 1, 1982

1/4 of the increase effective May 1, 1982

1/4 of the increase effective July 1, 1982

If any of the current tenants move out during this period,

the rates would be adjusted immediately to the level of the

full recommended increase. The management of these units

will become the responsibility of the Purchasing Department,

effective October 15, 1982.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the proposed increases and the

timetable for their implementation.

Ms. Del Papa questioned the rate of implementation, noting

that under this schedule it would be a year before the in-

creases are fully in effect. Vice President Jessup stated

that the schedule had been worked out by taking into con-

sideration the fact that the tenants have in the past done

their own maintenance work and he believed it would be un-

fair not to recognize the contribution they have been mak-


Ms. Del Papa moved to amend the motion to have the rate

increases be effective January 1, 1982. Motion seconded by

Mr. Mc Bride, failing with the following roll call vote:

Yes - Mr. Cashell, Ms. Del Papa, Mr. Mc Bride, Mr. Ross

No - Mr. Buchanan, Mrs. Fong, Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs.


Mr. Buchanan seconded the motion for approval of the propos-

ed increases and timetable for implementation. Motion car-

ried without dissent.

16. Computer Science Major, UNLV

President Goodall presented a proposal wherein the Depart-

ment of Mathematics' major in Computer Science which is

presently an option in the Master of Science in Mathematics

would be changed to a Master of Science in Computing Sci-

ence. (Proposal on file in Chancellor's Office.) He stat-

ed that this will only require the renaming of an existing

degree program and no additional funding would be required.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of this proposal. Motion seconded

by Mrs. Whitley, carried without dissent.

17. Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation for UNLV Foundation

President Goodall requested approval of the Bylaws and

Articles of Incorporation proposed for the Foundation

and authorization to proceed with the necessary steps to


Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

Regent Karamanos entered the meeting at 10:25 A.M.

18. UNLV Pavilion (Thomas-Mack Arena) Bid Opening

President Goodall reported that bids had been opened on

September 22 with 8 firms submitting bids. The low bidder,

the Mardian Company of Phoenix, was approximately $1.5

million over the amount budgeted for construction. The

State Public Works Board is presently negotiating with the

company to attempt to be able to award a contract shortly.

19. Management of Thomas-Mack Arena

Vice President Brock Dixon presented a report concerning

the work of his committee, appointed by President Goodall,

to study the management and operation of the Thomas-Mack

Arena and explained the following types of management that

are being considered:

1. Hire an experienced outside management firm to do the

entire job of managing the arena, including promoting,

booking, selling tickets, serving people, etc. This

would probably be the most expensive alternative.

2. Hire a local firm which has had or would have a con-

tinuing interest in the University and would, ideally,

be a non-profit corporation with assets ultimately

going to the University.

3. The University could run the Pavilion much the same way

it runs other areas of the University.

Regent Karamanos stated that he would prefer to have the

University faculty and students run this arena since the

expertise is present on the Campus, adding that it would be

a good learning experience for the students.

Vice President Dixon indicated that this report was strictly

an informational one to show the Regents what some of the

possibilities are and that the concept of faculty and stu-

dent management of the Pavilion would certainly be consid-

ered along with other alternatives.

20. Appointment of Acting Executive Director, Water Resources


President Murino stated that Dr. Peter Krenkel, Executive

Director of the Water Resources Center, will be on tempo-

rary leave of absence for a 2-month period beginning Sep-

tember 1, 1981. Dr. Murino requested approval of the

appointment of Dr. Paul Fenske, the Deputy Director, as

Acting Executive Director during Dr. Krenkel's absence.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the appointment. Motion

seconded by Ms. Del Papa, carried without dissent.

21. NNCC Constitution for Associated Students

President Berg presented the Constitution of the Associated

Students at Northern Nevada Community College for approval.

He indicated that the constitution had been approved by the

NNCC students and the University Counsel. (Constitution

identified as Ref. G and filed with permanent minutes.)

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the constitution. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

22. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Bersi reported on two items of interest to the

Board. The first item was his report that the firm of

Cresap, Mc Cormick and Paget had been retained to conduct

the study regarding the UNR School of Medicine. The con-

sulting firm's report will be presented to the Board at the

November meeting in Las Vegas; however, with the time con-

straint of 60 days to meet, the report will not be available

prior to the meeting.

The second item of the Chancellor's report was concerning

the meeting held with the Interim Finance Committee on Octo-

ber 1. Chancellor Bersi noted that he had presented a re-

port on the class credit hours generated by the faculty and

Chairman Cashell formally requested the $3.544 million nec-

essary to fund the professional salary increases for the

1982-83 portion of the biennium. Both the report and re-

quest were received favorably and the funds were released

to the University.

