UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 27-28, 1907


Volume OD - Pages 1-2

                         Reno, Nevada

                      September 27, 1907

The Board of Regents met at 10:30 A.M. and 2:30 P.M. Friday,

September 27th, 1907.  Present, Regents Souchereau, Lewers,

Sunderland and Henderson.  Absent Regent Smith.  Regent

Sunderland continued as temporary Chairman.  The President made

his report to the Board of Regents, which was ordered filed.

On motion of Regent Lewers, seconded by Regent Henderson,

the President of the University was authorized to enter into

a contract to have an annex to Manzanita Hall built on the

north end of the building, the same to be a portable house with

six rooms, the cost not to exceed, when finished and furnished,

$1750.  The building is to be paid for out of the receipts

for Lincoln and Manzanita Halls.  The President is authorized

to make a temporary loan until there is money from this source

to pay for the annex.

The following motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent

Souchereau was adopted:  namely, from and after January 27,

1908, which date is the beginning of the second semester,

students in Lincoln and Manzanita Halls will be charged $2.00

per month for their rooms.  This rental is to be collected at

the beginning of each semester.

On motion of Regent Lewers, seconded by Regent Souchereau, the

President of the University was instructed to go to New York

about the 15th of October, to consult with Mr. Mackay with ref-

erence to various plans connected with the improvement of the

University of Nevada.  This legal absence was extended to

December 1st, and the President was further instructed to attend

the meeting of the National Association of Farmers' Institutes

October 23-25, and the Meeting of the National Association of

State Universities on November 18-20, both meetings to be held

at Washington, D.C.

On motion of Regent Lewers, seconded by Regent Henderson, the

Secretary of the Board of Regents was authorized to communicate

with the State Board of Examiners, asking them to authorize in

writing, the Board of Regents to complete the Heat Plant next

to Stewart Hall and to Hatch Station, see Section 2038, Compiled

Laws.  And further that they authorize an addition to this sum

creating a deficiency to meet the architects' charges for the

heating plans for the University of Nevada.

The following recommendations for the appointment of committees

by the President was approved on motion of Regent Henderson,

seconded by Regent Souchereau:

                     Executive Committee

             Joseph E. Stubbs     P. B. Kennedy

             Robert Lewers        George J. Young

             Henry Thurtell       J. G. Scrugham

             J. E. Church         Romanzo Adams

             Peter Frandsen       H. P. Boardman

           Standing Committee of the Academic Council

                   Joseph E. Stubbs, President

                    Administrative Committee

  Student Affairs       Lewers, Thurtell, Young, Brown, Church

  Athletics             Kennedy, Brambila, Scrugham

  Public Exercises      Doten, Miss Bardenwerper, Miss Lewers

  Literary Contests     Miss Wier, True, Hill

  Public Health         Mack, Miss Bardenwerper, Brown

  Delinquent            Young, Frandsen, Maxwell, Adams


                     Academic Committees

  Group Electives       Miss de Laguna, Minor, Smith

  Admission and         Thurtell, Scrugham, Smith

      Advanced Standing

  Registration          Frandsen, Young, Maxwell, Adams

  Graduation and Theses Minor, R. Adams, True

  Schedule and          Boardman, Howe, Lewers


  University            Church, R. Adams, Hill


  Library               Layman, Church, Miss Wier