UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 8-9, 1976


Pages 43-65



October 8, 1976

The Board of Regents met on the above date in The Center for

Religion and Life, Reno.

Members present: Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mr. John A. Buchanan

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

Miss Brenda Mason

Mr. John Tom Ross

Members absent: Miss Helen Thompson

Others present: Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey

President Donald H. Baepler, UNLV

President Charles R. Donnelly, CCD

President Max Milam, UNR

President Lloyd P. Smith, DRI

Mr. Larry Lessly, General Counsel

Mr. Richard Belaustegui, Unit Senate

Dr. Paul Burns, UNLV Senate

Mr. Dale Donathon, WNCC/North Senate

Mr. Robert Hill, WNCC/South Senate

Dr. James T. Richardson, UNR Senate

Dr. Joseph Warburton, DRI Senate

Mr. Dan Russell, CSUN

Mr. Jim Stone, ASUN

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Buchanan at 9:15 A.M.

1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the regular session of September 3, 1976

were submitted for approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

carried without dissent.

Upon motion by Mrs. Fong, seconded by Miss Mason, the supple-

mental action and information agendas were admitted.

2. Acceptance of Gifts

Acceptance of the gifts and grants as reported by the Divi-

sion Presidents was recommended (report identified as Ref.

2 and filed with permanent minutes).

Miss Mason moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

3. Addition to Student Union Building, UNR

Design development drawings for this project were submitted

by Mr. Ralph Casazza, project architect. A description of

the scope of work and method of funding was included with

the agenda (identified as Ref. 4 and filed with permanent

minutes). President Milam recommended approval of the

preliminary plans. Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

4. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

Dr. Lombardi presented a report of the Investment Advisors

Committee meeting of September 3, 1976, and requested con-

firmation of the actions of the Committee. (Report identi-

fied as Ref. 3 and filed with permanent minutes.)

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

5. Request for Right of Way, UNR

President Milam reported that the State Public Works Board

has requested the University to grant a right of way to the

State of Nevada Department of Human Resources for utilities

for the facility to be constructed near the UNR Anderson

Health Sciences building. President Milam recommended

approval. Chancellor Humphrey concurred, subject to review

and approval of the grant document by Counsel.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

6. Approval of Fund Transfers, UNR

President Milam requested approval of the following fund

transfers from the Contingency Reserve:

#61 $997 to Student Services ($697 to Operating and $300

to Wages) to compensate this area for time lost as a

result of a staff member teaching a Fall class in the

CAPS Department.

#63 $3,000 to the Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Operating to be used to carry out the expanded work of

the Bureau.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

7. Procedural Problems Regarding Recruitment

In response to a request from Mrs. Fong, a report from Harry

Wolf, Affirmative Action Officer for UNR, was included with

the agenda (identified as Ref. 7A and filed with permanent


Also in response to a request from Mrs. Fong, a report from

Counsel Larry Lessly was included with the agenda (identi-

fied as Ref. 7B and filed with permanent minutes). Mr.

Lessly's report contained advice concerning the legality of

the procedure followed in the recruiting for Academic Vice

President at UNR. Mr. Lessly reported that he had confirmed

with HEW that the procedure followed was not in violation of

any of the Federal guidelines. However, he suggested that

the section of the Board's Equal Opportunity Policy state-

ment which deals with "internal" and "external" searches is

ambiguous and deserves clarification.

Dr. Anderson moved that the Equal Opportunity Policy be re-

viewed by the Administrative Officers and Counsel and the

definitions of "internal" and "external" be clarified, with

recommended revision to be submitted to the November meet-

ing. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross, carried without dissent.

8. Request for Delegation of Authority to Purchase

President Smith reported that construction of the DRI facil-

ity in North Reno is proceeding ahead of schedule with the

contractor now estimating that he will be through around

January 1, 1977, instead of the anticipated completion date

of August 19, 1977. He spoke of the importance of the

Institute being able to proceed as rapidly as possible to

acquire movable furnishings and equipment. Dr. Smith re-

ported that bids for such purchases will be opened October

18, 1976, and he requested authorization to approve pur-

chases in excess of $8,000, and then to report such pur-

chases at the November meeting. Chancellor Humphrey rec-

ommended approval.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

9. Approval of Fund Transfers, DRI

President Smith requested approval of the following


#77-006 $5,000 from the Contingency Reserve to the Water

Resources Center to provide funds for hourly


Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

10. Proposed Administrative Reorganization of CCCC

President Donnelly requested approval of an administrative

reorganization at CCCC (chart identified as Ref. 12A and

filed with permanent minutes). Dr. Donnelly noted that

this reorganization reduces the number of people with admin-

istrative responsibilities from 48 to 26 and sets the maxi-

mum number of line administrators at 5, compared with 11 in

the present organizational plan. The present organization

chart was also included with the agenda (identified as Ref.

12B and filed with permanent minutes).

President Donnelly reported that this proposed change had

been reviewed and approved by the CCCC Faculty Senate.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. John

Buchanan, carried without dissent.

