UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 30, 1889

Volume OB - Pages 86-88

                        Reno, Nevada
                     September 30, 1889

The regular meeting of the Board of Regents was held this day.
Present:  E. T. George and H. L. Fish.

The minutes of the meeting held on August 31 were read and

Application of Kate T. Kupper for an increase in salary was re-
ceived and referred to the President.  After due consideration
it was ordered that the schedule of salaries fixed by the Board
on August 31, 1889 remain unchanged.

The following claims were approved:

         Le Roy D. Brown          Salary         166.66
         W. Mc N. Miller          Salary         166.66
         H. K. Clapp              Salary         125.00
         K. N. T. Kupper          Salary         154.16
         R. D. Jackson            Salary         150.00
         W. B. Daugherty          Salary          75.00
         S. G. Kendall            Salary          75.00
         G. H. Taylor             Salary          25.00
         W. B. Daugherty          Sty & Postage   15.00
         Eastern Ed. Bureau       Appt. Supplies   8.00
         Levy Bros.               Incidentals      8.00
         Verdi Mill Co.           W. Fuel & Gas   12.50
         J. Downing Co.           Furnish. & Fix. 19.10
         Le Roy D. Brown          Ind.            11.25
         C. C. Powning            Sty, P&P        38.50
         M. J. Curtis             Plans & C.     150.00
         Burke Bros.              New Building  2000.00
                           Total               $3199.83

On motion, J. A. Bristol's case was referred to the President
of the University with power to act.

The following additional rules for the Military Department were

     1.  At the close of each academic year the Military
         organization will be disbanded and reorganized at
         the beginning of the next academic year, the Officers,
         Non-Commissioned Officers and Musicians, being
         appointed by the Commandant of Cadets, subject to
         the approval of the President of the University.

     2.  The Commissioned Officers will be appointed from the
         last years list of Non-Commissioned Officers, who have
         shown most precision under arms, and in marching, and
         drilling, who have been clean, and obedient to their

     3.  Non-Commissioned Officers will be appointed from those
         Cadets who have been, strictly speaking, the best

     4.  Commissioned Officers may, after a year's services, be
         excused from further service, if they so desire,
         provided, they have proved to the Commandant their

On motion, it was ordered that all labor expenditures and orders
for supplies be kept within the lowest possible limit, that all
supplies which can be obtained in the State of Nevada be purchas-
ed therein, and that all requisitions for said supplies exceeding
$25.00 be approved by some member of the Board of Regents, before
the purchase is made.  That all purchases be made through the
President of the University, who shall keep a Press Copy of same
in his letter book.

On motion, J. N. Evans was granted permission to bring pipe
across the University grounds, to connect with the water pipes
of the Orr Ditch, upon his filing with the Board the required
written agreement.

The President's report for September was read and ordered placed
on file, and he was instructed to submit, hereafter, a brief,
monthly report to the Board.

No further business appearing the Board adjourned.

                             E. T. George

Geo. N. Taylor