UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 21-22, 1979


Pages 1-22



September 21, 1979

The Board of Regents met on the above date at Clark County

Community College, North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Members present: Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mr. Robert A. Cashell

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June Whitley

Members absent: Mrs. Molly F. Knudtsen

Others present: Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Lloyd Smith, DRI

Secretary Bonnie M. Smotony

Larry Lessly, Vice Chancellor Legal Affairs

Also present were Faculty Senate representatives: Christopher

(CCCC); Elliott (WNCC/N); Marschall (UNR); Melrose (NNCC); Moser

(Unit); Pugsley (WNCC/S); Van Vactor (UNLV); and Warburton (DRI),

and student representatives Campbell (UNLV); Ritch (UNR); and

Bennett (WNCC/S).

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 10:10 A.M.

Following the Oath of Office, administered by Judge Addelair Guy,

Chairman Cashell welcomed Mrs. June Whitley, newly appointed to

the Board of Regents to replace Miss Brenda Mason.

1. Adoption of Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda containing the following items, was sub-

mitted for approval (identified as Ref. A and filed with

permanent minutes):

(1) Approval of Minutes

(2) Report of Gifts and Grants

(3) Request for Supplement to DRI and UNLV Interview and

Recruiting Accounts

(4) Request to name a room in the Orvis School of Nursing

in memory of Nora Kawamura

(5) Promotion of Dr. A. Bhuiya to Associate Professor,

effective October 1, 1979

(6) Augmentation of the Chancellor's Special Housing

Account by $4,000

(7) Approval of UNR Fund Transfers #7, #20 and #21

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the Consent Agenda as sub-

mitted. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without


2. Bond Sale for Sports Pavilions

Chancellor Baepler reported that the University is ready

to start the necessary documentation for the sale of the $56

million bond issue for the Sports Pavilions. Because of the

revenue base for the bonds; i. e., the federal slot machine

tax rebate, the advantages of a negotiated sale rather than

a public sale have been explored. Dr. Baepler introduced

Mr. Nick Smith, President of Burrows, Smith and Co., the

University's financial consultants for revenue bond issues,

who urged all possible steps be taken now to compress the

time required to market these securities. He suggested

that a national sales effort would be required to market

the bonds, and recommended the Board select a Management

Underwriter to put together a syndicate to distribute the

securities. Mr. Smith pointed out that such an Underwriter

would then proceed to appoint his own legal counsel and

would draft the necessary statements, and noted that

Burrows, Smith and Co., as the University's financial con-

sultants, would, with its own bond counsel, work with the


Chancellor Baepler recommended the Board authorize the

University to proceed with preparations for a negotiated

sale of the $56 million in revenue bonds for the Sports

Pavilions, and that the Board's Audit Committee be empower-

ed to consider and recommend to the Board the selection of

a Management Underwriter.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

3. Discussion of Community College Division Organization

Mr. Mc Bride noted that presently the three Community Col-

leges are organized as a Division of the University of

Nevada System with the University Code requiring that the

three Presidents function as a collective executive for

for those matters having Division-wide impact. He stated

that in his opinion this requirement does not work and

places unnecessary restrictions on the Presidents in pro-

viding leadership to their Campuses. Mr. Mc Bride proposed

that the Board of Regents Bylaws, the University Code, the

Board of Regents Handbook, and all other appropriate docu-

ments be amended to remove the word, "Division", as it per-

tains to the organizational entity of the System, and that

hereafter, the organization of the University of Nevada

System shall include University of Nevada, Reno; University

of Nevada, Las Vegas; Desert Research Institute; Clark

County Community College; Northern Nevada Community College;

and Western Nevada Community College as autonomous and

independent institutions, and shall also include such spe-

cial and service units as approved by the Board.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the proposal by Mr. Mc Bride,

but suggested that if this action is taken, the position of

Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges would no longer be

necessary. Motion seconded by Mr. Ross.

Dr. Lombardi objected to the proposed abolition of the posi-

tion of Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges, stating that

in his opinion the position was badly needed and dissolution

of the Division status would not eliminate that need.

Chancellor Baepler recalled that it takes two months to a-

mend the Code, and that this proposal by Regent Mc Bride

will have to be referred to the Faculty Senates for consid-

eration prior to action by the Board. Mr. Buchanan asked

that in the consideration by the Senates of the proposed

Code revision to dissolve the Division status of the Commun-

ity Colleges, the Senates also be asked to consider the

elimination of the Vice Chancellor position.

Mr. Mc Bride suggested that the consideration of elimina-

tion of the Vice Chancellor position be separated from the

motion. Mr. Buchanan declined to amend his motion.

