UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 8-9, 1904


Volume OC - Pages 336-337

                         Reno, Nevada

                       October 8, 1904

At a meeting of the Board of Regents held October 8, 1904, pres-

ent:  W. W. Booher and J. E. Bray.  J. E. Bray acting as Chair-

man pro tem and W. W. Booher acting as Secretary pro tem.

The minutes of June and July not being written up, the reading

was deferred until the next meeting.

The President reported that the mechanical work for the Mining

students for the Sophomore year had been restored to the regular

course in accordance with the recommendation of the Board of


Leave of absence was granted President Stubbs and Professor

Frandsen to attend meeting of Association of American Colleges

and Experimental Stations at Des Moines, Iowa from November 1st

to 5th.

On motion, the Board approved the recommendation of the Presi-

dent that the Farmers Institute be held in Elko, Humboldt,

Churchill, Douglas, Lyon and Washoe Counties, the details to be

arranged by the Station staff.

The thanks of the Board extended to Mr. Geo. H. Taylor for re-

paring the Regents' room shades and, on motion, the action of

the Director of the Experiment Station in purchasing stock and

necessary supplies for the Station Farm.  The appropriation hav-

ing been previously made was approved by the Board.

The President reported he had granted leave of absence to Profes-

sor True for one month and the Board approved the same.

On motion, $2500 of the insurance expiring October 17th was

awarded to the Eureka County Bank at Elko and $2500 to Lee Davis

of Reno.

Claims were allowed as follows:

    Agricultural & Mechanic College - No. 3947-3986

        September Payroll - Salaries           $1902.35

        Herz Bros.                                 1.50

        Century Co.                                4.48

        A. C. Mc Clury & Co.                       3.92

        University Book Store                     29.90

        Cann Drug Co.                              1.25

        Nevada Engine Works                       15.95

        Cancelled                                   .00

        Reno Mercantile Co.                       29.97

        A. W. Wilson Co.                           5.00

        American Forestry Association              2.00

        The Dial Co.                               2.00

        Porteous Decorating Co.                    1.25

        P. Blackstone Co.                          3.78

        Reno Power Light & Water Co.              21.00

        Harry Davis                                3.35

        Pacific Micro Manufacturing Co.           11.26

        Moulton Publishing Co.                     5.00

        J. R. Bradley Co.                         41.75

                                    Total      $2085.71

No further business, the Board adjourned to the first Saturday

in November.

                             John Edwards Bray

                             Chairman Pro Tem

W. W. Booher

Acting Secretary