UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 23-24, 1970


Pages 264-268



September 23, 1970

The Board of Regents met on the above date for the purpose of

considering construction bids received for the Performing Arts

Center, UNLV. The meeting was held via closed circuit tele-


Members present: Fred M. Anderson, M. D. (at UNR)

Mr. Thomas G. Bell (at UNR)

Mr. James H. Bilbray (at UNLV)

Mr. Procter Hug, Jr. (at UNR)

Louis Lombardi, M. D. (at UNR)

Mr. Albert Seeliger (at UNR)

Dr. Juanita White (at UNLV)

Others present: Chancellor Neil D. Humphrey (at UNR)

President R. J. Zorn (at UNLV)

President N. Edd Miller (at UNR)

Director John M. Ward (at UNR)

Vice President Don Baepler (at UNLV)

Mr. Herman Westfall (at UNLV)

Mr. Edward L. Pine (at UNR)

Mr. Edward Olsen (at UNR)

Mr. David Wilkins (at UNR)

Mr. James Mc Daniel (at UNLV)

Dean Paul Harris (at UNLV)

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 P.M. with Vice Chairman

Bell presiding.

President Zorn commented on the history of the Performing Arts

Center project, pointing out that it has been in the planning

stages for 4 or 5 years and had been subjected to two bidding

procedures. The first bid had been rejected and the project

was redesigned to construct the Drama Theatre but only the shell

of the Concert Hall.

Dr. Zorn reported that bids were received September 8, 1970 for

construction of the project as redesigned. The low bidder was

Sletten Construction Company with a total bid of $2,766,300,

exceeding the budgeted amount available by $131,800.

A summary and review of the project had been distributed earlier

from the Chancellor's Office, as follows:

1. Financing of Project

State General Obligation Bonds $ 207,500

State General Fund 334,962

UNLV Capital Improvement Fee 215,000

Gifts 347,038

Loan, B/R Special Projects Fund 100,000

UNLV Revenue Bonds 930,000

Fleischmann Foundation Grant 500,000


2. Project Budget

Architect's Contract $ 158,315

Bond Sales Fees 9,300

Construction Budget (including site

development and furnishings) 2,371,722

Special Consultant 500

Contingencies 68,371

Survey 933

Soil Analysis 4,659

Plan Checking 6,500

Advertising 200

Laboratory Testing 2,000

Inspection 12,000


3. Space Allocation

A. Original project approved by the Board of Regents

Scope Sq. Ft.

Classrooms 8,000a

Offices and Studios 3,000b

Experimental and Dance Lab 2,000

Concert Hall 27,000

Drama Theatre 15,600

Traps and Storage 4,000

Mechanical & Service Contingency 4,400c

Dressing Room, Lockers, Green Room,

Costume Room 3,000

Shop 5,000

72,000 ASF

a. 10 classrooms

b. 16 offices and studios, 15 x 10 or 9 x 12

c. Includes restrooms, approximately 900 sq. ft.

B. Present scope of project as plans were presented to

and approved by the Board of Regents at February

14, 1970 meeting.

Drama Theatre GSF

Front Basement 3,000

Rear Basement 6,138

Lobby 5,464

Auditorium (600 seats) 4,950

Aisles 2,112

Stage Area 4,200

Areas Rear of Stage 4,968


Dressing Rooms

Costume Storage

Corridor 320

Exit Areas 245

Gross Sq. Ft. 31,397

Concert Hall

Basement 1,176

Stair 380

Lobby 7,786

Auditorium (1500 seats) 10,710

Platform (Orchestra) 4,080

Fan Room 185

Exit Areas 560

Electrical Circle 314

Gross Sq. Ft. 25,281

Total Project Gross Sq. Ft. 56,678

Dr. Zorn suggested that there were 3 alternatives available to

the Board of Regents:

(1) Reject all bids and ask that the project be redesigned.

(2) Build basic shell of both structures.

(3) Build in phases with the Drama Theatre as Phase I and

the Concert Hall as Phase II.

He reported that the State Planning Board had recommended, in

view of the September 8, 1970 bids, that the Drama Theatre only

be constructed as approved by the Board of Regents at its Febru-

ary 14, 1970 meeting, resulting in the 31,397 gross square feet

project at a basic cost of $2,021,300. To that should be added:

Reinstate Green Room $ 20,000

Furnish Green Room 29,175

Additional Stage, sound and lighting

equipment 61,000

Total Construction Cost $2,131,475

Dr. Zorn stated that this amount is within the total project

budget of $2,634,500 and will result in a balance of $240,000

which would be available for reallocation but which he would

recommend be held for the Concert Hall. He pointed out that

there is a strong concern on the part of the donors who con-

tributed exclusively to the Concert Hall that this project must

be completed.

Dr. Zorn recommended approval of the State Planning Board's rec-

ommendation. Chancellor Humphrey concurred, noting that it is

the only alternative that appears acceptable.

Mr. Bell asked how the User's Committee had reacted to this pro-

posed solution. Dr. Zorn stated that there was concurrence that

the Drama Theatre was the most urgently needed.

Dean Harris agreed that the Drama Theatre is essential in that

the University must be in a position to serve the increasing

number of majors in the drama area. He stated that there is

agreement to serve music in the Theatre.

Mr. Hug entered the meeting at 1:20 P.M.

Mr. Mc Daniel, architect for the project, noted that the addi-

tions to the Drama Theatre proposed above would bring that proj-

ect back to its original concept. In response to a question

from Chancellor Humphrey, Mr. Mc Daniel stated that no figures

contained in the project budget listed above had changed other

than the construction budget.

Dr. Anderson asked about the status of the loan from the Board

of Regents Special Projects Fund. Dr. Zorn stated that approx-

imately $38,000 of this amount had already been set aside for

repayment of this loan. He noted that he had contacted some of

the donors concerning the proposed phasing of the project and

that although everyone feels both projects should be proceeding,

they recognize that this is not possible. Several have expressed

willingness to have their contribution used for the one project

as long as there is a commitment to proceed with the second phase

(that is, the Concert Hall) in the near future as funds become


Chancellor Humphrey referred to the Fleischmann Foundation grant,

pointing out that the trustees must be contacted if any change

is to be made in the manner in which the Foundation's grant is

to be spent. There also needs to be some determination as to

how the funds from the other donors is to be expended, particu-

larly those donors who specifically earmarked their contribution

for the Concert Hall.

Dr. Anderson moved that the recommendation of the President and

the Chancellor be approved. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried with the following roll call vote:

Dr. Anderson Yes

Mr. Bell Yes

Mr. Bilbray Yes

Mr. Hug Yes

Dr. Lombardi Yes

Mr. Seeliger Yes

Dr. White Yes

Dr. Zorn noted that there is some problem in that some report

needs to be made to the donors and asked if he would be safe

in stating that it is the understanding that although the Uni-

versity has decided to proceed with the Theatre only at this

time, the excess funds plus any future funds which may become

available are committed to the second phase; i. e., the Concert

Hall. Dr. Anderson stated that that was his understanding in

making the motion.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 P.M.

(Mrs.) Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary to the Board