UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 25-26, 1888


Volume OB - Pages 64-65

                         Carson City

                    September 25th, 1888

At a meeting of the Board of Regents of the State University of

Nevada this day held, there were present Regents C. C. Stevenson,

Chairman, and W. C. Dovey.

Regent Dovey offered the following resolutions, and moved for

their adoption, which motion was seconded by Regent Stevenson,

to wit:

     RESOLVED, that this Board does hereby apply to Hon. W. C.

     Endicott, Secretary of War, under Section 1225 of the

     Revised Statutes of the United States, and all acts of

     Congress amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto, and

     under executive regulations prescribed pursuant thereto, to

     detail an Officer of the United States Army to act as a

     Professor in the State University of Nevada, capable of

     acting as Military Instructor; and that is preferred and

     nominated by this Board for said Professorship, if to be


     RESOLVED that it is hereby certified that said State Univer-

     sity has the capacity to educate, at the same time, not less

     than one hundred and fifty (150) male students.

     RESOLVED that under the constitutional and statutory laws of

     the State of Nevada, the Board of Regents of said State

     University is required and provided for, and to it is given

     the power to represent and manage the same, and this Board

     is now the duly constituted, qualified and acting Board of

     Regents of, for and representing said State University.

Upon vote the resolutions were unanimously adopted.

The Board, upon motion, adjourned.

                             C. C. Stevenson


John M. Dormer

Clerk Board of Regents