11. UNR Scholarship Report, 1975-76

Dr. Robert Mc Queen, Director of Scholarships, UNR, present-

ed the 1975-76 Scholarship Report. (Report is on file in

Chancellor's Office.) Dr. Mc Queen emphasized the growth

in the scholarship program, noting that scholarship dollars

increased from $247,892 in 1974-75 to $345,285 in 1975-76.

A scholarship report from UNLV will be submitted to a

subsequent meeting.

12. Phase I, Medical School

President Milam noted inclusion with the supplemental agenda

of a proposal by UNR's School of Medical Sciences to offer

the 3rd and 4th year leading to the M. D. degree. (Proposal

is on file in the Chancellor's Office.)

Dean George T. Smith commented on the proposal for conver-

sion of the School to a degree-granting institution with

residency programs in primary care, and cited the following

three developments contributing to the urgency of the


A. Federal conversion funds of $50,000 per student have

been incorporated into recent health manpower legisla-

tion, but must be applied for no later than September,


B. Transfer of UNR students into degree-granting medical

schools is becoming more difficult. The University of

Alabama, which accepted 19 of UNR's 48 students into its

1976-77 class, has advised that no out-of-state trans-

fer students will be accepted after 1977-78.

C. WICHE has increased the support fee of transferred med-

ical students from $6,000 to $12,000 per year and an

increase in the number of students covered has been

requested by the Nevada WICHE Commissioners. This will

result in a considerable increase in the amount of

Nevada financial support to out-of-state medical


Mr. H. Edward Manville, Chairman of the Medical School

Advisory Board, Dr. Ted Jacobs, a practicing physician in

Las Vegas and a member of the Medical School Advisory Board

and Dr. Thomas Scully of the Medical School spoke in support

of the proposal, requesting authorization to proceed to

Phase II. (Transcript of presentation and discussion on

file in Chancellor's Office.)

Dr. Richardson, UNR Senate Chairman, reported that the

Senate had reviewed the proposal by the Medical School and

supports the request to proceed to Phase II. Mr. Stone,

ASUN President, reported approval by ASUN.

President Milam recommended approval. Chancellor Humphrey

concurred, noting that the Board is not being asked to

approve a 3rd and 4th year at this time, but rather was

being asked to authorize the Medical School to do the de-

tailed planning which will identify all of the costs and

other factors which must be considered by the Board at such

time as the Board will be requested to make a decision on

approving a degree-granting school.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

13. Phase I, Ph. D. in Sociology, UNR

Dr. Milam introduced Dr. Rebecca Stafford who presented a

Phase I proposal for a Ph. D. in Sociology. (Proposal on

file in Chancellor's Office.) Dr. Stafford stated that all

but two of the courses required for the degree are now being

taught and no additional funding will be required to support

the program. (Transcript of presentation and discussion is

on file in the Chancellor's Office.) President Milam rec-

ommended approval.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.


Chancellor Humphrey stated that although he considered

Sociology to be a very strong Department, he believed the

proposed program lacked the same sense of urgency present

in the Medical School proposal and he did not recommend

approval. He pointed out that several programs which have

previously been approved are still waiting funding. He

requested that action not be taken on the Phase I proposal

until a subsequent meeting to allow time to verify the cost


In response to Dr. Stafford's repeated assertion that the

program would not require additional monies, Chancellor

Humphrey stated that if there are no additional costs and

if UNR will stand behind those representations and place the

program ahead of other waiting programs, he would see no

reason not to proceed with the implementation of the pro-

gram. However, he stated, he was not in a position to rec-

ommend such approval as he did not have the information.

Motion to approve carried without dissent.

14. Proposed Lease by Rebel Athletic Foundation

President Baepler gave a brief report on the status of plans

for an apartment complex to be constructed on UNLV land

which the Board had been requested to lease to the Rebel

Athletic Foundation. He introduced Mr. Joe Mc Donald, who

responded to questions from the Board. The Board also re-

viewed information from Counsel Larry Lessly concerning

the legal status of the Rebel Foundation (report identified

as Ref. 13 and filed with permanent minutes). Further dis-

cussion on this item will be scheduled for the November


15. Transfer of Funds, UNLV

President Baepler requested approval of the following trans-

fers from the Contingency Reserve:

#77-021 $1,500 to Theatre Arts, Operating to provide funds

for a guest Director for a Fall performance.

#77-024 $9,600 to Reading Center and Clinic to provide for

three graduate students.

#77-025 $3,000 to Educational Foundations and Counseling to

provide funds for an additional graduate assistant.

#77-026 $6,200 to Physical Education to provide funds for

two additional graduate assistants.

#77-027 $3,000 to Special Education to provide funds for

one additional graduate assistant.

#77-029 $17,555 to Extended Day Supplement to provide funds

for part-time and overload appointments for the

Fall semester.

#77-031 $19,000 to College of Education, Dean's Office,

Operating to provide funds for payment of practice

teaching supervisors. Funds for this purpose were

previously budgeted in wages account.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. John

Buchanan, carried without dissent.

16. Optional Retirement Plan for Faculty

Background information included with the agenda recalled

that in September the Board received a request from the UNLV

Senate "...that the Board of Regents review the procedure

which occurred during the transfer of retirement to TIAA-

CREF in 1969; that they determine whether or not the infor-

mation given those who had a choice to make was clear in

that the State's contribution would not be transferred with

the employee's contribution; and that the option to remain

with or transfer retirement plans again be made available."

