UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 30, 1896


Volume OC - Page 105

Reno, Nevada

September 30, 1896

A special meeting of the Board of Regents was held on Wednesday,

evening, September 30, 1896, at 8:30 P.M., at the Office of the

Washoe County Bank. Present: W. E. F. Deal and H. L. Fish,

also President Stubbs. Absent: H. S. Starrett.

Claims were allowed from the several funds as follows:

Contingent University Fund

Salaries Prof & instr. Sept. 265.00

Salaries Secty. Board 25.00

Salaries Janitors 85.00

Salaries Student labor 18.70

W. J. Hollingsworth Building repairs 17.50

Geo. H. Taylor Freight bills 25.98


Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

Salaries September 1766.34

Geo. H. Taylor Freight 138.54


No further business appearing, the Board ajourned.

J. N. Evans


Geo. H. Taylor