UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 5-6, 1891


Volume OB - Pages 148-151

                         Reno, Nevada

                       October 5, 1891

The regular meeting of the Board of Regents was held this day.

Present:  Governor Colcord, J. W. Haines, H. L. Fish and E. T.

George.  Absent:  J. D. Torreyson.

On motion, reading of claims allowed September 5, 1891 was


Minutes of the last meeting were read and salary of Richard

Brown was changed to read Fifteen Hundred Dollars per annum

from September 1, 1891, instead of One Hundred and Twenty Five

Dollars per month.  With this change, the minutes were approved

as read.

The President was authorized to purchase all the necessary tools

and machinery for the Mechanical Department and send Richard

Brown to San Francisco for that purpose.

It was ordered that the salary of T. W. Cowgill be fixed at

Eighteen Hundred Dollars per annum from Sept. 1, 1891 to be paid

from the Agricultural College Fund.

It was ordered that the Laboratory building be connected with

the town sewerage at the nearest point.

Professor Jackson was allowed One Thousand Dollars for the

fitting of Laboratory building.

Governor Colcord, on motion of H. L. Fish, was elected Vice

Chairman of the Board of Regents.

Mr. Richard Brown was authorized to purchase a suitable furnace

for the Laboratory building while in San Francisco.

It was ordered that a wood shed be built for the Dormitory

building and that a cement floor be laid in the Assay Office of

the Laboratory building.

On motion of Governor Colcord, Professor R. D. Jackson was ap-

pointed Principal of the Mining Laboratory it being a unanimous

vote of the Board.

The appointment of Henry Thurtell as Professor in Mechanical

Drawing, Mathematics and Mechanics by the President of the Uni-

versity at an annual salary of Eighteen Hundred Dollars, commenc-

ing from October 1, 1891, was confirmed.

Claims were allowed from the Contingent University Fund as


         S. A. Jones                                  108.33

         J. M. Neall                                   50.00

         Robert Lewers                                 50.00

         Mary W. Emery                                154.16

         H. K. Clapp                                  100.00

         Kate Kinney                                   24.00

         Geo. H. Taylor                                25.00

         Donald Mc Kay                                 75.00

         S. G. Kendall                                 75.00

         Mrs. Schulke                                  40.00

         Reno Water Co.                               116.23

         C. E. Clough                                   3.75

         F. M. Payne                                  165.00

         Geo. Booth                                    16.92

         W. O. H. Martin                               15.45

         S. J. Hodgekinson                              5.50

         C. J. Brooking                                51.35

         Robert Lewers                                 30.50

         G. Lundberg                                   56.25

         Charles Sehn                                  53.75

         Geo. H. Taylor                                 4.35

         John F. Aitken                                10.50

         G. W. CLark & Co.                              3.00

         Geo. H. Fuller Desk Co.                       84.00

         R. D. Jackson                                 50.00

         A. A. Manning                                120.97

         J. J. Walker                               1,200.00

         Reno Water Co.                               134.80

         W. H. Hamilton                                 5.00

         First National Bank                           90.00

                                     Total         $2,918.81

Claims were also allowed against the Agricultural and Mechanical

College Fund.

         S. A. Jones                                  108.33

         W. Mc N. Miller                              166.66

         R. D. Jackson                                166.66

         Robert Lewers                                100.00

         J. M. Neall                                  100.00

         J. W. Phillips                               150.00

         T. W. Cowgill                                150.00

         Richard Brown                                125.00

         Kate Kinney                                   15.00

         Bausch & Lomb Optical                         15.00

         Payot Upham & Co.                              4.00

         Saul Carson Co.                              114.17

         Saul Carson Co.                              134.45

         Saul Carson Co.                              176.64

         A. A. Manning                                229.18

                                        Total      $1,755.09

No further business appearing the Board adjourned.

                             E. T. George


Geo. H. Taylor