UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

September 25-26, 1909 


Volume OD - Pages 152-158

                         Reno, Nevada

                      September 25, 1909

The Board of Regents met at their Office at the University at

9 o'clock A.M. Saturday, September 25, 1909.  There were present

Regents Sunderland, Henderson, Codd, Williams and Sullivan, and

the President of the University.

The minutes of the meeting held September 3, 1909 were read and,

upon motion, approved.

President Stubbs read his report to the Board as follows:

                                          September 25, 1909

To the Honorable

    The Board of Regents

        of the University of Nevada


I have the honor to present my report of the proceedings of the

University to September 25, 1909:

The enrollment of students is as follows:

    School of Liberal Arts

        Seniors                13

        Juniors                 6

        Sophomores              9

        Freshmen               17

        Specials               15

        Graduate                1

                        Total  61

    School of Mines

        Seniors                 7

        Juniors                 7

        Sophomores              4

        Freshmen                7

        Specials               10

                        Total  35

    School of General Science

        Seniors                 2

        Juniors                 0

        Sophomores              4

        Freshmen                8

        Specials                2

        Graduates               2

                        Total  18

    School of Mechanical Engineering

        Seniors                 4

        Juniors                 5

        Sophomores              6

        Freshmen                6

        Specials                7

                        Total  28

    School of Civil Engineering

        Seniors                 1

        Juniors                 2

        Sophomores              1

        Freshmen                6

        Specials                3

                        Total  13

    School of Agriculture

        Seniors                 1

        Juniors                 1

        Sophomores              0

        Freshmen                4

        Specials                3

                        Total   9

    Normal School              17

    Domestic Science Specials   4

                    Sub Total 185

    High School

        Boys                   54

        Girls                  56

                  Grand Total 295

    Enrollment of Men         104

    Enrollment of Women        81

                        Total 185

I nominate Mr. Dwight B. Huntley to be acting Professor of Mining

and Metallurgy from October 1, 1909, to May 31, 1910 at a monthly

salary of $175.  The Regents have already given Professor George

J. Young a leave of absence from the first of October, 1909 until

the first of August, 1910, to pursue his studies in this country

and in Europe.

Professor Peter Frandsen has asked for a leave of absence from

November 1, 1909 to August 1, 1910 to pursue his studies in this

country and in Europe.  He will accompany Professor Young part

of the time.  I recommend that he be granted this leave of ab-

sence at 1/2 of his usual monthly pay while absent.

I nominate Dr. A. C. Hern, recently teacher of the Biological

Sciences in the San Jose High School as acting Professor of

Biology during Professor Frandsen's absence, his salary to be

$1050 or $150 per month for the 7 months.

Dr. Oscar P. Johnstone, Assistant in the Hygienic Laboratory, is

here and began work on the 20th of September.

I recommend an additional insurance of $5000 in all to be placed

upon the apparatus and equipment in the Biological Veterinary

Science and Hygienic Laboratories.  There have been many valuable

instruments in these 3 Laboratories, and at least this much ad-

ditional insurance should be placed upon them.

In my last report I made mention of an act of vandalism by some-

body upon the base of the Mackay statue.  I am glad to report

that we have been able to remove the marks upon the base of this

statue and have restored it as it was originally.  I am inclined

to the opinion now that this was done by two students of either

the Freshman or Sophomore classes without the knowledge of their

co-classmates.  The indignation of the College was so great and

the determination to help in finding the perpetrators of this

act, that I felt we could safely leave the care of the property

after all to our students.  Therefore, I have not employed a

night watchman, and will not employ one unless in the future it

should seem to be necessary.  It probably would be well to place

a guard over this property at the beginnings of each year.

We need the entire second floor of Stewart Hall for the accommo-

dation of the high school.  After frequent conferences with the

high school faculty, it seems clear that the efficiency of the

high school students would be increased at least 25% if we had

room properly to take care of the high school students.  The

room in the southeastern corner of Stewart Hall is occupied by

the Young Women's Christian Association, an organization which

is doing good work for its members and which should be encour-

aged.  I have been unwilling to disturb them unless I could find

some place about the University to accommodate them even better

than they are now accommodated and I now suggest the following


Let us build an annex to the Hatch Station for its use as a

Station Library, this annex to be 30 feet wide and 25 feet long;

build it of brick with fire walls up one story to the height of

the belt course of the Hatch Station, putting 3-ply building

paper, coated with hot tar and gravel, the building to be fin-

ished in the best manner.  I have had a bid for such a building

as I have described for $925.  Messrs. Clock and Shea will build

it for this amount although they do not make very much upon the

contract.  I can pay for this Library building in the course of

time from the Hatch Fund, and it is so desirable to make this

improvement immediately that I ask the Regents to approve it.

Then we can put the Young Women's Christian Association in the

northwestern corner room upon the first floor of Stewart Hall,

which is better for their purpose than the room on the second

floor, and they will be very much pleased with this change.

I regret to announce to the Regents the death of Mildred Inez

Brown, daughter of Superintendent Richard Brown and wife on

Tuesday, September 21, 1909, at 5 minutes past 1 o'clock P.M.

Her illness was of less than a week's duration, and she un-

doubtedly died from peritonitis and not from the effects of the

operation on her appendicitis.  She was conscious before she died

and bade not only her parents, brother and sisters, and family

friends who were around her goodbye, but sent her goodbyes to the

boys and girls of the University, and especially to the boys of

Lincoln Hall.  We closed all of the recitations upon the news of

her death and they remained closed until after the funeral, which

took place on Thursday, September 23, 1909, at 2 o'clock in the

Gymnasium.  It was essentially a College funeral, and students,

faculty and friends gathered in the Gymnasium to pay their last

tribute of respect and follow the remains with the family to

the cemetery.

Mildred Inez Brown was a Senior in the College of Arts and Sci-

ence, was widely beloved throughout the University, was helpful,

efficient in everything that pertained to the interests of the

University, was a leader among the students in every kind of

good work, was an ardent worker in the Young Women's Christian

Association and a member of the choir of the Episcopal Church.

Reverend Samuel Unsworth, Rector, had charge of the funeral

service and was assisted by Bishop Robinson and Reverend C. L.

Mears of the Congregational Church.

I herewith submit the payrolls and the claims on the State and

A & M Funds for the month of September, 1909.

I remain,

                             Very respectfully yours,

                         /s/ J. E. Stubbs


Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by all the Regents, it

was ordered that the following Resolution be spread upon the min-

utes of the Regents' meetings and a copy of the same transmitted

to Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

    RESOLVED, that the Regents of the University of Nevada have

    heard with very deep regret the sorrow that has come to

    Superintendent Richard Brown and wife by the death of their

    beloved daughter Mildred Inez Brown.  We know that the de-

    parture of this beloved daughter has brought to the hearts of

    these parents a grief so poignant and a burden of sorrow so

    heavy that only an unalterable faith in the everlasting kind-

    ness of a Heavenly Father and the comforting teachings of His

    Word as to the future life can assuage their grief and enable

    them to bear their burden with some degree of cheerfulness

    and courage.

    At the time of her death Mildred Inez Brown was a Senior in

    good standing in the College of Liberal Arts in the Univer-

    sity of Nevada.  She was a leader in all student activities.

    She was one of the first among the members of the Young

    Women's Christian Association -- a work in which she fully

    believed for the advancement of the young women of this Uni-

    versity, and to which she gave much of her time.

    She left an ineffaceable impress upon the College life and,

    upon the College students, and in her young life of 20 years,

    she crowded as much good work as is usually done in a life-

    time of 70 years, so that, after all, we must measure her

    influence by her deeds rather than by her years.

                             By the Board of Regents

                         /s/ John Sunderland


    /s/  Geo. H. Taylor


On motion of Regent Sullivan, seconded by Regent Williams, it

was ordered that $5000 of additional insurance be placed upon

the apparatus and equipment contained in the Biological, Bacter-

iological and Veterinarian Laboratories in Hatch Station, and

that two policies of $2500 each be given -- one to the Henderson

Banking Company of Elko and the other to Peck and Sample of Reno.

On motion of Regent Sullivan, seconded by Regent Codd, the Pres-

ident was authorized to have built, according to the plans and

specifications submitted by Clock and Shea, an addition to Hatch

Station for Library purposes, at a cost not exceeding $925.

The following claims were allowed:

                        State Fund

    September Payroll                        $ 3,105.19

    September Student Payroll                    275.45

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company               1.40

    Daniels & Steinmetz                           51.75

    Riverside Studio                              16.00

    Porteous Decorating Company                    4.30

    Cann Drug Company                              7.00

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company               7.85

    Braun-Knecht-Heimann                          89.59

    Bausch & Lomb                                 53.40

    Bausch & Lomb                                 70.44

    Grand Rapids Furniture Company                76.33

    Self & Sellman                             2,215.00

    A. F. Hatvey                                  65.00

    Cambridge Entomological Club                   1.00

    G. E. Stechert                                 9.05

    Bennett's Magazine Agency                     26.82

    A. C. Mc Clury                               250.00

    Nevada School Journal                         16.00

    Nevada State Journal                           5.25

    Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company          3.90

    Scheeline Banking & Trust Company            650.00

    E. W. Martin                                 196.30

    John Breuner                                   5.10

    John Breuner                                  24.75

    John Breuner                                  45.00

    J. E. Stubbs                                  74.10

    Self & Sellman                                 3.00

    Self & Sellman                                30.00

    Self & Sellman                               139.00

    Porteous Decorating Co.                        7.65

    Bausch & Lomb                                207.70

    L. A. Brown                                   14.40

    Reno Printing Company                         10.15

    Reno Printing Company                          8.10

    Self & Sellman                               300.00

    Self & Sellman                               800.00

    Reno Traction Company                          8.00

    Red Cross Drug Company                         3.30

    Red Cross Drug Company                         3.30

    M. C. Lilley                                   4.28

    Byron Mauzy                                    9.33

    Self & Sellman                                35.00

    Cann Drug Company                            144.30

    Salaries for September                       116.67

    Clock & Shea                               5,775.07

    Beebe & Wagner                             7,269.00

    Clock & Shea                                 517.56

    C. F. Weber                                   30.60

    Fred J. Fischer                                4.50

    Richard Brown                                129.50

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company               1.65

    T. W. Cowgill                                 50.00

    Charles E. Lydia                             100.00

    A. W. Holmes                                  22.25

    Bonham Realty & Trust Company                 54.00

                                    Total    $23,145.18

                        A & M Fund

    September Payroll                        $ 2,823.16

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company             186.51

    Eimer & Amend                                630.85

    Nevada Hardware & Supply Company              37.78

    Central Scientific Company                   234.78

    Central Scientific Company                   259.43

    Eimer & Amend                                 78.73

    Eimer & Amend                                141.60

    Nevada Transfer Company                        7.50

    General Electric Company                     130.50

    Reno Mill & Lumber Company                    26.60

    Union Lumber Company                           2.50

    Westinghouse Electric                        129.80

    Nevada Engineering Works                      10.75

    Self & Sellman                                12.00

    Self & Sellman                                 5.05

    Self & Sellman                                16.00

                                    Total    $ 4,733.54

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet at

the call of the Chairman.

                             Charles B. Henderson

                             Acting Chairman

Geo. H. Taylor