UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 8-9, 1867


Volume OA - Pages 15-17

                Office of the Secretary of State

                        Carson City

                      October 8, 1867

The Board of Regents met at the call of the President.  Present:

H. G. Blasdel, C. N. Noteware and A. N. Fisher.

C. N. Noteware presented a draft of a Letter of Instruction to

the State Register entitled, "Regents' Circular No. 2", which

was adopted, and the Secretary was instructed to transmit a

copy of the same to said Register and to place a copy on file

(see file "E").

Said Circular contains the following statements of opinion:

    First:  That the Act providing for the Selection and Sale

    of Lands Granted by the United States to the State of Nevada,

    approved April 2, 1867, does not authorize the advertising

    for sealed proposals of lands selected at the instance of

    an applicant.

    Second:  That by the limitations of an Act of Congress,

    approved July 4, 1866, this State is barred from the disposal

    of lands (except the 16th and 36th sections and the 40 sec-

    tions granted for State Building purposes) to other than

    bonifide occupants and actual settlers.

    It also directs the Register to regard the 16th and 36th

    sections within 25 miles of a railroad survey, as double

    minimum lands.

A communication from the State Register, dated October 4, 1867,

reporting information concerning double minimum lands subject

to selection in behalf of the State was received, read and order-

ed placed on file (see file "F"), and on motion, in accordance

with the recommendation of said communication, the Register as

selecting agent was instructed to file the required lists in

the United States Land Office of the District of Nevada for

4492 acres of land, described as follows:

    In J18 N. of Railroad 18 E. the N.E. 1/4 of Section 14 =

    "G.J." 160 acres

    In J19 N. of Railroad 18 E., Section 6 = 765.32 acres

    "G. J. C.", N. 1/2 of Section 18 = 390.4 acres "G. J. A."

    1155.72 acres

    In J20 N. of Railroad 18 E.W. 1/2 of Section 6 = 414.66

    acres, Section 8 = 640 acres, Section 18 = 741.18 acres,

    Section 20 = 640 acres, Section 30 = 740.94 acres,

    "G.J." 3176.78 acres

Said lands being situated within twenty five miles of the

C. P. R. R. survey and believed are occupied.

On motion it was ordered that the above named lands be selected

in part satisfaction of the Public Building Grant for 4492 acres.

A communication from said Register, dated October 5, 1867, con-

cerning selections at the instance of applicants A. W. Pray and

E. D. Sweeney was received, read and taken under advisement.

A communication from said Register, dated October 7, 1867, con-

cerning selections at the instance of applicants H. F. Dangberg

and A. Klauber was received, read, ordered on file (see file

"G"), and the lands therein named directed to be selected in

part satisfaction of the State Building Grant, said lands being

described as follows:

    Situated in J18 N. of Railroad 20, E.W. 1/2 Section 41, Mt.

    D. B. & M. about five miles S.E. from Genoa, Douglas County.

    Selected at instance of H. F. Dangberg.

    In J13 N. of Railroad 20, E.W. 1/2 of Section 30, as above.

    Selected at instance of A. Klauber.

On motion, Messrs. Britton and Gray, Attorneys at Law, resident

at Washington, D. C., were appointed Attorneys of this Board

to represent the interests of the State at the General Land

Office and at the Department of the Interior; it being agreed

that the Governor will recommend the next Legislature to make

reasonable compensation for such services as they may render.

                             H. G. Blasdel


A. N. Fisher