23. Naming of UNR Special Events Pavilion

Chairman Cashell acknowledged receipt of the following reso-

lution from the ASUN Senate:

ASUN Senate Resolution RS-8182-1

Honoring the the Late Glenn Joseph "Jake" Lawlor 1907-1980

WHEREAS, the students of the University of Nevada-Reno

seek to honor a faithful and dedicated patriarch of the

University; and

WHEREAS, Glenn "Jake" Lawlor dedicated his life to the

University as a player, coach and athletic director; and

WHEREAS, Jake, as a football and basketball star proudly

carried the Wolf Pack name onto playing fields, winning

high acclaim as a great player and team captain; and

WHEREAS, Coach Lawlor went on to bring national fame to

the University while setting coaching standards in 6

sports over 5 decades; and

WHEREAS, Jake spent a lifetime in the pursuit of help-

ing thousands of young Nevadans develop into fine,

respected men and women; NOW, THEREFORE BE IT


NEVADA SENATE, that the late Glenn "Jake" Lawlor be

honored for his outstanding contributions toward the

betterment of our University and of our State; BE IT


RESOLVED, that the students of the University strongly

encourage the Board of Regents to name the UNR Special

Events Center in memory of the great Nevadan Glenn

Joseph Lawlor; and BE IT FURTHER

RESOLVED, that we, the students of the University of

Nevada-Reno, do hereby, proclaim Wednesday, October 14,

1981, Jake Lawlor Day on the UNR Campus.

Adopted by the ASUN Senate

September 30, 1981

Mr. Cashell also acknowledged letters from Congressman

Santini and Bill Parish, President of the Wolf Club, urging

the Board's favorable consideration of the naming of the

UNR Pavilion in memory of Mr. Jake Lawlor.

Mr. Ross asked if a commitment had not been made to the

Legislature by the Regents to secure a gift of $1 million

which would be used to establish an endowment from which

the operating expenses of the facility would be paid, with

the facility to be named for the donor of such a gift. He

suggested that a drive be launched to raise the funds in

the name of Mr. Lawlor.

Mr. Cashell disagreed that such a commitment had been made,

adding that he saw no connection with the naming of the

building and the fund drive proposed by Mr. Ross.

President Crowley noted that the UNLV Pavilion carries the

names of two individuals and perhaps the UNR Pavilion could

be similarly named after two persons. He suggested that if

the Board determines it to be appropriate to name the Pavil-

ion, at least in part, in honor of Jake Lawlor, and agrees

that the other part of the facility's name could be that of

a donor of a substantial gift, the scheduled groundbreaking

for the Pavilion on October 17 might be an appropriate time

to make such an announcement.

Chairman Cashell declared the item to be an emergency in

order that a decision might be reached so that the building

name could be announced at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Mr. Ross moved that the Board name the new Pavilion in honor

of Jake Lawlor as one of the two names available for that

building and that the other name be restricted to an appro-

priate donor. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried

without dissent.

24. Report Concerning UNLV Affirmative Action Program

President Goodall reported that he had forwarded to each

Regent a copy of the response prepared by the Affirmative

Action Officer Jim Kitchen to a report by the Nevada Ad-

visory Committee to the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights

with respect to the UNLV Affirmative Action program. He

suggested that this report deserves very serious consider-

ation and requested that this matter be discussed at the

November meeting of the Board in Las Vegas.

Mr. Buchanan moved to table this report, noting that the

study had been conducted several years ago and was not


Mrs. Fong stated that she believed UNLV should address the

recommendations arrived at by the Nevada Advisory Committee.

Motion to table was not seconded.

Mrs. Whitley agreed that the report deserved some discus-

sion, adding that the Board must recognize that it is obli-

gated to represent the total community. She asked whether

there had been any research with respect to hiring and

promotion of minorities and women and any investigation

of why such persons have left the University.

Mr. Kitchen stated that he had been able to speak with a

number of persons who left UNLV and had determined that

many of them left for promotions or better salaries else-

where. He pointed out that UNLV had made substantial im-

provements in its affirmative action program; however, there

is still a great deal of work to do. He further noted tht

the "applicant pool" is increasing and includes more quali-

fied persons but there is still the problem that for many

positions, qualified minorities are not available.

Mrs. Whitley commented on an October 7 issue of the

Chronicle of Higher Education which she recalled had

stated that 270 doctoral degrees were awarded to minorities

in 1980. She asked if anything was being done to tap that

pool. Mr. Kitchen pointed out that award of degrees to

2700 minorities in 1980 does not mean that 2700 new people

are added to the applicant pool since many of these same

people are assumed to be already employed.

