UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 2-3, 1894


Volume OC - Pages 42-43

                       Reno, Nevada

                     October 2, 1894

The Board of Regents met at their Office in the Dormitory

building on Tuesday, October 2, 1894 at 9:30 A.M.  Present:

J. W. Haines, C. E. Mack and H. L. Fish.  Also, Dr. Stubbs.

Minutes of previous meetings held August 20th and September 3rd

were read and approved.

Balance sheets showing the condition of the several funds were


Dr. Stubbs presented his monthly report which was confirmed by


The President recommended that Lieutenant W. H. Hamilton be

paid One Hundred Dollars a year as Professor of Mathematics and

French.  On motion of C. E. Mack, seconded by J. W. Haines, his

salary was fixed at Eighty Three Dollars and Thirty Three Cents

per month commencing September 1, 1894.

By a unanimous vote of the Board the salary of Dr. Stubbs was in-

creased to Three Hundred Dollars per month from October 1, 1894.

Application of Miss Mary Allen for an Elementary Diploma was

referred to President Stubbs.

Claims were allowed as follows:

         Contingent University Fund

                   Sept Payroll Salaries    524.16

                   Sept Payroll Labor        15.00

                   R. N. Smith Wood          82.16

                   Reno Water L & L         100.00

                   Reno Water L & L          50.00

                   E. C. Sessions Furn        6.00

                   Geo. H. Taylor Freight    34.55

                   Reno M & L Lumber         34.42

                                    Total  $846.29

         Mining Laboratory Fund

                   Sept Salaries            195.00

                   Sept Labor                 1.75

                   Sept Bills               190.45

                                    Total  $387.20

         Ag & Mech College Fund

                   Sept Payroll Sal      $1,533.67

                   A. P. Mack Fuel           15.00

                   R. N. Smith Fuel          42.50

                   D. Appleton Books          5.00

                   H. H. Peck                54.77

                   W. O. H. Martin           23.85

                   Reno M & L Co             44.84

                   C. J. Brooking            48.40

                                  Total  $1,768.03

It was ordered that the young ladies in the Dormitory be removed

to other quarters if satisfactory arrangements could be made and

when same is accomplished then the young men be placed in present

Dormitory of the University and that same be placed in the charge

of Mr. Brown who shall occupy the front room of said building on

the second floor.  That the young ladies shall occupy the Library

as a Study Room which shall be connected with rooms on the ground

floor of the main building to be used as a Study Room.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet

Wednesday, October 31, 1894.

                             H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor