UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 30, 1925

Volume OE - Pages 439-440

                         Reno, Nevada
                      September 30, 1925

The Regents met in the Office of President Clark at 9 o'clock
Wednesday morning, September 30th, 1925.  Present, as previously
agreed upon:  Chairman Pratt, Mrs. Hood and Judge Talbot of the
Regents and President Clark.

On motion of Judge Talbot, the minutes of the meeting of August
31, 1925 were approved by the following vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

On motion of Mrs. Hood, List No. 9 of State Claims, Nos. 84 to
97 for the net sum of $35,803.60 and List No. 10 of Regents
Checks, Nos. 5091 to 5101, for the net sum of $45,870.68, were
approved by the following vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

The following list of candidates for graduation, as submitted by
the University faculty to the President through the Registrar,
on motion of Mrs. Hood, was approved by unanimous consent of all

    Edward J. Dollard - Bachelor of Arts
    John R. Lar Rieu - Bachelor of Arts
    Walker Grey Matheson - Bachelor of Arts
    Marjorie Webb - Bachelor of Arts & Teachers High School
    Marion M. Bangham - Two-Year Normal Diploma

On the recommendation of Director Creel, President Clark recom-
mended that, so long as he is the Acting Assistant Director of
Agricultural Extension, Thomas E. Buckman be granted the academic
rank of Assistant Professor of Agricultural Extension.  Mrs. Hood
moved the adoption of the President's recommendation.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

President Clark stated to the Board that Mr. De Longchamps had
chosen George O. Mc Nees to be Supervisor of Construction at a
monthly salary of $250 to serve during the erection of the new
Women's Dormitory at the pleasure of the Architect.  Mr. Mc Nees
was recommended by the Labor Union Council.

Mr. Pratt moved that Judge Talbot and Judge Norcross be author-
ized by the Board to prepare and present to the Attorney General
a brief on the question of whether this Board is entitled to
receive, have custody of and disburse all moneys or funds derived
from the 90,000 Acre Grant and also on the question of whether
the Board of Examiners has any authority under the Constitutional
Laws or power to pass on claims allowed by the Board of Regents,
and, in the event that the Attorney General is adverse on either
one of these questions or the action of the Comptroller or State
Treasurer is adverse to the sole control of the Board of Regents
on either of these questions, that George F. Talbot, member of
this Board, and Judge Frank H. Norcross be authorized to insti-
tute and carry to conclusion in the Supreme Court such proceed-
ings as will settle these questions.  Vote:

    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

President Clark read a letter from the I. O. O. F. Lodge of Reno
thanking the Board for the gift of evergreen trees for their

President Clark read the invitation from the Aggie Club to the
Regents asking them to take part in the Home Coming Day celebra-
tion October 29, 30 and 31st, which letter is to be copied and
sent to each member of the Board.

At the close of his report on the present status of the heating
engineer matter, President Clark was authorized to have Mr. Ben
A. Brickham of Denver come on to Reno sometime in October to
make the survey necessary for his preliminary report on the heat-
ing problems of this Campus at the terms stated in his telegram,
to wit:  $25 per day and expenses while out of Denver and an
additional $100 for the report.  Mr. Brickham estimated that he
would not require more than 3 or 4 days on the ground and an ad-
ditional week to prepare the report.  The President was requested
to write to the University of Wyoming, whose heating system was
designed by Mr. Brickham, to inquire as to the success of the
system on their Campus.

Some little time was spent in general discussion of student
hazing at the University.

The Board adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock Saturday morning,
October 31, 1925.

                             Walter E. Pratt

Carolyn M. Beckwith