It was further recalled that legal counsel representing the

National Society of Professors made a presentation at the

September meeting and the Board asked that the other Senates

review the request by the UNLV Senate and develop recom-

mendations for consideration at the October meeting.

Dr. Al Stoess cited four problem areas concerning the re-

tirement programs:

A. Ten month academic year contracts;

B. Cooperative Extension employees;

C. Information given employees when TIAA-CREF option

was provided; and

D. What position should the University take on PERS

proposal to discontinue the option as to retirement


Dr. Stoess reported that two meetings have been arranged and

Mr. George Harrison and Mr. Ward O'Neill, TIAA-CREF, New

York City, and Mr. Vernon Bennett, Executive Officer, Public

Employees Retirement System, have been invited to speak to

interested faculty. Those meetings are scheduled for 1:30

P.M., Wednesday, October 13 in Reno and 1:30 P.M., Thursday,

October 14 in Las Vegas.

Mr. Vernon Bennett, Executive Officer for PERS, spoke con-

cerning their legislative proposals for 1977 and how it

affects the retirement programs available to UNS faculty.

(Transcription of Mr. Bennett's presentation on file in

the Chancellor's Office.)

Dr. Joseph Warburton, DRI Senate Chairman, commented on the

position taken by that Senate, as reflected in the report

included with the agenda (identified as Ref. 17 and filed

with permanent minutes).

Additional reports and recommendations will be presented at

the November meeting.

17. Request for Expenditure from PE Complex Bond Proceeds, UNLV

President Baepler requested approval of the expenditure of

up to $60,000 from revenue earned from investment of the PE

Complex revenue bond proceeds to purchase pulmonary test

equipment to be used in classroom teaching and research by

the Physical Education Department.

An expenditure of $40,000 was approved in January, 1975 to

landscape the area. That, plus this expenditure, if approv-

ed, will leave an unencumbered balance of $313,269 which Dr.

Baepler recommended be used to amortize outstanding bonds,

thereby saving capital improvement fee funds for other pur-

poses. A fund of $221,800 is reserved in conformity with

bond covenants. Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

18. Continuing Education Unit

President Baepler presented a proposal for the use by UNLV

of the Continuing Education Unit (CEU). A CEU is defined

as ten contact hours of participation in an organized con-

tinuing education experience under responsible sponsorship,

capable direction, and qualified instruction. The CEU is a

basis of measuring, recording, transferring and recognizing

non-credit education participation. It is not transferable

or translatable to undergraduate or graduate academic cred-

it. Additional information, including criteria for award

of CEUs, was included with the agenda (identified as Ref. 16

and filed with permanent minutes).

President Milam requested that UNR also be granted authority

to use the Continuing Education Unit. Chancellor Humphrey

recommended approval of the use of the Continuing Education

Unit at both UNR and UNLV.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

19. 1977-81 Capital Improvement Program Request

Mr. Harry Wood, UNS Architect, reported that the State

Public Works Board has adopted its 1977 Capital Improvement

Program for presentation to the Governor and the 1977 Leg-

islature. He noted the inclusion with the agenda of a

chart showing the State Public Work Board's proposed order

of priority, estimated cost, suggested method of funding,

and a comparison with the University's request. The chart

also identified those University projects not recommended

by the State Public Works Board for authorization at this

time (chart identified as Ref. 18 and filed with permanent

minutes). Mr. Wood noted that the SPWB's statewide Capi-

tal Improvement Program totals $47,701,825. It includes ten

University projects for the four-year period of 1977-81, at

an estimated cost of $35,834,200 to be financed entirely

with resources already dedicated to UNS capital improvements

(i. e., no General Fund money is recommended).

Mr. Wood reported that an analysis is being prepared of the

impact of revised enrollment projections on financing of

University projects. The State Public Works Board is sched-

uled to meet again November 5, and will consider further

action concerning deferred projects not presently recommend-

ed for the 1977 Program.

Chancellor Humphrey noted that additional information will

be prepared for the November meeting along with a recom-

dation for action by the Board of Regents.

20. Faculty Working on Advanced Degrees

Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in May the Board received

a recommendation from the UNLV Senate and President Baepler

that Title 4, Chapter 4, Section 4, of the Board of Regents

Handbook, be amended as follows:

No faculty member holding the rank of Assistant Profes-

sor, Associate Professor, or Professor, or an equiva-

lent, shall be permitted to become a candidate for an

advanced degree at the University, except that (1) stu-

dents who enter a graduate program and who by virtue of

their advanced standing are qualified for temporary

appointment on the faculty shall be permitted to com-

plete their training while retaining such position, or

(2) a faculty member may be permitted to become a candi-

date for an advanced degree outside of his/her own De-

partment if the request to do so is approved by the UNLV

Graduate Standards Committee.

Chancellor Humphrey noted that this matter was referred to

other Senates with a request that recommendations come back

to the Board at the October meeting. He reported that the

Unit Senate has unanimously approved the proposed change in

policy. The DRI Senate has voted to express no opinion.

