UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

September 30, 1920 

Volume OE - Pages 266-267

                         Reno, Nevada
                      September 30, 1920

At 11 o'clock A.M. on the above date the Executive Committee of
the Board of Regents met in the Office of the President of the
University of Nevada.  There were present Judge Cheney, Mr.
North and Mr. Pratt of the Regents, President Clark and Comp-
troller Gorman, Mayor Stewart of the City of Reno and Councilman
Silas E. Ross, Committee on Street Improvements for the City.

Mayor Stewart outlined the City's paving plans for 1921 and said
he would be glad to have the assurance of the Regents that they
would support with the next Legislature the City's bill for an
appropriation to pave streets adjacent to University property.

At the suggestion of a Regent that the name "Center Street" be
changed to "University Avenue", the Mayor requested that the
Regents address this request in writing to the City Council.

Regent Pratt moved that List No. 27, covering Checks Nos. 204
to 213 inclusive, for a total of $31,128.06, and List No. 29,
covering State Claims Nos. 389 to 401 inclusive, for a total of
$17,006.24, be approved and passed.  Vote:

    Regent North         Aye
    Regent Pratt         Aye
    Judge Cheney         Aye

President Clark read the letter from Governor Boyle in re. rein-
vestment of University funds now in Carson in State bonds yield-
ing 5% per annum.

President Clark recommended an increase in the salary of Clarence
H. Kent, effective October 1, 1920, said salary to be $2250 per
annum.  This increase was recommended in order to hold Dr. Kent,
a very valuable man in the Mechanical Engineering Department, and
who had received a much better offer elsewhere.  Vote:

    Regent North         Aye
    Regent Pratt         Aye
    Judge Cheney         Aye

President Clark recommended the payment to Mrs. M. E. Porter,
Matron of the University Hospital, of $80 per month, beginning
September 1, 1920, for the College year closing May 31, 1921.
Regent Pratt made the motion, vote standing:

    Regent North         Aye
    Regent Pratt         Aye
    Judge Cheney         Aye

Discussion was had regarding salary increases after the opening
of the year and subsequent to the time salaries were fixed for
the succeeding year's work.  It was the consensus of opinion
that the obligation was mutual and that only in exceptional
cases should raises be made during the University year.

President Clark recommended that there be granted the sum of $375
from the Regents' Contingent Fund to the Editors of the U. of N.
Sagebrush to pay for the mailing of the Sagebrush to each high
school senior in the State and to those other people whose names
appeared on the Regents' mailing list.  Mr. Pratt made the mo-
tion.  Vote:

    Regent North         Aye
    Regent Pratt         Aye
    Judge Cheney         Aye

In like manner, the President moved that the Regents grant $125
for the entertainment, in part, of the winners of the Boys and
Girls Clubs of the State at their meet here in October.  Mr.
North made the motion.  Vote:

    Regent North         Aye
    Regent Pratt         Aye
    Judge Cheney         Aye

President Clark read Dean Hall's letter suggesting that teachers
of the State be granted a remission of the regular student reg-
istration fee of $6 and recommended the approval of this sug-

Regent North moved that the public school teachers, while actual-
ly employed as teachers in the State, may be permitted to enroll
in course or courses during the regular University year from
September to May, without payment of fees, other than those re-
quired of all who enroll in laboratory courses.  Vote:

    Regent North         Aye
    Regent Pratt         Aye
    Judge Cheney         Aye

The Secretary was instructed to write Mayor Stewart that his
two suggestions will be taken up and acted upon at the first
meeting of the Board of Regents, which should be not later than


                             A. E. Cheney

Carolyn M. Beckwith