Chancellor Bersi proposed that his office fund a special

study, assisted by Mr. Kitchen and Dr. Lloyd Case of the

Computer Center, to develop current information concerning

the composition of the work force within the System. It

was agreed that this study would be appropriate but that

President Goodall would proceed with his presentation in

response to the Nevada Advisory Committee report at the

November meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 A.M. for a meeting of the Invest-

ment Advisory Committee and reconvened at 1:25 P.M. with Vice

Chairman Mc Bride presiding.

25. Report of the Investment Advisory Committee

Mr. Karamanos reported that the Investment Advisory Com-

mittee had met during the luncheon break and presented the

following report and recommendations from that meeting:

(1) The Committee recommends approval by the Board of the

following purchases from the Barrick Estate managed by

Valley Bank:


$200,000 U. S. Treasury Notes 9/15/83 16.0%

Mkt Price 100 1/2 Yield at Maturity 15.80%

$200,000 U. S. Treasury Notes 11/15/84 16.0%

Mkt Price 101 Yield at Maturity 15.75%

$200,000 U. S. Treasury Notes 11/15/86 16.125%

Mkt Price 102 Yield at Maturity 15.50%

$600,000 Total

(2) The Committee recommends approval by the Board of the

following transactions from the Kleberg Chair in His-

toric Preservation account and the Atmospherium account

managed by the Security Bank:

Purchase of $50,000 U. S. Treasury Bills at 15.78%,

4 years maturity, from the Kleberg account.

Sale of 150 shares of Santa Fe International at $43

and tender of an additional 150 shares at $51, from

the Atmospherium account.

(3) The Committee tabled a recommendation for purchases of

stock from the University's main endowment account,

from the Mac Millan account and from the Engel Unitrust

managed by First Interstate Bank, with the understand-

ing that an emergency meeting might be appropriate at

a later date to consider these recommendations.

(4) The Committee also tabled a recommendation for amend-

ment of the Board of Regents Bylaws to increase the

public members of the Investment Committee.

Mr. Karamanos commented on the recommendation by First

Interstate Bank, expressing concern that the Board of Re-

gents is unable to respond as quickly as is believed desir-

able to the movement of the stock market because of the

restrictions of the Open Meeting Law. Mr. Karamanos stated

that because of these restrictions, FIB was unable to take

advantage of a downturn in the stock market and lost the

opportunity to purchase stocks which would have resulted in

an increase in the University's holdings by approximately


Mr. Karamanos continued by urging that some way be found to

permit the Board to respond more quickly to market condi-


Mrs. Gallagher commented on an additional concern with

respect to the University's investment program. She sug-

gested that meetings of the Investment Advisory Comittee

be scheduled in such a way as to permit additional time for

consideration of investment matters.

Mr. Buchanan stated that in his opinion there was no way in

which to remove the restrictions placed on the Board by the

Open Meeting Law and suggested that some consideration be

given to delegating authority to the Chancellor to concur

in bank recommendations during the interim between regular

meetings of the Committee.

Mrs. Fong stated that she was not ready to give up the

responsibility and authority for making decisions on in-

vestment of the University's endowment monies. However,

upon assurance that the Committee would still be making

investment decisions and the delegation of authority would

only be in emergency situations, she withdrew her objection.

It was agreed that Chancellor Bersi would explore possible

changes in the agreement with the banks and would report

back at a subsequent meeting. Chancellor Bersi agreed to

pursue this idea with the banks' trust officers whereby

more options would be given to the trust officers, but he

also stated he would like to develop a system of regular

and more frequent communications between the University

and the banks.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the Investment Committee report

and recommendations. Motion seconded by Ms. Del Papa,

carried without dissent.

26. New Business

Ms. Del Papa spoke about the establishment of foundations,

noting that the Board has to date approved 3. She reported

that concern has been expressed to her by members of the

TMCC Advisory Board that fund raising efforts by the various

foundations may overlap and urged cooperation among those

groups to limit such competition.

In response to a request by Mrs. Fong concerning the matter

of salary for part-time instructors at UNLV, the Chairman

reported that President Goodall would be making a report at

the November meeting.

Mr. Mc Bride asked that both UNR and UNLV present to the

November meeting their latest enrollment figures, showing

both in-state and out-of-state students.

General Counsel Klasic requested instructions from the Board

as to whether or not he should accept service of documents

when legal action is taken against individual members of the

Board, explaining that service against the Board as a col-

lective body is normally accepted by the Secretary of the

Board. It was agreed that the Chancellor and Chairman of

the Board would be the only persons authorized to accept

service on behalf of individual Board members.

The meeting adjourned at 2:12 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board