UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 23-24, 1912

Volume OD - Pages 441-443

                         Reno, Nevada
                      September 23, 1912

The Finance Committee met at 8:00 P.M. on Monday, September 23,
1912.  Present:  Chairman Reid, members Codd and O'Brien; also
Acting President Lewers and C. H. Gorman, acting as Secretary
Pro Tem.

The following motions were made by Mr. Codd, and seconded by
Mr. O'Brien:

    That Mr. S. C. Dinsmore be granted a leave of absence for one
    week to visit the United States Government Water Laboratory
    at Salem, Oregon, Mr. Dinsmore to leave Sunday morning.  Car-

    That the A & M budget as presented be adopted.  Carried.

    That A. J. Price and James W. Rice be allowed $50 each from
    the Wingfield Scholarship Fund.  Carried.

    That Mr. Jameson be put in charge of the Dining Hall, he to
    work in conjunction with the Comptroller's office.  Carried.

    That Mr. Allenbach be given the contract to furnish oil to
    the University for the school year 1912-13 in accordance with
    his bid at the last regular meeting of the Board of Regents,
    less 1%.  Carried.

    That Mr. Fergusson's salary be increased to $2200 for year
    beginning July 1, 1912, as per agreement with Dr. Stubbs.

    That Miss Day's salary be increased to $150 per month, begin-
    ning January 1, 1913.  Carried.

    That Professor Frandsen's bill of $125 for extra work in the
    State Hygienic Laboratory be paid.  Carried.

    That the Acting President be authorized to notify Heads of
    Departments that hereafter no bill for traveling expenses
    will be recognized unless first authorized by proper
    authority.  Carried.

    That George D. Powers' bill for extra work in the Electrical
    building during July be rejected.  Carried.

    That F. C. Henriques be paid $80 for extra work in the Food
    and Drug Department.  Carried.

    That the bill of Alice E. Armstrong for June salary was
    rejected on the ground that inasmuch as Miss Armstrong left
    the service of the University on May 23rd, the dating of her
    resignation to take effect July 1, does not bind the Regents
    to pay her salary after she left the service.  Carried.

    That the bill of Silas E. Ross for $200, balance due on sal-
    ary from High School for year 1911-12 was ordered paid.  Car-

    That the bill against Dr. Stubbs for $192.50 for cash advanc-
    ed from drawer for traveling expenses be charged to Contin-
    gent Fund.  Carried.

    That the Chairman of the Finance Committee have conference
    with Mr. H. E. Stewart of the Reno Construction Company re-
    garding the balance claimed by him for refill near Chism
    ranch.  Carried.

    That the bill of Cheney, Downer, Price and Hawkins for $50
    for legal advice to J. E. Stubbs was a personal matter of
    Dr. Stubbs, was not authorized by the Board of Regents, is
    not a legal claim against any University Fund, and that it
    therefore be rejected.  Carried.

    That the bill of L. G. Chapman for $18.75 for tickets to
    Senior Farce be paid.  Carried.

    That the Teachers' Examination bills of Mrs. Booth, $25;
    John I. Kline, $25; and Miss Carrie Thompson, $5, be re-
    jected on the ground that they are not legal charges against
    the University.  Carried.

    That the bill of Miss Day for $30, account Teachers' Insti-
    tute, be rejected as it is not a legal claim against the
    University and that a bill be sent to Miss Day for this
    amount.  Carried.

    That the bill of Miss Grace A. Day for services as Matron at
    Manzanita Hall during the Summer School session, amount $27,
    be paid.  Carried.

    That Miss Wygal's bill be handled by the Acting President.

    That J. E. Bray be notified that the Regents could not allow
    his board bill at the University Dining Hall and that he be
    asked to pay this bill, which amounts to $108.  Carried.

    That the salary of Mrs. Kaye be increased sufficiently to
    enable her to pay her board each month.  Carried.

    That the bill of Miss Wier for $338 for History Syllabi fees
    be paid.  Carried.

    That the action of the Comptroller in the A & M Fund matters
    for the year ending June 30, 1912, be approved.  Carried.

    That the action of the Comptroller in placing assistants on
    monthly basis be approved.  Carried.

    That Mr. C. L. Brown, regularly employed in eel worm investi-
    gations under the Adams Act, receive nothing from the A & M
    Fund except when working in the Department of Biology. Car-

    (Note:  Claims Nos. 123 to 188 for a total of $8858.06
            against State Funds were approved.

            Claims Nos. 1076 to 1155 for a total of $4578.55
            against General Funds were approved.)

No further business appearing, the Finance Committee adjourned
to meet at the call of the Chairman.

                             A. A. Codd

Geo. H. Taylor