No response has been received from UNR and CCD Senates.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended that this matter be de-

ferred until November in order that all Senates might


Mrs. Knudtsen moved that the matter be tabled until Novem-

ber. Motion seconded by Mr. John Buchanan, carried without


21. Proposed Code Revision

Chancellor Humphrey recalled that in June the Board author-

ized the retention of a consulting firm to complete a posi-

tion evaluation study and make a recommendation for a com-

pensation plan for all nonteaching, nonreasearch profession-

als. At the same time, the following proposed revision to

the Code was referred to the Senates for consideration, with

action by the Board scheduled for October:

Section 4.6.4 Nothing in this section shall be construed as

prohibiting the implementation of a non-rank-

related compensation plan for nonteaching,

nonresearch professionals.

Chancellor Humphrey reported the following actions by the


A. The Unit Senate has taken action opposing the Code

amendment "...until the results of the compensation

study are known." The Unit Senate further "encourages

that consideration be given to an economic security plan

as part of the compensation study."

B. The UNR Senate has voted that "...no change be made in

the UNS Code (proposed Section 4.6.4) until such time as

"a. The study by the private consulting firm is com-

pleted and the results are available for consider-

ation. Hopefully, the study will be conducted

cooperatively with the UNS Divisional faculty


"b. The UNS Divisional faculties have reviewed and

approved the recommendations proposed by the pri-

vate consulting firm.

"c. A satisfactory implementation of maintenance plan

is adopted.

"d. Adequate safeguards are provided for those faculty

members who are directly affected."

C. The UNLV Senate voted to table this matter until the re-

sults of the compensation study are available and need

is more clearly shown.

D. There has been no response from DRI and CCD Senates.

Chancellor Humphrey reported that a consulting firm has not

been employed, noting that after review of the problems with

prospective consultants, it was concluded that the following

additional steps would need to be taken:

1) Adopt the Code amendment in order to clearly establish

the approach to be taken.

2) Rather than completing a position evaluation study on

all nonteaching, nonresearch positions and then deter-

mining which will continue to be paid by virtue of their

rank, first determine the excluded positions and evalu-

ate only those.

3) By use of the judicial confirmation procedure, go to

court to establish whether or not the change is legal.

Chancellor Humphrey stated that in view of the foregoing,

the Officers recommend that no action be taken by the Board

and that salaries continue to be set as they are at present.

Mr. Ross expressed opposition to abandoning the project and

moved that the matter be deferred to six months during which

time the Presidents should identify those positions which

would be included in a position evaluation study should the

Board determine at the expiration of the deferment that the

study should proceed. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

carried with Mrs. Knudtsen opposing.

22. Student Financial Aids

Chancellor Humphrey introduced Mr. John Fenwick, a repre-

sentative of the Office of Education's State Student

Incentive Grant Program.

Dr. Humphrey reviewed the material contained in the agenda

dealing with financial assistance to UNS students, noting

that it has increased 50% in the past two years -- from $4.6

million in 1973-74 to $6.9 million in 1975-76. During the

same period the number of full-time equated students in-

creased 28%. UNS students receive financial assistance

through loans, grants-in-aids for registration fees or

tuition, scholarships, or Campus employment. Monies for

these come from the Federal or State governments, from

University endowments or gifts, or from a bank loan guar-

anteed by the United Student Aid Fund. A 3-year compar-

ison of monies used, by source, is as follows:

Year Federal % State % Scholarships %

1973-74 $1,520,664 33 $1,939,533 42 $510,368 11

1974-75 1,888,237 35 2,090,122 38 591,903 11

1975-76 2,864,090 41 2,427,086 35 614,392 9

Year Bank % Total

1973-74 $ 673,280 14 $4,643,845

1974-75 914,264 16 5,484,526

1975-76 1,051,630 15 6,957,198

Material showing detail by Campus and by category of assist-

ance was included with the agenda (identified as Ref. 28 and

filed with permanent minutes).

Chancellor Humphrey pointed out that all assistance programs

are based on financial need, except that employment which

is not Federal work-study subsidized. The cost of living

has increased for students, just as it has for the general

population, and there will be an increase in registration

fees in 1977 (4% at CCD, 7.6% at UNR and 10.5% at UNLV per

undergraduate FTE). This requires more aid per student and

there are more students needing assistance. The average

loan is 16% greater than two years ago; there are 32% more

student borrowers and 35% more first-time borrowers.

Dr. Humphrey noted that since 1975 an additional source of

money has been available to students in other states through

the State Student Incentive Grant Program (SSIG). This pro-

gram provides for awards of up to $1,500 per year based on

need. SSIG is funded 50% by Federal money and 50% by the

State. In 1976 the Board of Regents, with the endorsement

of the Governor, requested funding and the necessary legis-

lation; however, it was not passed by the Legislature.

The Officers recommended that the Board approve seeking the

necessary legislation and an appropriation of $310,000 nec-

essary to implement this program in the 1977-79 biennium.

Dr. Humphrey noted that this would not be an appropriation

to UNS, nor is it exclusively for the benefit of UNS stu-

dents since qualified students in Nevada proprietary schools

could also participate.

Mrs. Fong move approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

23. Categories of Employment

Chancellor Humphrey noted that State Law (NRS 284) provides

that the "classified service" of the State shall consist of

all positions not in the "unclassified service". The clas-

sified service is administered by the Personnel Division of

the State Department of Administration. The unclassified

service, as defined in NRS 284.140(6), includes:

Officers and members of the teaching staff and the Agri-

cultural Extension Department and Experiment Station

staffs of the University of Nevada System, or any other

State institution of learning, and student employees of

such institutions; but custodial, clerical or mainten-

ance employees of such institutions shall be in the

classified service. The Board of Regents shall assist

the chief in carrying out the provisions of this chapter

applicable to the University System.

Chancellor Humphrey stated that UNS has adhered to the let-

er of this law. All custodial, clerical or maintance posi-

tions are in the State classified service, excepting only

part-time, hourly wage employees, most of whom are students.

Some positions not custodial, clerical or maintenance have

also been placed in the classified service for the Univer-

sity; e. g., purchasing agents, some accounting positions,

and various technical positions supporting instructional

personnel. UNS maintains personnel offices in each Divi-

sion to assist in the administration of the classified serv-

ice and, in addition, pays an annual fee to the State (cur-

rently .009 of all classified salaries, or approximately

$81,000). Over the years this arrangement has worked fairly

well, although not without problems. There have been dis-

putes over position classifications (pay grades) assigned,

over recruitment and testing methods, and concerning cause

for dismissal. An additional problem has been the fact

that salaries for classified positions are set by the

Personnel Divisions and salary adjustments have not always

been accompanied by appropriated money even for "general

fund positions and is, of course, never provided for non-

general fund positions. Therefore, for a large number of

University employees, the Board of Regents has much more

limited control over salaries and conditions of employment

than it does for employees in the professional service.

Chancellor Humphrey pointed out, however, that the cooper-

ation received from the Personnel Division of the Department

of Administration has always been excellent.

Dr. Humphrey continued by noting that the "1977 Legislative

Program for the State of Nevada Employees Association"

(SNEA) includes two proposals which merit attention and

which, if adopted by the Legislature, would have substantial

impact upon the University. SNEA is again requesting col-

lective bargaining for classified personnel. Dr. Humphrey

stated that it is in his understanding that the proposed

legislation is similar to that advocated in 1975 by SNEA.

This would provide that the Governor would be responsible

for Management negotiations and that ratification of the

contract would be the responsibility of the Legislature,

which would also be able to modify a proposed contract.

The Board of Regents would not be a party to the negotia-

tions involving pay and conditions of employment for a

sizable group of University employees.

Dr. Humphrey reported that the second proposal of SNEA of

particular importance to UNS is a proposal to separate the

State Personnel Divisions from the Department of Administra-

tion and consolidate all personnel functions by eliminating

agency personnel offices. The result of this legislation

would be to deprive the UNS Divisions of the authority and

staff now used to work on classified personnel problems.

Chancellor Humphrey suggested that in view of these SNEA

recommendations, and the possibility of their success, the

UNS should reassess its involvement in the State Personnel

System and consider whether or not the institution and the

State would be better served if UNS nonacademic employees

were independent from State employees for purposes of re-

cruitment, salary administration, collective bargaining,

and all other regular personnel administration activities.

Whether or not this change should be sought and, if affirm-

ative, how it should be sought, needs to be explored. Dr.

Humphrey reported that he was organizing a group to advise

on the matter and had requested each of the Division

Presidents to select two members (one of whom should be a

classified employee); the UNR, UNLV, DRI and Unit Senates

each select one member; and the three CCD Campus Senates

jointly select one member. A classified employee would also

be selected from the Special and Service Units. Dr. Alfred

Stoess would Chair the group and it would be requested to

complete its initial review in time for consideration at the

November meeting of the Board of Regents.

In view of the fact that classified employee members of this

group may be members of SNEA, and since that group has al-

ready adopted a legislative program, Dr. Humphrey suggested

that the submission of a majority and a minority report

should be anticipated.

Mr. Robert Gagnier, Executive Director of the State of

Nevada Employees Association, spoke in opposition to the

proposed study group, and also suggested that if the study

is to proceed, the composition of the group be changed to

include equal representation by classified employees.

No action was taken by the Board except to indicate general

agreement with the Chancellor's proposal and to request that

any report filed by the study group be considered informa-

tional only.

24. Training Policy for Classified Employees

Dr. Al Stoess commented on the State Board of Examiners

training policy which was established in 1974 (reflected in

Section 8400 of the State Administrative Manual), and which

permits State agencies to expend funds within certain lim-

itations for State employees to enroll in credit courses

from an accredited educational institution. Before the 1974

State policy was established, there were no State provisions

which allowed for the funding of such courses. Dr. Stoess

noted that Board of Regents policy has, however, provided

grants-in-aid for job-related courses since 1962, based on

an Attorney General's opinion permitting establishment of

grants-in-aid for classified employees of the University.

