UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 4-5, 1882


Volume OA - Page 162


                        October 4, 1882

The Board of Regents met at Elko.  Present:  J. S. Mayhugh,

President, and C. H. Sproule.

The minutes of June 13 were read and approved.

The following resolution relating to opening the Assaying and

Mining Department was adopted:

    RESOLVED, that a contract be entered into with J. E. Gignoux

    as teacher in the Mining and Assaying Department of the State

    University, and that we agree to pay him the sum of One

    Thousand Dollars for his services for three months from

    October 5, 1882 to January 5, 1883, he to furnish all appli-

    ances and chemicals for the practical use and illustrations

    in said Department.  We to furnish the necessary fuel for

    assaying.  We further agree to pay him Five Hundred Dollars

    on the 31st day of October and Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars

    on November 30th and December 31st, 1882, making a total of

    One Thousand Dollars.

The following bills were audited:

    T. W. Stone         Principal for July                $250

    T. W. Stone         Principal for August               250

    T. W. Stone         Principal for September            250

    Charles Gardner     Janitor for September               15



Board adjourned.

                             T. W. Stone