UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 8-9, 1879


Volume OA - Page 133

                        Elko, Nevada

                       October 8, 1879

The Board of Regents met at the Office of D. W. Hull.  Present:

T. W. Stone, President, and W. W. Bishop.

The following resolution presented by W. W. Bishop was adopted:

    RESOLVED, that all acts and bills incurred by the President

    of the Board up to this date be endorsed as the act and

    accounts of the Board for the benefit of the State Univer-


The following bills were examined and duly certified to and


    W. C. Dovey         Principal's salary for Sept.     $ 250.00

    Frank Burris        Janitor's salary for Sept.          20.00

    Mat Borlund         Labor                               27.50

    J. W. Buckland      Labor                               54.00

    W. A. Wilson        Painting                           297.00

    T. Veits            Painting                           264.00

    F. H. Smith         Lumber                              18.62

    D. W. Hull          Material and supplies              170.18

    Dudley Sales        Material and labor                  42.22

    John Ainley         Material and labor                 124.58

    M. C. Robinson      Chairs & curtains                   25.50

    James Mc Burney     Material & plastering              131.50

    E. A. Littlefield   1/4 Secretary salary                50.00


                                       Total             $1475.10

On motion of W. W. Bishop, the Board adjourned to meet at the

call of the President.

                             T. W. Stone