UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 23-24, 1950

Volume 6 - Pages 265-270

September 23, 1950

The meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order by the
Chairman in the President's office at 9:15 A.M. on Saturday,
September 23, 1950. Present were Regents Hilliard, Arentz,
Sheerin, Cahlan, Ross, Comptroller Hayden and President Love.
Mr. Springmeyer, Legislative Counsellor, was also present.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

Motion of Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that the minutes
of the meeting of August 28-29, 1950 be approved as sub-

Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that the minutes of
the meeting of the Executive Committee on September 14, 1950
be approved and the action taken be also approved.

President's Recommendations

1 - Claims

Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that the following
list of claims, as approved by the Executive Committee, be

List No. 2, Regents Checks Nos. 01-22 to 01-41 inclusive
for a total of $137,715.12.

List No. 2, State Claims Nos. 01-32 to 01-65 inclusive
for a total of $85,345.25.

2 - Biennial Budget

Copies of the proposed budget, prepared by Mr. Hayden, were
distributed, giving the total picture of the University in
all its Departments and Divisions under one cover.

Discussion followed. Dr. Love explained his recommended
building program for the University as follows: That the
Electrical Engineering Department be moved to the new En-
gineering building with the addition of a one-story labora-
tory unit, which would make the Electrical building avail-
able for other use. He further stated that if a new build-
ing is to be constructed, it should be an Agricultural
building on the lower Campus, which would make available as
a classroom building the present Agricultural building.
His discussion continued by enumerating problems relative
to the renovation of the Heating Plant.

Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that, in compli-
ance with the legislation at the last Legislature relative
to the University Heating Plant, and with the proposed
continued renovation on our coming budget, the immediate
emergency has been removed, and the Regents, therefore,
withdraw their request for a Central Heating Plant at this

Mr. Ross referred to the piece of land at the north of the
Campus which is needed by the University as an egress to
land already owned.

It was unanimously agreed that $8000 be included in the
budget for purchase of land.

The Board recessed at 12:20 noon for luncheon in the President's
house. The recessed meeting was called to order at 1:25 P.M.
with all Regents, President Love, Mr. Hayden present. Mr.
Springmeyer was also present.

Reporter John Burns of the Nevada State Journal came into the
meeting at 1:45 P.M.

Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that the education-
al budget be approved.

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the budget on
related teaching items be approved.

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the budget for
auxiliary units be approved.

In connection with the discussion of auxiliary units, which
includes athletics.

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the President
be directed to draw up and present to the Regents a program
covering the administration of State funds for athletics and
for setting up an Athletic Department.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that the Public
Service budget be adopted.

Discussion concerning the value received for projects in the
Public Service budget requiring matching State funds result-
ed in the request that the President investigate the ad-
visability of continuing such projects and the use of funds
for these purposes.

3 - Faculty contracts

(a) Harold J. Hendriks and John Bonell. Because of the
complications involved in making exceptions in these
two cases, the President recommended that no change be
made from the last year, and that their contracts be
approved as Assistant Professors at the salary of
$4000 for the year 1950-51.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that the
above recommendation be approved.

(b) Paul H. Jensen. The President recommended that the
action proposed by Colonel Parker concerning Mr. Jensen
be confirmed and that he receive no salary increase
at this time.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried with Regent Arentz vot-
ing "no" and all other Regents voting "aye", that the
recommendation be approved.

(c) Gale L. Richards. At the time of the last meeting,
the salary increase was recommended for Mr. Richards
because he had not completed the work for the Ph. D.
degree. In view of the fact that he now has this
degree, the President recommended that his salary be
increased by $100 per year, making his salary $4400
for the academic year 1950-51.

Motion by Mr. Sheerin carried unanimously that the
recommendation be approved.

4 - Bonding and Insurance

The President recommended that all employees who handle
money be bonded and that University property be insured
against theft. Cost for bonding would be $90 per year
above present bonding costs. Estimated cost for insurance
would be $1000 per year on the basis of $1 per thousand on
$100,000 worth of equipment.

Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that the above
recommendation be approved and that the Comptroller be
authorized to include the above amounts in the budget.

5 - Astronomical Observatory

Action was postponed at the meeting of August 28-29, 1950.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that action
again be postponed to permit further study and considera-
tion of the proposed site.

6 - Degrees

List of candidates for degrees whose work was completed at
the 1950 Summer Session, as recommended by the general
faculty at its meeting on September 15, 1950, was presented.