Dr. Stoess reported that a proposed revised State training

policy contains a section on College credit training which

is more restrictive than the current University of Nevada

System grant-in-aid policy. The State Personnal Administra-

tor has tentatively agreed to the inclusion of a statement

which would exempt the University from this provision of the

State training policy and allow the Board of Regents to es-

tablish its own regulations on enrollment in College credit

courses by University classified employees.

The Officers recommended that the following statement be

approved and forwarded to the State Personnel Division for

inclusion in its proposed revised training policy:

The University of Nevada System, after consultation with

the State Personnel Division, may establish policies and

procedures for the administration of a grant-in-aid pro-

gram for the taking of College credit courses by Univer-

sity of Nevada System classified employees.

Approval of these grants-in-aid will be based on job

related criteria and may include courses that will pro-

vide upward mobility and promotional opportunities for

all employees.

Dr. Humphrey noted that inclusion of his statement in the

State training policy will not change the University's

grant-in-aid policy, but will enable the University to con-

tinue to have a different training policy for its classi-

fied employees.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

25. Revision of 1977-79 Budget Request

Chancellor Humphrey requested permission to proceed with a

revision of the UNS 1977-79 Biennial Budget Request. Ra-

tionale for such a revision was included with the agenda

(identified as Ref. 23A and filed with permanent minutes).

Dr. Humphrey noted that the enrollment projections for

1976-77 upon which the budget is based, were higher than

the actual Fall 1976 enrollments. This requires a downward

revision of the 1977-79 projections. In addition, Dr.

Humphrey noted that monies budgeted for faculty compensation

increases are less than needed to meet the goal approved by

the Board of Regents.

Dr. Douglas Mathewson spoke concerning the enrollment data

now available for use in revising the budget request (ident-

ified as Ref. 23D and filed with permanent minutes).

Dr. Alfred Stoess submitted and discussed data concerning

the movement of the UNS all-ranks average compensation and

the national data (identified as Ref. 23C and filed with

permanent minutes), and material identifying the fringe

benefits which are currently recognized by the American

Association of University Professors in its annual compen-

sation survey and a recommendation by the Chancellor for a

redefinition of faculty fringe benefits (identified as Ref.

23B and filed with permanent minutes).

Mr. Ross moved that the budget be revised downward to re-

flect revised enrollment projections and that no adjustment

be made for faculty compensation. Motion seconded by Mrs.


Dr. Paul Burns, Dr. Joseph Warburton, and Dr. James

Richardson spoke in support of the Chancellor's recom-

mendation, urging the Board not to deviate from the already

adopted compensation goal.

Chancellor Humphrey spoke in opposition to the motion that

no adjustment be made for faculty compensation, noting that

the professional compensation goal for UNR and UNLV for the

1977-79 biennium is to achieve an average compensation equal

to the average of the 50 principal State Universities, or to

increase the UNS average by an amount equal to the annual

increase in the Federal Consumer Price Index, plus an amount

equal to one step per FTE faculty member on the salary

schedule to be used for recognition of meritorious service,

whichever is greater. Based on data available when the

budget was prepared, it was assumed that a 10% increase

would be required in 1977-78 and an additional 10% increase

would be required in 1978-79. More current data suggests

that in order to achieve the compensation goal, a 12.7% in-

crease will be required in 1977-78 and a 9% increase requir-

ed in 1978-79.

Mr. Ross's motion carried with the following roll call vote:

Yes - Dr. Anderson, Mr. John Buchanan, Mrs. Fong, Mr.

Ross, Mr. James Buchanan

No - Mrs. Knudtsen, Dr. Lombardi, Miss Mason

Dr. Richardson asked that the motion not be interpreted to

include proposed changes in definition of fringe benefits.

No exception was taken.

26. Medical Malpractice Insurance

Chancellor Humphrey recalled that at the September meeting

it was reported that UNS could not secure liability insur-

ance to cover the UNR School of Medical Sciences and the UNR

and UNLV Health Services. The assumption was that if UNS

self-insured for the first $500,000 of risk, the umbrella

policy would be effective to $5 million. The Board agreed

to a funded self-insurance plan and loaned the fund $50,000

from the Board of Regents Special Projects Fund, and assess-

ed UNR's insurance budget $100,000 for 1976-77. The balance

of $350,000 was to be provided later.

Chancellor Humphrey reported that the Nevada Independent

Insurance Agents group which handles the University has now

advised that Glacier General Assurance Co. has agreed to

issue a $500,000 policy for an annual premium of $60,148.

The University has also been informed that the umbrella

coverage would not apply with the self-insurance.

The Officers recommended, in view of this new information,

that the plan to self-insure be abandoned, that the Glacier

General Assurance Co. malpractice policy be purchased, and

that the $50,000 loan from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Fund be returned.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

27. Board of Regents' Meetings

Chancellor Humphrey reported that the next meeting is

scheduled for Friday, November 19, and will be held at UNLV.