Mr. William Christopher reported that the CCCC Faculty sup-

ported the proposal for dissolution of the Division struc-

ture and resulting autonomy for each of the Community Col-

leges. Mr. Dale Pugsley and Mrs. Betty Elliott, speaking

for WNCC/S and WNCC/N, also supported the proposal. Dr.

Mark Melrose reported that NNCC opposed the proposal and

preferred to retain the Division status for the Community


Motion carried without dissent.

Mr. Mc Bride requested that as a separate consideration

from the above, the Chancellor investigate the feasibility

of separating Western Nevada Community College into two

Colleges. It was agreed that the faculty, Administration

and students of Western Nevada Community College would be

asked to consider this.

4. Enrollment Reports

Chancellor Baepler reported the following enrollment figures

for the instructional divisions:

UNR 6,457 FTE 5.5% increase over 1978

UNR Medical School 180 33.3%

UNLV 5,997 7.4%

CCCC 3,117 10.0%

NNCC 325 1.9%

WNCC/S 853 7.7%

WNCC/N 1,555 8.1%

Chancellor Baepler noted that these increases in enrollment

would permit the University to accept the invitation of the

Interim Finance Committee to request supplemental funding

for the second year of the biennium.

5. Sports Pavilion Capacity, UNR

President Crowley reported that in January, 1979 the Board

approved the conceptual design for the UNR Special Events

Center as set forth in a Feasibility Study prepared by the

architectural firm of Crane/Anderson, Inc. He noted that

the design called for a single bowl oval arena configuration

with a seating capacity of 12,000, based on a market study

of the Reno-Sparks area, together with assessment of the

growth potential of the area and of UNR, and an examination

of the experiences of other Universities.

President Crowley noted that subsequent discussion indicated

a need to reevaluate the capacity question and its implica-

tions for the facility so that the Board of Regents could

have an opportunity to consider the matter again. The re-

evaluation was undertaken by the Special Events Center User/

Programming Committee, a group representing a variety of

Campus and community interests. The cost analysis in rela-

tion to the Special Events Center has not yet been completed

and figures on the cost of the basic facility and several

support areas will not be available until October or Novem-

ber; however, pending the completion of this analysis, Pres-

ident Crowley reported that the Committee has reaffirmed the

Feasibility Study's original recommendation that the UNR

Special Events Center be designed as a single bowl oval

arena configuration with a seating capacity of 12,000 mini-

mum, and special support areas for meeting rooms, facility

management and athletic offices.

President Crowley reported that he concurred in the Commit-

tee's recommendation and requested Board reaffirmation.

Mr. Ross objected, stating that the recommendation goes

further than necessary at this time, and suggested that the

configuration of the Center be left open.

Dr. Crowley pointed out that this recommendation does not

differ from the action of the Board in January, in that the

concept has already been approved, subject only to budget


The Chair declared the matter an information item in view of

the Board's previous action to approve the concept, with

further consideration by the Board as necessary when cost

figures are available.

6. Resolution Regarding Stead Easement

President Crowley recalled that in July, 1977 the Board

approved the granting of an easement at Stead to the City

of Reno. The U. S. Department of Health, Education and

Welfare, which deeded the property to the University for

educational purposes, has now requested that the Board

adopt the following formal resolution with regard to that



WHEREAS, certain real property located in the County of

Washoe, State of Nevada, has been deeded for educational or

public health purposes by the Secretary of Health, Education

and Welfare, under the provisions of Section 203 (k)(1) of

the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949

more particularly described as follows:

Commencing at a point at the southeasterly corner of

Echo Avenue and Mt. Babcock Street from which the

southeast corner of Section 29, T. 21 N., R. 19 E.,

M. D. B.& M., bears south 71{19'33" east, 4452.58 feet;

thence N. 83{16'28" W., 60.00 feet; thence along the

westerly right of way to Mt. Babcock Street, S.

7{00'47"W., 181.56 feet to the point of beginning of

this description of a 15 foot sewer easement, 7.5 feet

on each side of the following described center line;

thence N. 83{16'28" W., 605.10 feet to the easterly

right of way of Mt. Bismark Street and the end of this


WHEREAS, the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada

needs and is utilizing said property for educational pur-

poses in accordance with the requirements of said Act and

the rules and regulations promulgated there under of which

this Board is fully informed.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Regents

of the University of Nevada shall make application to the

Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare for an easement

for the City of Reno, 15' wide and 605.1' in length, near

southeast corner of Echo Avenue and Mt. Babcock Street.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Regents of the

University has legal authority and that Donald H. Baepler,

Chancellor of the University of Nevada, be and is hereby

authorized, for and on behalf of the Board of Regents of the

University to do and perform any and all acts and things

which may be necessary to carry out the foregoing resolu-

tion, including preparing, and filing of instruments per-

taining to the transfer of said property; the payment of

any and all sums necessary.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

7. Relocation of Building Given to College of Agriculture

President Crowley reported an offer of a gift to the College

of Agriculture of a 30' x 83' metal shop building from Mr.