Bachelor of Arts

Raymond G. Aiazzi Julia Smith Knudsen
Dayton Benjamin Theodore W. Kondel
George Benson Frank Sanches La San
Robert Boese Raymond Ledbetter
Gwenneth Byrd Marian G. Palmer
Josephone Caprio James Parker
George A. Estes Elizabeth Priest
Esther Barrett Farrington Myrtle Sorensen Rich
Charles C. Gibson John F. Riva
Mary Goddard Carol Jeanne Shoemaker
Nancy Hecker Floyd Silliman
Floyd Hopper Donald C. Smart
Landon Howard Frances Abernathy Smith
Jack Eugene Hull Rosalie Solt
Bobby Dean Hutchings John S. Subda
Eunice Kaminaka Marilyn Whitehair
Tahsin Karacabey Barbara Williams

Bachelor of Science

Helene Warner

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Leonard T. Howard Constance Madsen Spencer


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Leon Hubbard Charles Saulisberry


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Harold W. Affleck William Pillsbury
James Clarkson Donald Poznanovich
Donald Jewett

Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering

Dewey Harwood Dean Johnson
Donald Jenkins Edward Therkelsen

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

Thomas Clemens


Master of Arts

Richard Sieber

Master of Science

Robert Mac Phee Joseph E. Moore

Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that these candi-
dates, as per attached list, be approved and that they be
granted the indicated degrees and diplomas.

7 - Regional Education

The President recommended that the idea of regional educa-
tion in the professional fields be approved in principle,
but that no definite steps be taken at this time to give
assurance in any quarters that the University would be able
to participate.

Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that the Regents
go on record as favoring this type of program and as look-
ing forward to the time when the State can participate.

8 - Walter S. Palmer

Request from Walter S. Palmer was presented that he be given
a salary adjustment as of 1947, when the University went
from a 12 to a 10 months salary basis, in the amount of
$375 in view of the fact that he considers his case a paral-
lel to that of Mr. Carpenter, who received such a salary ad-

Motion by Mr. Arentz carried, with Regent Hilliard voting
"no" and with all other Regents voting "aye", that the mat-
ter of salary adjustments as of the Summer of 1947 be con-
sidered closed on the basis that due consideration has al-
ready been given and in view of the fact that previous
notice by the Administration was adequate and the time
given for appeal of such cases has now passed.

9 - Action Postponed

Motion by Mr. Hilliard carried unanimously that action be
postponed on the following items:

a) 2-year course in Agriculture
b) Las Vegas Extension Center
c) Outside employment of faculty members
d) Policy on movies on the Campus

10 - Out-of-State Tuition

Resident rules and regulations were submitted, as prepared
by the Director of Admissions, for the approval of the

By unanimous agreement the report and material were accepted
and the President instructed to submit them to the Attorney
General for his opinion.

11 - Dean of Mining

Dr. Love reported that he had contacted Mr. Dobbel of St.
Louis, Missouri, and had made an offer to him for the Dean-
ship of the School of Mines, as per agreement with the
Regents, but that Mr. Dobbel had not accepted.

Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that the President
be instructed to contact Dr. Vernon E. Scheid of the School
of Mines at the University of Idaho, and make him a similar

President's Informal Report

A - Nevada Art Gallery

Report was postponed until the next meeting because of short-
ness of time.

B - Thompson Letter

Referring to action in the meeting of August 28-29, 1950, a
letter was presented signed by Mr. Thompson to the effect
that he does not receive commissions or other remunerations
for equipment purchased by this University for the Heating
Plant, of which Mr. Thompson is contractor. An additional
letter of clarification was requested.

C - University Physician

As per action of the Board of August 28-29 meeting, arrange-
ment has been worked out by the Health Committee whereby Dr.
Robert Locke will be employed as University Physician on a
part time basis for the coming school year. His salary has
been set at $400 per month beginning September 15, 1950. His
duties are to include two hours per day in the Infirmary for
sick call, and he is to be on call for any necessary duty at
all times.

D - Enrollment

Report of the Registrar was submitted as follows:

September 22, 1950 Corresponding Day 1949

Men 930 Men 1167
Women 440 Women 479
1370 1646

E - Housing

Manzanita Hall Artemisia Hall Lincoln Hall
Normal Cap 90 Normal Cap 90 Normal Cap 125
Students 75 Students 79 Students 125
Adults 1 Adults 1
76 80

Hartman Halls
Normal Capacity 75
Students 75

Highland Terrace Housing Units
Normal Capacity 130
Students 130
Not under University supervision

Field House
Students 5

Campus Housing Units Trailer Court
Normal Capacity 112 Normal Capacity 35
Students 94 Students 20 Couples
Faculty 18

F - Eligibility Committee

Mimeographed copies of the report of the Faculty Eligibility
Committee on "Athletic Code" were distributed.

Other Business

Mr. Ross suggested that, in placing an item in the budget
for playground for small children in the Home Economics
Nursery School, careful study be given as to the location.

Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that the Adminis-
tration be so instructed.

Mr. Ross reported on the reception given for Dr. and Mrs.
Love on Friday evening, September 22, 1950. The Committee
was composed of Dean Palmer, Dean Wood, Dr. Moose as Presi-
dent of the Faculty Club, and Mrs. Martie as President of the
Women's Faculty Club.

Motion by Mr. Cahlan carried unanimously that a vote of
thanks be extended to the members of the Committee for their
good work.

The meeting adjourned at 6:30 P.M.

The next meeting was set at the call of the Chairman.