He noted that the revised 1977-79 budget request cannot be

completed by November 19; however, it should be considered

and approved by the Board before the scheduled budget hear-

ing with the Governor on December 9. He requested that

there be a special meeting of the Board on Wednesday, Dec-

ember 8, in Reno, for this purpose. The revised budget

document could be distributed on December 3.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

28. Allocation from Board of Regents Special Projects Fund

A. The Interview and Recruiting Expense Funds have the

following balances:

System Administration $2,850

UNR 1,197

UNLV 2,051

DRI 5,782

CCD 346

Chancellor Humphrey recommended that $14,000 be allocat-

ed from the Board of Regents Special Fund to these ac-

counts, as follows:

UNR $4,000

UNLV 4,000

CCD 6,000

B. Chancellor Humphrey also noted that the UNS Faculty

Moving Expense Fund has a balance of $901, and recom-

mended that $3,000 be allocated to this fund from the

Board of Regents Special Projects Fund.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

carried without dissent.

29. Service Center, CCCC

President Donnelly recalled that the master plan for Clark

County Community College calls for a Service Center to be

located at the northeast corner of the 80 acres site. With

the completion of the first three phases of construction

comprising nearly 150,000 square feet, the need for this

support facility becomes increasingly critical. Included

among its uses are storage facilities for ground maintenance

equipment, State vehicles and a fueling station. The facil-

ity will comprise shelters for vehicles and equipment, fenc-

ing for security, fuel tanks and pumps, and a small storage


Dr. Donnelly also noted that the outdoor play area of the

Child Care Center lacks adequate shelter to provide shade

for certain outdoor activities included in the program for

this facility. Apparent lack of funds prevented the in-

clusion of these facilities in the original scope of work

for Phases II and III. However, subsequent to contract

awards, as well as all additions to these contracts, the

project has an unobligated balance of $378,154 as of August,


President Donnelly requested and Chancellor Humphrey con-

curred that the State Public Works Board be requested to

approve use of unobligated project funds for the construc-

tion of a Service Center (corporation yard) and improvement

of the Child Care Center outdoor play area. Tentative esti-

mates of these additions are as follows:

Service Center

Fencing $ 5,750

Vehicle Shelter 21,600

Building (1,000 sf) 35,000

Fuel Pump & Tanks 20,000

Sub-Total $ 82,350

Child Care Center

Shade Structure $ 16,000

Development Costs $ 17,000

Project Total $115,350

Chancellor Humphrey noted that concurrence of the Legisla-

tive Interim Finance Board is also required.

Dr. Anderson moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

30. CETA Grant to CCCC

President Donnelly reported that CCCC had received a grant

of $179,619 for institutional training and developmental

education under the Comprehensive Employment and Training

Act (CETA) which requires action by the Board of Regents

accepting the grant and authorizing expenditure of the

funds. Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

31. Revision of UNLV Traffic Code

President Baepler requested approval of a revised Traffic

Code for UNLV (identified as Ref. 31 and filed with perma-

nent minutes). Chancellor Humphrey concurred.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

32. 1976-77 Work Program Reduction, UNLV

President Baepler recalled that the total of appropriated

funds and authorized nonappropriated monies made available

to UNLV for 1976-77 by the 1975 Legislature was $14,105,553.

The work program adopted for 1976-77 is $14,645,157, or

$539,604 more. This excess was to come from registration

fees, tuition, miscellaneous student fees and other receipts

and required concurrence of the Governor in order to spend

the excess. Governor O'Callaghan has declined to approve

such an augmentation. Accordingly, President Baepler rec-

ommended the work program for 1976-77 be reduced by $539,604

with the reduction occurring in the following areas:


Audio-Visual Operating $ 47,500

Information & Publications 1 Classified Comp. 8,359

Counseling & Evaluation 1 Professional Comp. 13,495

Arts & Letters, Dean's Office 1 Classified Comp. 8,359

Extended Day Supplement 1 Professional Comp. 30,000

Research 45,020

Library Books 100,000

Operations & Maintenance 1 Classified Comp. 12,353

Operations & Maintenance Operating 110,000

Reserve for Contingency 164,518


Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

33. Loan from DRI Contingency Reserve

President Smith reported a current balance of $174,045.66

in DRI Contingency Reserve. He requested the following

loans from that account to permit research to continue until

the renewal documents are received:

$30,000 to the Office of Water Research and Technology

Annual Allotment Program.

$25,000 to the Office of Water Research and Technology

Matching Grant Agreements.

Chancellor Humphrey recommended approval.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

34. Proposed Mining Lease Agreement, UNR

President Milam recalled that in September, the Board in-

structed that the proposed lease purchase of 628 acres in

the Valmy Mining District, Humboldt County, be advertised

and all bids be brought back to a subsequent meeting.

Accordingly, bids were invited and one bid was received

October 5, 1976 from Mr. Donald Decker for lease at $1 per

acre per year with an option to purchase at $200 per acre

(or $125,600) prior to December 1, 1986.

President Milam recommended approval of the proposed lease.

Chancellor Humphrey concurred, noting that such action re-

quires concurrence of the Governor.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved that the lease not be approved and the

land be retained by the University. Motion seconded by Mr.

Ross, carried without dissent.