R. C. Wilcox of Pahrump, to be used at the Holly Park Field

Laboratory. He noted that the building must be moved to the

facility by January 1, 1980. President Crowley recommended

acceptance of the gift and requested authorization to re-

locate the building.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Ross,

carried without dissent.

8. Recommendation to Proceed with Design of Addition to

Agricultural Service Center in Fallon

President Crowley recalled that the Board had previously

authorized construction in Fallon of a 5,000 square foot

building to house the operations of the Agricultural

Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service, to-

gether with several federal agencies as tenants. In re-

sponse to a request from these tenants, President Crowley

requested authorization to construct a 2,000 square foot

addition to the building, to be paid for from the Agricul-

tural Facilities Account, which would then be repaid by

the rents received from the tenants. President Crowley re-

quested authorization to negotiate a contract with the arch-

itect who designed the original building, or, in the event

this architect is unavailable, to negotiate a contract with

another architect and to proceed with the design of this


Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos,

carried without dissent.

9. Request for Creation of a College of Arts and Science

Advisory Board

President Crowley requested authorization for the creation

of an Advisory Board for the College of Arts and Science

and introduced Dean Rebecca Stafford who commented briefly

on the reasons for such a proposal and the ways in which

she hoped the Advisory Board would be helpful to the


President Crowley recommended the following appointments for

the terms indicated:

One-year term - Ms. Mary Gojack

Mrs. Moya Lear

Judge Procter Hug, Jr.

Mr. Steve Brown

Mrs. John de Winters

Mr. Clark Hamilton

Mr. Fred Davis, Jr.

Two-year term - Mrs. Barbara Feltner

Mr. Bill Thornton

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mr. William Fox

Mrs. Ellen Thompson

Mr. George Hardaway

Three-year term - Senator Spike Wilson

Mrs. Dottie Benson

Mr. Rollan Melton

Dr. Carlos Romo

Mr. Lloyd Dyer

Mr. Bob Pearce

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

10. Sale of House at Knoll Creek Experiment Station

President Crowley noted that the University owns a two-story

house at the Knoll Creek Experiment Station on land that has

been leased for the past 32 years from the Salmon River

Cattlemen's Association. The Experiment Station is in the

process of being closed down and its operations transferred

to Gund Ranch. The house must either be sold or moved;

however, because of its construction, moving would not be

feasible. President Crowley recommended that the house be

sold to the Salmon River Cattlemen's Association.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

11. Lease for Drip Irrigation Purposes

President Crowley reported that the 1979 Legislature had

appropriated $100,000 to the Agricultural Experiment Station

to do some experimenting with drip irrigation projects. He

requested authorization to lease two acres of cultivated

land and one share of preferred water rights from Mr. Jay

Whipple, of Logandale, Nevada, for two years beginning

September 1, 1979, at an annual rental of $300.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

12. Request for Loan from Capital Improvement Fee Fund

President Crowley reported the Computerized Circulating

Library System (CLSI) currently operating at the UNR

Library is in need of updating and expansion. The cost

of this expansion project, which would extend full service

to the Washoe County Public Library and the State of Nevada

Public Library in Carson City, is $75,435. Of this, $32,500

is currently available from a State Library grant and from

UNR Library Operating funds, and an additional $17,000 is

available from a State Library grant to Washoe County.

President Crowley noted that a balance of $25,935 is requir-

ed to complete the funding for this project and he requested

authorization to borrow that amount from the UNR Capital

Improvement Fee Fund, to be repaid by July, 1, 1981, in two

equal annual payments from fees paid by Washoe County and

from UNR operating funds.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride,

carried without dissent.

13. Recommendation for Appointment of Athletic Director, UNLV

President Goodall recommended the appointment of Dr. Al E.

Negratti, currently Director of Athletics at the University

of California, Santa Barbara, as Athletic Director for UNLV,

effective January 1, 1980, at an annual salary of $37,000.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

14. Mandatory Athletic Fee

It was noted in the agenda that at the May, 1978 meeting,

the Board authorized the assessment of a $2 per credit

athletic fee, effective Fall, 1978, for all students at

UNLV. This per-credit-fee allows students registered for

seven credits or more (i. e., those students who pay CSUN

fees) to purchase tickets to athletic events at a discount


President Goodall noted that this matter was included on the

agenda for discussion at the request of Chairman Cashell,

and suggested that comments from the students be heard.

Danny Campbell, President of CSUN, recalled that because

procedural errors were made in the previous election con-

cerning the athletic fee, it was decided by CSUN to submit

the matter to the student body through a second election.

