UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
September 21-22, 1946

Volume 5 - Pages 483-486

                       REGENTS MEETING
                     September 21, 1946

The special meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order
by the Chairman at 9:15 A.M., September 21, 1946, in the Presi-
dent's office.  Present:  Regents Henningsen, Sheerin, Mc Namee,
Sirkegian, Ross; Comptroller Gorman and President Moseley.

Motion of Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the following reso-
lution be adopted:

    WHEREAS, the University of Nevada, acting by and through
    its governing body, has found that there exists or impends
    an acute shortage of educational facilities required for
    persons engaged in the pursuit of courses of training or
    education under Title II of the Servicemen's Readjustment
    Act of 1944, as amended, and to relieve such shortage pro-
    poses to request the United States of America through the
    Bureau of Community Facilities, Federal Works Agency, to
    provide educational facilities, pursuant to Public Law 697,
    79th Congress (Section 504 of the Lanham Act, as amended),
    and in connection therewith, has examined and considered
    such law, the Regulations, the Information for Applicants,
    the form of application and the form of proposed agreement.

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Regents that
    a justification of need and that an application or applica-
    tions be filed, in such form as may be required by the
    Government, to provide such educational facilities; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that C. H. Gorman, Vice President and
    Comptroller, is hereby designated as the Applicant's Repre-
    sentative and is authorized in his capacity as such Repre-
    sentative to file with the Government a justification of
    need and an application or applications to negotiate, execute
    and enter into an agreement or agreements with the Government
    in substantially the form of agreement considered by the
    Governing Body, to negotiate, execute and enter into such
    other agreements and instruments and to perform and do any
    and all acts as may be necessary to provide a suitable site
    and site preparation, streets or roadways, sidewalks, land-
    scaping, utility mains, technical or engineering data, archi-
    tectural or engineering services, necessary rights of entry
    and rights of way for Government operations, to accept on
    behalf of the Applicant ownership and possession of such
    facilities, to assure the Government that such facilities
    will be utilized by the Applicant to carry out the purposes
    of such law, and to do or perform any and all other acts
    that are necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Appli-
    cant's application, to perform the Applicant's obligations
    under its agreement with the Government, and to obtain the
    provisions or such facilities.

Motion of Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the Board ratify
the appointment of Architect Russell Mills to prepare plans and
specifications for all facilities secured under Public Law 697.

Motion of Mr. Mc Namee passed unanimously that the Executive
Committee of the Board be empowered to approve the contract with
Architect F. J. De Longchamps for preparing plans for a Man's
Dormitory building under the Federal Works Agency.

Motion of Mr. Mc Namee passed unanimously that the Executive
Committee of the Board be empowered to open fuel bids and to let
the contract for the ensuing year.

Motion of Mr. Mc Namee passed unanimously that the following
resolution be adopted:

    RESOLVED, that C. H. Gorman, Vice President and Comptroller
    of the University of Nevada, be and he is hereby authorized
    and directed to sign for and on behalf of the University of
    Nevada, all contracts, leases and other papers in connection
    with the Veterans Administration.

It being necessary for Mr. Pierce R. Evans to secure permission
of the University before erecting a motel, motion of Mr. Mc Namee
passed unanimously that the following resolution be adopted:

    RESOLVED, that Pierce R. Evans be given the permission of the
    Board of Regents of the University of Nevada to erect and
    build a motel and automobile service station and such other
    buildings as are customarily used in conjunction with the
    conduct of such businesses on that certain parcel of land
    bounded on the north by the City Limits of the City of Reno,
    and on the west by Sierra Street, on the south by Sixteenth
    Street and Evans Vista Subdivision, and on the east by Vir-
    ginia Street, but this consent is given upon the expressed
    understanding that said buildings shall be used only for such
    purposes, and shall not be used for any business that may be
    considered detrimental to the University of Nevada, without
    the further consent of the Board of Regents.

Motion of Mr. Sirkegian that the President and the Comptroller
be authorized to proceed with negotiations for the lease on the
dormitories at the Highland Terrace Project and that the results
of the negotiations be presented to the Board of Regents for
their final approval, passed unanimously.

President Moseley told of the proposed gift of Mrs. Marye Thomas
of Wadsworth of the entire ranching property held by her; and
motion of Mr. Mc Namee that the President be instructed to write
and advise Mrs. Thomas of the University's acceptance, passed

At 10:00 A.M. the State Board met with the Board of Regents.
Present:  Vail Pittman, Governor; Robert A. Allen, Chairman of
the Planning Board; Alfred Merritt Smith, State Engineer; W. F.
Helmick, J. H. Buehler, Jay A. Carpenter, Ray L. Jefferson, A.
M. Mackenzie, B. C. Hartung; and Frank Mc Cullough of the Reno
Evening Gazette, Robert Bennyhoff of the United Press.

The Chairman of the Board of Regents called the joint meeting to
order with the statement that this special meeting with the State
Planning Board and others interested in the welfare and progress
of the University of Nevada was called to work out a long range
program of expansion and development.

The Chairman of the State Planning Board explained the relation-
ship of the Board with other State Departments as provided by the
State Legislature at its last session.  He suggested a plot plan
for the University and presented one worked out by the Planning
Board for the consideration of the Board of Regents.

After due consideration, Mr. Ross offered, for the Board of Re-
gents, suggestions as follows:

a)  That provision be made to acquire a right of way north of
    our athletic field and west of the practice field to connect
    our University property with that north and abutting on
    North Virginia Street.

b)  That the Student Union building be off the Campus, probably
    in the ground immediately back of the SAE House on East
    Ninth Street.

c)  That the Mackay School of Mines should not be crowded by
    buildings for other use.

d)  That the auditorium be where Lincoln Hall and the Hospital
    now are located.

e)  That the Dormitories be moved away from the Campus to relieve
    the congestion.

The State Planning concurred unanimously with the above sugges-

President Moseley expressed his desire to use the new buildings
progressively to the best advantage of the University, for dif-
ferent purposes at different times.

Motion of Mr. Mc Namee passed unanimously that the site for the
new Classroom building for which money is now provided be in
the hollow east of the Veterinary building and south of the new
Engineering building.

The Board felt that it was not, at this time, in a position to
decide upon which building the University should request next
from the State Legislature.  At the close of the present meeting,
a survey was made and the matter will be brought up for decision
at the next meeting of the Board.

Governor Pittman spoke on behalf of the Mine Operators Associa-
tion and the State Mining Advisory Board in asking for an ex-
pansion of the Mackay School of Mines, especially in the fields
of graduate study and research work.  Professor Carpenter esti-
mated that over $20,000 worth of new equipment is needed to bring
the School up to par for undergraduate work; that between $20,000
and $25,000 would be required to equip the U. S. Bureau of Mines
building for research work, provided government constructs its
own quarters for the Bureau of Mines; an addition of 4 to the
staff would be needed if graduate work is to be offered, Mr.
Carpenter stated.

It was unanimously agreed that the Men's Dormitory building will
be located in the vicinity of Clark Field, northerly from the
Campus proper, with the exact location to be determined at a
later date, after the contours are available.

Chairman Ross thanked the Governor and the members of the State
Planning Board for their attendance and for their interest in
the University.

At the suggestion of Mr. Ross, it was unanimously agreed that the
next meeting of the Board of Regents be for the 2 days, October
11th and 12th, and that the State Planning Board be invited to a
joint meeting on Saturday morning, the 12th.

At 12:00 noon the meeting adjourned in order that the members of
the Board might visit the proposed sites for new improvements and
to have luncheon at the University Dining Hall at 12:30.