35. Cooperative Extension Employees' Retirement

Chancellor Humphrey noted that on August 26, 1976 the Public

Employees Retirement Board determined as of July 1, 1976,

no person participating in the Federal retirement system

would be allowed to continue participating in the Public

Employees Retirement System, and each such person shall

have 30 days from September 15, 1976 in which to exercise

the option of (1) requesting a total refund of all contri-

butions to his credit to date in the Public Employees

Retirement System, or (2) retaining his service credit in

PERS through inactive membership. This determination was

made in order to comply with an opinion of the Attorney

General, dated August 25, 1976, that NRS 286.310, as amended

by SB 81 (Chapter 182, Statutes of Nevada, 1967), does not

permit dual membership in PERS and any other retirement


Chancellor Humphrey stated that it is the belief of the

University that it was the intent of the legislation to pro-

hibit dual membership after July 1, 1967, except for those

employees participating in both systems who wished to con-

tinue in both and who filed a written statement within 30

days after July 1, 1967 with the Retirement Board. Prior

to the Attorney General's advice of August 25, 1976 the

Retirement Board and staff had interpreted and applied SB 81

to allow Cooperative Extension employees to either withdraw

their contributions and leave the State retirement system,

or remain and participate in the system while also actively

participating in the Federal retirement system.

Chancellor Humphrey requested authorization to seek legis-

lation which would make it explicit that employees of the

Cooperative Extension Service who were employed as of

July 1, 1967 would be permitted to continue in both the

State and Federal retirement systems. He recommended that

the legislation be applied retroactively to insure that both

past and present faculty who were members of PERS and the

Federal retirement system will not be penalized by termi-

nation of benefits, recomputation of benefits, refund of

contributions or requests for repayment of benefits and

allowances previously paid by PERS.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

36. Gund Ranch

President Milam reported that Dean Bohmont has requested

Senator Laxalt to seek Federal legislation transferring

8,040 acres of public domain land adjacent to the Gund Ranch

to the University. A letter from Dean Bohmont to Senator

Laxalt and a letter from Dean Bohmont to President Milam

were included with the agenda (letters identified as Ref.

36A and 36B are filed with permanent minutes).

President Milam and Chancellor Humphrey recommended that the

Board approve this request, with the understanding that Dean

Bohmont's representations are correct, that the Bureau of

Land Management agrees that these lands should be trans-

ferred and that there is no opposition from ranchers or

others in Nevada.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

carried without dissent.

37. Permission to Apply for Federal Capital Improvement Monies

Chancellor Humphrey reported that on October 2 Congress en-

acted the Public Works Capital Development and Investment

Act of 1976. In order for the University to receive funds

under this Act, completed applications must be forwarded to

the Economic Development Administration through the State

Public Works Board. Chancellor Humphrey recommended that

the Board authorize the Administration to review such appli-

cations as are received in the Chancellor's Office by

October 20 and to forward those projects which are deemed

most needed and most likely to be funded.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

38. Morrill Hall Resolution

Chancellor Humphrey noted that in order to permit waivers

and variances of certain building code requirements, it is

necessary that the Board designate Morrill Hall as having

special historical or architectural significance. He rec-

ommended adoption of the following resolution:


WHEREAS, Morrill Hall was the first permanent structure on

the Campus of the University of Nevada; and

WHEREAS, Morrill Hall has been utilized for significant

University functions throughout the life of the building;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Regents of

the University of Nevada System does hereby find that

Morrill Hall has special historical and architectural

significance to the University and the people of Nevada.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

39. New Business

(1) Mr. John Buchanan spoke of the recent publicity in the

Las Vegas newspapers to the effect that students in

Clark County School District are academically behind.

He suggested there be a review by the College of Educa-

tion of the curriculum in both the Bachelor's and Mas-

ter's in Education at UNLV. Mr. Buchanan commented

this particular finding may not include UNLV directly;

however, since UNLV turns out a large share of those

teaching in Clark County School District, the College

has some indirect involvement. He noted that some

criticisms of the College of Education have been made

in reference to the quality of educators being produced

and he urged that the review be a strong one. The

strongest criticism, he noted, seems to center around

the premise that the educator emphasizes the supervi-

sion of students, sacrificing knowledge of the aca-

demic subject, and the ultimate question then becomes

how can students become interested when the teacher

has a limited knowledge of the subject he is teaching.

Dr. Gentile endorsed Mr. Buchanan's concern but pointed

out that the College of Education has little influence

over what goes on in the Clark County School District.

For example, he noted, it is up to the District to re-

quire that a teacher of mathematics be trained in that

discipline, not the College.

Mr. Buchanan agreed but suggested such a review by the

College might influence both the School District and

the State Board of Education to review their own re-

quirements. Dr. Baepler agreed that the review would

be done.

(2) Mr. James Buchanan requested that President Baepler

invite Dr. Joseph Raney to attend a future meeting in

Las Vegas to inform the Board concerning his voting

assistance project.

The Action Agenda was completed and the Information Agenda sub-

mitted. The Information Agenda is on file in the Chancellor's

Office and included the following items:

(1) Report of Foreign Travel

(2) Report of Fund Transfers

(3) Report of Purchases in Excess of $8,000

(4) Voting Assistance Program

(5) Board of Regents Special Projects Account

(6) Abstracts of Press Releases

(7) Progress of University Projects

(8) UNR Senate Report Re. Tenure for Part-Time Faculty

The meeting adjourned at 5:50 P.M.

Mrs. Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary to the Board