The first election had received a slim margin in favor of

the athletic fee; the second election resulted in a vote of

691 no and 283 yes.

Mr. Campbell cited some of the problems with the athletic

fee, particularly the inequity of assessing the fee to part-

time and graduate students who do not benefit since they are

ineligible for the discounted tickets. He reported that

CSUN Senate is not asking that the fee be abolished but that

it be reviewed for future correction of the inequities to

graduate and part-time students, and requested that a sub-

committee be formed on the UNLV Campus to look into the

possibility of changing the fee.

Chairman Cashell agreed that such a committee would be

appropriate and requested President Goodall to proceed


15. Appointment of Law School Committee

Chancellor Baepler reported that several requests had been

received for the appointment of a committee for the estab-

lishment of a Law School, and noted that the agenda item

before the Board was at the request of Regent Buchanan.

Mr. Buchanan recalled that the Legislature had been asked

during two sessions to provide funding for a Law School but

each of the requests had been denied. He suggested that the

only way the University could establish a Law School would

be to raise the money from private sources sufficient to en-

dow the School. He distributed a memorandum with the fol-

lowing proposal:

That a committee for the start-up of a Law School at

UNLV be appointed, to see to it that the Law School is

constructed, staffed, and begins operations; that the

committee meet and vote to form a nonprofit corporation

known as the UNLV Law School Foundation, and that it

have the following authorities and duties:

(1) The right to incorporate into a nonprofit

corporation to be known as the UNLV Law School


(2) The right to solicit money on behalf of the Law

School Foundation in order to fund the capital

construction costs of the UNLV Law School estimat-

ed to be approximately $5 million.

(3) The right to solicit endowments for the Law School

so as to insure that the Law School has top flight

professors and starts out with a high academic

theme that would be a model throughout the United


(4) The right to hire architects and commence construc-

tion when the capital funds are obtained for the

Law School on the UNLV Campus.

(5) The right upon construction to hire a Dean for the

Law School during the interim construction period

in order to solicit top flight professors and staff

needed for an eventual class into Law School in


(6) All necessary authority to put the Law School into


Mr. Buchanan emphasized that the above conditions would all

be subject to approval of the Board, and assured the Regents

that there would be no design, hiring of people or any other

action initiated without Board approval.

Mr. Buchanan proposed the following members of the committee

noting that they have all been contacted and are willing to

serve and further proposed that the members of the committee

become Directors of the proposed Law School Foundation:

Chief Justice John Mowbray, Nevada Supreme Court

The Honorable David Zenoff, former Supreme Court Justice

E. Parry Thomas, Chairman, Valley Bank

The Honorable John Mendoza, 8th Judicial District Court

The Honorable Adel Guy, 8th Judicial District Court

Al Marquis, Las Vegas Attorney

Lisa Wyman, CSUN Vice President

Lisa Miller

Dale Dalehulen

Chrystal Hester

James L. Buchanan, II, University Regent

Gerald Moffitt, Las Vegas Architect

Larry Lessly, General Counsel

Fred Lewis, Summa Corporation

Mr. Buchanan moved that the Board approve the proposal as

contained in his memorandum and that a committee be appoint-

ed with the authorities as cited.

Mr. Mc Bride stated that he was opposed to going beyond

point three of Mr. Buchanan's proposal, pointing out that he

was not against the formation of a committee but did not be-

lieve the Board should delegate the rather broad authority

proposed by Mr. Buchanan.

Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos.

Mr. Ross moved to amend the motion to authorize the Chair-

man only to establish a Law School Committee.

Motion to amend seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without


Amended motion then carried without dissent.

16. Payment for Legal Services

President Goodall requested an allocation of $25,063.96 from

the Board of Regents Special Projects Account to pay for le-

gal services rendered by Jones, Jones, Bell, Close & Brown,

Ltd., through August 17, 1979 in the UNLV v. Tarkanian mat-

ter. Chancellor Baepler concurred.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Buchanan, carried with Mrs. Fong opposing.

Mrs. Fong asked that the record show the reason for her

opposing vote, explaining that the Boosters had raised a

great deal of money for Intercollegiate Athletics and, in

view of that, she did not believe that University funds

should be used for legal fees arising from the athletic


Mr. Buchanan pointed out that this litigation was imposed

upon the University by the actions of NCAA.

17. Community College Division Collective Bargaining

Representation Application

Chancellor Baepler reported that the Nevada State Education

Association had submitted its application to represent the

faculty of the Community College Division of the University

of Nevada System. The application submitted is in compli-

ance with the requirements stated in Title 4, Chapter 6

(University of Nevada System Professional Employees Collec-

tive Bargaining Regulations), Section 19, of the Board of

Regents Handbook.

