UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
October 1-2, 1908


Volume OD - Pages 55-60

                         Reno, Nevada

                       October 1, 1908

The Board of Regents met at their Office in Morrill Hall at 10

o'clock, A.M., Thursday, October the first, 1908.  All members

of the Board and the President of the University were present.

Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.  Balance sheets

showing condition of funds on hand July 31st read.

President Stubbs read his report, which was ordered filed.

Letter of President Stubbs to the State Board of Examiners re-

questing permission to create a deficiency for the months of

October, November and December of this year was approved and

Regent Henderson was requested to call on the Governor of the

State relating to same.

President Stubbs recommends that Professor J. E. Church be grant-

ed a leave of absence for one year from the first of September,

1908, in order to carry out to completion some special work in

connection with the Station staff.  Those voting in favor of said

recommendation were Regents Henderson, Sunderland and Smith; op-

posed, Regents Lewers and Souchereau.

Upon the recommendation of President Stubbs, Mr. Ernest Whitney

Martin, now Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek at Stanford

University, was appointed acting Professor of Greek and Latin

for one yer from September the first, 1908, at an annual salary

of $2400.

Upon the recommendation of President Stubbs, Miss Katherine

Lewers was appointed Assistant Professor of Drawing at a salary

of $100 per month, from October the first, 1908.  Regent Lewers

not voting.

Upon recommendation of President Stubbs, Miss Kate Riegelhuth,

who is now teaching a class in English, receive the additional

compensation of $25 per month from September the 18th for teach-

ing an extra class in English for some of the students who are

deficient in this subject, as long as she teaches this class.

The President reports registration of students to September 29th

as follows:

    School of Liberal Arts                  44 women       4 men

    School of General Science                7 women       9 men

    School of Mines                                       42 men

    School of Mechanical Engineering                      26 men

    School of Civil Engineering                            8 men

    School of Agriculture                                  1 man

    Normal School                           19 women

                                    Total   70 women      90 men

Registration in the University High School:

    Junior Year                             15 girls      14 boys

    Middle Year                             15 girls      11 boys

    Senior Year                             30 girls      14 boys

    Specials                                 8 girls

                                    Total   68 girls      39 boys

Claims were allowed from the several funds as follows:

    Contingent Fund and Interest Account

        August Payroll, Prof. & Instruc.       $2072.86

        September Payroll, Prof. & Instruc.     2518.61

        September Payroll, Students              423.25

        G. H. Taylor, Freight                     94.92

        G. H. Taylor, Freight                    276.28

        Reno Construction Co., Cement Walks     1260.00

        Self & Sellman Building Co., Mackay

            Building Equipment                  1876.20

                                    Total      $8522.12

    Mackay School of Mines Instruction Fund

        August Payroll, Prof. & Instruc.       $ 400.00

        September Payroll, Prof. & Instruc.      550.00

    A & M College, Morrill Fund

        August Payroll, Prof. & Instruc.       $2106.01

        September Payroll, Prof. & Instruc.     1971.91

        G. H. Taylor, Freight                     10.15

        First National Bank, Elko,

            Transfer of Funds                   8500.00

Balances in the several funds, October 1, 1908:

    Salaries and Equipment (State Funds)     $ 1,706.50

    Cement Walks (State Funds)                   346.10

    Mackay School of Mines, Instruction Fund   4,050.00

    A & M College, Morrill Fund               17,448.23

    Income (Bennett Bequest)                      64.00

    Mackay Building Equipment (State)          3,110.30

    Live Stock, Experiment Station

    Botanical Garden, Experiment Station

    Horticulture, Experiment Station

    Miscellaneous Items

Funds overdrawn, October 1, 1908:

    Experiment Station, Hatch Fund           $ 2,783.22

    Experiment Station, Adams Fund               801.97

    Experiment Station, Farm Sales

         Consolidated Balance Sheet, October 1, 1908

    A & M College, Morrill Fund              Dr.           Cr.

        United States Appropriation                     35,000.00

        Apparatus                             28.90

        Machinery & Tools                    110.49

        Chemical Supplies                    498.42

        General Fund                          32.85

        Freight, Drayage & Express            60.75

        Scientific Instruments             1,057.69

        Text and Reference Books              84.42

        Mechanical Supplies                  244.00

        Salaries                          15,342.87

        Laboratory Supplies                   53.28

        Traveling Expense                     38.10

        Washoe County Bank                11,054.24

        First National Bank, Elko          6,393.99

                                          ---------     ---------

                                          35,000.00     35,000.00

                                          =========     =========

    State Funds                              Dr.           Cr.

        Live Stock                           211.80

        Incidentals                          256.40

        Washoe County Bank                 4,114.00

        Chemical Supplies                    522.43

        Military Department                  216.63

        Machinery & Tools                    403.44

        Electrical Supplies                  210.77

        University Book Store              1,000.00

        Grounds & Improvements             1,346.82

        Freight & Express                  2,474.76

        Gas & Electric Light               1,699.07

        Telephone & Telegraph                120.24

        Salaries, Prof. & Instruc.        51,078.40

        Plumbing & Gas Fitting               685.55

        Insurance Premiums                 1,910.89

        Building & Repairs                 1,278.74

        Water                                400.20

        Mechanical Supplies                  336.25

        Publications                         117.75

        Furniture & Fixtures               1,821.75

        Furnaces                             207.26

        Fuel                               2,836.47

        Commencement Exercises               323.61

        Library                            2,390.34

        State Treasurer                    2,052.50

        Bills Receivable                     400.00

        Salaries, Students                 4,221.40

        Traveling Expenses                 1,687.05

        Mining Equipment                     412.42

        Apparatus                            187.65

        Scientific Instruments             1,159.48

        Mining Supplies                      301.26

        Central Heating Plant              7,050.49

        Stationery, Printing & Postage     1,861.00

        General Supplies                     763.77

        Mackay Building Equipment          1,889.70

        State Treasurer Special            5,000.00

        Salaries & Equipment                            85,000.00

        Cement Walks                                       346.10

        Mackay School of Mines Instruc. Fund             4,050.00

        Mackay Building Equipment Special Fund           5,000.00

        Philo C. Bennett Bequest                           400.00

        Income Bennett Bequest                              64.00

        Irreducible Book Fund                            1,000.00

        Claims Allowed Unpaid (Central Heating Plant)    7,090.19

                                         ----------    ----------

                                         102,950.29    102,950.29

                                         ==========    ==========

No further business, the Board adjourned to meet at the call of

the Chairman.

                             Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor