UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 24-25, 1910

Volume OD - Pages 214-218

                         Reno, Nevada
                      September 24, 1910

The Regents met at their Office at 11:30 A.M., Saturday, Septem-
ber 24, 1910.  There were present Regents Sunderland, Williams,
Sullivan and Henderson, and President Stubbs.  Absent was Codd.

Minutes of meeting held August 20th read and, upon motion,

The President read his report as follows:

To the Honorable
    The Board of Regents of the
        University of Nevada.


I have the honor to make my report to you for the period ending
September 24, 1910:

                     ENROLLMENT OF STUDENTS

    Enrollment of University Men                     104
    Enrollment of University Women                    76
        Total Enrollment in the University           180

    Enrollment of High School Boys           40
    Enrollment of High School Girls          42
        Total High School Enrollment         82

    Grand Total to Date                              262 students

These students come from the following States:

    States                             University   High School

    Nevada                                 127          72
    California                              32           8
    Idaho                                    1
    Oregon                                   2
    Wisconsin                                2
    Missouri                                 1
    Michigan                                 1
    Nebraska                                 2
    Ohio                                     2
    New York                                 3           1
    New Hampshire                            1
    New Jersey                               1
    Connecticut                              1
    Maryland                                             1
    Australia                                1
    Japan                                    2
    Germany                                  1

This report is very gratifying.  The total enrollment last year
on the 24th of September was 185 University students and 110
High School students, but of this number at least 30 in the Uni-
versity were specials who dropped out within 6 or 8 weeks after
the term began, and a considerable number of them belonged to
the divorce colony.  This year we have none of that class and
our enrollment of genuine students is in advance of the enroll-
ment of last year by at least 25 students.  In the High School
quite a number entered who were very poor timber and from 30 to
40 of those enrolled in the High School dropped out during the
year.  I am assured by the Head of the High School that the
quality of the students is 50% in advance of those of a year
ago, and none of the High School students at present show any
other disposition than that of good work.


Mr. Carl Sawvell is in charge of the Music in the High School,
in the Normal School, in the General Assembly, and will also
lead in the general choral work.  I have arranged with him to
accept $40 per month for the rest of this term.

Miss Edith Howe is giving the instruction in Reading and Elocu-
tion in the Normal School and in the High School, and in the
High School Societies.  She is receiving $50 per month.

                        STUDENT AFFAIRS

In regard to the subject which the Regents talked over at their
last meeting with regard to allowing the upper class men to
smoke upon the Campus and to allow them free ingress and egress
to Lincoln Hall, providing them with special keys, I have to
say that I talked over the matter very full with our Executive
Committee and they were of the opinion that our students in the
Senior College were not developed enough at present to justify
us in making any different arrangements with respect to the
young men in Lincoln Hall than those now existing.  Shortly after
this, and seemingly in confirmation of this opinion, the members
of the Senior College living in Lincoln Hall began making a
rough house about midnight and deviling the younger students.
Consequently I made no announcement to the upper classmen chang-
ing the rules.

Then the last week or so 9 of the Sigma Alpha local fraternity
rented a house on 9th Street, went into debt for furnishing it,
and have begun keeping house.  This is in effect a fraternity
house.  These 9 boys left Lincoln Hall.  Now this is a matter
of University interest in two respects:

    1.  That the young men have carefully counted the cost, and
        can maintain the house and pay their obligations.  If
        they do not, there will be some reflection upon them as
        University students.  The Sigma Alphas established a
        chapter house a few years ago and maintained it for
        two years, and then they were compelled to give it up
        and come back to the Hall.

    2.  The more important consideration, however, is this --
        whether the students who are employed about the build-
        ings and grounds and receive their pay from the Univer-
        sity shall be required to board at the University Dining
        Hall, or whether they may take this money and pay for
        their board in the fraternity house, or in any place
        other than the Dining Hall.  Our policy in regard to
        this matter should be settled, and I would like to have
        the judgment of the Regents in regard to it.

                         IRRIGATION CONGRESS

I have been urged by the people of Reno to attend the Irrigation
Congress at Pueblo and try, in association with other citizens,
to land the next Congress in Reno.  I do not want to go, do not
feel that I can spare the time from the Office, and yet, if my
assistance is needed to bring the Congress here, I suppose I
ought not refuse to go.  What do the Regents think about it?

                            FUEL OIL

I have had two bids to supply fuel oil to the University during
the coming year.  The bids are exactly the same -- 4 1/2 cents
a gallon.  One is by the Reno Fuel Oil Company, which furnished
us oil last year.  The other is by Mr. J. K. Allenbaugh.  It
might be well, as the Reno Oil Company had it last year, to give
it to Mr. Allenbaugh this year.

                       MILITARY REQUIREMENTS

I received a letter from the Adjutant General of the War Depart-
ment that they have revised their regulations and instead of
requiring 100 students as a sufficient number to obtain the de-
tail of an Army Officer in the Regular Service, they will now
require 150 students.  This will work a hardship upon us, and I
suggest that sometime this year when I go East, I be instructed
by the Board of Regents to call upon the Adjutant General, state
the case with regard to this University, and ask them to continue
the detail of a Regular Army Officer to this Institution on the
basis of 100 students.

                         DEATH OF MR. RING

Orvis Ring, Superintendent of Public Instruction, after a pro-
tracted illness, died at half past nine o'clock Tuesday evening,
September 13th.  His long and useful service in this State as a
teacher in the public schools and as Superintendent of Public
Instruction, his consistent Christian character, his benevolent
spirit, especially toward young people seeking an education, and
his official relations for 16 years with the University, have
endeared him to the people of the State and command the respect
and esteem of the Regents, the faculty, and the students of this
University.  I therefore suggest that the Regents pass a reso-
lution expressing their esteem for the worthy man who has just
passed away.


I have begun the preparation of my report to the Board of Regents
and the budget of expenses.  I am going to give the preparation
of this report nearly all of my time until it is completed and
I suggest that we do not have a meeting of the Board of Regents
until the report is ready for the consideration of the Board.  I
expect to have everything in shape to submit to the Board by the
25th of November, that is this year the day following Thanks-
giving, and either the 25th or 26th would be a good time for the
meeting of this Board, if it is convenient to its members.

I am

                             Very sincerely yours,

                             J. E. Stubbs

The Board approved the arrangements made with Mr. Sawvell and
Miss Howe as outlined in the report of the President.

It was thought best by the Board that the President should attend
the Irrigation Congress at Pueblo, and use his influence to bring
the next Congress to Reno.

The President was authorized to purchase fuel oil for this year
of Mr. J. K. Allenbaugh at the rate of 4 1/2 cents per gallon.

The President was instructed by the Board of Regents to call
upon the Adjutant General at Washington upon his next trip East
to see if the War Department will not continue the detail of a
Regular Army Officer at this Institution and require of us but
100 students in our Cadet Batallion.

The President was instructed by the Board of Regents to draw up
Resolutions expressing the esteem in which Professor Ring was
held by the Regents.

The next meeting of the Board of Regents is to be called on
either the 25th or the 26th of November.

The following claims were allowed:

                          STATE FUNDS


        Library of Congress                    $   3.46
        Robert Appleton                            6.00
        G. E. Stechert                             2.46
        Mott Stationery Company                   20.25
        A. C. Mc Clury & Company                  26.77
        De Witt & Snelling                       110.50
                                    Total      $ 169.44

    Hygienic Laboratory:

        George H. Taylor                       $  10.00
        Reno Ice Delivery                          4.62
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company            .90
        W. B. Mack                                50.00
        George H. Taylor                           4.50
        Reno Mill & Lumber Company                22.10
        The Cutter Laboratory                      9.20
        September Payroll                        267.75
                                    Total      $ 369.07

    Food and Drug:

        S. C. Dinsmore                         $ 275.00
        Braun-Knecht-Heimann                        .38
        September Payroll                        266.67
                                    Total      $ 542.05

    Elko Dry Farm:

        A. W. Hesson Company                   $ 131.92
        Elko Lumber Company                      113.11
        Reinhart Company                          46.05
        Elephant Livery Stable                     5.50
        William Dow                               25.00
        W. T. Smith Company                      319.65
        September Payroll                        300.00
                                    Total      $ 941.23

    State Claims:

        Beebe & Wagner                         $  96.65
        Nixon National Bank                      152.00
        Porteous Decorating Company                1.40
        Reno Printing Company                      3.00
        Daniels & Steinmetz                        1.15
        Self & Sellman                             4.80
        Edith Linsea                              45.00
        Reno Mercantile Company                   26.30
        Pioneer Iron Works                         9.50
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company          28.21
        Reno Light Power & Water Company          75.00
        Regents of the University - Student Aid  603.40
        Fifield & Watt - Insurance               100.00
        A. G. Spalding                             6.70
        Denver Fire Clay Company                   8.00
        Nevada State Journal                      20.00
        Nevada State Journal                      10.30
        Nevada Transfer Company                   74.50
        James Williams                            20.00
        V. M. Henderson                           22.50
        Thompson & Smiley                        150.00
        Mott Stationery Company                   11.10
        Mott Stationery Company                    2.00
        Western Union                              8.26
        Postal Telegraph Company                   1.01
        White Printing Company                     5.50
        J. E. Stubbs                              36.35
        L. W. Hartman                              3.40
        T. W. Cowgill                             50.00
        September Payroll - General             2933.69
        September Payroll - Students             314.15
                                    Total      $4812.87

    A & M Claims:

        Bausch & Lomb Optical Company          $  66.10
        Porteous Decorating Company                2.70
        Self & Sellman                            76.95
        White Printing Company                    10.20
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company          11.64
        Reno Mill & Lumber Company                45.10
        Reno Ice Delivery Company                   .70
        Reno Mercantile Company                    7.15
        Morton & Kleppe                            1.00
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company          32.95
        Self & Sellman                             6.10
        Hendrie & Bolthoff Company                28.00
        Nevada Engineering Works                  37.23
        Nevada Hardware & Supply Company          40.90
        September Payroll                       3137.21
        Mc Graw Hill Company                       8.50
        G. E. Stechert Company                    13.42
        Braun-Knecht-Heimann Company              46.09
        A. C. Mc Clury                            10.51
        Henry Sotheran & Company                  54.75
                                    Total      $3637.20