Dr. Baepler stated that all procedures have been followed,

and he recommended that, in accordance with regulations, the

Board of Regents authorize a secret ballot election to be

held no sooner than 15 days, and no longer than 30 calendar

days from September 21, 1979.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.


Chancellor Baepler stated that should the election be suc-

cessful, he considered it very critical that the first con-

tract be negotiated properly and he would request approxi-

mately $100,000 from the Board of Regents Special Projects

Account to hire the best labor attorneys available.

Mr. Dale Pugsley, Senate Chairman, presented the following

request from the WNCC/S Senate:

That the Regents instruct the organization conducting

the election, as specified in Section 20, Title 4,

Chapter 6, to count and publish the ballots separately

for each College and Campus.

Mr. Dale Etheridge, President of the CCCC Chapter of NSP,

requested an opportunity to inform the Regents of the cir-

cumstances which led to the submission of the application

of NSEA; however, Vice Chancellor Lessly advised that since

that matter was not on the agenda it would not be permis-

sible for him to do so.

Chancellor Baepler stated that attempts are still being made

to locate the independent party who will conduct the elec-

tion, and a date for the election will be set in due course

with ample notification to all parties.

Motion carried without dissent.

18. Request for Approval of Title Changes, WNCC/South

President Davis requested approval to change the title of

the Associate Dean of Student Services to Dean of Student

Services and the title of Associate Dean of Occupational

Education to Dean of Instruction at Western Nevada Commun-

ity College South Campus.

Dr. Davis reported that these proposed changes had been

discussed with and endorsed by the Faculty Senates of WNCC/N

and WNCC/S and the Advisory Board, adding that this is the

first step in reorganizing the College to cut back on

administrative costs as mandated by the Legislature.

Chancellor Baepler stated that he had no objection to the

title changes in that he was not aware of any change in the

content of the positions; however, he suggested that a more

critical question was raised by the earlier request from the

Board to consider separating WNCC into two Colleges. He

suggested deferring this matter until the decision is made

on the organization of the College.

President Davis argued that it would be unfair to continue

to defer this, noting that it had already been deferred for

more than a year. He pointed out that these people have

earned the title, they report to the President in carrying

out their responsibilities, they are assuming additional

duties, and further suggested that if a reorganization is

approved that will separate WNCC into two Colleges, the

necessary adjustments can be made at that time.

Mr. Ross commented that this proposed reorganization appear-

ed to be logical in that it focused the structure of the

College on instruction and service, and suggested that

President Davis be complimented on his response to the

mandate of the Legislature to cut administrative costs.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the changes in titles as pro-

posed by President Davis. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

Mrs. Fong requested that in submitting future reorganiza-

tion proposals that organization charts, both present and

proposed, be presented to the Regents.

19. Appointment to Advisory Board, WNCC

President Davis requested approval of the appointment of

William Van Patten to the WNCC Advisory Board.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

20. Award of Bid, Phase IV, WNCC/South

President Davis reported that the State Public Works Board

had opened bids for construction of Phase IV of WNCC/South.

The low bidder, Nevada Builders, submitted a bid of

$1,455,800, which exceeded the project budget. The State

Public Works Board successfully negotiated with Nevada

Builders for a contract in the amount of $1,323,271. It

was necessary, however, to delete the furnishings budget of

$100,000 from the project to avoid redesign and rebidding

to bring the negotiated contract within the budget.

President Davis requested concurrence by the Board in the

award by the State Public Works Board of a negotiated con-

tract to Nevada Builders for $1,323,271 for construction

of Phase IV of WNCC/S. He further requested approval to

allocate $100,000 from the WNCC Capital Improvement Fee

Account to replace the $100,000 reduced from the furnish-

ings budget. Dr. Davis recalled that earlier the Board had

authorized the expenditure of $67,200 from the WNCC Capital

Improvement Fee Account for recarpeting Phase II of WNCC/N;

however, sufficient savings occurred in that project to

cover the carpeting out of the contingency fund, thereby

releasing the $67,2000 back to the Capital Improvement Fee


Dr. Davis also recommended that commendation be extended to

Mr. William Hancock and the staff of the State Public Works

Board, and to the architectural firm of Sheehan and Haase,

for their cooperation in realizing this project.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

21. Request for Allocation from Board of Regents Special

Projects Account

President Eaton reported that the Nevada Humanities Commit-

tee had given approval to the UNLV Visibility Research Cen-

ter's application for the multi-media planetarium production

"Energy Paths: Time for Decision". NHC grant funds of

$7,500 are to be matched by $8,600 in cash gifts to the

Nevada Humanities Committee. Clark County Community College

will plan and develop this production to be presented by the

CCCC Planetarium in June and July, 1980.

Dr. Eaton requested that the Board of Regents allocate

$4,300 from the Board of Regents Special Projects Account in

the form of a cash gift to the Nevada Humanities Committee.

This amount will be matched by local contributions raised

under the auspices of the CCCC Advisory Board. Chancellor

Baepler concurred.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

22. Proposal for Practical Experience Farm, NNCC

President Berg presented a proposal for a Practical Experi-

ence Farm as part of NNCC's vocational program in agricul-

ture. A copy of the proposal identified as Ref. 19, is

filed with permanent minutes.

Dr. Berg reported that a grant award has been received from

the Nevada Department of Vocational Education in the amount

of $30,000 per year for five years, under the provisions of

the Nevada Five-Year State Plan and the Annual Program for

Vocational Education. He requested authorization to proceed

with the Practical Experience Farm as proposed.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

23. Request for Loan from DRI Contingency Fund

President Smith requested approval of a loan of $45,000 from

the DRI Contingency Fund to the Water Resources Center for

the purpose of purchasing computer equipment. He noted that

the loan would be for one year and would be repaid by a use

charge from existing grants and contracts. Chancellor

Baepler recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride,

carried without dissent.

24. Recommendation for Edgar J. Marston Research Professorship

President Smith recommended that Dr. John Hallett of the

Atmospheric Sciences Center be the recipient of the Edgar J.

Marston Research Professorship in Atmospheric Physics, ef-

fective September 1, 1979. Biographical material support-

ing the recommendation was included with the agenda (identi-

fied as Ref. 22 and filed with permanent minutes).

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc

Bride, carried without dissent.

25. Appointment to National Advisory Board, DRI

President Smith recommended appointment of Dr. Peter J.

Mehringer, Jr., Professor of Anthropology and Geology,

Washington State University, to the National Advisory

Board for DRI.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

26. DRI Space in Southern Nevada

President Smith reported concerning lack of office and lab-

oratory space for the Institute's Water Resources Programs

in Southern Nevada (report identified as Ref. 23 and filed

with permanent minutes) and requested authorization to ap-

proach the Legislative Interim Finance Committee for $75,000

with which to fund acquisition of temporary office and lab-

oratory space.

Dr. Peter Krenkel, Executive Director of the Water Resources

Center, spoke concerning the activities of that Center in

Las Vegas and the space problem they are presently facing

both in office and laboratory space.

Dean Robert Smith, College of Science, Mathematics and

Engineering, UNLV, spoke concerning the importance of the

water studies in Southern Nevada, and the research collabor-

ation between UNLV and the Water Resources Center.

Chancellor Baepler stated that although he did not disagree

with the value of the Water Resources program in Southern

Nevada, or in the need for space, he recommended against an

approach to the Interim Finance Committee to seek a tempo-

rary alleviation to the problem. He pointed out that the

University System has had, over the years, a very special

relationship with the Interim Finance Committee. This rela-

tion has been safeguarded, he said, by not approaching the

Interim Finance Committee each time a problem arises, but,

rather, the University has attempted to seek alternatives.

He pointed out that the request for a building for DRI in

Southern Nevada had not been turned down by the 1979 Legis-

lature but had been deferred for two years. Had it been

approved and funded, it would still be a year or more away

from completion and occupancy, so the immediate space prob-

lem would still exist. He suggested that one alternative

which should be examined would be to explore the commercial

value of the property owned by DRI, located across from UNLV

on Maryland Parkway, to see what relief can be realized from

that asset. He proposed that the value of that property be

determined and an estimate made of annual income it might

generate, and that DRI propose a specific solution to the

space problem, identify the cost factor, and what alterna-

tives are available for resolving the problem.

It appeared to be the consensus that a solution should be

found to the problem of space for DRI but that approaching

the Interim Finance Committee was not in the University's

best interests. It was agreed that it would be preferable

for the Chancellor, President Smith and President Goodall

to confer on the matter and develop a specific proposal

for the Board.

Mr. Buchanan moved to table this matter until the November

meeting. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without


27. University System Police Forces

Chancellor Baepler recalled that Chairman Cashell had re-

quested a report concerning the University System Police

Forces, specifically related to how security is handled at

each of the Campuses and recommendations concerning whether

changes in the present organization are desirable. Dr.

Baepler reported that security within the System presently

ranges from essentially no security at some facilities,

private security at some, and full-fledged Campus police

forces at UNR and UNLV. Collectively, security within the

University System involves a great deal of money.

Chancellor Baepler noted that the signals he was getting

from the Board was for a shift from the police force image

to one of a security force. He suggested this could be

achieved by changing the manner of dress, removing the

flashing lights and sirens from police vehicles, removing

arms during the daylight hours, and other such procedures.

He also suggested there were several options which could be

examined, such as utilization of the State Highway Patrol on

a contract basis. Dr. Baepler stated that he did not be-

lieve there is any great difference of opinion among the

Campus Officers, but he wished to receive some direction

from the Regents before engaging in development of a


It appeared to be the consensus that the security versus the

police force was preferable to most of the Regents, with the

exception of Mr. Karamanos, who stated that the police force

should be expanded rather than diminished, which, he sug-

gested, would be the effect if it is converted to a security


It was agreed that the Chancellor, in cooperation with the

Campus Presidents, would prepare a report for submission to

the Board at a subsequent meeting.

28. Hughes Estate - Texas

Vice Chancellor Lessly requested authority to retain the

services of private counsel to issue an opinion that any

indemnity agreement entered into by the Board of Regents on

the Hughes Estate in Texas would be enforceable against the

Board. Mr. Lessly noted that this request is pursuant to

the requirements imposed by the attorneys for the estate.

He also requested authority to bring suit on behalf of the

Board in Nevada against the Texas Estate and its Adminis-

trators, based on the Texas judgment in favor of the Board,

in the event that the Texas Estate does not make the re-

quired payments to the Board within a reasonable time after

opinion is rendered by private counsel. Chancellor Baepler

recommended approval.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

29. Report of Audit Committee

Mr. Mc Bride reported that the Audit Committee, together

with the Chancellor, the Presidents and their Budget

Officers, had met on September 14, 1979 for purposes of

reviewing the revised Work Program for 1979-80. A report

of the meeting was distributed and is filed with permanent

minutes. Mr. Mc Bride stated that the Committee found the

Work Program, in essence, to be in compliance with legisla-

tive intent and the budgeting process and recommended ap-

proval by the Board.

Mr. Ross moved approval of the report of the Audit Committee

and approval of the Work Program as recommended by the Audit

Committee. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos.

Mrs. Fong expressed strong disapproval of the reorganization

of several UNR Departments without prior approval of the

Board. Chairman Cashell reminded Mrs. Fong that President

Crowley had fully explained the reorganization and the e-

vents that had, in his opinion, made it necessary to proceed

administratively, and pointed out that this had been taken

into consideration by the Audit Committee in its review of

the Work Program.

Chancellor Baepler explained that he and President Crowley

had consulted concerning this and pointed out that this was

merely a merger of existing functions and, in his opinion,

was not in the category of a major change requiring Board


Dr. Lombardi commented about the difference in the handling

of Booster funds received by the two Universities and

suggested that there be an audit of these funds, showing

their source and where they are expended.

Chancellor Baepler reported that the independent auditors,

Kafoury, Armstrong, Turner and Company, have noted the

differences between the way in which the Universities handle

and account for these funds, and stated that it was his

understanding that the independent auditors will have a

recommendation in their Management Letter concerning this

matter, including a recommendation that a committee be

established to analyze how each University receives and

accounts for the funds and to develop a uniform procedure

to be followed.

Motion carried with Mrs. Fong opposing.

Mrs. Fong requested that the record reflect that her oppos-

ing vote was cast to demonstrate strong disapproval of any

President taking administrative license in reorganizing

Departments and programs by rearranging the budget and

thereby sidestepping regular established procedures.

Mr. Mc Bride recalled that the Board had concurred in the

need for expanded responsibilities for the Audit Committee,

and he proposed the Audit Committee be retitled Finance

Committee, with the following responsibilities, noting that

the first five responsibilities are currently assigned to

the Audit Committee with only the last three reflecting

explanded responsibilities:

The Finance Committee shall:

a. Provide assistance to the Board in fulfilling its

fiduciary responsibilities relating to accounting and

reporting practices.

b. Maintain, by way of regularly scheduled meetings, a

direct line of communication between the Board and the

independent auditors to provide for exchange of views

and information.

c. Consider and recommend to the Board a firm of independ-

ent certified public accountants which shall audit the

financial books and records of the University.

d. Review and evaluate reports prepared by the independent

auditors concerning the University's internal accounting

and management controls and make recommendations to the

Board for appropriate action.

e. Review the annual financial statements with the inde-

pendent auditors.

f. Provide guidance in the development of operating budget

concepts and parameters and recommend to the Board the

adoption of such concepts and parameters.

g. Consider and recommend to the Board approval of operat-

ing budget requests and Work Programs prepared in con-

formance with previously approved concepts and guide-


h. Assist, where appropriate, in the presentation of all

budget and financial matters to the Legislature.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval of the proposed responsibilities

with the understanding that this be regarded as a first

reading of a proposed amendment to the Bylaws, with final

action to occur at the November meeting. Motion seconded

by Mr. Karamanos, carried without dissent.

30. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

Mr. Karamanos reported that the Investment Advisory Commit-

tee had met during the lunch break and presented the follow-

ing actions for consideration by the Board:

(1) Recommended approval of the request of First National

Bank of Nevada to make the following transactions:

a) Conversion of $100,000 El Paso Co. bonds to common


b) Purchase of 600,000 P. V. Corporate Bonds, High

Quality Long Term - at a discount price of

approximately $75, for an approximate value of


(2) Recommended approval of transactions by Security

National Bank, as follows, within a latitude of 10% of

the prices indicated:


300 Union Carbide at approx. price of $41

400 Continental Group at approx. price of $28

300 Great No. Nekoosa at approx. price of $37

300 Allis Chalmers at approx. price of $34

300 ARA Services at approx. price of $36

200 Smith-Kline at approx. price of $43

500 Merrill Lynch at approx. price of $19

300 American Express at approx. price of $32

25K Pacific Gas & Electric 8.5%, due 2-1-09 at

approx. price of $86

25K Wells Fargo 8.60% due 4-1-02 at approx.

price of $87.50

RESCIND SALE OF 400 shares of American Telephone

(3) Discussed the anticipated receipt of $400,000 from an

estate as the principal of an endowment fund for the

support of a Chair in Historic Preservation at UNR.

Chancellor Baepler recommended that in order to realize

adequate income for the Chair, it be invested as


$200,000 to be managed by the Security National Bank

with the objective of high yield, and that American

Investors be invited to submit a proposal for the in-

vestment of the remaining $200,000. The Committee con-

curred in this recommendation.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval of the recommendations of the

Investment Committee. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried

without dissent.

31. Appointments to Standing Committees

Chairman Cashell announced the appointment of Mrs. June

Whitley to the Investment Advisory Committee and Dr.

Lombardi to the Finance Committee.

32. Proposal for Study of UNS Computing Center

Chancellor Baepler noted that the last review of the UNS

Computing Center was in 1968-69, and a great many changes

have occurred, both within the University and in the tech-

nology of computers during the past ten years, and suggest-

ed that it was timely that a study be done to guide the

Computing Center during the next decade.

Chancellor Baepler proposed that consultants be retained for

a study of the UNS Computing Center, that this study consist

of a complete analysis of the capability of the hardware,

programs and staff of the Center as it relates to the Uni-

versity, and that up to $30,000 be provided from the Board

of Regents Special Projects Account to fund the study.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

33. Resignation of Brenda Mason

Chairman Cashell read the following letter from Brenda Mason

to the Board of Regents:

It has been a pleasure serving the State of Nevada in

such an important capacity. I have truly enjoyed every

moment of it, especially being among such important

people. Perhaps when I finally become an attorney, I

will again return to the State of Nevada to serve in

some capacity. Thanks for the good times.

It was suggested by Mrs. Fong, and unanimously concurred in

by the Board, that an appropriate resolution of appreciation

be prepared for Miss Mason.

34. New Business

(1) Mr. Mc Bride asked that the Board request the Chancel-

lor to appoint a System Committee to investigate the

feasibility of abolishing the DRI as a Division and

assigning its research functions to the appropriate

University Divisions. He requested that a progress

report on this be made to the November meeting, and

suggested that in addition to appointment to the Com-

mittee of individuals within the System, someone from

the National Academy of Science or the National Science

Foundation, or some other outside prestigious scientif-

ic group, be asked to serve as an advisor.

Mr. Buchanan objected, stating that before such a com-

mittee is appointed, the Board should vote on whether

it wishes such a study to be conducted, pointing out

that this was not appropriate as new business, but

should be placed on the November agenda as an action


President Smith recalled that a proposal similar to Mr.

Mc Bride's had been considered several years previous,

and the Board had, at that time, reaffirmed the Insti-

tute's status as a separate entity of the University


Mr. Mc Bride suggested that with Dr. Smith leaving and

before a new President is appointed, it would be timely

to look at the organization, and study the various op-

tions and issues that exist within DRI, including the

possibility of its abolishment or other restructuring.

He pointed out that he, and several others on the

Board, were not on the Board the last time this matter

was reviewed.

Mr. Buchanan requested that this matter be brought back

as an action item, and that documents resulting from

the previous study be submitted as part of the agenda.

Chancellor Baepler pointed out that the last report to

which Mr. Buchanan referred was mostly settled in-house

at the Advisory Cabinet level, without great debate by

the Board. He agreed, however, to prepare this as an

agenda item for the November meeting and to provide the

information requested.

(2) Mr. Mc Bride noted that three new members have come on

the Board of Regents since the last action taken con-

cerning the Law School, and asked that the November

agenda include a discussion of whether the action taken

by the Board in December, 1978, should be reaffirmed.

It was agreed that copies of the previous study would

be furnished all members of the Board and further

discussion would be scheduled on the November agenda.

The meeting adjourned at 2:35 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board